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Ch. 10: I'm Not My Brother


Ritsuka trudged off through the halls; his fighter right behind him, the boy was embarrassed and overwhelmed by the situation.

"Clothes, clothes, anything but another dress" he thought as he began opening random doors in hopes of new apparel.

The small boy had his hand on yet another door knob when a larger hand covered his. He turned to see his fighter shrugging out of his jacket and extending it out to him.

"Soubi?" The neko questioned, a blush forming at his cheeks.

"We only have a limited time to retrieve a scroll; we can get you a change of clothes once we've moved on. Besides, I'm quite fond of how you look right now." A smirk playing at the blonde's lips.

The amethyst eyed boy glared at the adult, "hmphed", grabbed the jacket roughly, and continued down the hallway. The Loveless pair continued working their way through the maze-like mansion in silence, neither wanting to give away their location to another team prematurely.

"Nhn" Ritsuka suddenly groaned, gripping his head tightly. He fumbled, taking a few steps back, extremely off balance.

"Ritsuka!" his partner cried with worry, supporting him immediately as the action occurred, "what's…"

The blonde had no reason to finish his question; he sensed it now, another fighting unit. Soubi assumed that it was Ritsuka's lack of experience that caused the pain and took him by surprise, after all, they had just become connected.

Soubi, continuing to hold Ritsuka, wrapped one large arm around the boys shoulders and intertwined his other hand with the neko boy's.

"Ritsuka…" he simply stated, "give me an order."

Slowly adjusting to the painful sensation in his skull, the sacrifice began to take in the situation. Once he thought himself stable and out of his mild stupor, he stood, untangling himself from his fighter's embrace.

"Well, we can't move on without a scroll can we?" Ritsuka stated, giving a small smile in the direction of the blonde adult.

Soubi smiled in return, and intertwined there hands once more. It was then the other team appeared from around the corner of the hallway.

One was female, the other male. The woman was short, but slight, and had black wavy hair that seemed to shine blue when the candles flickered. Her skin was pale and she had deep brown eyes. The man was extremely tall and brawny. He was dark skinned and had dark hair and eyes to match. Both pairs of eyes piercingly glared at the Loveless unit as they both spoke,

"Your name?"

"We are Loveless, and your name?" Soubi answered as he stepped in front of Ritsuka protectively.

"We are Virtueless"

"We declare a battle of wor…" Soubi spoke, though was cut off.

"Not so fast big guy," the woman interrupted, "Do you even have a scroll?"

Soubi looked down at Ritsuka, silently asking for an answer. Ritsuka met his fighter's eyes and opened his mouth to speak.

"No, we don't, do you?"

"Why as a matter of fact we were on our way out of this dump," The man replied, pulling out a scroll, "but running into the Loveless brat that's been the talk of the exams, I don't see why we can't defeat you right here," he directed his attention to his partner, "I mean, why wait until later in the exams when we can take out the cross dressing munchkin and Ritsu's prized dog right now." He smirked.

"We declare a spell battle!" The woman shouted.

"Interupting and insulting us…they really don't that common morals…well, they are Virtueless." Ritsuka thought angrily, not appreciating the jab at his dress that showed slightly through Soubi's jacket.

The scenery was altered into black nothingness that would be used as their battlefield.

"Well, might as well get this over with, I mean, there's no way the runt can be anywhere near as good or sadistic as his brother." The man added as well.

Seimei was always a touchy subject with Ritsuka, especially after what just occurred at the academy (Manga reference, omg spoiler!), and at his mention, tears formed at the edges of Ritsuka's eyes.

"Ritsuka," The loveless fighter stated in a worried tone, noticing the emotional state his sacrifice was headed towards.

Soubi bend down on his knees, put a hand on each side of Ritsuka's face, and used his thumbs to rub away the tears that slowly formed. The neko boy's reaction to the contact though, shocked even the adult, the amethyst eyed child grabbed each one of Soubi's hands and pulled them sharply around his waist, slamming their lips together in the process.

