Lie to me

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Love is one mistake after another.


"Who is the father?"

"It doesn't matter because it was a mistake," said Hanabi staring at her hands.

"What do you mean, it was a 'mistake'?"

"We were drunk and people do crazy things when they are drunk…"Hanabi smiled weakly. Hinata raised an eye brow at Sasuke, as if saying "ah! I told you so."

Drunken conception does happen!

"You should tell the father…it's his baby too."

"No. I can't. He will do something stupid like ask me to marry him or something like that. He will ruin his life. I don't want that."

Hinata and Sasuke looked at Hanabi weirdly.

"The reason I am here, I'm planning an abortion but…I need a signature from relative."


"Isn't that a rash decision?" asked Sasuke.

"The father should have an say in this," argued Hinata.

"Don't you understand…I can't? If he knows about this, any of this…he will never forgive me."

"So you are just going to lie to him?"

"I don't see what the problem, you two lie to each other all the time…"

"What?" They said in unison.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry, slip of the tongue."

"Did you make the call?" asked Sasuke suddenly serious.

" wasn't me …Kakashi found out later it was your milkman and cleaning lady thought they could make a quick buck from this type of news."

"The Milkman and cleaning lady…oh my god…" Hinata sighed with defeat. Next time she was buying her own milk and cleaning her own house.

"Will sign it then?" asked Hanabi, eagerly.

"Only if you tell me who the father is."

"It's… my best friend," Hanabi said and crossed her finger under the table.

"Sai?" They both asked in disbelief.

She nodded.

"I thought he was gay," said Hinata. Hanabi laughed weakly and shook her head.

"Me too, I met his boyfriend once, nice guy."

"He is bi," explained Hanabi weakly, holding on to her breathe.

"Can we talk privately Hanabi?" asked Hinata, finally.

Hanabi nodded.

Hinata and Hanabi decide to take a walk along the beach. Sasuke was left alone at the cabin. He went to his luggage and opened his briefcase. He pulled out a long envelope and pulled the papers.

He stared long and hard at the title of the document.

Official Divorce Agreement.

He sighed. He was going to ask her for a divorce this weekend if the news about their marriage hadn't aired.

It was a long over due divorce. He was the one who was admitting defeat. She had won.

"Sasuke! I have something I want to talk to you about…" called Hinata, her tone was oddly cheery.

"Hinata we need to talk."

He pushed the envelope towards her.

"Well you know I was thinking that we could keep Hanabi's baby…" she started as she opened the envelope. She stopped talking when she saw the contents.

Hinata stared at the several sheets of paper and along with several photographs.

"You were spying on me?"

Sasuke's eyes widen as he realized what she was saying. The damn photos were still in the envelope.

Hinata stared photographs of Gaara and her, holding hands, feeding each other, kissing…

She dropped the envelope, the papers and photographs scattered on the floor. She was stunned for a moment before she ran into the bedroom. Before came back in a few minutes with a box and she started to throw the contents at Sasuke.

A tube of lipstick hit Sasuke on the forehead.

"Ouch. What are you doing?"

"Ruby Red…"

Another one bounced off the wall behind him.

"Cherry Glimmer…"

"Stop it Hinata!"

Tube after tube of lipstick fall to the floor as she throwing it at him with all her might, but he was managed to dodge of half of it. When she finally got tired of throwing them, she dumped the rest on the floor; there were at least 70 different tubes. Hinata was smiled weakly at the collection.

"Look, that's the proof of your infidelity to me…How dare you ask me for a divorce when I stay even after all these woman…" Her voice was breaking; she was on the verge of tears. She couldn't believe it, he was asking for a divorce.

"I was never serious about them...they meant nothing but this 'Gaara' meant something to you…You loved him didn't you?" he shouted back.

"So what if I did? You were never around…"

"You didn't want me around."

"That's not true-"

"Stop lying Hinata. I'm sick and tired of your lying…I'm tired of living like this. Just sign the damn papers." He grabbed her forearms, forcing her to look at him.

I'm tired of playing this game. Our marriage is just a one, big game to you. Congratulations, you won Hinata.

He walked away, shutting the door behind him. Tears fell from her eyes as she sank onto the floor. She stared at the picture of Gaara proposing to her. She wondered why the photographer wasn't there to take the photo of her rejecting the ring or the photo of her leaving him.

"I…came back.. Didn't I?" she sobbed into her hands.

Sasuke stared at the peaceful ocean and sighed. He had forgotten he put the divorce paper with the photos. He had prepared the papers when he found out about her affair; he would ask her for a divorce and he had signed them with resolution. She would have been a very welled off woman. The day he decided to serve her with divorce papers, she came home, her eyes red and puffy from crying, insisting it was allergies. His resolve faltered.

"Hinata…"He tried, reaching out to touch her shoulder. She flinched and pulled away from his touch. She refused to look at him.

"Don't touch me…I don't feel well…"

She shut the door, blocking him out. He stood there with his back against the door, listening to her sobs. His wife was heart broken over another man. He closed his eyes, wishing the pain his chest would go away. His hand rested on the doorknob for one second, he knew it was locked. He tried anyways; it was always like this with her. She thought if she locked out him and abided with the pain alone, it would be okay. As if blocking him out was part of her self defence mechanism. He shook his head and walked away, no matter how much he wanted to share her pain. There was always a wall separating them. The wall kept getting thicker and thicker with each unspoken emotion.

He closed his eyes, liars lie most to themselves. He put a hand over his eye. He could feel his wedding band on top of his eye. He opened one eyes to stare up at the ring on his middle finger. Commitment, honesty, and intimacy the doctor kept saying he realized they had none of it.

Hanabi stood silently looking at the mess in front of her. Her sister was a total mess, she had locked herself in the bedroom, sobbing uncontrollable. Tubes of lipstick and photographs littered on the floor, she looked sadly at the pictures. She thought if there one person who could make Hinata happy again was Gaara. She was surprised when Hinata rejected him and went back to her loveless marriage. Her eyes caught the divorce paper and noticed it was dated a year ago when the affair had taken place.

"He knew…"she murmured to herself as she picked the pieces of paper. She sighed again before picking up a tube of lip stick to write with.

"Dear H & S, I'm sorry for troubling you both. This baby and I will be going to a better a place soon. Don't worry about us. I hope that you two will forgive me for doing this but…I don't think I can deal with this anymore. I'm sorry. Love you two always. Hanabi."

She capped the lipstick and left the note on the kitchen table and disappeared out the door.

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