FG2 – The Trio Hit Hogwarts

A/N this is a sequel to 'Fate's Gambit,' if you haven't read that then I'm afraid you won't have a Scooby what's going on here. My original premises didn't take FG as far as Hogwarts so I have had to rethink some aspects. Here's the way the story will continue:

Story is Harry/Hermione/Luna, friendships will be struck with others but trio will remain just that – a trio.

Only one Horcrux (not Harry's scar)

Chapter 1

The summer was throwing up one of those hot, balmy days whose sole purpose appeared to be to remind everyone what they'd be missing as autumn was just around the corner. This was a big day for the trio as they were all Hogwarts bound tomorrow, at the moment they were mounted on brooms, bound at low height and high velocity towards the small, private cemetery on the Potter grounds where Xeno and Dan had been laid to rest.

At least once a week they would fly or ride up to the small walled area, shaded by an ancient oak, where they would refresh the flowers while keeping both fathers up to date with the current news. Harry sat against the tree and watched his girls as they chatted away to the men they loved while removing the dying flora and generally tiding-up around the head stones, the three broomsticks sitting beside him turned his thoughts towards Sirius and drew a smile to his face.

Padfoot would probably be parading around the manor with Danni on his back, her infectious laughter filling the whole house with merriment. Everyone admitted that he'd made a tremendous impact on their lives at a time when they were at their lowest ebb.

With Emma recovering from her injuries and Maia trying to put their lives back in some sort of order it was left to Cas to make all the arrangements. They weren't sure how she managed it but both bodies were released by the separate authorities and they had a private funeral, which Harry still rated as easily the worse day of his life. The irreplaceable elf once more demonstrated her caring understanding of the situation by packing them all off to the Florida beach house for a much needed change of scenery.

It was a week into this holiday when Cas approached him with a view to bringing his godfather there for a visit, Harry wasn't sure what to do but both his girls pushed him into it; he'd been putting it off too long.

Sirius was more of a nervous wreck than Harry was, one sight of the boy who was the spitting image of his father almost had the marauder in tears, "Hello Harry, I'm your godfather."

Harry looked at him strangely before making a request, "Could you turn into Paddy? I need to be sure."

Sirius morphed into Padfoot and suddenly had a nine-year-old boy, with both arms wrapped around his neck, crying into his fur. To an outsider it was just a boy with his dog, to both participants it was much, much more, "It's all true, I didn't dream it. I remember you." Harry sobbed.

The long remembered scent of his godson proved too much for the animagus as he changed back, with both arms around the sobbing boy, to find himself confronted by two young girls with wands in their hands and retaliation in their hearts.

A white phoenix flamed onto the brown haired girl's shoulders and its song was like throwing a switch as both young ladies suddenly joined the hug. "Sorry sir, we thought you had hurt Harry," the brown haired girl said as the shocks just kept piling up for Sirius.

"It would take more than Sirius Black to hurt Harry in a room with Cas and Hedwig though when did you two get so fast!"

"Maia Lovegood?" squawked Sirius, "Everyone thinks you're dead!" Understanding flashed across his face as he looked down to the little blond girl, "Can I assume that you are Luna?"

Her nod brought a tight hug along with realization that they were far safer with people believing they'd died.

Harry finished the introductions, "This is Hermione and that's her mother, Emma, I thought you were all going to stay sunbathing on the deck?"

"We were," answered Emma, "Until these two took off like a rocket and where did you get those wands?"

Luna and Hermione just glanced at one another, "Em, we just needed them and they appeared in our hands, they were in our bedroom."

"Mr Black, the plan was to let you have some time alone with Harry but, since these two scamps put paid to that, would you care to join us for some iced tea?" Emma's joking tone took any sting from the remark, that and the way both girls rolled their eyes at her.

"It's good to see you again Sirius."

He swung around at the well remembered voice and choked, he didn't want to break down here but this was the couple who took him in and he'd let their family down in the worse possible way. "Jonathon and Martha, you have no idea how sorry I am. We thought we were being so clever choosing the rat to keep their secret and I got James and Lily murdered. Then I was utterly blinded by my need for revenge, I went after him instead of fulfilling my obligations and taking Harry from Hagrid. I won't ask for your forgiveness because I will never forgive myself."