The blonde's eyes stayed wide open with shock at the behavior of his sacrifice, feeling all the emotion that went into it. The kiss contained sadness, resent, passion and anger all in one, and as Ritsuka took control of the kiss, their connection sparked once more. The thread-like fibers surrounded the two, becoming slightly thicker, symbolizing their connection had grown. Ritsuka continued and continued the kiss until finally the male Virtueless cleared his throat.

"When you two are done making-out, we're ready for a fight."

The boys pulled away abruptly, and Soubi stood, waiting for an order.

"Soubi, defeat them, get me their scroll, now." The voice was demanding, harsh, cold, and closer to the tone Seimei would use rather than Ritsuka.

The adult stood there slightly confused at the current attitude of the young boy, but didn't question it and instead followed order.

"Virtueless, without morals, allow them to repent, see light, blinding light."The Loveless fighter shouted, and a bright flash attacked the couple.

Soubi was waiting for a retaliation to his attack when his sacrifice tugged his shirt, demanding his attention, "I said now." Ritsuka glared.

"Yes, master." Soubi replied monotonously, yet on the inside extremely worried about the actions of his neko.

"Light, be gone, let them not see the light of day, be embraced by darkness, consumed, destroyed."Soubi recited.

Darkness overwhelmed the battlefield once more, only covering up Virtueless as well. There were a few seconds of pause time, but soon enough, screams could be heard from Loveless' opposition as they were devoured by Soubi's spell. Obviously left unable to fight, the battlefield around the Loveless pair faded back to the rustic hallway of the mansion.

Virtueless was unconscious on the ground, and, continuing to follow his orders, Soubi walked forward towards the pair, took their scroll from them, and went back to Ritsuka.


Without another word the boy sunk to the ground in tears, sobbing uncontrollably.

Beyond concerned, Soubi embraced the child, cradling him in his arms, unsure of what else to do or say.

Ritsuka stayed in Soubi's warmth, crying until his fighter's shirt was drenched with the salty tears, until finally he could speak again, "Sou-bi…I'm…sorry." The boy blubbered through sniffles.

"Ritsuka, what wrong?" He felt the boy's distress, after all, they were connected, but he didn't know what caused the emotions.

"I'm not Seimei."

"I don't understand what you mean." The blonde replied puzzled.

"After finally finding out Seimei was alive, I don't know who he is anymore, but I'm always still being compared to him, even though I'm unsure of what being Seimei is," He elaborated, "Soubi…I'm sorry, I let their words get to me. I got mad and I took it out on you, I'm so sorry." He apologized again and again.

After comprehending the meltdown his sacrifice wet through, Soubi scooped the boy up bridal style and gave him a short, chaste kiss.

"It's alright now Ritsuka, I love you for who you are"

The boy remained teary-eyed until finally, the stress and exhaustion of everything that has occurred caught up to him and he fell asleep in the comfort of Soubi's arms.


Ritsuka opened his eyes slowly, unsure of his surroundings, last thing he remembered was the Virtueless team, and how he had snapped at Soubi unfairly.

"Ritsuka, are you awake?"

It was Soubi, Ritsuka could recognize his voice anywhere, even if he couldn't see him. Unfortunetally though, he was too tired to respond and he closed his eyes again to hopefully get more sleep. He was almost gone again, when a pair of lips pressed against his. The boy's eyes shot right back open as he clumsily pulled away. He looked around, he was on a small hospital bed, in a bland room.


"Yes Ritsuka."

"Where are we?"

"The waiting center for the next portion of the exam, surprisingly through the side trips, we managed to arrive earlier than half the other teams, which gives you time to rest."

"What is the next part of the exam going to be?" the boy questioned.

"I'm unsure" The adult answered, then sighed.

"What is it?"

"I missed your former wardrobe, you were quite adorable."

It took a minute for Ritsuka to register what his fighter was saying, until he looked down to see he was wearing a baggy T-shirt and jeans, the kind of clothes the Zero pair might have.

"Soubi! I'm not your doll, you can't just change my clothes and…mmhm" Ritsuka's rant was cut of once again by his fighter's lips.

