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Chapter 12: Cut From The Same Cloth

Naruto sat down in her spot at the Ichiraku Ramen Bar and spoke out when she saw Teuchi walk out from the back "Hi Teuchi, two big bowls of Miso Ramen please!" Teuchi smiled at the blonde and said "Anything for my best customer. And by the looks of that headband on your forehead that means you passed yesterday huh?" Naruto gave the old man a giant grin as she nodded yes.

"Sure did, sorry I didn't stop by and tell you or Ayame myself, I had my friends come over for a 'Congratulations for Passing the Exams' party and well… I lost track of time…" Naruto half lied, she didn't want to tell Teuchi about Mizuki due to the fact the owner was protective of her like she was his own grandchild and also the fact Mizuki's betrayal was an A-Class Secret.

Teuchi only smiled softly before saying "Don't worry Naruto, I understand. That was yesterday, but today is today so lets celebrate!" Naruto smiled at that and nodded, he quickly went to the back and started to cook. As Naruto waited her mind returned to the thought of her team, she knew this team was like a death-wish team no matter what and she didn't know what to do. She knew she could refuse all of this but that would mean she would have to take another year of the Academy or she wouldn't be a Kunoichi at all… And she knew she could try to switch but that meant bad news for certain prepared teams and also the Elder Council decided on who goes to what team…

Naruto stopped for a moment and sighed, no matter what she thought up right now nothing seemed to work in her mind. It was either 'Deal with your team and pray you don't get killed because they were being stupid.' or 'Say "Screw this! I would rather jump off the Hokage Mountain before I would even think of working with you idiots! Peace out bitches!" and flip them off, before making a grand exist.'

Naruto snapped out of her thoughts when a bowl landed in front of her. She looked up and stared as Ayame raised an eyebrow at her before asking "Thinking Naru-Chan?" Naruto nodded softly and said "Yeah…" Ayame giggled softly as she said "Alright but try not to think so hard, it looked like you were giving yourself a headache…" Naruto sighed and said "Well yeah, you would have a headache if you were in my position…"

Ayame seemed to raise an eyebrow as she heard that and asked "Really? What's got you thinking so hard anyway?" Naruto sighed again and said "My teammates, you'll never believe who the Elder Councils put me up with…" Naruto stopped before saying with air quotes "My 'teammates' are Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno… As for my 'Sensei' its Kakashi-Ojisan, sure I can handle him and his lateness but seriously, he'll bug me to try to call him Niisan everyday!"

Ayame was taken a bit back and she stared disbelieving this, she lend on the counter and said "Seriously! Those old idiots do know you hate two out of three of your team right?" Naruto shrugged and said "I don't know but I'm pretty sure Jiji told them our team is a death-wish team. Hell I even tried being nice to them today, I even offered to take them out to lunch but you know what they said, Sasuke said that he doesn't eat with losers and Sakura repeated what he said! I swear to god Sakura thinks the fucking sun comes out of his fucking ass and that Sasuke thinks he's a fucking god."

Naruto breathed in and out after that small rant, that felt really good to let her emotions out but still something was bugging her to no end. Why the fuck were they placed on the same fucking team if Jiji knew they all hated each other save for herself and Kakashi. Naruto grew silent and stared at the food in front of and blinked, she needed to talk to her Jiji about her team and see if there was a way out. Naruto looked to Ayame as she said "Ayame-Chan, save that for me will you? Tell your dad I'll be back soon…" Ayame nodded softly and blinked a bit confused on the sudden request "Sure." she said as she watched the blonde get out her chair and head out of the stand, she stood outside for a moment before she disappeared from her spot and made a dash for the Hokage Tower…

Only to barley miss getting hit with ten water balloons filled with dog food and someone cursing loudly "Damn it!"


Naruto found herself staring in the Hokage's office window and at the Hokage who was busy working away while a huge pile of paper was next to him, now she was planning on going in from the front like a civilized human being would but…

She was a mother fucking Kunoichi, screw manners, and screw the rules she had money!… Well… Maybe not fully yet, she still wasn't eighteen or anything so she couldn't use her inheritance fully yet but that's beside the point!

She couldn't help but grin at the idea of her Jiji ether freaking out or just sighing at her for coming in through the window. She loved to just get on his nerves sometimes. One way or another it was going to happen.

She giggled a bit to herself and opened the window before she jumped in while yelling out "HEY JIJI!"

When she landed Naruto nearly laughed loudly as she saw her Jiji freak and throw the papers he had in his hands into the air, he was so freaked that he held onto his heart in a panic. When he finally stopped panicking he looked at Naruto and groaned as he saw the almost full blown smile appearing on her face, he pinched the bridge of his nose and said a little annoyed "Naruto-Chan… Why can't you use the door like a civilized human being?"

Naruto almost snickered when he said that, but she responded with a grin instead "Because Jiji, I'm a Kunoichi now and well its more fun this way." when she said that Naruto heard her Jiji groan in annoyance from that but he didn't bring up the matter again, he sighed a bit and looked at her, her Jiji then asked "Now… Is there something I need to help you with Naruto?" knowing full well that Naruto needed something.

Naruto nodded her head and asked as she got closer to his desk "Yeah, I was wondering… Why am I placed on the same team as Captain Emo Duck-Butt and Pepto Bismol Banshee? Sure I can understand Kakashi-Ojisan and all but him too? You know he'll be either reading his porn or bugging me to call him Niisan!"

The Hokage sighed and knew she was going to ask that, he too was against letting them all on the same team but Danzo and his old teammates outvoted him. To him it seemed like those old idiots wanted Sasuke and Naruto to be together as if secretly trying to get them engaged with each other and the only reason they put Sakura in there was to try not to give anyone any suspicion of what they were planning to do.

As the Hokage opened his mouth to speak about the door to the office burst open and a voice was heard "TODAY IS THE DAY! I'LL DEFEAT YOU GRANDPA AND I'LL BE THE NEW HOKAGE! THE TITLE BELONGS TO ME, KONOHAMARU!" the voice sounded young and a little troubled for some reason. Both Naruto and the Third blinked before they looked to the opened door, pointing his finger at the Hokage and by the looks of it he didn't seem to notice Naruto in the room, was a little boy wearing a yellow t-shirt, a long blue scarf, and grayish pants.

The kid started to run at the Hokage but his foot suddenly stepped on his scarf, sending him to fall forward to the ground, he closed his eyes as he fell and was ready to hit the ground hard. No one said a thing as the kid hit the ground, and it seemed liked it hurt pretty bad.

Suddenly though, the kid jumped up and looked like he wanted to cry but instead decided to blame it on the nearest person he could find, his eyes scanned around until he noticed Naruto in room, and in his spite he pointed at her and yelled "You! You tripped me! How dare you do that to your future Hokage!"

Naruto's eye twitched at the sudden blame, if it was one thing Naruto didn't like more then being treated differently because of ether Kyuubi or being the daughter of the Fourth Hokage that was being blamed for something she didn't do. Naruto then yelled out back to the kid "I did no such thing you little brat!"

"Yeah right! I saw you Kunoichi, you better apologize to me!" He yelled back only to stop when he finally got a good look at her, and his eyes widened as he saw who he just accused of tripping him, in front of him was a very, very pretty blonde with the deepest blue eyes he had ever saw. He began to blush as he realized he had not only embarrassed himself in front of this pretty lady but he also accused her of tripping him.

Naruto on the other hand, being the hot-headed girl she was, was getting angry that the kid had accused her and she had stomped over to him, she picked the kid up by his scarf and said angrily "Listen to me you little punk, there is one thing I hate the most and that's getting accused of shit I didn't do! I don't have to apologize for something I didn't do, not to you or anyone else!"