"Sirius my boy, it gives me no pleasure to say this, but you were all babes in the woods caught between two master manipulators, you didn't have a chance. We made a mistake a few weeks ago that a good man paid for, the people we're up against are ruthless. These three are going to be very powerful but will need Harry's godfather to help guide them through the lies and deceit they'll undoubtedly be faced with. This isn't going away and Potters don't do hiding well, we'll face this on our own terms and fight as dirty as we have to."

This was a different Jonathon Potter for most of the occupants of the room but Sirius recognised the man who'd easily faced down his parents. They'd tried to make trouble at Sirius living there, after leaving home before turning seventeen. Jonathon had stood shoulder to shoulder with Sirius and told them to crawl back to their dark lord, Sirius Black would not be joining the death eater ranks.

Sirius turned to his godson, "Harry I would do anything to help you and your two bond mates, I just want to play a part in your lives."

Three curious voices asked in unison, "Bond mates?"

This was met with total silence until Martha burst out laughing, "Sirius Black you haven't changed a bit, not here for ten minutes and already causing mayhem."

"We hadn't intended to tell them in case it spoiled anything," explained Maia.

The trio considered each other awkwardly until Luna broke the ice, "Well I don't feel any differently about you both now or myself."

Hermione thought about it for a second, "I don't even know what 'bond mate' means and as long as we're together I don't care."

Harry took both there hands and said, "Forever!"

The resulting glow drew a "Merlin's beard!" from Sirius and a comment from Cas, "That's nothing, you should have seen it the night their bond finalised."

"Eh, I have no idea what to do or say at the moment so I think I will just keep quiet so as not to put my paw in it again." The group led Sirius out to the deck while he fought his natural urges to check out these two gorgeous women in shorts and tee shirts, if the girls grew to be half as beautiful as their mothers then Harry was one lucky pup.

After his experience with Nymphadora, Sirius waited till he could have a quiet word with Maia and Emma before mentioning brooms to the kids, the blond witch forever won a place in his heart with her answer, "As long as you're prepared to teach them how to fly then I have no objections." Emma deferred the decision to Maia as this was her area of expertise, the two mothers had formed a great relationship as they tried to pilot their children's future between muggle and magical.

Sirius stayed for the weekend and taught them to fly on their warded beach, some deep wounds began healing that first weekend.

Harry's day dreaming was interrupted by Hermione and Luna both cuddling into him as they lay in the shade of their favourite tree, tomorrow was going to be a very big day no matter how prepared they were.


At the Burrow another young girl was in tears at the behaviour of her brother Ron, the prat had went mental at her because she had everything new for Hogwarts. The jealous git was refusing to even acknowledge she was his sister, claiming she got new stuff while everything he had was rubbish. The moron conveniently forgot she got the gold from selling her book that had broke Dumbledore's nose, the same Dumbledore who was still headmaster at Hogwarts where she was heading tomorrow. She was going to share her gold with him but his jealous rage had ended that idea very quickly, he could go to Hogwarts in his underwear for all she cared now.

Fred and George had promised to take care of her but with those two you were never sure whether that was a good thing or not, Percy's head was so far up his own backside she wasn't sure the Head Boy would even speak to her at Hogwarts. The magical world had hit a bit of a slump when Harry Potter didn't turn up at Hogwarts last year and Ginny herself would have been really looking forward to the express tomorrow if her hero had been on it.

She would just have to hope she made some friends when she was there, if not it could be a long seven years.


Chance was sick and tired of the constant smirk that Fate was wearing these days, it just didn't sit well on her face. Things were going so well for her golden trio that it was time for him to lend a hand, this was how a certain black diary found itself in the possession of a child who was heading for Hogwarts on the morrow.

He just hoped she was eating that infernal popcorn when she made the discovery as it would make a great headline, Fate choked to death by Chance!


The seven strong family made its way onto the magical platform, Harry had Luna and Hermione on each arm with little Danni riding in her favourite position, sitting on her big brother's shoulders. Sirius had Emma and Maia either side of him with the group drawing attention to themselves. This was their 'outing' in the magical community but, with the three kids going to Hogwarts, the Lovegood's survival would be all over the Prophet tomorrow anyway.

