This is not a story I expect many people to read. Most people have an opinion that a fanfic featuring Renamon means she should be partnered with Guilmon, Impmon, or perhaps Cyberdramon, and the only Terriermon fanfics I've seen have been with Lopmon and there are hardly any of those. I am actually the same, but I chose to make this a Renamon and Terriermon fanfic because the initial part of this story popped randomly into my head during the flash of weird imagination I get whenever I wake up. It was such an odd idea that I could not leave it alone and decided to write this silly story. I hope you enjoy the ride, even if you don't enjoy the pairing.

The usual disclaimer:- Only the idea is mine – no human or Digimon character will be an OC. I don't own Digimon and never will.

A Sticky Situation

Chapter 1:- A Way Home

The Digital World was a silent place. It was still rebuilding itself from the ravaging it had undergone from the assault by the D-Reaper. The Sovereigns and those digimon that had survived were working hard to restore everything to the way it had been, or at least as close as it could be. The ravages of the D-Reaper had destroyed a good ninety percent of the Digital World, not to mention an enormous number of the digimon, even many of the megas that had faced it with the sovereigns.

But slowly everything was coming back into place and new digimon were beginning to spring from the Digi-Eggs that Ebonwumon and Azulongmon has spread across the seven levels of the Digital World. Happiness was back in the air as the forests refilled with croaking Gekomon, the Hagurumon worked in the clock layer, and Jijimon and Babamon began to fight one another again.

But there was one group of Digimon, who were not happy. They sat in a circle in the harsh desert landscape, hardly ever talking, and watching the data streams flit by. These digimon had once belonged to the Tamers, human children, with the power to make digimon digivolve and even merge with them to create a powerful Mega-Level form.

Guilmon, cute and playful dinosaur. Terriermon, laid back and comedic dog-rabbit. Renamon, strong and serious fox. Impmon, mischievous and loud imp. Calumon, simple and sweet Catalyst. Monodramon, curious and inquisitive dragon. Lopmon, polite and caring dog-rabbit. Guardromon, gallant and true robot, and MarineAngemon, tiny and quiet fairy-thing. This was the group of friends who have braved the D-Reaper's single-minded desire to destroy everything and had won against the massive red blob of chaos.

But at a cost they had not considered.

They had been pulled back into the Digital World and away from their beloved partners, against their will and theirs by Operation Doodlebug, a program which had reversed the evolution of the D-Reaper but sent the digimon back. Each and every one of the nine digimon had vowed to get back to the Digimon Tamers, not matter how long they had to search for a way to get there. Terriermon had also vowed to give the Monster Makers a severe talking down for they had placed Operation Doodlebug inside him, without telling them everything that would happen.

The problem was the majority of the digimon that had travelled to the human world had done it when they got their tamer or by accident. So unless they could accidentally stumble upon the road to it, they could be here for a while.

Guilmon sighed. He stared into the flames they sat around, which had been lit by Impmon using his Bada Boom attack. He had made Takato promise that one day he would play and eat bread together again. With his naïve mind, he had expected it to be a week or so. It had now been almost twelve months. A whole year without Takato. A whole year without bread. He wondered how he'd managed it.

"Stop being so down, Pineapple-head," said Impmon, flicking another small blob of flame on the diminishing camp-fire. "It's making the rest of us depressed. Even the cream-puff is feeling down 'cause of your moping about."

"Sorry," mumbled Guilmon. "I can't help it."

"You could try and think of something else, other than Takato," said Impmon.

"And you're not thinking of Ai and Mako?" asked Monodramon, suspiciously.

"Yeah, so?" he retorted. "I'm not moping. They wouldn't want me too. But I suppose Takato is moping around too. He always moped about something or other, many of them his fault."

Guilmon growled.

"It's true," said Impmon.

Guilmon stood up, claws splayed. Another member stood up too – Lopmon. She got between the two of them. "Please," she said. "Don't fight each other. We need to stick together. Guilmon, don't let him wind you up. Impmon, stop trying to do it. I don't like it when anybody fights. It isn't good for us. It isn't good for our morale."

"Yeah, Momentai, guys," said Terriermon from his rock.

All eyes flicked towards Renamon, who scowled slightly for a second. Momentai was a word that Terriermon said at least five times a day. It was a Cantonese word he had learnt from his Tamer, Henry, that meant "Take it easy." Some of them, Guilmon and Lopmon included, found the word to be rather soothing, knowing Terriermon meant well by it.

