A Demon's Angel


What if Naruto was really a girl and was being sheltered by the Hokage in a forest inside of the village? What if after Itachi 'killed' his clan, she finds him near death and saves his life? Their lives are soon intertwined with each other, and both leave. Years later she comes to Konoha to become a ninja. How will things go?


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Sasuke (He will have a crush on her, I know that)
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Gaara (I like Gaara too but I think he'll be more of a older brother type to Naruto…)

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Sorry folks this isnt a ItachixNaruto fic.

Chapter 1: A Fateful Night

A girl stared out to the lights of the village not to far from her home, she just stared more and more before eating her rice ball the Hokage had offered her, she along with the Hokage stared out into the village from the top of the mountain, they could see the village but they could not see the home, for it was hidden in trees. The house behind them only had one light on and it was from the lamp in the kitchen room.

The girl and the Hokage sat on the wooden patio that led to the house, the little girl looked up and asked as her long blonde hair moved around "Jiji… Can I go into the village tomorrow?"

The Hokage stopped eating and stared at her, she was about seven years old, almost eight, long golden blonde hair that reached her far backside, pieces of hair on each side of her face, two red clips to keep her bangs from falling in front of her face, she looked so much like her mother, the only thing different was that she had blonde hair and on the top of her hair was some spiky pieces of hair she got from her father. She wore a little white summer dress and brown sandals, she was tan peach color and she had three whisker marks on each side of her face, but the thing that caught your eyes the most, was her own eyes, they were a deep sky blue, a color that put even the sky and the ocean to shame, if he didn't know any better he would had thought the little girl in front of him was a angel.

The Hokage sighed before patting the girl on the head saying "No, you still need to work on that Henge remember, I don't want anyone to know you're a girl. It can cause trouble…" he watched the little girl pout and say "But Jiji I just don't understand why I have to pretend to be a boy! I like being myself…"

The old Hokage chuckled before patting the girl on the head again saying "I know you do, but the village can't learn our secret, I don't want you to get hurt Naruto-Chan, if they or the councils find out who you really are and who your parents are they'll be forcing me to have you wedded to one of their clans children in the future, and as your Jiji, I will not let that happen!…" Naruto made a face at the thought of being married to a boy, she the giggled as she saw the Hokage go 'Protective Grandfather' mode.

She waited for a moment and then said "Jiji… I was thinking… When I do learn the Henge can,… Can I explore outside of the village? I mean I do want to see Konoha and all but I also want to travel, go to different places, see different people, learn different things, and make friends all over! Please?" the Hokage looked down, his old eyes softened for a moment before saying "Maybe, one day you might… Now lets get back to the food before they get cold, I got them from a small ramen shop in town, a really nice guy owns the place there and his daughter works there, she's a bit older than you…"

Naruto smiled brightly and nodded as she took her chopsticks and ate the ramen that was next to her. The Hokage laughed as he saw the girls face brighten more at the taste of her first time eating ramen, he watched her eat it fast, she was done in a heartbeat, she then asked for more, the Hokage chuckled uneasy as he thought 'Looks like she has gotten the love for ramen from her mother too… If those two were alive I bet Minato would have been broke by now…'

His face grew grim as he thought of those two, oh how he missed them both and how much trouble and happiness they both brought to the village.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on his arm, he looked down to see the small hand holding onto his robes hard, he stared up and looked at the sad eyed girl that looked so much like Kushina and Minato.

A prefect mix of them both.

He smiled softly before patting her head once more, in return she smiled brightly before saying "Jiji, you better get back home… You have paperwork in the morning…" the old Hokage sighed and grumbled about her being right and the evilness of those papers that would be on his desk when he got there.

Naruto watched the Hokage get up and kiss her forehead as he said "Goodbye my little one, have a good nights sleep… Snake will be here tomorrow morning to watch over you and please don't give her to much trouble…" Naruto giggled and said "Funny, I thought for sure she was going to stop babysitting me after what I did last time…" the old man chuckled before saying "No, she found it funny… After she got done beating the living day-lights out of some poor idiots that laughed at her. I still don't get how you did that, I mean you were able to fool her into it all and yet she didn't even notice that you were able to dye her hair from purple to bright pink when she fell asleep…"

The girl chuckled before hearing "Now be good and go to bed soon…" she stared at the Hokage and nodded, he sighed softly before walking back to the village through the woods, before he was out of slight he turned back and waved goodbye to the girl who waved also.

Once he was gone the girl sighed before looking up to the stars and the moon, she smiled softly and closed her eyes. Her head snapped up to the forest, she stared for a moment before getting up and walking, something in her mind was telling her that something was not right in her woods, she kept walking until she started to go faster and faster…


A figure kept running, his blade dripped with blood, his eyes were blood red too. He looked back knowing no one was fallowing him but he needed to get far away from the village, he gave a sad sigh, it wasn't suppose to end like this, his brother wasn't suppose to see him like that. But now it didn't matter, he was a murder in his brothers eyes…

He looked down to his side and saw blood, her cursed to himself, that bastard got a good hit on him before Sasuke had opened that door. He knew poison was inside his blood and he knew he didn't have much time. He kept running in the woods, knowing he had a few more hours before the Hokage would send out some ANBU's. He jumped near a tree and took some breaths, he needed to rest and try to get the poison out. He then looked to the sky and saw the stars, his eyes stayed on them and he smiled softly.

He slowly looked around, he was deep in the woods of Konoha and needed to rest. As he placed his hand over the wound he felt it sting, he clutched his teeth, his vision was fading, his knees were shaking and his back hit the tree he was near, he felt his legs give out as he sank to the bottom, the poison was taking its full affect in one final blow.

His face turned grim as he closed his eyes and stared back to the stars, he thought to himself 'Sasuke… I guess you'll never learn the truth will you… I'm sorry… Little brother…' he looked back down to the ground before his ears caught something, it sounded like small rushing footsteps before they came to a halt right near him.

He snapped his head up as his eyes started to close, all he saw was a blurred person, he could see blonde hair and two red clips, for a moment he saw blue eyes wide with fear, the person got closer slowly and his eyes stared, he kept staring before he saw something, the person looked just like her.

'K-Kushina-Sensei?!' he thought before all thoughts and his vision stopped…

… Sorry this idea just came to me! Don't be mad, I do plan to write more for my other stories its just I wanted to write something new soooo badly!

Anyway so let me clear things up in case some didn't get it…

Story Behind Naruto:

The Hokage has been hiding Naruto in a house hidden in the forest inside of Konoha, the adults and councils know she has Kyuubi in her, they just don't know that she's a girl, and they have no idea where she is. Only the Hokage and Snake know where and how to get to the house in the woods and they visits her a lot. Naruto has never been outside to the village so she spends most of her time in the forest or at home, playing and training, the Hokage will only let her come out if she learns Henge and pretends to be a boy so they can fool the villagers and councils.

Story Behind Itachi:

He didn't kill his clan and he was also the student of Kushina, Naruto's mother. He respected the woman because she didn't treat him like a royal Uchiha but as a real person who had feelings, which was why he mourned after her death for a long time. He knew Kushina was having a baby that night the Kyuubi attacked but he thought the child died along with Kushina and Minato. He was the only one other than Jiraiya, the 3rd Hokage, Tsunade, and Snake to know that Kushina and Minato were married and having a child. Later in the story he will think of the little girl as if she was his own daughter.