Author Notes: All the other entries so far for this week's naruto_contest prompt were Kakashi/Sakura, so I figured why not join in the fun? I've missed my OTP. Also, incredibly fluffy. BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I NEEDED OKAY?

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Word Count:
Sakura explains why this won't work. Kakashi suggests a way to make it.


"Kakashi, this isn't going to work."

"Well, not like this--" he mumbled awkwardly.

"I mean it, you know," Sakura continued, ignoring him, "You never listen to me. You're always disappearing, sometimes even in the middle of a conversation. Which I must tell you, seeing as how you have the social etiquette of a sloth, is incredibly rude."

"Sakura," Kakashi sighed, attempting to be heard but to no avail as she continued over him.

"Dropping by when I'm working is, while sweet -- and, okay, occasionally entertaining," she conceded, "really inappropriate. Especially since I keep getting scolded by Shizune for losing paperwork and holding up meetings just because you can't keep your hands off me."

"Sakura," Kakashi tried again.

"Oh, and when I invite you over for dinner, I mean for dinner. And when I say my parents are going to be there, I don't mean try and get into my pants while I'm cooking. My mother still hasn't gotten over the sight of your hands up my shirt, by the way. If I have to hear her asking about how well I scrub all the surfaces in the kitchen one more time--"

"Sakura!" Kakashi interrupted, finally catching her attention.

"If you want me to listen to you, you really need to let go of my ass. Because right now all I can think of is that bedroom five feet behind you and what I'd like to do with you in it."

She released his toned left cheek as if just realizing her hand had been there, smiling up at him. He sighed and shook his head.

"... So," she prodded eventually, "is this going to work?"

"If you can keep your hand off my butt and let me think straight for once, I think we have a shot."