Renamon, on the other hand, found it incredibly irritating. It was like a fly she longed to swat, but couldn't. She was a very patient Digimon, but that patience was running thin after about a year of that word hitting her eardrums many times a day. It hadn't been so bad when she lived with Rika, she could escape it then. But now she was in his presence twenty four-seven. It grated on her ears every time she heard it. She was like Rika in that respect.

Lopmon continued to look imploringly between the two. Guilmon's eyes, which had narrowed with anger so he was close to his feral state, softened at the pleading look on her face. There was an innocence about Lopmon, perhaps it had come from her Tamer, Suzie. Nobody like to see her unhappy, anymore than they were immune to the child-like nature of Calumon.

Guilmon sat down again and Lopmon retook her seat, sending a meaningful glance at Impmon, who lowered his eyes guiltily.

"Shall we go over our options one more time?" asked Guardromon.

"Okay," said Monodramon.

They had been going through the same options almost every day for the last month, over and over. All of them seemed hopeless and they all hoped that if they all puzzled about it, one of them might suddenly think of an idea that had not occurred to any of them.

"We could ask one of the Sovereigns. They got into the human world once," continued Monodramon.

"We can't ask Zhuqiaomon. He'd laugh at us," said Terriermon. "Even though Lopmon used to be one of his number."

"And I don't know the way to the castle of any of them now," added Lopmon. "The entire Digital World has changed in its reformatting."

"And there's no telling where the Data Streams will send us," said Impmon.

"And that time they entered our world was through a hole carved by the D-Reaper and opened by MegaGargomon," finished Guilmon.

"Thank you," Terriermon took a fake bow, causing a couple of snickers, as he made it ridiculously low so his nose almost went past his feet.

"We find digimon went to Human World. Ask how," said MarineAngemon, in one of the longest sentences he had ever said.

(A/N: Contrary to popular belief, MarineAngemon can say more than his attack, Poo, and Pi.)

"But I don't think they'd be very helpful to us since we deleted them," said Renamon.

"Yeah, I can't imagine Gorillamon being all that helpful if we met him. He probably still bears a grudge against us, huh Guilmon," said Terriermon. Guilmon nodded.

"And many got there by accident anyway," continued Renamon.

"We could ask a Digi-Gnome," said Guardromon.

"But we ain't seen any of 'em," said Impmon. "Most of them died."

"Or we could continue searching fruitlessly for a portal that probably doesn't exist and hope we strike lucky," ended Monodramon.

Calumon whined, his ears retracted. Even though he didn't have a Tamer, he still missed all of them, especially Jeri, followed by Takato as his bakery produced a stream of his favourite cream puffs. All of them missed Takato's bread, except Guardromon, who had never actually eaten it.

"Bit pessimistic, Monodramon," said Terriermon. "Momentai."

Renamon's eye twitched but otherwise her face remained calm. Only Terriermon seemed to be unaware of the way he annoyed her.

"He's walking on thin ice," Impmon muttered to Guilmon, who nodded.

If he says that one more time, Renamon was thinking. I am not going to be able to restrain myself from attacking him.

"You reckon we could find something to eat?" asked Calumon, hopefully.

"You don't need to eat here, Calumon," said Renamon, knowing the little Catalyst wouldn't listen to her.

"I know, but it makes me feel better."

He looked up with large baby eyes. Renamon sighed and stood up. She shifted away in a blur. Five minutes later, she reappeared with slightly wet gloves carrying two large fish.

Without a word, Impmon stoked the fire with a couple more attacks and Guilmon picked up a nearby piece of bark they had prized off a tree. Lopmon and Terriermon piled some rocks and Guilmon set the tray on them over the fire. Renamon placed down the fish and they waited.

Once cooked, Guilmon cut them into chunks with his claws and everyone except Guardromon, who couldn't eat anyway, took a piece of varying size depending on their appetites – Guilmon, Terriermon and Impmon having the biggest pieces, Calumon and Monodramon not far behind, and Renamon, Lopmon and MarineAngemon with smaller pieces.

Renamon stood and started to walk away. She never ate with them, but by herself and she forbade anyone from going near her. Guilmon and Terriermon remembered the time they and their Tamers and the parents of their Tamers had eaten together. Renamon had refused to eat at the same table, she had a small table all to herself, and she wouldn't explain why.

"Hey, Renamon," called Terriermon, with his mouth half full. "Where are you going?"

"Over there," she answered tersely.