It began tense, put soon enough Ritsuka allowed Soubi to do as he wanted. The boy wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck as Soubi deepened the kiss, Ritsuka let out a small moan, encouraging the adult to take the step further. Soubi plunged his tongue into Ritsuka's mouth, making sure to cover every area he could. After he was content, Soubi then pulled away, trailing kisses from the corner of Ritsuka's lips, down his neck, and onto his collarbone. The fighter, licked and sucked his sacrifice's tender flesh, causing the younger of the two to begin panting heavily.

"Sou…bi" the boy groaned, "not…now, not here…somebody…"

"Nobody will interrupt us Ritsuka." The adult stated as he pushed their lips back together into a steamy kiss, and it was at that ideal second of irony, at which the Zeros busted in.

"So we, heard Ritsuka was ill and stressed and was resting, but it seems that was just an excuse to get busy." Youji stated nonchalantly as he entered.

Ritsuka pulled out of the kiss and pushed Soubi off his quickly, "We weren't…I mean, there was nothing…" his face progressively got redder and redder as he attempted to defend himself.

"Well, making-out aside, we came to tell ya that all 12 scrolls were brought, so the 12 maximum teams that could be here, are. Which means that they'll be announcing the next event soon. So if you have the self-control, quit sharing spit for 5 seconds and come join the rest of us." Natsuo explained.

Ritsuka blush hadn't let up, but Soubi had helped him out of the bed in order to follow the Zeros back into the main group.

Aside from the members of the exams, an old proctor was there as well, "10…and now 11 and 12.." he counted, "Now that all the teams are together, I have an announcement. We did not expect all 12 of the scrolls to get back to us, we didn't expect this many teams is what I'm trying to say, I mean." He stuttered nervously, obviously uncomfortable in front of crowds of people.

"So, what of it?" Youji questioned.

"We can only allow a maximum of 6 teams into the finals, so in order to decrease the number, we need to have preliminary matches to get rid of the weaker pairs."

"After all that we still don't get into the finals?"

"What is this?"

"How could you do that?"

The angry and upset commentary filled the air, until the proctor demanded everyone's attention.

"Now listen, I am going to explain to rules of the primary matches now so you know what you're in for. The preliminaries will start tomorrow morning, all of your names will be entered into a scrambler at random and you will be given an opponent to fight."

"So, what's so special about that? That's what we always do" Natsuo asked.

"Well, you normally fight with your partner, in the preliminaries, everyone's name goes separetally into the scrambler, not by your pair. Sacrifices may end up against fighters, fighters against fighters, sacrifices against sacrifices. You may fight however you wish, there are no rules, and if a definite winner makes itself apparent, the proctor will stop the match."

"Wait, so you said we fight separately, but you said the finals can have six pairs."

"Yes, similar to the exam round, you and you fighter will test separetally, but for the final round it is partnered, so in order to move onto the preliminaries, both the sacrifice and fighter must come out victorious. Any other questions?"

The room fell silent, the pairs looked around at who they might face. The fighters all seemed confident, but the sacrifices had the look of concern and fear slapped across them (except for Youji of course).

"Sacrifices could go up against fighters, and both people in the partnership have to pass the preliminaries to make it to the finals." Ritsuka's mind had the preliminary information circulate through his head over and over, he knew Soubi could make it, but Ritsuka fighting, his heart sunk. The neko boy couldn't believe he'd come this far, all to be defeated by someone in a fist fight. He turned without making eye contact with his fighter and ran back to the room where he was just resting, lungs burning, tears stinging his face as he ran. He couldn't handle the competition anymore. He just wanted to be with Soubi, without the threat of someone separating them.


Soubi has naturally ran after Ritsuka the second after he had taken off, and only moments after Ritsuka's arrival back into the room, Soubi had entered. He sad himself on the small hospital bed next to his sacrifice, rubbing circles on his back.

"Ritsuka" Soubi spoke, unsure of how to comfort the boy.

"Soubi" the neko said as he leaned into his fighter, "I love you, even if I can't make it past the preliminaries, even if my real fighter comes, even if we're separated, I love you."

"Ritsuka" The blonde adult kissed the boy gently, "I love you, more than anything."


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