The kid though, allowed his anger to rise when she had called him a 'little punk' and he forced his blush back as he yelled back to her "Hey! You can't talk to me like this! I'm Konohamaru!" Naruto glared a bit and said to him "Like I give a shit kid! I should just punch some manners in you!" Konohamaru glared back and said "As you would even dare!" Naruto hissed back a "Oh yeah!"

Both glared at each other and the Hokage sighed, he was planning on stopping them but knowing how those two acted, he knew it was useless. Suddenly though, Naruto raised her fist up and was about ready to hit the kid on his head, Konohamaru's eyes widened more and he quickly closed them ready for the impact.

"STOP!" yelled a voice, and the Hokage sighed a bit relief as he knew who it was, all three turned to the door just in time to see a Jounin dash into the room, he wore a dark blue bandana, and black glasses, he wore the standard Jounin outfit from what Naruto could see. She blinked a little confused at him and Konohamaru seemed to know who he was.

The Jounin breathed hard as he tried to regain his breath, his hand on his chest as he looked at them, for a moment he was going to yell at her for about ready to punch Konohamaru on the head but stopped when he noticed just who she was, Naruto asked "Who are you?"

The Jounin stood up straight and bowed slightly to the Namikaze as he said "Hello Namikaze-Hime, my name is Ebisu, Jounin of Konoha and Konohamaru-Sama's personal Sensei. I'm sorry if the honorable grandson of the Hokage has done or said something to you, he was under my care when he ran off for no reason, I shall take full responsibly for whatever he has done."

Those words made her eye twitch in irritation as she thought 'Agh! Its another one of them, god I really don't mind people like him but come on. I've said like six hundred times, I don't like being called Hime, Sama, San, or anything like that! Also I don't like being called just Namikaze, Its Uzumaki-Namikaze damn it! They sometimes forget I'm not only dad's kid but I'm also mom's too! And seriously, this little brat needs some personal Sensei that apologies for him. Hell when I was with Itachi-Otousan, Shizune-Nee, Baa-Chan, and Ero-Sennin they hardly never had to apologize for me, unless I was too hot-headed at the moment, and even after they did that for me, I'd calm down later and go back to say sorry on my own! Wait… Did he just say he's Jiji's grandson?'

Konohamaru noticed the way his Sensei had talked to the girl and was confused, he hardly ever showed respect to someone unless they were from a high-ranked Clan or something… But soon he looked at Naruto and thought as he remembered what Ebisu had just said 'Great, just great, she's going to treat me just like all the others in this village! She's just like everyone else in this village!' Konohamaru thought in his mind as he watched her stare from Ebisu to back to him.

He got mad and said just to prove himself right "Ha! You can't hit me because I'm the Hokage's grandson, if you do you'll get in-" but his sentence was cut short when he felt a sudden pain on his head and her yelling at him "AS IF I GIVE A SHIT YOU BRAT!" he yelped out and placed his hands on where a fist had landed. This sudden hit made Ebisu gasp, while the Hokage sighed knowing where this would lead.

Konohamaru suddenly felt himself dropped to the floor and he wanted to cry, he had never been hit before so this hurt a lot, his mind couldn't help but think 'She… She hit me… She really hit me…' He looked up to see the blonde looking at him as if she was not pleased with anything he had said and also her hand was in a fist meaning she was in fact the one that had just punched him.

"You think all because you're a Kage's grandson I'll give you respect or shit like that? Fuck no! To me you're just some little brat that needs some manners punched in his brain! If you want my respect you have to gain it. I really hate people who think all because they come from a rich or powerful family they have the right to push and order other people around. Its people like them and you that give those that really will work hard, despite where their family name comes from, that we have a bad reputation!" she said a bit coldly as she stared down at him. Konohamaru's eyes widened as he saw the stare at him, Naruto just stared back before she put her hand down to her side and started her way out the door.

She stopped and looked at Ebisu, sending a small glare, he stiffened at the look and Naruto suddenly looked back to the Hokage and his grandson, she stared at the Hokage a bit sadly but he nodded softly understanding she meant sorry to him, her eyes traveled to Konohamaru before she quickly left the room leaving a stunned Ebisu and Konohamaru as the Hokage sighed softly.


Konohamaru blinked softly before his eyes went to his grandfather, as Ebisu helped him up. "You alright Konohamaru-Sama?" Ebisu asked but Konohamaru didn't say anything, he just looked away from his grandfather to the door where Naruto had walked out of as if he was thinking hard.

Ebisu sighed and said "Konohamaru-Sama, there is something you need to know, that girl is one I don't think even you have the right to talk to like that, she is someone from a very high class. You need to talk to her with respect or else." as Ebisu started to rant about how Konohamaru should treat the girl and then somehow it went to with him saying if Konohamaru wanted to become Hokage to gain her respect he should follow his orders and keep training under him. At the end of it Ebisu said as he turned to Konohamaru "Now do you understand, Konohamaru-Sama?"

As soon as he turned to look at Konohamaru he finally noticed the kid was no longer there, Ebisu began to freak out "What! Where did Konohamaru-Sama go to?" the Hokage would just chuckled said to him "I believe he ran off to follow Naruto-Chan…"

"WHAT?" Ebisu yelled as he dashed out the door to stop Konohamaru from disrespecting the only heir of the Namikaze family anymore.


"Stupid little brat…" Naruto muttered as she walked the streets of Konoha, ignoring those that waved hello or those rare ones that glared at her. She gave a sigh as kept walking down the road, Naruto placed a hand in her pocket and said a bit to herself "Maybe I was a little to harsh… But that kid! Agh, he acts so spoiled! I'm so happy Otousan never let me get that spoiled…"

That was true, despite him teaching her, Itachi never allowed Naruto to do or learn things that were over her head or to quickly. She had to learn through hard-work and training, like when she was only allowed to learn three Justus a month. She was to work on it from the start to the end, she was to practice it over and over again and if she had not been able to learn how to get all three correctly she was to practice it again for the next month. Only when he said she had got them all perfectly was she allowed to learn three new ones for the next month. Naruto learned from the hard work and hated how some people used short-cuts to reach where they want to be. She didn't mind bloodline users though, as long as they didn't relay on short cuts in order to get what they want.

Like Haku, even though he had the power to use ice he never relayed on it for all his fighting, he used Senbon Needles and knew the human body inside and out. Or like Hinata, sure she had her Clans fighting style but she was also creating one all on her own, same could be said about Shino, despite the fact his Clan used bugs he was secretly fighting without them in case he would have to fight without them in the future.

As a matter of almost all of her friends used hard-work instead of whatever their Clan was able to do and using shortcuts, sure they still practiced what their Clan was known for but they also worked hard to improve it or create something new. Hell even her Otousan worked hard despite the fact he had the Sharingan! Sure he could copy the moves but Naruto knew Itachi hated using his Sharingan which was why he always tried to learn the moves by hand first.

Naruto stopped thinking when she found herself away from the village. She blinked to herself and questioned on how she got there for a second and looked around, she was near the forest of Konoha for some odd reason now. She gave a soft sigh, she saw near her was a hollow log and by the looks it there was also a vending machine meaning this was a place where people came and rested.

Naruto ran her hand through her hair and once again sighed unsure on what to do at this moment, she was still a little angry at the kid but she knew sooner or later she'll go find him and apologize to the little brat… But for now it would be best to go back to Ichiraku, eat, and then find the brat and apologize…

Naruto turned around and was going to head back to town when she spotted something…

Her eye twitched…

'What… The… Fuck…' she thought as she saw the poorly hidden kid trying to hid by using a blending sheet normally used by Shinobi and Kunoichi, but this kid… Really didn't know how to us it right, first off she could clearly see his feet, secondly he was pretending to be a wooden wall while on the ground… When everything else around him was grass…

"Alright brat, there is no way not even I'm being fooled by that pathetic hiding attempt…" she said clearly a little annoyed, she then could hear the kid laugh as if he expected her to find him, he threw the sheet off and said "Not bad, but I should expect no less from the girl I heard all about! And the person I want to be my mentor!" he stood up and gave a confident look at her.

