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"Draco Malfoy is missing."

The words echoed in my mind. I couldn't breathe. My hands were trembling violently and my limbs felt heavy.

There wasn't any doubt in my mind where he was. It was such a coincidence that both Harry and Draco disappear on the same day, within hours of each other.

I don't believe in coincidences.

Voldemort had taken him. I was sure of it. I didn't know why. He had Harry. The only reason he had ever wanted me was to get to Harry, seeing as I was his first friend at Hogwarts. Right?

So why had he taken my boyfriend? What possible motivation could he have for taking Draco?

McGonagall came into the room. Dumbledore explained the situation. "And Minerva," he added, once he had finished, "Once you have escorted them back, ensure every student is back in their dormitories and come back to my office. We have to discuss this."

We followed McGonagall as she walked out of Dumbledore's office, wand at the ready, to curse into oblivion all that cross her path.

We reached Gryffindor Tower. The common room was full of students who were talking, probably spouting the gossip of Harry's disappearance. McGonagall made an announcement, telling them that they were not to leave the tower unless instructed by Dumbledore or herself.

"Professor," a first-year called out from the crowd, "Is it true that Harry Potter has been taken by You-Know-Who?"

"That is yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, you are to remain in Gryffindor Tower. Classes tomorrow will most likely be cancelled," McGonagall said. Then she turned on her heel and walked briskly out of the Tower.

The common room erupted in talk.

"Bella, Hermione—"

"Bella, what's going on?"

"Hermione, is it true?"

"Hermione, I heard that—"

"Bella, is it true that Malfoy is missing?"

The last sentence was louder than the rest and immediately the room fell to silence.

"Well? Is it true?"

"Yes," I whispered, but because it was so silent, everyone could hear it. Then I said louder, "Yes, Draco Malfoy is missing. Are you happy?"

With that, I turned on my heel and walked up the stairs to my dorm. I could feel tears welling in my eyes and I was not going to cry in public yet again.

First Harry, now Draco? Both taken away from me by Voldemort. I let the tears fall as I crept into bed. I turned into the pillow and let out a scream, the pillow muffling the sound.

I heard someone walk up the stairs. They pushed the door open and stepped into the dorm.

"Bella?" Hermione called quietly as she entered. I felt the bed sink as she sat down next to me. "It's fine. It'll be fine. They'll be fine. We'll find them. Dumbledore's already got people looking for them. And Lucius Malfoy, he has ties with the Ministry. They'll find Draco and when they find Draco, they'll find Harry. And they'll do it quickly. Just you wait. They'll be back tomorrow with smiles on their faces. It'll be fine." She stroked my hair in a comforting manner as she murmured the words.

I sat up abruptly. "Hermione, you don't understand. It's Voldemort. Even this long in his possession is dangerous. They could be in pain or dying or already dead. He doesn't know restraint or sympathy or compassion. He'll kill them with a second thought." Images flashed in my mind, making the tears fall faster. Draco, bruised and bloodied. Harry, writhing in agony under a Cruciatus curse before the jet of green light bursts from Voldemort's wand, snuffing out his life like a flickering candle.

Hermione stopped offering words of comfort and just wrapped her arms around me and let me cry on her shoulder. I couldn't get the images out of my mind and I was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. My world was crashing down on me and there was nothing I could do but sit there. And cry.

Finally, I was granted mercy and allowed to sleep, a peaceful escape from the horrifying images encompassing me in my waking moments.

Except that it wasn't.


I was in a dark room, standing in the corner furthest from the large steel door. Two figures huddled in a corner, an old, holey blanket covering their bodies. The door opened, groaning in protest, revealing a bald, pale man. His eyes were slitted and blood red in colour, and there are two vertical slits where his nose should be. He was dressed in a long black robe and his right hand gripped a wand. He wore the smirk of someone who knew he could never be defeated.

The two figures shot up, their backs facing me. One of them whimpered quietly and the other sobbed loudly. The robed man at the door let out a cruel laugh. A jet of red light streamed from his wand and hit the figure on the left, who proceeded to writhe on the floor in agony. The Cruciatus curse. The figure let out terrible screams which echoed in the room, making me want to clamp my hands over my ears, but I couldn't move. I was frozen to the spot, forced to look at the scene unfolding.

The writhing stopped but even from afar I could tell that the figure was weak. He struggled to sit up, but with the help of his friend, he managed. "You won't win this war, Voldemort. I may be here, but Dumbledore is still alive and with him lies the true heart of—" the figure said weakly, interrupted by a fit of coughing. The voice was familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

"That can be fixed quickly," the robed man, Voldemort, said and, as if to emphasise his point, he said, "Advada Kedavra." The jet of green light hit the other figure, the one supporting the figure who had spoken before, square in the chest. The figure fell back, showing his face.

And in that instant everything clicked. The voice was Harry's. I tentatively took a step forward, towards the dead figure, although, I didn't need to look at the face to know whose it was. I looked down into the pale face, confirming my fears and squashing any pre-existing hope that I may have had. One glance at the blonde hair and pale grey eyes, which stared up at the ceiling, but not really seeing, and I knew.

It was Draco.

I bolted up out of bed and let out a scream. I was drenched in sweat and tears were streaming down my cheeks relentlessly.

"Bella?" Hermione said groggily. I heard her roll over to look at me. "Are you okay?"

I wiped the tears from my eyes before I replied. "I-I'm fine. Just a bad dream." I repeated that to myself in my head. Just a bad dream. Just a bad dream. Just a bad dream. But no matter how many times I said it, I couldn't bring myself to believe it. The scene played again in my mind and I couldn't stop the images that flooded my mind. I took deep breaths and tried to think of something else. Something happy. Something that wasn't Draco or Harry or Voldemort. Rainbows, unicorns, flowers, sunshine, fluffy clouds, riding a broom, playing Quidditch, playing Quidditch with Harry, Harry, Draco, Voldemort. STOP! I pinched myself hard, cutting off my trail of thought. I took a deep breath and tried again.

But it was no use. I laid awake for the rest of the night, unable to get to sleep, afraid of the nightmares and afraid of reality. I stared at my ceiling, trying to keep my thoughts away from Harry and Draco. I stayed like that for several hours, both desperately waiting for and dreading the coming day.

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