Lie to me

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Summary: What happens when two excellent liars gets married? A loveless marriage and a huge lie concerning the "B" word, things could not get any worse other than they haven't touched each other for nearly three years.

A/N: A sudden spurge of insipration while watching

"Lie to me," staring Tim Roth. Excellent show. Hope everyone enjoys this.

Hinata is somewhat OC.

"Love is lies."

"How often do you lie to your husband?"

"Hardly, I mean other little white lies, but everyone does that right?"

Doctor Yamaguchi raised an eyebrow.

"I suppose," he replied.

Hinata shrugged and smiled innocently.

Uchiha Hinata realized that her husband was a liar when he showed up to their anniversary dinner, smelling of another woman. However, at that time her husband didn't know that she too was an excellent liar in her own way. She simply smiled at him and accidentally spilled wine on his pants before the first course was even served. She could tell he was angry as they left the restaurant, but she knew he wouldn't yell her in public.

It was one of his weaknesses, yelling would destroy his perfect image. She had to give her husband credit because he was a piece of work. When they were in public, he was a perfect gentleman, however in private it was whole, different story.

He was selfish, egotistic, and short tempered. It was miracle, that she was still married him after a year. She prided herself in the act of being an obedient, sweet wife. She was an excellent liar after all. She married him for his money from the beginning. She wasn't going to stray from her purpose. She lived a life of luxury and expensive tastes. Her home was decorated with the latest style, her wardrobe filled with latest, best brand-name clothes, bags, and shoes that money could buy. She could drink champagne whenever she wanted, she could go whatever she liked. Her husband was hardly home anyways.

The price was simply to ignore the different woman's perfume and lipstick that clung to his shirts and to stop caring where he was late at night. The best part was to convince him that she was happy with the ways things are. Her sweet, undemanding smile when he comes home after a late night. Slowly, she began to entertain herself by guessing what brand and shade of lipstick the other woman was wearing. She would purposely wear it and show it off to him. She couldn't tell if he recognize the shade or not but, seeing his eyes dart away from her mouth was priceless.

She played its games with him simply due the fact she knew that he wouldn't leave her any other woman, because only a liar could up with a liar. However, the only down fall, in constantly lying was that you start to believe your own lies. Slowly after a hundred, a thousand times of saying "I don't love him," repeatedly, she believed it as the truth. She didn't love him, often wondered if she ever loved him at all. Slowly, their marriage got to the point, where they don't even share the same bedroom anymore. Separate bedrooms meant less contact, less contact meant more distance, more distance mean less physical contact. She found no excuse to touch him nor did he. They were like two strangers who shared a house together. Their loveless marriage was silent truce that they both came to honor.

"Do you love your wife?"

"Of course."

"I see, why do you love her?"

"I guess, I just do. No reason, no reason what so ever," Sasuke replied and yawned.

Uchiha Sasuke was an excellent liar. He really was, after all, that's why he became so successful after. His image was a successful man with a beautiful, loving wife whom everyone admired profoundly. The sole reason, that he married her was because she was naive and little too innocent for his taste. He showered with her with everything that successful man could do for his wife. He couldn't count how designer outfits she had nor how many times she re-decorated the living room. He simply didn't care.

She was an accessory that came along with his way to success. When his bad habit started, he wondered if she would confront him but the confrontation never came. All she did was smile as if she was the happiest woman in the world. Sometimes, he would catch her examining the lipstick mark that was left on his shirt. He was surprised that she didn't even shed a tear, only simply stared at it with great fascination.

It was then, his habit got worse. He would stay later and longer. Although he had many affairs, they were simply one nights stands more that anything else. At the end of these flings, he came back to his wife. He began to hate the smiles she gave him when he came home. The knowing smile that contained the fact he wouldn't leave her for any other woman because simply there was no woman who put up with such behavior.

Even as the state of their marriage continue to deteriorate. He made no protests when she moved to the spare bedroom and dismissed all their servants. He didn't spend that much at home to began with, and he was there she found a reason not be there. Their conversations were short and polite. The distance between them grew until it was ocean filled with lies. His behaviour was spiralling more and more out of control.

R E V I E W.