Once again, Naruto's eyes twitched. She knew by the end of the day, a full blown headache will kill her…


"Ow! Did you really have to hit me so hard!" Konohamaru yelled and asked as he touched the top of his head where the fist of the same girl that had hit him before found its way again. Currently both Naruto and Konohamaru were in the same area where they had meet up, after Konohamaru declared Naruto was going to be his mentor, she had tried to say no but he just kept bugging her, soon Naruto was just about ready to leave but Konohamaru latched onto her leg begging her to train him, and thus this caused Naruto to punch him again, making him let her go and wail out.

Konohamaru didn't get a respond from the blonde but suddenly felt himself being picked up by the scarf again and dropped onto the log to sit. He pouted and watched as Naruto calmly walked over to the vending machines to pick something to drink. It was somewhat silent between to the two and Konohamaru wondered if he said something wrong again to the blonde.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw a drink in front of him being held out by the blonde who just stared at him to take it, in her other hand was another drink. Konohamaru took the drink and watched as the blonde opened hers and sit down next to him before taking a swing of her own soda, when she was done she moved it away and sighed before looking at him. Her face was calm but he could clearly see the small anger, and annoyance on it.

"Alright, why the hell do you want me as your mentor kid?" she asked though the way she called him kid and not brat was an improvement in Konohamaru's book, he grinned at her and said as he opened his soda "Because! You're the first person to ever hit me! Not even Ebisu has ever punched me before!" he took a small sip of his soda after that.

"Really…" Naruto said but it sounded dry as if she really didn't care and she took another sip of her drink, Konohamaru nodded as he said gleefully "Yeah! If I train under you, I'll be able to beat Ebisu and I'll be able to defeat my Jiji, then I'll be Hokage in no time! Ha-ha! Think about it, you'll be the great mentor of the next Hokage! People will want you to train their kids after that!" this caused Naruto slowly pull the drink away from her mouth, her eyes were somewhat soft and she asked "Really… Tell me kid, why do you want to be Hokage so badly?"

Konohamaru was taken a bit back from the sudden question and he looked down to his drink in his hands for a moment, he stayed silent before saying "Jiji gave me the name Konohamaru, since my father died a few months before I was going to be born and mother died a few days after I was born… Even though he took the name off of this very village, it's a name everyone should had heard many times but…" Konohamaru stopped for a moment and then said as he clutched his hand around his drink "But nobody calls me by my name… Its like whenever they see me… All they see is the grandson of the Hokage… Its always Konohamaru-Sama, or honorable grandson of the Hokage… Never once have I been just called Konohamaru or even Konohamaru-Kun by anyone but my Jiji and uncle… No one in this village recognizes me as me, its always something else… I hate that…"

Naruto stared at the kid and couldn't help but think 'Seems like me and this brat are cut from the same cloth…' she kept watching the kid who clearly said "So… So that's why I want the title of the Hokage right now… So people will have to recognize me as Konohamaru, not just the grandson of the Hokage! I need any short-cut I can get!"

Naruto seemed to stare at the kid before chuckling, this soft chuckle caused Konohamaru to stop and look at his 'mentor' a little confused. He watched as she rose from where she sat and looked at down carefully, she smirked and said "Heh, even though me and you are almost the same, you still don't seem to understand. There is no way a brat like you could ever be the Hokage. You just don't understand it at all…"

"What!" Konohamaru said angrily at her before she suddenly looked at him with that smirk as she gapped a thumb at herself "If you want the Hokage title so badly, you'll have to defeat me first! Because there is no way I'll ever let a spoiled brat like you take it!" Konohamaru's eyes widened at this declaration.