Danielle Granger was currently clinging to Harry as if her little life depended on it, the toddler, who was a mini-Hermione look alike, loved her two sisters but was as doted on her big brother as Harry was on her.

Sirius managed to coax Danni into his arms while both mothers kissed their three children goodbye as the trio boarded the express, the poor little tyke was bawling her eyes out as she watched her three sibling's wave from their carriage window.

The three had just sat back down when a small red haired girl opened the door and ask if she could sit with them.

Harry was up and helping her with a rather heavy trunk as Luna replied, "Of course you can Ginny, it's really good to see you again." Harry was just in time to catch the girl as she promptly fainted when she recognised Luna.

Ginny came back round to find her head resting on a boy's lap, "Hello there, just lie still for a moment, that was quite a fright you got just now." She was looking into the greenest eyes she'd ever seen, but it was only when she noticed the lightning shaped scar above those dreamy orbs that her body was once again flooded with recognition. She was lying in Harry Potter's lap! This caused her to faint again though, thankfully she didn't need to be caught this time.

"One look into his eyes and the girl faints, we're really going to have to keep a watch him Luna."

"I don't know Hermione, I'm quite partial to getting lost in those eyes myself. I think those new contacts he got for his birthday just added to the power."

Both girls could no longer hold their laughter, "Oh very funny, now what do I do with the cute red head on my lap?"

This killed the laughter instantly, "Think she's cute Potter?" the menace in Hermione's voice was easily discernable and Harry burst out laughing.

"You should see your faces!" His face then grew serious, "Never doubt how I feel for you both, the only other girl in my heart has the cutest dimples and is two-years-old."

Hermione gave him a kiss by way of an apology, quickly followed by Luna as Ginny began to stir, "Ok I'm going to kill Fred and George for whatever they gave me, otherwise I would have to believe I was in Harry Potter's lap while he kisses my dead friend."

"Now Ginny, I'll have you know Harry doesn't kiss dead girls, though any other girl trying to kiss him might end up that way. I would advise you to get up though before Hermione here starts to get jealous."

Ginny sprang up and grabbed her friend in a hug, "I thought you were gone, why didn't you let anyone know you were still alive?"

"After what happened with dad, mum and I decided we would be safer if people weren't looking for us. I'm sorry Ginny but we couldn't let anyone know, Hermione's dad was killed in an accident the same day so we've been very careful where we went in Britain."

Ginny was bemused, "What do you mean, 'in Britain', have you been out the country?"

"Let's get your trunk stowed away then we can chat, how come you're alone, where's your brothers?"

"Oh I hit Dumbledore with a book which someone then bought for a lot of gold so Ron's dead jealous, then Percy's rat turned out to be a criminal but dad wouldn't take any reward for that."

Harry butted in, "All Sirius could find out was that a little girl had noticed a pet rat was missing a toe, that was you?" Ginny nodded so Harry continued, "There's a new broom at our house that Sirius bought for you, we can get it whenever you want. I would also like to say that House Potter is in your debt, anything we can do for you is there for the asking."

Ginny was blushing furiously as she sat across from them, "Why didn't you come to Hogwarts last year Harry, everyone was expecting you and Ron had already made his mind up you'd both be best friends."

"While Hermione and I got our letters, Luna didn't so we decided to wait. I'm pretty sure she would have been allowed to attend had I asked but, as you said, everyone was expecting us last year. We have learned not to do what everyone expects, it's a lot safer that way."

Ginny could see the logic in that, the whole of magical Britain was holding its breath, awaiting the return of its saviour, when said saviour didn't appear everyone thought he'd gone forever. Now he was sitting on the Hogwarts express with nobody paying him any notice. That was proven wrong as the door opened to admit three boys in Slytherin robes.

Noticing the smart apparel of the compartment's occupants, the group's leader decided to honour them with his words of wisdom, "So refreshing to see a compartment with the right type of people in it, I'm Draco Malfoy and I can point you in the direction of the people you don't want to associate with."

Draco found himself staring into a pair of eyes that were almost silver in colour, the girls blond hair was billowing around her head due to the amount of magical energy she was currently displaying. It was an awesome sight but the main reason Draco couldn't take his eyes of the spectacle before him was that Luna had her wand currently embedded underneath his chin.

