Author's Note: More angst. AU. The title is from the Ani DiFranco song 'Reprieve', and I listened to her song 'School Night' whist writing this. I might do a series based on the events before this, input would be very valuable! I don't really have much more to say about it. Sorry about the formatting, I just couldn't think of how to paragraph it.
A not-so-vague Disclaimer: I own nothing, JK Rowling created Harry Potter. The title belongs to the genius that is Ani DiFranco.

They were all going to die and there was nothing that they could do about it but wait and hope that their deaths would mean that another person was spared, for the time being, anyway. As he took another gulp of his drink Sirius Black sank down onto the threadbare sofa. Half an hour before he had arrived back home after meeting James' son for the first time. Meeting his godson. There was something about seeing that tiny, vulnerable creature that chilled him to the bone. Because the baby was so alive, and he relied entirely on James and Lily for survival. Two members of the Order of the Phoenix. Two people who had sworn to fight Voldemort with their lives, two people that had defied Voldemort on more than one occasion. Two people that Voldemort had multiple reasons to kill. The baby radiated warmth, like a hot water bottle and Sirius had held him instinctively, breathing in the smell so much like sweet milk and freshly baked bread. And his parents looked so happy. Exhausted but happy. They had referred to him as 'Uncle Sirius', proudly naming him Harry's godfather. Sirius laughed at this… He was more dangerous than them. He was a Black, for Merlin's sake! He had his whole inbred family after him, all after him for being a traitor. If the worst was to happen, he was first in line to raise a child. The man (boy, really) who chain-smoked, rode a flying motorcycle and had barely been able to look after himself for the past year, the year after Remus died. He took another swig out of the bottle and could barely feel the warmth as it went through his body. His throat constricted and the back of his eyes moistened as he came to the truth, the cold hard fact of it all. The baby was going to die, like everything pure and happy that Sirius felt affection towards, that Sirius loved instinctively. His dog- senses were even confirming it… He could feel a storm coming, he could feel the storm wrapping around him and there was no way he was going to get out of it. There was no way any of them could be saved. Sirius Black sat, staring at the floor and drinking whiskey from the bottle on a warm afternoon in early August in the flat that he had once shared with Remus. The flat where he had found Remus' body.