Her face softened for a second as she said while looking up to the sky "My dream is to become the next Hokage you see… You think you're the only one who understands how it feels to not be called by the name you were given? You may think you're the only one who lost their parents before you even got to know them, and you think you're maybe the only one who stands in someone else's giant shadow but you're wrong…" Naruto shifted her head down to look at Konohamaru.

"My dad was the Fourth Hokage, the greatest of all the Hokage's, the Yellow Flash of Konoha, Minato Namikaze… My mom was the Red-Hot Habanero some called her when she was young, then she was called the Red Whirlpool of Konoha as she grew more fearsome, Kushina Uzumaki was her name, if you think its hard to be in your Jiji's shadow try having two of the most greatest hero's of Konoha as your parents, their shadow is very large to be in… Both of my parents died the same night I was born you know, the night the Kyuubi attacked, my dad died fighting it, and my mother died shortly after my birth. I was hidden away after my birth though, given my mother's maiden name because of my father's enemies and not many people would connect me to my mom because she wasn't the type to just sleep with someone and have their kid. But your grandfather, the man I like to call Jiji all the time, still didn't think that was enough to protect me so when I got older he told me I was going to learn how to Henge into a boy. He said it was the only way to protect myself from the world outside of the little home I had. But I met my adopted Otousan before I could perfect the Henge and we set off for a training trip for three years… When we returned Jiji believed I was strong enough to protect myself and if I wasn't Otousan would protect me along with my friend Snake, so he allowed me to be myself without a Henge, he also believed my name shouldn't be hidden either… Naruto Namikaze is what I'm supposed to be called but I feel as if I'm betraying my heritage on my mom's side, so I asked Jiji if my name could really be Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, he agreed to it, he even told me my mom would call herself Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze after she married my father secretly… But still, even though I requested it, even though I announce myself like that to when I'm meeting new people… They always call me Namikaze-Hime, Namikaze-Sama, Naruto-San, Naruto-Hime, Naruto-Sama. Its like they just don't see me and all they see is my father, they even look over my mom's name… Though sometimes I hate it when I'm called that I could never hate my parents for being who they are, I could never say 'why them.' or anything like that, I love my parents no matter what… A lot of people expect great things from me because of who my parents are so they never see me for who I am, who I'm right now, they keep dreaming of my future so they don't know of the me whose here in front of them…"

Naruto stopped for a moment and looked at Konohamaru's whose eyes were wide and as he realized he wasn't that alone as he thought he was, Naruto took a breath in and continued

"Me and you, we're cut from the same cloth but we're different you know… Unlike you I won't take some stupid short-cuts and act like a spoiled brat to reach my dream, unlike you I've trained my hardest and never once thought I should be given a stupid short-cut all because of who my family is. Unlike you I use hard work to reach the level I'm at right now. But the number one thing that makes me different from you is that I've found my precious people now, people who call me by my name, people who see me and not my family name, sure its just a small handful of people but they are the ones I care for so much. They are the ones I'm willing to die for if I have to…" Naruto said clearly as she stared at Konohamaru who heard how different they were.

Two souls, same but not, cut from the same cloth but both shaped differently. That's how Naruto saw them both.

"I learned from my Otousan that if you wanna become the Hokage, you need to do three things. Firstly find the precious people you are willing to fight for, secondly train your hardest until you can't train anymore, and thirdly no short-cuts…" Naruto said as she held up three figures to show him. She smiled brightly before she said "I know I'm not ready to become Hokage yet, but one day I'll reach my dream, one day I'll show everyone I'm more than my parents kid, I'll show them just who really Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze really is. As long as I try my best and take no short-cuts, I'll reach it."