When she spoke the sing-song pitch that was such a lovely feature of her normal speaking voice had been replaced by a quality that would make stronger men than Draco Malfoy quake, "Place yourself right at the top of that list because that piece of death eater scum you called a father murdered my dad, I was prepared to give his son the benefit of the doubt but that's gone now. Stay away from me and mine or I'll take my revenge on you personally."

Luna lowered her wand and Draco took this as a sign of weakness, "You're the bitch that stole half my inheritance, just you wait because…" Luna had no intention of waiting, she exploded into action.

One of the things Sirius had taught them was how to throw a punch, lowering her wand had turned her body to the perfect angle for delivery, a powerful left hook connected with pin point accurately on Draco's jaw and the blond Slytherin folded like a deck chair.

Ginny couldn't believe it, "Luna you're going to get in trouble before we even get to Hogwarts."

Luna just laughed, "Do you think prince Draco here will want it to get out that a little girl dumped him on his arse? I can guarantee he won't be mentioning this to anyone, never mind a teacher."

His two companions had played no part in the proceedings because, like Draco, both had wands pushing into their faces. After their leader had been so easily dispatched by a girl they were allowed to carefully remove him from the compartment floor, with Hermione closing the door behind them.

Harry gently took Luna's bruised hand and began to cast healing charms on it, "Harry, am I a bad person for enjoying inflicting pain on another?"

"Luna love, you could have chopped that bastard into bite sized pieces and served him up as an appetizer at tonight's welcome feast, you still wouldn't be a bad person. That boy's trouble and will meet a sticky end." Harry kissed her now healed hand before drawing Luna into him and kissing her lips.

Hermione pulled a face, "Ew Harry that's a gross image! Eating pieces of that arsehole would be enough to turn anyone into a committed vegetarian."

Hermione also received a kiss before the trio sat back down to see Ginny sitting there with her mouth hanging open. Of all the shocks she'd received today, the biggest one was when Harry was healing Luna's hand. The spells he was using must have interfered with the concealment charm because Ginny clearly saw the wedding ring on Luna's finger.

She looked at the two girls cuddling into Harry and she had to know, "You're married! To both of them?"

Luna giggled, "We have a lot of catching up to do Ginny, the last three years have been quite a wild ride."

"The turning point for me was Hermione's tenth birthday, her mum hadn't been feeling well and Maia was worried in case it was a set back in her healing, turns out she was pregnant and the twenty eighth of March saw Danielle Granger make an appearance." The look of bliss on Harry's face was unmistakable as was the pretend pout Luna adopted.

"We sometimes think Harry loves Danni more than us."

"Well Danni certainly loves Harry more than us." Hermione couldn't hold the pout though and both girls were soon giggling again.

Harry wasn't in the slightest embarrassed though, "Ginny, Luna told us you have six brothers so you may not understand this, until Danni came along we three were all from families with one child. I will happily admit I love my little sis to bits."

"I thought she was Hermione's sister?" a confused Ginny asked.

Hermione tried to explain their family unit, "We have two mothers, a godfather and a sister. It may seem strange to outsiders but so does the three of us being married. It works for us so we don't care about anyone else."

Luna agreed, "When Sirius introduced Remus and the Tonks family we all spent that first Christmas together, knowing Danni was on the way gave us all something to look forward to and its only got better since. Nym Tonks is in seventh year and she's a brilliant laugh, dead clever too."

They chatted all the way to Hogsmead as a friendship was renewed and another two formed, the trio's bond meant they shared everything and they wouldn't have it any other way.


"First years, first years, over here!" boomed out above their heads. Who needed a public address system when you had Hagrid.

"No more than four to a boat now."

Harry approached the large man, "Excuse me Mr Hagrid, my godfather says he'd like his motorbike back though our mum's say you should keep it."

Hagrid's eyes nearly popped out his head and, in a voice that could probably be heard in the castle, announced Harry's identity to his year mates. "No, it can' be, yer Harry Potter!"

Ginny joined the trio as they got their first glimpse of Hogwarts castle, with its lights reflecting on the water it was a magnificent sight.

They'd no sooner disembarked the boats than Harry spotted Hagrid 'whispering' to a stern looking woman that matched his godfather's description of McGonagall, his gesturing in Harry's direction ended any doubts on the topic of their discussions.

