Yes, I did put this little Jackie drabble under the horror section. I think by the time Elton was found out, Jackie would have been a bit paranoid people were out to get her and her family, and with what she knows of alien life, most of it looks human. It also explains her reaction to the Doctor in Army of Ghosts, he's safe and has Rose with him too. A 100 word drabble with the title taken out. Hope you enjoy.

Just Around the Corner

She had no idea what to expect anymore.

The Doctor had a lot of enemies, and so did Rose now. She didn't like it, loathed it actually. What she truly hated though, was how her life was now filled with danger too.

Every time she went out for a shop, she kept looking for more people like Elton. Kept looking for zippers on foreheads. Kept looking for signs of aliens. Kept looking up.

The problem was that the Doctor looked so human. And so did other things.

She was always exhausted by the day's end.

She just wanted a break.