"Why do you never eat with us?" he asked. "You're very antisocial at mealtimes. You're all tense. You should take my most common advice more than anyone else here. Momentai, Renamon. Momentai."

Renamon snapped.

"Terriermon, shh," said Guilmon. But it was too late. The fact that he had said it twice was even worse. Renamon whirled around, sending her portion of fish flying. It struck Guardromon in the chest and fell to the ground. Renamon glared daggers at the little bunny, not noticing.

"That's it!" she shouted. Terriermon looked startled. Jeez, what's eating her? What did I do? Was it something I said? He found out the answers to his mental questions immediately after and it was not what he'd been expecting.

"That word of yours is infuriating you little rabbit, as are you! You're the most irritating being I have ever had the misfortune to meet! You take nothing seriously and your so-called advice is just a word that you happen to like which seems to fit! But it doesn't! You've been saying the same god damn word all year and its on my nerves. You're worse than the D-Reaper, or even Kazu and Kenta, combined!"

"Go easy on Kazu, milady," said Guardromon. MarineAngemon glared. Renamon ignored them both. Right now, everyone other than the pest didn't matter.

"You're child-like and irresponsible and you have been since the day I met you! You've had a whole year-and-a-half to find something new to say, but no! You've continued going on and on and on with… that word! It's maddening!"

Terriermon was staring at her in horror. His mouth fell open as the fox vented a whole year's worth of aggravation on him. Maddening? What was wrong with it?

"It wasn't that annoying, was it?" he tried. But he already knew the answer to that. He had never seen Renamon fly off the handle like this before, not at anyone, even Beelzemon when he had been bad. It was usually Guilmon that went feral on things, not helped by his emotion-racked, confused Tamer.

"Not annoying? Now, that's funny!" she snarled back. "You're just a pain in the neck, Terriermon! That's all you are! A trying, little parasite that I can't get rid of!"

She was enjoying the look of shock and hurt on Terriermon's face. Now he realises. Ha, maybe this'll teach him just the lesson he needs.

"Renamon, calm down," Lopmon said.

"Keep out of this!" snapped Renamon. Lopmon recoiled, her eyes getting wet.

"Don't start on her!" Terriermon glared angrily, getting to his feet. He could take yelling at him but not Lopmon.

"What are you going to do about it?" growled the fox.

It felt like bile was rising in Terriermon's gut. How dare she! Expecting everyone to behave the way she wanted. And yelling at Loppy? She's never done anything bad to anyone, not even when she was a Deva. Then and there, Terriermon decided he was not going to take this lying down.

"You think I'm an annoying little wretch then, huh?" Terriermon growled back. "Well, I'll tell you what I think of you then, shall I?"

Renamon's eyes widened as Terriermon began a tirade of his own.

"You're an arrogant bitch, Renamon! You think you're superior to us don't you? Acting all high and mighty, all the time, like you're the leader or something, but you're not! You go over and eat by yourself! What do you think you are? A queen not wanting to dine with commoners? That's rich!"

It was Renamon's turn to be startled. Terriermon never yelled at anyone either. He would usually tell them to calm down, with his own stupid word, of course. He was still going.

"You're a haughty, stuck up female, just like Rika!"

Now, that was going too far.

"Leave Rika out of this!" Renamon barked. "And you don't know me!"

"Why? She's the same. She never liked me, either! And maybe I'd know more about you if you bothered to tell us! A proud, egotistical, condescending, supercilious bitch, is all I know about you!"

"Since when did you read a dictionary?"

"I don't, but I'm a lot cleverer than you give me credit for."

"Well, I happen to have a few choice words for you, Terriermon. You're a frustrating, galling, irksome, exasperating little idiot. You act younger than Ai and Mako."

"You know, I was wrong! You're not like Rika! You're worse!"

"I thought I told you to leave Rika out of this!"

"Oh, it's your Tamer and your Tamer only that's important, is it? You've had a go at Kazu and Kenta, already. You leave them out of it!"

The two of them had been getting closer to each other during the course of this battle of words. Terriermon clambered onto a pile of boulders so their eyes were level. Now they were only a few inches apart and you could almost see sparks between them. The others stayed out of it – none of them wanted to aggravate either. Lopmon's lip was trembling.

"I would have thought that the sense your Tamer has would have rubbed of on you. How he managed to live with you without snapping is beyond me!"

"You're the only one who has a problem with me. Anyway, do you mean all those things you just said, or is it just the word that you hate?"

"I mean every word that has come from my mouth in this argument!"