She fixed him with her steely gaze, "Mr Potter, it's not customary to show up a year late with no warning, what have you got to say for yourself?"

"It's actually Lord Potter, Mrs McGonagall. I understand it's not customary to have children locked in cupboards but that's what the headmaster of this place arranged for me so I'm not too bothered about his paperwork issues."

"LORD Potter, the headmaster had you watched but no mistreatment was reported to him."

"Ah but you see PROFESSOR McGonagall that's where I have the problem, Mrs Figg is a kindly woman who was always slipping me bits of food or putting ointment on my injuries any time I was in her house. I just don't believe that lovely woman would not report what she saw, her many cats lived a better life than I did."

McGonagall was shocked into silence, would Albus lie about having knowledge of the abuse Harry suffered? Her answer was self evident in the boy standing here, of course the old bastard would.

"Professor, my godfather speaks very highly of you and that's probably the only reason I'm here. I would much rather have attended another school abroad but Sirius asked me to give Hogwarts a chance, I have to say discussing my business in a corridor along with my year mates is not a good first impression."

"I apologise Lord Potter and promise this will not happen again, I was just shocked to see you standing there. I'm delighted you've given Hogwarts a chance and will endeavour to ensure that's a decision you never regret. May I just add that I hope you take after your mother more than your father in your studies, Hogwarts couldn't cope with the marauders heir and the Weasley twins at the same time."

Harry turned on the charm full blast, the whole incident had been planed with Sirius and Remus to get McGonagall on their side from the beginning. "Thank you professor, I can see my godfather's high opinion of you is well deserved. I look forward to your classes and know I'll enjoy them."

McGonagall not only smiled but practically skipped towards the great hall as Ginny grabbed both Mrs Potters, "Merlin's beard, McGonagall's a dragon, how the hell did Harry manage that?"

"Spends way too much time with Sirius."

"When that man turns on the charm no woman is safe."

"Except our mum's of course."

"Because he knows we would stake him to the beach at low tide."

"And sit drinking juice watching the sea level rise."

Ginny was forcibly reminded of the twins until an arm went round her shoulders, "Don't worry Ginny, you'll get used to us the more you hang out with us."

She was only catching the left over's of what McGonagall received and it made her knees weak, to think she'd been worried she wouldn't make any friends.


Albus was sitting on his throne, paying minimal attention to the sorting, as his obsession was once more at the forefront of his mind, Harry Potter.

The brat now had three years with Black and Albus hadn't been able to find hide nor hair of them, to make matters worse his every move was being watched and scrutinised.

Last year he'd tried to bring Flamel's stone into the castle as a challenge / trap for Potter and his staff had revolted, Minerva had threatened to take it to the board. He was forced to defeat Quirrell / Voldemort himself and even that backfired, instead of praise that bitch Skeeter couldn't wait to point out that it was him who gave Quirrell the job of teaching the students Defence of the Dark Arts.

His disenchantment with the proceedings were shattered by Minerva shouting, "Lord Harry Potter."

Like everyone in the hall Albus had his eyes locked on the handsome young wizard who casually strolled towards the stool, oozing confidence. Black's influence was there for all to see as he placed the sorting hat on his head.

All sound and movement in the hall had ceased as they waited on the hat's decision, when the hat spoke nobody was sure what had just happened, "NEXT!"

McGonagall just stood there until the hat spoke to her again, "Could we have the next student please!" the sarcasm on the word 'please' was unmistakable.

Her list had been magically updated so she checked the name below Harry's and almost choked as she read it out, "Lady Hermione Potter."

Hermione walked over and took Harry's hand, the hat was still on his head as it spoke again, "Could we have the next one as well professor."

The colour drained from Minerva's face as she saw the next name, it was with a dry mouth she announced, "Lady Luna Potter."

There were gasps as the girl thought to be dead walked towards her bond mates, she stopped in front of Dumbledore though to deliver a message, "Hello Professor, my mother was wondering if you saw the death eaters who set the dark mark above our home, her lab exploded just after you left so you practically must have walked right into them."

She left, not expecting an answer from the bombshell that everyone in the hall had heard. She took Harry's hand before linking her other with Hermione.

"Right, now you're all here I can get on with the sorting, mmm…bravery that would make a Gryffindor proud yet with ambition that wouldn't go amiss in Slytherin. Easily intelligent enough to be placed in Ravenclaw but you're main trait by far is loyalty which means HUFFLEPUFF!"

