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It wasn't like they'd expected this to happen. The shredding of clothes, the guttural moans that escaped their throats, the touching in forbidden places…the fucking…it was all some grand escape that they had believed they could simply brush off as a phase. The comfort they gave each other was basic human need. After the pain of the war, and the unfulfillment they both received in their relationships, they needed something more substantial. Pure unadulterated lust, and passion were the only things that mattered when they were together. Not their significant others, and not their public images would change that.

He was going to slow, she needed more. If she allowed herself to look into his eyes, this moment would become all too real, and that wasn't acceptable. "Harder," She groaned, begging him to keep moving. Her eyes were focused somewhere on the ceiling, past his face. His were on the mattress near her head. Quickly, he complied, flipping her over with ease so that she was on her hands and knees. Without breaking their contact, he continued pounding into her small body, his hands grasping her hips, fingers digging into her pale flesh. Neither would admit it, but they liked the pain.

"I said harder Malfoy. Is this all you've got?" She said, knowing full well what this taunting would do.

With a grunt, and a sneer, Malfoy buried himself in her to the hilt, making her cry out inaudibly. He knew that she hadn't meant that crudely. This was their foreplay. They fucked like drunken strangers, fumbling wildly, each desperate for release. Neither would admit it, but this had turned into so much more than just a random fuck once or twice a month. They made arrangements almost every other day, the addiction to each other almost too much to bear.

Without warning, Draco flipped his lover over, grasping her cheeks to look him in the eyes. She struggled not to, but as he continued pumping himself in her, she finally caught site of the storm raging. Her creamy chestnut eyes met the steely gray of his and she fell again. Neither would admit it, but without their meetings, they couldn't live.

As their eyes met, Draco placed his lips to hers softer than he ever had, giving a few final thrusts before both met their climaxes at the same time. As they both came down from their highs, Malfoy collapsed on top of her, kissing down her cheek and chest. The passion was radiating throughout the entire room, even as they drifted to sleep in one another's arms. Neither would admit it, but this was love.

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