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Ch. 1: A Gamble of Freedom?


Ritsuka and Soubi had finally defeated Bloodless and had rescued Kio. They were currently back at the academy, Kio sleeping soundly Ritsuka and Soubi's room. (Thanks to a spell) Ritsuka and Soubi were currently located in Ritsu's office, discussing the Seimei issue, as well as their leave.

"What do you mean we can't leave?" Ritsuka questioned. Ritsu had just prohibited them from leaving the academy, leaving Ritsuka in inquiry and Soubi in irritation.

"You are a vital part of our plan regarding Seimei; you cannot leave until he is dealt with." Ritsu replied monotonously, never looking away from his computer.

Soubi stood in the background quietly, knowing he could not defy his former teacher, and watched Ritsuka attempt to gain their freedom. He felt guilty for standing by and being of no help, but there was nothing he could do.

"But Kio needs to go home." Ritsuka stated in an attempt to leave, after being reunited with Seimei, coming to realization of what actually happened and then being thrown into a spell battle, all he wanted to do was go home, and back to his own school. He was positive Yuiko and his mother missed him dearly and didn't want to worry them any longer.

"His preparations for departure have already been made, he will be leaving at dawn, you may say your goodbye's later tonight." Ritsu responded apathetically, still staring at the screen.

"I refused to be used for the benefit of you dumb plan, I'm allies with Seimei and I'm leaving whether you consent or not!" Ritsuka yelled, he was flustered, tired, and no longer had the patience to deal with this man.

For once Ritsu looked up from his computer desk, making direct contact with the small child.

"If you are so opposed to being here, perhaps we should have a wager." He smirked.

The neko boy's ears twitched and an eyebrow rose in curiosity, "What kind of wager?"

As Ritsu opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by his former student, "Ritsuka, whatever he wants, it isn't worth it, and we can find our own way to leave." Soubi knew all the tricks and mind games his Ritsu was capable of, and feared Ritsuka may fall into a trap. The last thing he wanted was for his sacrifice to become a pawn in his former teacher's twisted plans.

"Now, now Soubi-kun, I don't believe interrupting a conversation is very polite." The older male scolded.

Soubi immediately silenced himself, and went back to being unnoticed. Nothing would alter the course they were on, the decision was Ritsuka's, and Ritsuka's alone.

"The wager?" Ritsuka asked, if it got him out of the academy, he really didn't care what it was.

"There are exams coming up…"

"NO!" Soubi firmly shouted. This was one of the few times he had ever lost his composure, but he couldn't put Ritsuka through this. He proceeded to clutch Ritsuka's wrist tightly and drag him to the door.

"Soubi! What are you doing? Let me go!" Ritsuka yelled, utterly confused at his fighter's outburst, "Let me go! That's an order!"

The golden-haired adult immediately released his hold on the child, a sulky look spread across his features.

Ritsuka sighed, and turned back to the other adult, who seemed unfazed by what just occurred, "Please continue."

Ritsu smirked, not being used to such politeness, and finding it amusing it came from a child referred to as Loveless, "The exams are coming up…"


"Yes, in order for students to go up in ranking at this academy, they need to take a stage of exams before moving up." Ritsu answered.

"Okay, what about them?"

"I'd like you to participate in them."

This was more than Soubi could handle, the exams he has taken part in were absolute hell, and he wouldn't be able to watch Ritsuka in pain over the test.

"Ritsuka, it's not worth it, please don't, when I took the exams…" An overwhelmed Soubi stopped his plead midsentence, leaving it open for his teacher to intrude.

"When you took the exams, Soubi-kun, they were quite different, we have rearranged them into three stages, each displaying a different form of strength, I consider it more difficult than the one's you participated in."

"Then I will not allow Ritsuka to contribute."

"That isn't a decision for a fighter such as yourself, Soubi-kun, I believe I taught you that." Ritsu retorted.

"Okay, so the exam is hard, but what does that have to do with the wager?" Ritsuka asked, growing impatient.

"Assuming you involve yourself in the exam, I would like to wager you're freedom."

"My freedom?"

"Yes, if you succeed in passing the exam, I will reward you what you want, to leave here freely, no attachments. If you fail to make it through the exam, you will comply with my desires."

"Which are?"

"You shall agree to assisting us in our plans regarding Seimei, and you will fight alongside your actual fighter unit as you do so.

"But Soubi is my fighter!" Ritsuka replied shocked.

"Soubi is merely yours based off Seimei's orders, your actual fighter is waiting for you." Ritsu stated matter-of-factly.

Ritsuka stared at the ground, shifting uncomfortably, he knew Seimei had ordered Soubi to fight for him, to care for him, to…love him. He knew it all, but to have someone brutally confirm it in such a manner forced the raven haired boy close to tears.

"Ritsuka…I…" Soubi attempted to ease the child's pain, but what Ritsu said was the truth, even though Soubi genuinely cared about him, he had originally come from Seimei's order, and couldn't deny such obligations, "Ritsuka…You.." The blue-eyed adult was then cut off by his sacrifice.

"I'll do it!"

"I'm so glad you agree. The exams are coming up in two weeks, and when the time comes, you and Soubi will report to two separate designated rooms." Ritsu replied.

"Soubi is participating?"

"Yes, only complete pairs can perform in the exam now, so you will both need to be there for it."

"Is that all."

"I believe so."

Without another word Ritsuka grasped the hands of his fighter, and dragged him out of the room, concern riddling the brain of the neko. Soubi, shocked, outraged and hurt; allowed himself to be taken from the room. He was shocked that Ritsuka would agree to such a bet, outraged that his former teacher, whom had tortured him, was now torturing Ritsuka, and hurt, that if they lost, Ritsuka was willing to throw him away.

Once the door closed, a large smirk set itself on Ritsu's face, and he turned back to his computer, sending the information he just received to 7.


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