"Then it looks like my first impressions of you were correct after all! Everyone else here, except Impmon, gave off great first impressions, but I thought you were a bitch back then and it looks like I was right!"

"I'll admit I was not the most pleasant of Digimon when we first met, but I changed. You, on the other hand, have always been the same little inconvenience. A little whelp who thinks he's funny, but isn't."

"Inconvenience was I, when I took out Pajiramon? When I help you guys against Gulfmon? When I saved Suzie and Lopmon from Caturamon? When I stopped Zhuqiaomon from frying your sorry ass? When I got us out of the D-Reaper? When I reversed its evolution?"

"You're an inconvenience to me now. Whenever I hear you speak I have a sudden urge to find a cliff and push you off it!"

"Death threats, huh? Now why is that not surprising? That's always your first thought, kill it and then Rika will be happy, 'cause she's as bloodthirsty as I am."

Renamon's fist lashed out and connected with Terriermon's cheek, sending him flying backwards. Guilmon grabbed him from mid-air in one clawed hand.

Renamon looked mutinous.

Terriermon rubbed his cheek and struggled to get out of Guilmon's grip.

Guardromon stepped between the two.

Monodramon and Impmon stared with open mouths.

Calumon burst into tears, shortly followed by Lopmon.

That ended the argument as quickly as it had begun. The two combatants seemed to have forgotten that they'd had an audience. Terriermon shot an accusatory glare at Renamon and then leapt from Guilmon's hand, turned his back contemptuously on Renamon and went to comfort Lopmon, as Guilmon picked up Calumon and put him on his shoulder.

"There, there, Loppy," said Terriermon. "Momentai."

Renamon gritted her teeth. He had done that on purpose and she knew it. Her paw was itching to throw something at him, preferably one of the diamonds she could conjure from mid-air. But she refrained from doing so. She just clenched her fists so hard her claws cut into her paws.

Then she noticed the others were glancing slightly angrily at her. She suddenly felt very ashamed of herself. She had insulted two of their Tamers and she suddenly realised that some of the things she'd accused Terriermon of being applied to some of the others too. Not to mention she had shouted at Lopmon.

And she'd hit him. She hadn't meant for things to go that far.

But he was insulting Rika, she reasoned with herself. He cannot be allowed to get away with that.

But she said nothing. She turned with a swish of her tail and stalked off, sitting down quite a way away. She could practically feel Terriermon's blazing eyes on her back but refused to turn around. She realised she has never seen Terriermon get so angry. But that just made her feel satisfied that she'd gotten a rise out of him.

Terriermon's eyes were indeed fixed at her retreating back. His eyes were filled with anger, but if Renamon had turned around, she would have seen that they also contained a large portion of hurt. He rubbed his cheek which was now sporting a nasty bruise.

She hit me. I can't believe it. She just decked me. Am I really that annoying?

The thought plagued him for the rest of the day. Darkness washed over them as quickly as ever and still Terriermon wondered if he ought to dial it down a little.

For the first time in his entire life, Terriermon found himself slightly depressed.

Lopmon had been right. Fighting was not good for morale.

Renamon didn't return to the others that night. She rarely ever slept, so she silently contemplated the sleeping group. Only Guardromon remained awake other than her and she saw him flick half-angry, half-guilty looks her way now and again. That was just like Guardromon, really. He was very gallant.

She herself kept glancing at the sleeping Terriermon. He actually did look very sweet when asleep. He was curled up with one ear comfortingly wrapped around Lopmon and the other being used by Calumon as a blanket.

Dawn came in the usual split-second change. The others began to awake but didn't move towards her, perhaps fearing that she was still angry. She saw Lopmon chewing her own lip, anxious, it seemed, for the group to get along, but unsure how to go about it. Terriermon refused to look in her direction.

I should have expected this, she thought. Now they'll all be wondering if my temper is still high and that I'll strike at them next. I wish I hadn't hit him. I've lost his friendship and possibly the friendship of some of the others.

Terriermon had been right about one thing. She was very unsociable, whereas he was well liked by most of the others. She had a nagging feeling that if there were any further conflict between herself and him, then the group would be divided and Terriermon's half would almost certainly be bigger. After all, he hadn't lashed out at her first, verbally or physically.

With this thought in mind, Renamon stood and walked over to them.

They all immediately tensed and waited with baited breath to see what was coming and Terriermon stared irresolutely at the horizon. The fox walked through the middle of the group to stand behind the rabbit.

It took considerable effort, but Renamon, eventually said to the back of his head, "Sorry. I shouldn't have flown off the handle yesterday."

