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Their relationship was an interesting one, full of ups and downs, complete bliss and heart wrenching agony. A relationship built and sustained through secrecy. One most would have thought doomed to failure.

But they were free.


Free from obligations and expectations. Free from family and friends. Free from threat.

They could finally relax together. No more constantly looking over their shoulders fearful that Dumbledore or the Dark Lord would find out and use them against each other. They were free to love each other.

No more secrets.

Watching Harry sleep, the rise and fall of his chest confirming his continued existence, brought him unparalleled joy and relief. He could admit, if only to himself, that sometimes he thought they wouldn't make it this far.

But they had made it.

And they were together. Forever if he had anything to say about it.

Out of everything they went through however, it was moments like these relaxed in bed together, with Harry's eyes drifting open and a sleepy smile graving his face, that Adrian Pucey lived for.