This is my contribution for my own challenge of the earthquake occurring at another point in the series. For my purposes, the kids didn't go to Palm Springs, they went to Malibu. This is another of my crazy crossovers. This time OC and Diagnosis Murder. Don't worry, if you don't know the DM characters. You can still understand the story, but if you want to visualize who you're reading about, you can go here: .com/title/tt0105986/ . Also, there are a few episodes on you tube. It's fun, it's campy, and I liked the idea of Ryan meeting the Sloans…so there! ;)

Ryan knew that he had been more miserable in his life. The time that Dawn and her latest abusive boyfriend had left him home with Trey and took a week's vacation without leaving any food in the fridge came to mind; as did the night he spent in Juvie. However in that moment, Ryan was pretty sure that this day was comparable. Granted he was riding in a $70,000 luxury SUV, his belly was full from breakfast, and he didn't have any of those irritating holes in his new socks; but he was miserable none-the-less. At this very moment that misery had a name: Oliver Trask.

Ryan's girlfriend, Marissa, had befriended the other teen at her psychiatrist's office. Which if that wasn't the reason to raise a red flag, Ryan didn't know what was. He wondered sometimes about Marissa's intelligence. But since she had also started dating a juvenile delinquent from Chino, Ryan didn't feel he had much to protest about.

No, Ryan's major problem with Trask was that the little punk was trying to steal Marissa. Take this weekend for example. Trask was showing off by inviting everyone to his family's beach house in Malibu. Ryan couldn't think of anything he'd like to do less. In fact, he had initially declined the invite, but Marissa had eventually talked him into coming – an action that he was beginning to regret more and more. He had sat in the back of the SUV with Luke Ward and listened to Oliver regale Marissa with elaborate stories of his travels in Europe. The worst part was that Marissa was eating this stuff up.

Ryan sighed and refocused his attention on the glass refrigerator that contained an enormous assortment of sodas and juices that Marissa was currently attempting to decide upon. He was reaching in to grab an orange soda when suddenly everything started shaking violently.

"Earthquake!" Ryan shouted as he instinctively slammed the door shut and threw himself over Marissa to keep her safe from the falling display of old-fashioned glass Coke bottles.

Ryan ignored the sudden pain that exploded in his back and instead continually whispered reassurances to a screaming Marissa.

As suddenly as the shaking started, it stopped. When Ryan raised his head, he saw that the store was in shambles. Shelves were emptied of their products, and several were tipped into each other like dominos. There was debris from the drop ceiling all over the floor, and fine dust was floating in the rays of sun that provided the only light to the store.

"Is everyone okay?" A man's voice asked from the other side of the store.

There was a moment of hesitation before Ryan heard Seth's voice answer. "I think so. Ryan? You guys okay?"

Ryan looked down into Marissa's frightened eyes. "Are you hurt?" He whispered.

"Just bruised I think. Thanks." Marissa replied.

Summer and Seth appeared from around the side of one of the shelves. "Marissa?" Summer was holding a bleeding cut on her arm.

"Oh! Summer, are you okay?" Marissa demanded, pulling away from Ryan and hurrying over to her injured friend.

Seth, meanwhile, helped Ryan to stand. Ryan swayed dangerously for a moment before gaining his balance. "Dude, are you okay?" He asked while looking in amazement at the amount of broken glass in the floor.

Ryan was about to inform Seth of his injury when he heard Luke call out from the front of the store. "I could use some help here!"

"Be right there man!" Seth declared, hurrying away.

Ryan sighed and then winced at the stabbing pain the action brought to his back. He slowly made his way down the aisle rather than try to make it passed Marissa and Summer, who were still blocking the way. He was about to round the towering display of stacked drinks at the end when he spotted Oliver sitting in the floor next to the platform they were on. He only had a moment to see the cruel smile before he realized that Trask had tilted the display, and now all the boxes of full aluminum cans were toppling over right towards a pregnant woman!

Ryan wasted no time before rushing towards the woman and pushing her out of the way. The last thing he remembered was seeing the shocked face of a blond man as he caught the woman and then exploding pain in his head and back.

The emergency room at Community General was flooded with casualties, and more were coming in every minute. Every available doctor was helping out so it was Dr. Mark Sloan, head of internal medicine, who grabbed the side of the gurney containing a blond teen. An oxygen mask covered the boy's face, but it was obvious that he was unconscious.

"What do you have?" Mark demanded.

"Male, 16, hit by a falling display in a convenience store. He's been unconscious for approximately thirty minutes. BP 92/60, pulse 121. His belly is distended, and he has decreased breathing on his right side. A dislocated right shoulder, shard of glass shoved in his back at the location of his left kidney and of course a head injury are also evident." A familiar voice answered from behind him.

Mark turned to see his colleague, Dr. Jesse Travis standing behind him. Normally a well dressed and clean young man, the head of the ER at Community General was covered from head to toe in dust and he had scratches on his hands and arms.

"Jesse! Are you alright?" Mark asked as he and the other doctor hurried into the exam room behind the gurney.

"I'm fine. It's all just superficial. Mark, this kid saved Amanda. There was a huge display that was going to fall on her when he pushed Amanda out of the way." Jesse explained.

"Where's Amanda?" Mark asked, beginning his own examination of the teen.

"She's getting checked out to make sure that the baby is safe. She'll be here as soon as she's done. Amanda wanted me to stay with the kid." Jesse informed his mentor.

Mark grimaced as he turned the teen over and caught his first view of the glass wound. It was an ugly injury. The glass had made a jagged cut along his back before thrusting deeply into the boy's kidney area. "Call upstairs and have them prepare an OR. I wish this boy would wake up, but I'm worried about the damage to his kidney. Do you know his name? Has anyone contacted his parents?"

"He's a foster kid named Ryan Atwood. His foster brother was calling the guardians. They live in Newport so it'll be a while." Jesse explained as he ordered blood work.

"We'll get the approval from them when they get here, but Ryan doesn't have time to wait if he wants to keep his left kidney." Dr. Sloan declared.

Jesse nodded soberly. "I'll assist."

"Then let's go scrub in Doctor." Mark declared with determination animating his twinkling blue eyes.