"No, you shouldn't," said Terriermon, still not turning around. Renamon wished he'd turn around so she could say it his face.

"So, are you going to go back on what you said?" asked the bunny. "Did you mean all that stuff you said?"

Renamon was silent for a while, before slowly saying. "You are not… what I said… all the time. But what I said is often true. At least, it is for me."

Terriermon did not reply.

"Did you hear me?" asked Renamon.

"Yeah, I heard."

There was a faint patting noise, but Renamon's keen hearing picked it up. Looking down she saw that the rock by Terriermon's right foot had a small splodge of water on it. It was shortly followed by another and then one appeared by the other foot. Terriermon was crying.

That shocked her more than anything. Terriermon never cried. Ever. He had come close when Zhuqiaomon had beaten him up, and of course when they had been separated from their Tamers. But he'd never gone past the point of wet eyes. The constant pretending to be a doll and withstanding the abuse the Suzie had unknowingly put upon him without reacting too much had toughened him up in that respect.

She must have really shaken him up. But then, she had insulted almost everything about him that he considered assets: - his easy-going nature, his wit and his catchphrase, along with a couple of other things.

"I suppose, it's better than nothing," said Terriermon, "but I would have preferred it if we hadn't had that … discussion. I don't think we'll be able to talk properly again for a while."

Renamon blinked and said "Sorry," once more. Terriermon half-turned to look at her. His left cheek was hideously purple where she had hit him.

Renamon didn't want to look at it. She turned away and began to apologise to Lopmon, who had been standing on the sidelines, ready to intervene if things started up again.

Terriermon was actually feeling worse than he ever had in his whole life, worse than when Zhuqiaomon burned him up, or when Caturamon smashed him with his attack. Even when he had been separated from Henry he had not been too worried. He had been confident they'd find a way back soon. He had been wrong. The combination of this and his recent argument took a toll on even him.

His stomach clenched as he remembered who had brought him back up from the chasm where Caturamon had smashed him. Renamon. He had considered her a friend, more then than ever. She had gently picked him up and told him he'd be okay. She'd even cradled him slightly. It almost felt like Henry.

He also remembered the time before the final battle with the D-Reaper where he had leapt from Guilmon's head onto her shoulder and wrapped on ear around her head. She had even laughed, if was just a chuckle, at his antics then. So what had changed? Why was she now so openly hostile?

Was it that she was apart from Rika and falling back into her old ways? He hoped not. A relapse was the last thing they needed. But he didn't think that was true. She had apologised. That would not have happened if she were relapsing.

Or was it true? Did he use the word "Momentai," too much? Nobody else complained, except perhaps Rika when she'd been around, or were they just too polite to say anything about it?

They began to trek again, just as they'd done every day for months and months now, each one keeping an eye out for what could potentially be a way back hope. Calumon, Guardromon and MarineAngemon took to the skies, as did Impmon, who didn't actually need a Tamer to digivolve and so could still become Beelzemon Blast Mode, which had been a real asset at times.

Terriermon walked up the front with Guilmon, both of them talking quietly. Renamon was at the back. Monodramon and Lopmon walked silently in between the two. Renamon's hearing was keen and she could pick up snatches of the conversation being held between the dinosaur and the rabbit and although her name wasn't mentioned, it was fairly obvious about who they were talking about.

"…sure she didn't mean it, Terriermon."

"You don't know that. She can be hard to read at times…like that before…serious or not."

"Yeah, but…our friend. She's…for us before…that."

"Well, what's your…you think along the same lines, or…her?"

"I don't…annoying, but…don't know why. I'm not her."

"What should I do?"

"You could…"

But the rest of Guilmon's suggestion didn't reach her ears.

"You do know…hard, right?" said Terriermon.

"Yeah, but Lopmon's right…together."


Renamon frowned. What had Guilmon suggested.

"…tata," she heard Guilmon say. For some reason, whatever he had said made Lopmon, who was closer and had even better hearing than Renamon, giggle.

"Say what?"

"Ha… Takato watched…"

"…remember that, but it'll never…"

"Give it…"

Renamon felt rather lost. She had been able to follow the line of conversation and fill in the gaps earlier. But now she was confused.

Perhaps I didn't apologise properly this morning, she thought. But still, he did insult Rika. And bitch is a strong word to use. Ugh, what'll happen next?

Terriermon knew Renamon was listening. He didn't need to turn around to know that. He just could feel it. He wondered if she was listening to see if he said "Momentai," again. But, so far, he hadn't. He didn't want to risk another punch to his other cheek.

