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The man stood by the tall oak tree, a sharp gust of wind ruffling his brown hair and making him shiver. He cast a warming charm over his body just as he bent down and placed some flowers on the cold, solid December ground.


The man turned around to face his seven year old son who had braved the weather only wearing a thin jumper.

"You're going to freeze, come here." His father huddled his son under the thick winter robe he had slung on before coming outside. He then cast the warming charm over his son so his wife wouldn't give him a beating when their child caught a cold.

"Have you put the flowers down?" The young boy asked quietly. "I think you should put a charm on them just in case they die in the weather."

"Smart idea, son." The man was impressed and quickly waved his wand. A silver mist floated down over the flowers, encasing them in protection from the elements. "Your grandmother would be proud."

"I miss them, dad." The boy choked.

"I do too." He murmured, stroking his son's blond hair gently. The boy's small arms wrapped around his waist and the father held him closer as his son struggled not to cry.

"What's mummy doing?" The man asked, figuring it was time to change the subject slightly.

"She's painting the new bedroom." He looked up at his father with stormy grey eyes. "Is it a girl or boy?"

"We don't know yet." The man smiled kindly at his son. "Are you excited?"

"I think so." The boy said thoughtfully. "I'm going back in now." He took one last glimpse at the oak tree, before scampering back into the large house.

The man chuckled slightly and looked up into the branches. The wood had peeled and faded, but there was still a large amount of character and stories within that little tree house. He pressed his fingers against the cold bark of the tree and looked down at the engraved plate at the bottom.

The man sighed heavily and squeezed the bridge of his nose. It had only been a year ago they were standing here in the cold, watching his mother join his father in eternity. He hoped they were happy.

Straightening his robe, he stood up straight and glanced once more at the epitaph. He then turned and walked back to the Manor, the words forever imprinted in his mind.

Here lies Draco Malfoy, June 5th 1980 – 2078, and Hermione Jean Malfoy, September 19th 1979 – 2080, loving parents and grandparents forever remaining in our hearts.

What we keep in memory, is ours unchanged forever.

Oh my word, is that the end? Wow, I can't believe it! I wanted to do something a little different in the epilogue and I hope you all found it okay! Once again, thank you so much GiantInflatableWalrus – you were brilliant (: And thank you reviewers! I think I probably would have given up by now if it weren't for all your kind words and encouragement. Jeez, I sound like I'm giving a speech like I've got an Oscar or something. I'll stop rambling now. Thank you.