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Just Because

by maybeknot

001: scrunched noses

Little Charlie held his mummy's hand as she hurried along in a rather crowded Diagon Alley. He was happy. After all, Mummy just took him and Bill. The babies had to stay home. It was better that way, he decided. Percy asked too many questions, and all the twins could do was cry. His little brothers were annoying. Charlie wondered briefly if Bill though he was annoying. No way, he assured himself. Bill and me are best friends.

Charlie forgot everything that had been going through his head as they passed the quidditch shop.

"Mummy, can we go look?" said Charlie tugging the sleeve of his mother's robe. Bill looked up at her hopefully too. He wanted to see the new Comet.

"Well…" said Mrs. Weasley, thinking of everything else they had to get done.

"Please?" said Bill.

Mrs. Weasley sighed. "Okay boys, five minutes."

Bill and Charlie ran inside the shop, sprinting in different directions.

Charlie went towards the Golden Snitch model, totally in awe.

"It's so cool," said a little girl standing next to him.

"Yeah," Charlie said, leaning so close to the display that his breath fogged up the glass.

"I like that colour," said the girl. She scrunched up her nose, and instantly, her hair became gold.

Charlie stared. "How did you do that?"

"I can change my hair to any colour I want," the girl said proudly.

"How did you-"

"CHARLIE! BILL!" Charlie looked over to Mrs. Weasley, who looked ready to leave.

"I gotta go," said Charlie, trying to remember exactly how the girl changed her hair.

He spent the rest of the day thinking of green and scrunching up his nose.

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