Guilmon's suggestion about what to do was one that he did not particularly think would work, at least not for long. He was bound to slip up at some point and probably relatively soon.

But he really couldn't afford to be enemies with Renamon. But then, so far as he knew, she was actually a very forgiving Digimon. After Beelzemon had destroyed Leomon and in turn been defeated by Gallantmon, it had been Renamon that had gone after him and forgiven him, bringing him back with them to the human world.

This was a nice thought. Perhaps he wouldn't actually need this new solution for long. He hoped that Renamon would forgive him as easily.

He turned around to look at Renamon.

He was surprised to find that she was staring at the back of his head, which was now his face. She normally stared across the landscape in search of a portal or any other way home.

Their eyes locked.

They both quickly looked away.

Terriermon felt a flush creep to his cheeks and his bruise went even more purple. He felt like he'd been caught in the act.

Renamon wondered what sort of plan Guilmon had come up with.

The four airborne Digimon descended at around midday. "Nothing whatsoever," said Beelzemon. "Like normal."

"You really think we'll ever see them again?" asked Calumon, retracting his ears.

"Of course, Takato promised," said Guilmon.

"What if he breaks his promise?" Calumon wailed.

"Ssshhh," soothed Lopmon, taking over as a foster-mother again. "Don't worry. We'll be fine."

"Mo- er," Terriermon glanced at Renamon, then Guilmon, who nodded.

"Hakuna Matata, Calumon," said Terriermon.

Everyone turned to look at him. "What?" he asked defiantly.

"What did that mean?" asked Monodramon.

"It meant "No worries." Wasn't it obvious?" asked Terriermon.

"I thought your word was…" Guardromon trailed off, looking at Renamon through the corner of one eye.

"Nah. Time for a change."

"What language was it?" asked Beelzemon.

"African," said Terriermon. "I think. I got it from a Disney Film I watched once."

Renamon was just staring. So that was Guilmon's idea. And it explained why Lopmon laughed. She must have heard of it from Suzie.

But still…

Terriermon was making an effort not to annoy her again. Granted, it was not his idea, but he was trying. Momentai was his word. Nobody had ever been able to stop him from using it, not even Rika with her threats of beating him over the head with a cricket bat.

She bit her lip, guiltily.

"Now, that that's over and done with," said Terriermon. "What now? Same routine as usual? Sit and be bored and then walk and be bored?"

"Looks like it," said Beelzemon as he de-digivolved back into Impmon.

They sat around. Renamon caught Terriermon glancing at her just to check if she was mad about the new word and found it as irritating as the last. Now she thought of it, she could never remember Terriermon crying before. He was usually very upbeat. She really had been harsh.

But they would never see eye to eye, she told herself. They'd never be best friends. Terriermon could be very annoying when he wanted to be and even when he didn't.

But he was trying.

She was certainly beginning to regret hitting him with her harsh and angry words.

But he had responded with equally harsh and angry words.

And he hadn't apologised.

Her eyes narrowed slightly. He'd called her a supercilious bitch and hadn't said sorry. How dare he? He was so worried about her annoyance at him, but not vice versa.

The thought incensed her and she prepared to rise and shout at him again.

But she then remembered how that would divide the group. She looked at the others. Terriermon was friendlier and more fun, so Guilmon and Calumon would take his side. She had insulted Kazu and Kenta, so Guardromon and MarineAngemon would take his side. Monodramon, she wasn't sure about him, but if they got back to the human world, he would take his side because Rika did not like his Tamer.

Impmon might take her side. She had helped him, forgiven him for the terrible things he had done. Maybe he'd do the same.

Lopmon would try and keep a foot in both camps.

So she resolved to demand an apology instead of insult him again.

But then she heard him yelp loudly. She sprang up ready to face a threat, as did many others, but there was nothing to fight. But Terriermon was looking at the sky. He was so excited, he forgot his new resolution and said, "Momentai, guys" – (Renamon fought hard not to change her expression), "but either that's a Digi-Gnome or I'm a frog." He pointed up at the sky.

Everyone immediately turned to look. There, flying high above them like the pixie creature that it was, was a creature, glowing white, rounded head, winged and chirping as it went.

Terriermon had been one-hundred percent correct.

A Digi-Gnome was flying above them.


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Next time…

Will they catch the Digi-Gnome and return home? Will Terriermon and Renamon form a truce or have another argument?

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