Harry removed the hat and placed it on the stool before escorting his girls to their house table, it was about this time that Hufflepuff woke up to the fact that their much maligned and overlooked house had just been thrust centre stage. Their delayed applause was initiated by Nym's loud whoop of joy, before being more than compensated for by its sheer volume and sincerity, it was thunderous.

The rest of the sorting was overshadowed though all three Potters applauded loudly as Ginny made Gryffindor. It was a visibly shaken Dumbledore who stood to deliver his welcoming speech, little did he know there was a lot more to come.

He'd barely made the podium when the whole hall's attention was again captivated by the Potters, Harry stood and helped both his wives to their feet before the trio headed towards the doors leading out of the great hall.

"Mr Potter, where are you going?"

A red haired boy from Gryffindor shouted, "He didn't get into Gryffindor so he's going home with his tail between his legs."

The resulting smack and Ginny's voice saying, "Shut-it Ron, you're a moron," was heard by everyone.

"Mr Dumbledore, my wives and I are heading home for our dinner. Professor McGonagall is it still the case that timetables are handed out tomorrow morning?"

"Yes Lord Potter, that is correct," answered Minerva, her mind still reeling from Luna's revelation that Albus had visited the Lovegoods home that terrible morning, the fact that he'd never mentioned it in three years combined with Harry's news of Arabella was leading to conclusions that were making her feel sick.

"Thank you professor, we shall return then. Please be aware we shall be attending Hogwarts as part time students and not boarding, taking only Transfiguration, Charms and Herbology. We intend to continue our non-magical education."

"Your decision raises a number of issues MR Potter but first I feel it necessary to defend the reputation of my school and ask why only those subjects were chosen." Albus was not a happy headmaster.

"Those are the only first year courses we consider taught to an acceptable level."

The girls started justifying their decision with Hermione going first, "The ministry of magic won't allow facts to be taught that shows them in anything but a good light therefore the course doesn't contain any material from the last two centuries. The OWL's and NEWT's for this subject are not recognised anywhere outside the British Isles for this purpose. I won't mention the teacher because my parents taught me not to speak ill of the dead."

Luna took over without missing a beat, "Defence is a disaster and no one in the literary world takes Lockhart seriously, far less believes his outlandish claims he makes in his books." The professor in question was ready to take issue with that statement but thought better of it, there were three of them after all.

Hermione continued, "Non magical astronomy far outstrips its magical counterpart with even a telescope in space sending back images you wouldn't believe." Professor Aurora appeared more interested than upset though she was drawing daggers at the Muggle Studies professor for not informing her of these breakthroughs.

Luna glanced towards Professor Kettleburn, "A care of magical creatures professor with more limbs missing than he has remaining hardly inspires confidence in the knowledge of his subject."

Harry wanted to deliver this bit of news himself, "For the last twelve years Hogwarts has had a lower passing grade in potions per student head than any other school in Europe or the Americas, it's probably wider that that but those were the only continent's published results we could get our hands on. We already have a private tutor and Ginny you're welcome to join us."

Cries of "Me to!" started at the Hufflepuff table but quickly spread to the Griffs and Claws, leaving Albus and a certain potions master livid.

"The three subjects we intend to take, as well as Arithmancy and Ancient Runes are the only courses in Hogwarts that make the top five in the European leaderboard of magical schools. We would be quite happy to share copies of this official information with anyone who wants it. In the non magical world information like this is published openly to allow parents to choose the best schools for their children, the ministry publishes the figures on a notice board deep within the ministry building for a week before removing them, thus fulfilling their legal obligations."

"Lord Potter how is it you have access to this information that even I have never seen?" Minerva asked.

"Both myself and my godfather are Lords of ancient families, this tends to add credence to our requests," Harry had no intention of telling her the goblins had arranged everything for them. "It is our intention to supply copies of these documents to Madam's Longbottom and Bones as we applaud their stance on more open government, we also have a copy for the journalist Miss Skeeter."

Sirius and Remus had been sure this would push Dumbledore over the edge, the old wizard thrived on knowing everything and controlling that information. The plan was to get him off balance and keep him that way, his visible flinch at the mention of Rita's name confirmed their plan was working.

