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My back was against the tree, and a permanent blush seemed to be on my face. I thought I had kicked that habit, but lately it appeared to be coming back.
Naruto presently sat in front of me, and I detected a blush of nervousness residing his cheeks too, although not as bad as mine.

"Uh…" he started, his voice gruff, "When do you wanna – uh, now?"
"Ano…uh," I started, another old habit arising, "if you want Naruto…un."
He nodded a bit too quickly, and drew closer to me. Then he moved back and looked away. Then moved closer again, but not looking at me.
"Maybe I should, uh – just start off quickly." He spoke suddenly.
"Y-yeah." I agreed, my stuttering also coming back as I slowly turned into a nervous wreck.
"Uh…" Naruto said again. He seemed to want to say something.

I waited for him to, relaxing as I thought that this would postpone the matter until later.

Naruto's head whipped around suddenly though and he moved forward quickly. I saw his eyes were closed tight as he came towards me. In a second he had kissed me.
He moved up a bit as he had only got part of my lips on the first try and then we stayed like that for a second. He relieved the kiss then started again, us just pressing lips, my eyes still wide open.
The thought of this erupted in my mind and I promptly burst out laughing. We were good friends yet why did we get so nervous? Naruto moved back with a moody frown at my laughter.

"No, let's try this." I said, my stuttering gone but blush extending. I leant forward on my hands and kissed his lips, short and brief – I kissed him again, closing my eyes.

He mirrored my kisses, and pushed me back against the tree. I felt his legs around me, he was on his knees. We continued kissing as this until he started opening his mouth in between kisses, yet staying close to my face, I took my chance and gave him a 'proper kiss' during one of these breaks, and I felt him move back slightly in shock. He seemed annoyed that I was taking charge, and pushed me back hard into the tree.
Although I was excited from the kiss and the shocks it gave me, adrenalin started to kick in at this point, and I felt giddy. He sensed my weakness and pressed me further into the tree, flicking his tongue against mine.

At first I was shocked and opened my eyes at the feel of his tongue. It felt odd, yet good in a way and I closed my eyes again. After a while he began to get a bit full on and I pulled away, and then kissed him again. He tried drowning me again but once more I pulled away. This time he seemed to get the point and tried something different, i.e. less tongue.

This I liked, I put my arms around him and I felt his hands on my waist. Our bodies were drawing closer and I hardly noticed until I felt his against mine.
He shocked me when he pulled me away from the tree he had been trying to press me into, and supported the back of my head and the small of my back with his hands.
We were pressed together even more and our kiss became more passionate, but I frequently pulled away when I felt something I didn't like, and he began to do the same.

Our kiss became slower until we were just kissing the others lips, and I opened my eyes to stare into his, a passion burning in my chest and feeling even more giddy than before.
Naruto leant me back against the tree and sat back down, we were no longer touching, and it felt odd to have my body no longer moulded against his.

Although it had seemed so, our kiss had not lasted over two minutes, and we both panted from lack of oxygen.
During this pause we just stared at each other, no longer nervous or blushing, no longer thinking.

After a moment he broke the silence.

"Say something."

I did as he requested.

"Class dismissed."

You might think it horribly shallow of me to be doing this.

…To be teaching someone to kiss, with no 'personal feelings' involved.

But then you obviously have no idea how hard it is to resist Uzumaki Naruto. Especially if you're me.

When he first mentioned it…I fainted.

"Hinata? Do you mind if we kiss?"

The second time, I was conscious.

"Hinata…like I was saying earlier-"

Can you believe it? I actually screamed it at him. For a few days after that he was very edgy around me.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?"
"…If this is about 'that', then you can shove it up your ass, Uzumaki."

"…Hinata-chan? Do you want to see a movie?"
"Let's kiss now."

"What do you want?"
"…what d'you mean, 'tebayo?"
"You said, 'chan'." –dangerous glare-
"…never mind."

"But Hinata! I-"
"I said NO!"

"Let's go train, 'tebayo!"
"Hai, okay Naruto."
"So, I was wondering if today we could maybe possibly perhaps-"
"Don't even contemplate it!"

"Hey Hinata, how's it going?"


To be blunt, I said it to shut him the hell up.

…Oh, and obviously he still doesn't know how I feel about him.

After spending more time with him after the raid of the Akatsuki, I began to open up a bit. Soon after we became friends. Not long after that we became best friends. He's just so easy to get along with, you know?

The day I figured out I was in love with him, was like any other. We were sitting down for lunch at the ramen bar, just as usual after training. He was singing a song about ramen. I was laughing at him.
Then I froze.
I was very quiet the rest of lunch, and he noticed. But I just assured him that I was fine. After lunch, we parted. He left, a little concerned about me, and I sat there a full twenty minutes, staring at my empty bowl.
"Fuck." Was all I said.
I heard Ayame smash a bowl in shock.

I don't often swear. I don't often yell. I don't often tell anyone to shove it up their ass, but after falling in love I have.

…It just hurts knowing I can never tell him, and the pain has been increasing so much that sometimes I feel like I can't stand it.
Sometimes I wish I couldn't feel.

But when Naruto asked me that second time (the first time I couldn't really think- being unconscious), I was so tempted. And ashamed. Do you know how degrading that feeling is? To have someone you love want to use you for practise?

Because I know fully well what his plans are, and I can explain them with one word- well, one name. Three syllables, six letters, three vowels and three constantans. A name that the following words can be found in; ark, ask, aura, us, as…yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot. Or should I say I've been thinking about her.


Sakura, Sakura, Sakura. 'Oh Sakura, your hair is so pretty!', 'Oh Sakura, go out with me!' Sakura, Sakura, Sakura.

And just in case you missed it: SAKURA.

You can guess it hasn't been me saying those things.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the girl. She happens to be one of my role models. She has a caring nature that I have seen no-one else posses.
But, there is only so much I can stand. Her name is on repeat or something whenever I'm with Naruto.

So I've made a plan. I will teach Naruto to kiss (I don't know how to, but Naruto insists that we can learn 'together'), and cheat myself into being happy, even if used. Once he and Sakura are together, my heart will break, I will break down, and seriously contemplate killing myself. I will drink a lot. Then, after I hit rock bottom and wake up upside-down in a puddle of my own vomit in a public toilet, I will pull what remains of myself together and become cold and rigid, like they always do in the movies. I will do my duty as a ninja in Konoha, never contact Naruto again, and end up KIA ('Killed in Action') on the field.
…good plan. After all, there's only so long I can remain as I am.

"Hey, my name's Hinata, and I feel like a massive slut!"
Oh shit, he's behind me.
Whipping around, I grin at Naruto nervously.
"Nothing!" I squeak.
He frowns in that gorgeous, cute way. You know the way. When his eyebrows scrunch up, he looks at you as if you're hiding a lolly behind your back, and pouts. OHMYGODI'MMELTING!
"Really?" he asks, oblivious to my mushification, "I swore you just said something."
"Oh well, can't remember now. Want to get ramen?" I desperately lay the bait.
He only glares at me suspiciously.
"You aren't…trying to distract me are you?"
Oh darn. Come on Hinata, girl! Come up with something!
"Uh, no!" I laugh almost hysterically.
Fantastic! ...I'm doomed.
His face clears.
"Okay, then!"

Oh, wonderful, daft Naruto.

"Your treat!"

...damn. He'll eat me out of house and home.

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