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Emmett slammed Jasper's hand down for the seventh time that night. He let out a frustrated groan as Emmett laughed.

"Face it, J. You can't beat me. There's no way for you to get stronger."

"Dammit, Emmett. How do you win at everything?"

He shrugged. "Maybe my super-vampire-power is just pure awesomeness."

Jasper put his head in his hands. He was glad he decided against betting he could beat Emmett at arm wrestling. He thought back to every bet he made with Emmett: How many trees he could knock down in one minute; How much human food he could eat before he threw up; How big of a hole he could dig.

And the competitions. Countless races, arm wrestling, thumb wrestling, fights. Jasper never won. And the stakes were always high. It all started when Jasper and Alice first showed up at the Cullen's house.


"My name is Emmett," he said grabbing Jasper's hand tightly. "Wow, you're weak."

Jasper got angry. He was always considered strong when fighting in Maria's army, and he felt that he was being challenged.

Jasper strengthened his grip on Emmett's hand. "Do you want to take back that statement?"

Emmett laughed, which only made him angrier. "No thanks. I'm in the mood for a good fight."

Jasper smiled. "I have years of training. You can't defeat me."

"Oh yeah? Let's make a bet. What do you want if you win."

Jasper looked around until he saw what would soon become 'the usual' bet.

Emmett won.


Then Jasper had an idea. Something that Emmett would never be able to pull off.

"Hey, Emmett."

"Yes, loser?"

"How do you feel about a bet?"

He rolled his eyes. "I don't know, Jasper. How do you feel about blood?"

"Okay. Point taken."

"So, what did you have in mind?"

"First off: we bet 'the usual.'"

Emmett chuckled. "What else would we bet?"

"Well, you can kiss your winning streak goodbye. Edward's wedding is in a little over a month."

Emmett stared at Jasper with interest and fear. He had no idea where Jasper was going with this. He usually never does. "And?"

"I bet that you can't make fifty suggestive comments around Bella before her wedding."

Emmett's mouth dropped. "For real? Where did that come from?"

"What, Emmett? Are you scared?"

"Hell no! Now, are there any other rules?"

"Yes. You can't let Edward kill you. If you do, you lose."

"Seems reasonable. Let's do it."

Emmett stood up and walked back to the house. Jasper stayed where he was, content that he was finally going to get what he wanted since he got here.

Emmett walked through the doorway and sat on the couch next to Bella. She was playing their XBox 360.

"Whatcha doin', little sis?" Emmett asked.

"Trying to figure out these buttons. Halo is hard."

Too fuckin' easy, Emmett thought to himself. "If you think this is bad, you're in trouble. It gets much harder." Emmett mentally counted one.

Bella didn't hear the double meaning to his words and kept playing. Emmett picked up a controller and logged in. His avatar was a monkey.

Emmett didn't worry about his bet with Jasper. He had a whole month to get them all in. He knew he could do it.

After a couple minutes, Edward got home from hunting. "Hey, baby," he called to Bella.

"Hi, sweetie pie," Emmett called back. Edward hit him in the back of the head.

Bella walked ahead of Emmett in the game as they came up on a group of aliens.

"You better not shoot me in the back, Emmett," Bella said.

Emmett never kept things in his mind without saying them because of Edward. After a while, he just decided that everyone should know what he was thinking, too. That's why he said what he said.

"Don't worry. I'll leave that to Edward." With that, he remembered all about his bet with Jasper. Which meant that Edward did too. Edward started laughing evilly.

"Oh, Emmett. It looks like you're finally going to lose. I'll give you five seconds."

Before he could finish speaking, Emmett was gone. As he ran past Jasper, he yelled "That's two!" and continued into the forest. Jasper, having heard the whole situation, started laughing. Edward was still laughing diabolically, and Bella was completely confused.

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