Disclaimer: I dont own any recognisable characters. All HP belongs to JK Rowling.

Warning: Slash, Swearing, Adult Situations, Possible Violence, Angst etc
A/N: This is a repsonse to Kamerreon's Yahoo Group drabble challenge. A drabble a day. I decided to keep these drabbles in the same 'universe' with one pairing. Harry and a mystery character, which you all get to have fun guessing. Hints on who it is will be dropped throughout the series. The first person to guess right gets a oneshot. Also italics is can be replaced with mystery mans name when you work it out.


There had been rumours that Harry Potter was on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. A first year on the team! He's either a prodigy or he bought his way on the team. Nothing's too unattainable for Dumbledore's Golden Boy. Nobody even knew if he could really fly or not. The Slytherin's will wipe him off the field. He's a twig!

He couldn't believe how small Potter looked beside Wood, and absolutely terrified. As they took off it was obvious to everyone that Potter...no Harry...was born to be in the air. When he caught the snitch, even with all that broom trouble, that was it there was no going back for him. It was the birth of an obsession. He was mine, whether he knew it or not.