Summary: What if Max and Fang began to write fan fictions together? What would happen? Would their be Fax? Would they know what Fax was? What would they write about? All good questions that Max, Fang and, often times, I will answer. By the way the writing that's like this is Max and Fang's fanfic, writing like this is the story in general and writing like this is the author's note incase you didn't notice.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Maximum Ride series

Claimer: I own this plot and the idea for this plot! No stealing! Or touching! Mentioning is ok as long as you say its from my fanfic and do not claim credit for it.

Max: Get on with the story already! Sheesh!

Fang: Jeez Max! Grow some patience!

Me: Fang, don't be mean to Max! We all know you love her! Isn't that right fangirls?

Fangirls: *sigh* yes.

Lissa: I LOVE YOU FANG! *runs off crying*

Me: Well…um that was interesting.

Fang:…And I kissed her *shudders*

Me: Well here's the story. Take it away Max!


~Max's POV~

I was just sitting around on the computer and decided to Google my name. [[oh yeah and I don't own Google]] I got a list of results and I sifted through them. Hm…I didn't know that so many results would come up. I had 10.6 million results! Wow I'm awesome!

I was looking through them when I spotted one that looked suspicious: Maximum Ride fan fiction Archive: . Hmm. This looked interesting.

"Fang!" I called as he walked by.

He walked over to me. "Yeah?"

"Look at this!" I said as he read over my shoulder.

His eyebrow knit together. "What the heck is Fax and Eggy and Fudge and Niggy and Figgy supposed to be? Those are such weird names. Well except for fudge. We know what that is."

I turned around to look at him. "Thank you captain obvious." I said my voice layered with sarcasm. He just shrugged.

"Well let's find out." I said clicking a random link. The name of it was Family Reunion by Books r a gurls bestfriend. [[I know this might seem lame that I'm using my own fan fiction but I didn't want to just steal quotes and excerpts from you guys and I didn't want to wait for your guys' permission. Sorry.]]


After reading the 7 chapters that the author had posted I had a few questions.

"Why don't you like Danny?" I asked.

"Um…I guess because he called you cute." Fang said.

"And what is Fax!!! I'm dying to know!" I said.

"Me too. Let's review and ask." he suggested.

I hit the review button and began to type:

Hello. Um…this is Max and Fang. We happened to stumble across your story and were wondering what Fax was. If you could tell us that'd be great. Oh and we also don't know what Fudge, Eggy, Niggy, Figgy is.

-Max and Fang

A few minutes later we got a reply:

Wow! You guys read my story? That is so cool! What did you guys think?

Oh and Fax = Fang + Max meaning you guys are a couple.

Fudge is Fang and Nudge as a couple, Eggy is Ella and Iggy as a couple, Niggy is Nudge and Iggy as a couple, and Figgy is Fang and Iggy as a couple. : )

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Books r a gurls bestfriend

After reading the review and me dying so hard from laughter at the thought of Fang and Iggy getting together and after Fang calmed down and stopped ranting about how all of those pairings are completely unrealistic and then stopped mumbling to himself, we decided not to write back.

"Hey Fang. We should write one!" I said.

"No! Absolutely not! The last thing we need to do is encourage them." he said.

"Oh come on. It'd be fun!" I said.

"Not really." he said.

"Please? Write one with me." I said pretending to beg.

He sighed. "Fine!"

"Great. Now what should we write about?" I asked and put my finger to my chin.

"We could always write about our everyday life. Sort of like my blog but on this website." he said.

"A brilliant idea." I said. I opened up Microsoft word.


~Max's POV~

So. Today is Angel's birthday-


"Why do we get to start off with your point of view? And it's not even Angel's birthday. Even if it was Angel's birthday why would we be writing this? Wouldn't we be spending time with Angel?" Fang said questioning me.

"Fang, are the one typing?" I asked and he shook his head. "Besides it's Angel's birthday because if we actually tell what we did today we'll either get banned from this site or nobody will read it. We can't be all 'well today Iggy made breakfast like every other day and the rest of us lounged around and did nothing all day until Gazzy set off a bomb from that his digestion system created and we all left the room.' No! that would be boring! Besides it was Angel's birthday yesterday so I'm just starting a day behind."

"Wow. That was long." he said.

I rolled my eyes. "Can I continue writing?"

"Proceed with Caution." he said.


So. Today was Angel's birthday and we all were planning on going out to eat and Iggy was making her a cake. The entire flock was in the living room being…well themselves.

Nudge. "I want the remote, Gazzy!"

"To bad! I had it first!"

"I don't wanna watch the discovery channel though!"

"Sucks to be you doesn't it?" he said.

"Max! Make him give me the remote!" Nudge whined.

"Alright I'm the leader and what I say goes! Gazzy give me the remote." I said.

"Ok Max. you're the best1 I love you so much! Thanks for everything you do for us." he said and I smiled with victory.


"That is so not how that situation ended!" Fang complained and I banged my head against the keyboard.

"At this rate we'll never get the first chapter up." I said.

"Well our readers deserve to know what really happened." he said.

"Since when do you care?" I asked.

"Well I care about my blog and this sort of like it." he said defending himself.

"Whatever. Do you wanna take over?" I said.

"Well if I did I'm sure everyone would know the truth." he said and let him take my seat. "Now let's try this the right way." he pushed the enter button and skipped down a line.


~Fang's POV~

Today was Angel's birthday and to be honest it was just like every other day. The flock fought over one thing or another. The only difference was we went out to eat and got to have cake.

"I want the remote, Gazzy!" Nudge whined from her spot on the couch.

"To bad! I had it first!" Gazzy replied back.

"I don't wanna watch the discovery channel though!" she whined.

"Well I don't wanna listen to the Nudge Channel!" Gazzy taunted.

"That was so mean! Max did you hear what Gazzy just said?" Nudge whined. Again.

"Alright. I'm the leader and what I say goes! Gazzy give me the remote." Max said.

"Aww but Max!" Gazzy complained.

"Now Gazzy." she said with steel in her voice.

"Fine." he huffed and slid the remote to her on the floor.

"Thank you. Now go see if Iggy needs help." she said.


"Oh! That is total crap!" I said. "That is not how it ended!"

"Well that's how it did in my world." he said smirking.

"Ugh. Fine. Let's just write a last part with both of us and post it already." I huffed.

"Fine." Fang said and returned to writing.


~Max and Fang~

We both have different ideas on what happened so there's no use in trying to argue. Just please review our story. Um…we don't really know what else to put so. Thanks for reading.

-Max and Fang


"I think that was a good ending." I said rereading it. "Short and sweet. Sort of like Angel when she's in a good mood."

"Yeah it was great." Fang said sarcastically.


Alright so I'm not really sure if I'm going to leave this as a oneshot or continue with it. So review and tell me please. And also if you haven't already, please go read my other story called Family Reunion.

Fang: Don't we get a choice in whether we continue or not?

Max: Yeah!

Me: Fine. Do you guys want to continue?

Max: Yes

Fang: Yes

Me: Well let's get a third opinion and let the reviewers decide.

Max: Fair enough.

Lissa: I LOVE YOU FANG! *runs off crying again*

Max: Wow Fang. You sure do know how to pick 'em.

Fang: Hey I picked you in the 5th book!

Max: Psh yeah but I'm better than that red-haired wonder!

Fang: Agreed.

Max: Aww! Really?!?!

Me: alright well we're gonna go now. Max and Fang are going to make out and I don't want to be there to watch them no matter how much I love Fax.


Peace, Love, and Chocolate,

Books r a gurls bestfriend