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~Max's POV~

I looked at Fang sleeping in bed and decided to let him sleep. I'm in his room right now and it's like past midnight. I woke up from a startling dream and couldn't got back to sleep so I snuck in here and stole his laptop. I think it'd be best if I updated right now.


~Max's POV~

Are there any dream interpreters out there? 'Cause I just had a pretty interesting dream. Wanna hear it? What do you mean you don't? Well to bad cause your gonna hear it anyways so sit your butts down and be quiet.

I'm sorry that was rude. How about this: PLEASE sit down and be quiet? It's a bit early right now so excuse my biting remarks. Anyways on with the dream.

Ok so I'm just watching this from a far. I have no idea what any of this means or why it's happening. That's why I'm asking you.

So I see this giant block of cheese walking down a busy street. No one seems to notice it so I don't think anything of it either. The cheese is just humming an unfamiliar tune to itself when all of a sudden it runs into some bacon. They wave and smile at each other but they continue walking by, the bacon walking the opposite direction of our cheesy friend.

"Cheese and Bacon are friends?" I think to myself. "Oh well. Who am I to judge?"

Cheese continues on down the busy street. People continue on with their business and don't think anything of a block of cheese the size of Nudge's closet, which let me tell you is pretty dang big. I can feel my face contort in a genuine 'WTH?' look.

"Am I the only one who can see this?" I shout to the people. None of them hear. Cheese looks at me, smiles from ear to ear revealing teeth and continues down the street while I'm sitting here thinking that the 'WTH' look is going to become permanently part of my face. "Cheese just smiled at me." I chant in my head. Meanwhile Bacon has journeyed so far ahead of Cheese he's out of sight.

But oh it gets better. Not only did Cheese just smile at me like a total pedophile but here comes another unexpected guest, Ham. As in the deli meat. Except it was just a giant ham, you know like they show in cartoons that has a bone sticking out of it's head. Or is it beef? Let's just call it Ham for now.

So Ham stops and gives Cheese a hug. They smile and keep going, same story as with Bacon. Now I'm ready to rip someone's head off but get this? None of them can hear me! That would explain why nobody even flinched when I shouted out earlier…well one person did. Our friend Mister Cheese…ooh MC. Let's call him that. I like it. It sounds sophisticated.

MC keeps walking and Ham disappears to nothing like Bacon did. People start looking around like someone said something strange and every time someone would look to MC their eyes would just drift over it. My head just about explodes when MC smirks at while he continues on walking.

Then a man looks at MC and he's see's what he truly is: Cheese!! The man looks at MC for a moment and studies him, as if to make sure that he's really there. That it isn't just a trick of the eyes. He nods to himself and I rejoice with a holler of excitement. Finally someone else who can see the Cheese!

The man has coal black hair and a fairly pale face, but not freaky pale just pale enough that he blends in with the crowd. His deep brown eyes flicker to me and he pulls out a knife. This is the funny part though.

He pulls out the knife and cuts out a chunk of cheese. He takes a bite and takes off down the street whooping and screaming like a crazy person. ' I should have known.' I said to myself.

MC is oozing melted looking cheese from the wound on his hip, not that he has one but if he did the wound would be on his hip. A man runs by me screaming 'OH MY GOD! WHO CUT THE CHEESE?!?!' I laugh and think of Gazzy. People are roaring-not literally but I wouldn't be surprised right now- and yelling to get a chef immediately.

The fat Italian chef runs in with a pan in hand and a white tall hat on. He wobbles over to MC and murmurs words of comfort. I look up from the chef to see that Bacon and Ham are hidden in the crowd. I slap my hand to my forehead and shake my head.

'Could this dream get any weirder?' I mutter out loud.

'It could be raining.' MC answers.

And then I woke up sweating and bewildered.

Thus I came into Fang's room, stole his laptop and started typing this. I don't know what to do anymore so I'm gonna wake Fang up. He's gonna be extremely mad at me for interrupting his beauty sleep but he'll live. I can't update without him and I want to update.




I looked over at Fang as I finished writing. He looked so peaceful I almost felt bad about what I was about to do. I got out of his bed and went over to his dresser and picked up his comb. He moved slightly, only moving his arm slightly.

Fang has this pet peeve about other people touching his stuff. He's extremely possessive, which for this specific situation is a good thing. I picked up a pair of socks and he rolled over. One more thing should do the trick. I went back to the bed and picked up his laptop. I sat up in his bed and jumped when his eyes set on me and his muscles became tense. He looked like he was going to spring up from the bed into a fighting stance in a second seeing as it was dark and he had no idea who was in his room touching his stuff. I ran over to the wall and switched on the light. He flinched but after his eyes adjusted he rubbed his eyes.

"Max, what are you doing?" He muttered.

"I came to update 'cause I couldn't sleep." I said. "I finished but you need to put your part in."

"Update without me." he mumbled.

"Gasp! No!" I said. "Our story is called Max and Fang's Fanfiction not Max's Fanfiction. You have to!"

He took the laptop and typed away for about a minute. "There."

I looked at the screen and began to protest but saw that it was a lost cause. Fang was already asleep.


~Fang's POV~

I'm tired and Max woke me up in the middle of the night to do this. Have fun reading.



I looked at Fang and didn't bother to even shake him awake.


~Max's POV~

Well Fang fell asleep again so I won't bother waking him up again. Sucks cause now I have to do this part by myself.

I have a question though. I was thinking about doing a little section on here called Flock Mail where Me, Fang or any of the other members of the Flock answer any questions or comments you guys have. We'll answer no matter what. Or I'll make them.

Tell me what you guys think.

-Max and Fang(sort of anyway)

P.S. tell me what you thought my dream meant. I'm trying to figure it out myself.


Quoted of the Update:

"You see things; and you ask 'Why?' but I dream things and ask 'Why not?'"

-George Bernard Shaw

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What do you guys think that Max's dream meant?

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