Naruto looked at Konohamaru who was looking to the ground and began to shake softly as if he wanted to cry, she bent down to his eye level softly and said "Do you understand what I'm saying… Konohamaru-Kun?" Konohamaru's eyes widened when he heard his name being called by the blonde, he lifted his head to stare at her in a stunned surprise, he watched her eyes and his lips trembled a bit as if he tried to figure out what to say. He then nodded softly and said "I… I understand… Naruto…"

Naruto pulled up to stand up straight and smiled at that, she winked softly at him and said jokingly "Good, it seems like there might be hope for you yet brat. You know, you're not so bad when you're not being a little spoiled kid, maybe I might teach you a thing or two. That is if you really want to learn it but just so you know, I don't take mercy on training…"

As soon as Konohamaru heard that his head perked up and he smiled widely, he then yelled out as he hugged attacked Naruto from his spot "AWESOME! THANKS SENSEI!"

All around the area people could hear two voices yell out.

"God damn it Konohamaru! Don't call me sensei!"

"Alright, I'll call you mentor!"

"Try saying that again you little brat and I swear-"

"Boss it is than!"

"AGH! I give up!"


Ebisu watched from the tree he was sitting in as the daughter of the Fourth Hokage and the Red Whirlpool made the grandson of the Third Hokage run along side her as she told him hurry up or else. He watched the Hokage's grandson tried harder to keep up with the girl but since he was still a kid it was tough on him. Ebisu knew that the young Namikaze could go far faster than this but was keeping herself slow for the Hokage's grandson.

He had been watching the two train since he had found them near the woods drinking their sodas, his plan was to go in and get the Hokage's grandson as he would apologize to the girl on behalf of the Hokage's grandson but had stopped himself when he overheard her say that if he wanted the Hokage title he would have to beat her first. He heard her speech of how she hated being called everything but her name and at the same time hated that people sometimes forgot that she was her mother's daughter also. He had listened closely on how she was in her parents shadow and that how she wanted people to see her for being her.

In truth Ebisu never knew that was how Naruto felt whenever someone called her Namikaze-Hime or anything like that, hell he never knew Konohamaru felt that way either…

Ebisu snapped out of his thoughts as he saw Konohamaru fall face first on the ground, he nearly went out of his hiding spot to help him but stopped when he heard Naruto yell out "Come on Konohamaru, we still have five more laps to do!" Ebisu watched as Konohamaru slowly get himself up and bit his lip to stop himself from crying, he stared up to where Naruto was jogging in place as she waited for him, he nodded and started to run to her. Naruto smiled and started off again, trying to get Konohamaru to go faster.

Maybe… Just maybe. He too could learn a thing or two from Naruto…


Naruto sighed as she entered her apartment, god how she felt so beat. She quickly kicked off her shoes and headed to the front room, as soon as she enter she quickly made her way to the couch and with a soft 'thump' she landed on it.

"Finally home?" asked a sudden voice nearly causing Naruto to jump in her spot. Naruto looked over to where the kitchen was and saw her Otousan standing there with dinner almost ready. Naruto gave a soft smile and said "Yup… I had a very long, long day…"

Itachi raised an eyebrow and asked "Really?… By the looks of it, it seems like you might have had the worst day of your life…" Naruto giggled a bit but stayed silent, for a moment she just stared at her Otousan before asking softly "Otousan… When will you tell Sasuke? You know… The truth?…"

When she asked that Itachi stopped what he was doing and stared straight as if thinking to himself. He closed his eyes and didn't say a word, Naruto eyes softened knowing that question would not be answered for quite some time…

'…Strange, I thought for sure Kakashi-Ojisan would try to pull more than one prank on me today, I mean sure that dog food filled water balloons were alright but he normally tries much harder… I wonder where he is?…' Naruto quickly thought as she sifted around on the couch real quick.







"Kakashi… How the hell did you get caught in that net and covered in feathers all the way up here?…"

"Shut up and help me out of this, Snake…"

"… You were trying to prank Naruto and it backfired again weren't you?"



"Just get me out of here…"



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