Miami Vice, Episode "School runnings"

Day 1, Monday

Tommy Quinton, good looking, 31, drives his luxurious Porsche to the Miami Sandstone High School to meet up with some of his girls. He's one of those tough guys with a very questionable income and naturally, no stranger to Vice.
Ruthless and bluntly as usual, he parks his car on the sidewalk and steps out of the vehicle. Who cares if he'd get another parking ticket, he can well afford it. The last fool who gave him a ticket was hospitalized with a broken arm, so practically every parking attendant tends to turn his head to this parking habit of Tommy's.
He likes to show of his muscled, tanned arms wearing them sleeveless shirts on his worn worker jeans. As he walks towards his favorite girl, he runs his hand through his thick black hair and puts on his sunglasses covering his bright blue eyes, finishing up his teenaged-girl-magnate-look.

There she is, having a laugh with some friends from her class. Danni Davis goes by her laid mother's last name for safety reasons, as this 16 years old spicy girl's dad happens to be 38 years old Detective Sonny Crockett alias Burnett on his undercover cop job to bust the lowlife of Miami.
Yes, obviously he was very young when they had her, but her mother Malena Davis was almost a decade older than him. They had been divorced after only 3 years of marriage. Danni had lived with her mother until she was killed in a plane crash, 5 years ago. Sonny took her in and had raised her on his own ever since.
Her blond curly hair, stopping just above her perfect waist, gives her that special playful look, making many boys at school go crazy. Most of them don't even dare talking to her, she is known for her direct answers, when it comes to asking her out. As she spots him, she runs up to him to kiss him hello.
"Hey baby.." Tommy says "Must have been real hard on you to have missed me all weekend?"
Danni smiles and lies "It takes more than a few nice moments to have me miss you."

"Ooh, we have a tough one here. That's just what I like about you." Tommy says as he kisses her. "What have you been up to, had a good time this weekend?"

"Not much happening around here," Danni answers "Some band played in the Harrington, but it was pretty crappy, so I went back home. And what kept you busy?"

"Hung out on the beach for a while, met some friends at my place, they actually stayed all weekend. Oh and we drove up to Domino Park yesterday. Maybe we can do that together sometime, would be nice." He takes her in her arms for a short while and kisses her every now and then. He is always very cuddly because he knows girls like to feel protected and caressed.
"Listen, I don't have much time, I have to meet some people." He puts something in her hands and whispers in her ear "Here honey. Something to make you feel just as nice as when you're with me".
She looks a bit disappointed when she sees the small bag of cocaine at first, but she manages to look up to Tommy with a smile, always maintaining her act to be unpredictable.
"Tommy, how thoughtful" she replies sharply. She knows he gives this to other girls as well and this was about to happen for some time now. For a while she really started to get the feeling he liked her in a different way than those other girls. The fact that he gave her the coke as well, makes her feel very unpleasant and gives her an instant sense of reality. Danni manages to hide this, he doesn't seem notice it at all. Tommy gives her one last kiss, says goodbye and leaves to check on one of his other honeys in this high school.




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Grtz Danni.