Alice Human Sacrifice – Part One

How long has Axel been wandering in the dark? He can't tell. Roxas had gone missing before that, so he'd followed… But the next thing he'd known, everything had become black and he'd been wandering so long his feet had begun to hurt. And that had been awhile ago. This is now.

"Man, am I even moving…?" he finally asks—aloud, just to have the sounds to comfort him. He feels as if he's walking in place now, with nothing around him to go by. Really, this is getting annoying.

And then, almost as if on cue, the area in front of him lights up. Rows of red, velvet seats lined up in five rows—the kinds you find in theaters. And, lo and behold, what are they set up in front of? Why, an old, wooden stage with red, velvet curtains—trimmed with gold.

Confused, but not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, Axel takes a seat near the stage. He's sprawled out in the seat, just relaxing his poor, aching feet when, suddenly, the nonexistent lights dim. A single spotlight focuses on the center of the stage.

"Ah, what have we here? A little lost Alice? There have been so many as of late."

The voice comes from nowhere, Axel giving a visible shudder. He looks around, trying to find its source. His eyes return to the stage, where now stands a man. The red-head can only wonder where this character came from—all the while feeling much more creeped out.

Hair of a messy pink to just past his shoulders, slim, blue eyes set into his face like sapphires. The trousers and tailcoat are a deep, deep red, trimmed with a slightly brighter crimson. White shirt, black bowtie, brilliant red cummerbund…

A beautiful man, all in all. Not that Axel likes men, no, no, no. It's just so hard to not notice how pretty he is.

"Welcome, little Alice. Would you like to hear a story?" the pretty man asks, tilting his head slightly with a smile. It's warm and inviting and Axel just plain doesn't trust it. It seems far, far too insincere for him. And he should know insincere, being who he is.

"You see, a long time ago, there was a little dream. No one knows who'd dreamt it. It was really such a small dream, you know." The man speaks in a bored tone, walking when he does so. Back and forth across the stage, twirling his cane slowly in a large circle.

"Being so small, the dream began to think…"

A sudden pause, the pretty man pivoting on his heels with a slight smirk. Three taps on the stage, and the curtains part. There, behind them, is an old movie screen. An invisible projector begins, displaying the image of a small boy, sitting alone.

"'I don't want to disappear!' the dream cried, 'How do I make people dream me?' Then, the little dream thought…"

The pretty man tilts his head to the side slightly again, standing straight and tall with his cane before him with hands resting gently on top of the item.

"And at last had an idea."

Axel hadn't been paying full attention to this, but now… Now, his eyes are stuck to the projection. For there, on the screen, things are changing, happening. The little boy's eyes are glowing bright, bright red, despite the faded sepia of the rest of the screen.

"I'll make people come to me… And they will make my world."

The red-head feels weightless, as if those glowing, red eyes are drawing him in, ridding him of a body and sweeping him away. But then, those red eyes are now blue, and they aren't glowing. In fact, now, they're sapphires set into an older man's face—a pretty man's.

"Come, Alice of Midnight Black. Let me tell you the story of the Alices that preceded you—the Alice human sacrifices." The pretty man speaks again, hypnotizing the aqua-eyed male completely. The world is going dark, except for those eyes, which, too, begin to fade into the blackness of the area, save for five figures…