"I must ask you how you three propose to travel between your home and Hogwarts, we are also required to have your address on record." Albus countered but again they were prepared.

Hermione answered in her most officious and annoying voice, "Transport is only an issue if we request aid from the ministry or school, we are doing neither. Also, since this will not be our main education establishment, as we're only taking three classes and not boarding, that information is not required."

"I must insist on knowing your method of transport, we take security very seriously at Hogwarts and anything that can breech that must be investigated."

Luna's sing-song voice was back in full force, "Is that why you had Voldemort teaching here last year, so you could keep an eye on him. Oh you're so clever Mr Dumbledore."

"You will show the headmaster respect," screamed a fuming Snape.

He was coldly answered by Harry, "I would ask you to show the Lady Potter respect and also tell you to keep that nose out of things that don't concern you, my family has suffered enough with your nose poking into things that were none of your business. Tell me Snape, was that particular incident brought up at your closed doors death eater trial? I would be prepared to bet my vaults it wasn't, your actions that night cost me my parents."

Dumbledore was fit to burst as he roared, "Where are you getting your information boy?"

"Bellatrix Lestrange used to taunt Sirius with it every night, as if being innocent in Azkaban wasn't enough he had no option but to listen to that crazy bitch shouting up the corridor how Snape pointed his master at the Potters and Longbottoms yet ended up free, teaching children no less. I also have in my possession an orb from the department of mysteries, I'm sure you know which one." With Neville Longbottom and Susan Bones in the hall, the Potters were confident that information would soon be winging its way to the correct people, ensuring swift action would be taken.

Luna had been concentrating on predicting an attack, she saw the curse coming before Snape had even drawn his wand and their bond assured all three saw it in plenty of time. The instant it was fired the Potters had already moved and with their wands in hand, a disarming spell, levicorpus and a spell only Luna could have come up with left Snape wandless, dangling in the air by his ankle and displaying his colourful 'my little pony' underwear for the entire hall to see, she'd thankfully tagged on a silencing charm as well which was making Snape even more infuriated.

A sharp yelp was heard behind them before a reassuring voice offered an explanation, "Don't worry guys, I got your rear covered. Just my creepy cousin Draco trying to curse you in the back, like father, like son I suppose."

"Thanks Nym, appreciate that," Harry glanced in Luna's direction but she just shrugged, 'I knew Nym was there and it's only Malfoy,' was her answer over the bond which left Hermione sniggering.

The other students were in awe of this display, three firsties had just destroyed Snape. The thought of private tuition was now running rife, especially since their new defence professor dived below the teachers table at the first spell cast and had yet to re-appear.

"Well ladies and gentlemen it's been fun and we must do this again sometime but we're all getting hungry. If we're not home soon then Cas will get cross with us and that is something definitely to be avoided, so goodnight one and all."

The spell that left Dumbledore's wand sealed the doors, "I'm afraid I can't allow that my boy, you are in possession of information that shouldn't be known. You're welcome to eat here and then we can retire to my office and discuss this matter in a civilised manner with no more talk of this part-time nonsense."

"Listen closely my old man, there's more chance of your buddy Snape there being chosen to be the next model for head & shoulders shampoo than there is of my wives and I entering your office voluntary."

"Whether it's voluntary or not is your only choice in the matter."

Sirius and Remus had predicted the events with an accuracy Luna would have been hard pushed to match, no one questioned, far less challenged Dumbledore's actions in front of the students and talking about it later would prove too late for their memories. This really was a crock of shit that they intended to give a right good disinfecting to. He couldn't help but be in awe of the marauders, with his dad involved too they really must have been something in their Hogwarts years.

"I'm afraid you've overstepped the bounds of your remit as headmaster, but then overstepping your authority has never been a problem for you. This time though you're not dealing with someone simpleton who thinks you're a wonderful wizard only out to help everyone, I challenge you to an honour duel."

Albus couldn't believe his luck, the boy had made a big impression in the hall tonight but was now giving him the opportunity to show everyone just what a jumped up little whelp he was before getting him alone and obliviating the shit out of him. Albus was just about to shout his reluctant acceptance when Harry sprang the marauders trap firmly in his face.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter challenge Albus Dumbledore to an honour duel by phoenix!"

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