Heaven Sent

"Hey, Neji!" Said Hyuuga made no effort to comply to the beckoning call. He only continued to stomp angrily down the path, earning rude whispers from the estranged by-stander he'd just brushed off. Not like he cared, though. Apparently, he was bent on reaching the residence of the only 'flower' of his team, as his annoying, moronic teammates had put it.

Now, Neji was never one to skip training, even if it meant with his spandex-clad teammates. But only under one circumstance: Tenten would be there. Otherwise, he'd be found training with his uncle at the Hyuuga compound.

Today, that circumstance was left besmirched. And Neji was definitely not happy.

Nearing her home, he breathed heavily, the scowl on his face deepening and the steps of his feet hastening. He was just a few blocks away..

- When suddenly, a voice called from above.

"Neji!" Looking up, the Hyuuga's eyes widened. Thinking as quickly as a Hyugga ever could, he stretched his arms in front and buckled his knees, preparing for the oncoming impact.


Neji faltered a bit as Tenten landed square in his arms, an amused smile on her lips.

"Fancy meeting you here, Neji." She said casually, both her arms locked securely around his neck.

"Tenten." He muttered through grit teeth. He was fighting so unbelievably hard to suppress a cry. Not only had she not attended training, but for some insane reason, she'd just jumped out of their window.. From the second freakin' story! Now who in their right mind would do that?!

"Yes Neji?"

"Why-" in fucking hell "-did you just jump off a 150-foot building?" He asked unsettlingly deadpan. Contrary to what his genius Hyuuga logic had expected, she smiled so softly and adorably that he'd lost his train of thought for that mere, blissful second. Had she always had that glint on her eyes? And did she always smile like this? Neji racked his brain for a sensible answer. Unfortunately, he wasn't give much time to.

Slowly, she advanced, closing the gap between them. This was not what Neji had expected when he decided to storm into her house. He thought there would be more.. Anger. Not.. This.

Is she..? It took a while for him to register that, yes, she was indeed about to kiss him. Panic surged through him. Not Hiashi-sama or Gai-sensei had prepared him for such a situation. What's a hormonal 16-year old to do?

She was nearing..

"Uhh.. Tenten?" What the hell was he supposed to do?! Was he supposed to kiss back?!

Only inches were left..

Neji tilted his head back, unprepared for the contact.

Just a hair's breadth away..

And just when their noses were touching, just when it took the softest push to bring their lips together, she stopped. But her expression remained, a loving smile on her lips and a hazy look in her eyes.

"You caught me, didn't you?" She whispered sultrily, and instantly, he caught the double meaning in her words. Finding passion, he quickly tilted forward and captured her lips with his own.

She tasted absolutely heavenly.

A/N: Just a short drabble. I'll probably end up revising this soon though, seeing as it's 10:35 on a school night. xD I should not be doing this, so don't tell my mom! Anyway, constructive criticism always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read! c: