FG2 – The Trio Hits Hogwarts

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The final chapter

The image of a large masked man holding Danni while his companion, a thing that could only be Voldemort, fired curses at the front of the school froze the trio. It was only Donna nudging Hermione that got her thinking again, "Oh sorry Donna, zoned out there." Inside she was screaming to her bond mates, 'We need to get people out the school! Any ideas and we need them quick?'

There were no replies but the piercing sound of the fire alarm demanded everyone's attention, and told Hermione that Harry had taken action. As their teacher was herding them out the class toward the fire assembly point, thankfully at the rear of the school, the Potters quietly slipped away into a toilet.

Hermione was in tears, "How did they get their hands on Danni, what's happened to mum?"

As Harry attempted to offer Hermione some comfort, Luna called for help, Cas immediately appeared in her human form.

"Cas, Danni has been abducted and will very shortly be brought here. We need you to find Emma as quick as you can and give her all the help she needs."

Cas so wanted to stay and protect her children but she had been given a direct order and Emma was family too.

A quick hug that encompassed all four and Cas was off, the trio rapidly made their way along the now deserted corridors. With Cas dispatched to help her mother, Hermione tried to pull herself together. Her sister and bond mates needed her now.


Cas knew Emma's routine well, she would have dropped the three off at school then headed to Bristol for a therapeutic day of shopping with Danni. This was Emma's time in the muggle world and Cas had on occasion accompanied her. A quick scan with her eyes showed everything looking normal with no disturbance whatsoever, apparently Danni's abduction hadn't been discovered yet. That worried Cas more than she could say.

Rapidly making her way along Emma's favourite shops, Cas was both delighted and dismayed to spot Emma walking aimlessly though apparently unharmed through the store. Cas surmised that she must have been doing this for some time as the store security man was keeping a very close eye on her, probably thought she was a shoplifter or something.

Cas took Emma gently by the arm and quickly led her outside, as soon as she got her into a blind spot of a delivery entrance, Cas transported both of them back to the manor. It was easy to lift the confundus charm that had been placed on Emma and the elf's decision to wait until they got home was instantly vindicated, Emma started screaming and sobbing.

"He took Danni! I just stood there as he wheeled the buggy with her in it away. Part of me was screaming to rip the bastards head off but I just stood there and did nothing. Oh Cas, what's happening?"

Cas was struggling to believe Emma got off with just a Confundus charm, she expected to find a dead body. Obviously taking Danni from a very public place had affected the severity of the curse they chose to use. "It would appear you were hit with a charm that confused you so they could simply walk off with Danni. Luna says Voldemort has her and is coming to the school for them."

Sobs now racked Emma's body, "Go Cas, help them any way you can."

This was exactly what the little elf wanted to hear, she called for Dobby to assist their mistress before popping back to the school. By pure bad luck Maia and Sirius were out wedding shopping today, and Cas didn't have time to go searching for them. She had children that needed her.


Harry, Hermione and Luna walked out the front door of the school just as Voldemort had began to blast reducto's through the windows, this was his attempt to gain their attention. The muscle wearing the death eater mask had Danni in his arms and a wand pointed at her.

"Ah Harry Potter, we meet once more. Though I'm delighted to say it will be for the last time."

All three did nothing but stare at their sister in the arms of the death eater.

"Now here's the deal Harry, you die today and these three young ladies get to live. Lord Voldemort has no quarrel with them."

Harry didn't believe a word of it but couldn't move or think of anything but the deadly danger to Danni. As a green curse shot toward him, a flash of flame announced the arrival of Hedwig. She intercepted the curse and burst into a plume of ash.

It was Voldemort's turn to be frozen in his tracks at the appearance of the white phoenix.

The problem was that no one was watching Danni, the little witch was not pleased at this bad man who tried to harm her big brother. She had wondered what was going on and was about to start screaming when they arrived at a very familiar building. Thinking she was going to see her siblings kept her quiet for now. That was before the curse was aimed at her brother.

"No hurt Harry!" she screamed.

The sheer power in the child's voice caused Voldemort to turn around, this probably saved his life as a small car shot out the car park and hit him a glancing blow, rather than crushing him outright. The 'glancing blow' though still flung him right over the car and left him sprawled on the pavement.

This was the scene that Cas popped into, quickly sizing up her options she magically broke both of George Goyle's arms as she snatched an exhausted Danni away from him. The little tyke was now almost asleep after her quite incredible feat of magic.

She shouted toward the trio, "Emma's fine, just worried about you. I'll be right back as soon as I take Danni home."

Cas popping out of there threw the switch that galvanised the Potters into action, it was almost like a Popeye cartoon when the sailor ate his favourite can of spinach. Luna scooped up a baby Hedwig as they entered fighting mode, this animal had dared to go after their family. He wasn't going to get another chance, this ended today. What they felt when Sirius asked Maia out was nothing compared to the anger and determination coursing through their veins at the moment.

Voldemort banished the offending car directly at them, trying to buy himself some time to get back on his feet. The Potters were already moving though, wands drawn as they prepared to fight back.


The general confusion caused by trying to organise over a thousand students in an unscheduled fire alarm was magnified by a factor of at least ten when the explosions began. Matt turned round to speak with Harry, only to discover his friend wasn't there. A quick word amongst their group of friends quickly established none of the three of them were there.

Donna's hand shot to her mouth, "You don't think it's that murderer do you? Maybe he's tracked them down?"

Not taking time to listen to anymore or anyone, Matt was heading for the front of the school, Jamie and the three girls right behind him. They had no thoughts on what they would do when they got there or that it might be dangerous. Their friends could be in danger and they were determined to be there for them.

They arrived at the front doors as the VW beetle belonging to Miss Canon was flying toward their three friends Those same three friends appeared to dodge it effortlessly before firing some kind of lasers at the creepiest and ugliest guy it had ever been their displeasure to lay eyes upon.

The light show that followed was more spectacular than any rock concert and fireworks display combined. When one of the lights was diverted onto the headmaster's parked car, his Volvo immediately became an inferno. Suddenly and chillingly they realised just how much danger their three friends were in. The group also discovered they were little more than spectators, and it was a very good idea not to let one of those light beams hit you.

Jillian couldn't take her eyes off the way Luna and Hermione appeared to weave around Harry like participants in some deadly mating dance, considering Harry at the moment was the hottest thing on two legs Jillian had ever seen, only her friends in deadly danger could draw her attention away.

They had now witnessed how deadly those beam things could be yet there they stood, defiantly facing up to this monster to protect their boyfriend. Most of the attacks looked to be centred on Harry but he moved like quicksilver or things would suddenly appear in front of the beams to keep him safe.

Harry meanwhile appeared to be concentrating on fighting back, with his two girls protecting him he shot beam after coloured beam at the man.

Jillian had been a little embarrassed at the furore she had caused by attempting to be Harry's third girlfriend, watching as Hermione's cheek was cut open by flying debris, which seemed to see Harry redouble his efforts, illustrated just how futile that attempt was. Her two friends were putting their lives on the line for a boy they obviously loved. Harry would hopefully always be her friend but anything else was going to be a no, his life was a little too weird and wild for her, she could easily do without the whole 'someone is trying to kill me' shit too!

Matt pulled her down as a beam came quite close, Jillian realised she'd zoned out there for a second. Not so much her life flashing before her eyes as her choices, Matt with his arm protectively around her confirmed she'd made the right one for her. Luna and Hermione were both now bleeding from multiple cuts as they continued to protect Harry, Jillian in the same situation would have been a liability. All she had left was to pray for her friends and hope the impression that they were gaining the upper hand was indeed the correct one.

Voldemort was beginning to tire, he was not used to long battles as most times people froze at the mere sight of him. Even the brat's father hadn't put up as much fight as this, the dark lord was now regretting not taking longer to get used to this body. Voldemort didn't think they would put up any kind of a fight. His plan was foolproof, kill the boy and then the girls before apparating away to celebrate his victory.

He was not about to retreat from three children, his ego wouldn't allow that. This was his chance to finish off what he began all those years ago. He was going to have to be quick though before the aurors began to show up.

The trouble was these three appeared to anticipate his every move and even thought, if this was a form of legilimency then they were also masters of occlumency. He couldn't get a scan on the most basic of surface thoughts from any of them, he was going to have to try something different. The pop of a house elf distracted him for only a fraction of a second, who pays attention to a house elf?

Harry, Hermione and Luna were battered, bruised and bleeding while still throwing everything at Voldemort, so far they were holding their own. They also suspected the arrivals of the aurors must be imminent, they had no intention of allowing this snake to crawl back into his hole.

The trio all saw Cas appear in her elf form and Voldemort ignore her, you ignored Cas at your peril. Luna had them moving and firing before the dark lord realised what was about to happen.

George Goyle had been sitting on the ground in absolute agony, his arms weren't just broken but shattered in multiple places. He was hoping his master would hurry up and kill these brats so he could be healed. His beautiful silver hand hung useless at the end of an arm with umpteen fractures.

He suddenly found himself shooting through the air and colliding into the back of his master's legs. Voldemort's concentration was broken, as were his legs. This was not the worst of it though for the dark lord, three reducto's connected squarely with his torso as he was flung forward. The dark lord was now the bright red lord as blood and tissue blasted all over Goyle senior.

Seeing that it was now over, both girls raced to embrace Cas as Harry heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Holy fuck Potter, what the hell was that all about?"

Harry didn't even turn around, he would know that voice anywhere. "That Dawson, was the piece of shit who murdered my parents. He kidnapped Danni then came here today to finish off the last of the Potters, big mistake!"

Before any more could be said, multiple pops announced the arrival of the aurors, six of them and all with wand's drawn. It must have been quite a sight to apparate into, devastation, fire smoke and blood. A house elf hugging and healing two girls was the only sign that there were magical users present, the Potter's wands were safely tucked in their disillusioned wrist holsters.

"Identify yourselves and explain what's going on here?" the lead auror shouted.

Matt hadn't a clue who these strangers in the coloured robes were or how to begin to answer that so said nothing, he noticed Harry seemed to stand just that little bit straighter as he faced these men down.

"I am Lord Potter, what happened here is that Voldemort chose to pay us a visit while we were at school. He'd dead but the death eater he brought with him may still be alive. As the bastard had kidnapped my baby sister as a hostage I'm rather hoping he's not!"

One of the aurors apparently had an honours degree in stating the blindingly obvious, "But this is a muggle school!"

"Yes, well spotted! I think I'll have to try and discourage Nym from becoming an auror if they are all as thick as you."

The now embarrassed auror pointed his wand at their five friends, "Does that mean they're muggles?"

Harry had barely nodded when the auror fired an obliviate curse straight at Jamie. It didn't connect due to the shield charm Luna had instantly erected, he didn't get a chance to fire another as Hermione didn't hesitate and stunned him.

Harry was incandescent with rage, "You have the nerve to turn up here, after we have done your job for you, and then try to obliviate our friends!"

All three Potter wands were now trained on the five aurors left standing, the one in charge tried to regain control of the situation. "It's standard operating procedure to obliviate muggles who discover our world. I'm sorry Lord Potter but these are ministry laws."

"Not today sir, ministers and ministry law can be changed. An unprovoked attack on our friends is a sure fire way to start the process! To get everyone out of harm's way I broke the glass that set off the fire alarm, between that and the explosions you can expect this place to be crawling with police and fire department in moments. Not forgetting there are eleven hundred people taking shelter behind the school, do you really want to spend this vital time fighting the people who just rid this world of Voldemort?"

He could see the aurors were rattled so pressed home his advantage, "My advice would be to get Voldemort and the death eater out of here, the place looks like a car bomb went off so that could be your excuse. I also think you badly need reinforcements and it would be a good career move to get Amelia Bones down here as quickly as possible."

As this scene was playing out, Cas had popped over to the group of friends, changing into her human disguise as she went. "Listen to me very carefully, hold on to me and I can get us out of here. If curses start flying they might not be able to protect you lot and themselves at the same time. I can take you to the manor, which will be the safest place for you at the moment."

Having witnessed one battle of light beams, they had no wish to see another one where they would be targeted. It was a strain but, as they weren't travelling very far, Cas managed to pop the five of them out of there.

The auror in charge now realised he'd been played, "You three don't move from that spot, I don't care if you are on first name terms with the minister. Stay put!"

As the adrenalin began leaving their systems, the trio just sat on the ground and waited. Harry was in the middle of course, with both girls resting their heads on his shoulders. Hedwig poked her head out of Luna's pocket and was soon receiving serious petting from her three chicks. Cas had quickly healed the girl's cuts but right about now they could do with some of Maia's wonderful potions.

The five appeared with Cas in the library of Potter Manor. They were greeted by the sight of a sobbing Emma, clutching a sleeping Danni to her chest.

Cas raced toward her mistress, "They did it! The three of them are fine and they did it!"

The large portrait over the fireplace resounded to a victory yell from Jonathon while Martha burst into tears of relief. Portraits moving and shouting proved to be a step too far for Donna, she fainted. Jamie managed to catch her before she hit the ground and manoeuvred the girl onto a sofa, "Eh, Mrs Granger, please don't take this the wrong way but are you all aliens?"

It was a much relieved Emma who answered the group, "No Jamie, I'm a dentist!"

With comedic timing par excellence, Sirius and Maia chose that precise moment to apparate into the library. Watching as the two appeared right next to her out of thin air was too much for Claire, her eyes rolled in her head as she too fainted and required a sofa.

A wide-eyed Sirius asked, "Ok, what did we miss?"


The trio just sat there quietly, stroking baby Hedwig and talking over their bond as the world appeared to continue around them. It was only with the arrival of Amelia Bones that they chose to raise their heads and look up.

"Can I assume these are the friends that Susan has met and that they are safely ensconced in Potter Manor?"

Harry answered for the three of them, "Yes to both of those questions. We had just defeated your dark lord when an auror began trying to curse our friends, without even speaking to them. Sorry but we couldn't allow that."

Amelia actually winced at the way Harry said 'your dark lord', the boy who saved them again should not be forced to leave their community. From her own experience with Susan and their other magical friends she understood the loyalty these three inspired, that loyalty was returned in equal measure by the Potters. Britain as a whole owed Harry, Hermione and Luna Potter a debt that could never be repaid, it was time to cut them some slack.

"If I can have your word that they won't reveal our world's existence, we can give them exceptions."

This drew a slight smile from Harry, "Thank you Madam Bones, we really do appreciate that more than you know. If you don't need us for anything else I would like to get my wives home, we've had quite the morning."

As understatements go, Amelia thought that was one of the most outrageous she'd ever heard. Sirius and Maia arrived and rushed straight to the kids, hugs and kisses followed as Amelia spoke, "Take them home, they will have to visit the ministry tomorrow to give statements. If the last time is any indicator, witches and wizards the length and breadth of the country will go crazy for a couple of days. On behalf of the British magical community, I want to offer our heartfelt thanks."


They arrived back in the manor and Emma tried to pounce on them, she was hampered though by still having a sleeping Danni in her arms. Harry solved her problem by scooping his baby sister into his arms, revelling in physical proof that she was fine. Tears now flowed freely, they had killed at least one man today but the tears were for Danni. Just by being considered his sister, she had been abducted and almost gotten killed.

He felt both his wives put their arms around him as their family was complete, it was Hermione who spoke though. "Harry, don't go blaming yourself for this. You were willing to give your life in an attempt to save her. No sister could ask for more and we all know Danni thinks you're the best big brother in the world."

Harry kissed Danni on the forehead before kissing his wives properly, "Thanks for that Hermione, I was talking myself into a funk. You both were magnificent today, I couldn't be prouder of you."

A theatrical clearing of a throat had them turning to face their friends, "Just what are you three?" asked Matt.

Harry understood the next few moments were critical, if their friends didn't accept them now there was no going back. They could easily be obliviated but the Potter's would know acceptance was never going to be possible. Their dream and probably their friendship would begin to die. "I am Lord Harry James Potter, lord of the ancient and noble house of Potter and I am a wizard. This is the Lady Hermione Jane Potter and the Lady Luna Potter, both are witches and have been my wives for the last three wonderful years."

This was information overload for Jillian, she promptly fainted.


The twins were in transfiguration with McGonagall when their mirror started to vibrate, this immediately worried them. Sirius would be aware they were in class and wouldn't contact them unless it was of vital importance. "Excuse us professor, but we really need to answer this."

The entire class, including the headmistress waited in silence as Fred spoke the activation code and Sirius Black's voice could clearly be heard. "Hey guys, this is going to be everywhere shortly so could you make sure the crew know the truth in case they worry. Voldemort visited Wyedean High this morning looking for Harry and got his arse well and truly handed to him. All three are rather shaken but otherwise fine, the ministry took what was left of the dark lord's body away. Can you pass on the message as soon as possible and we'll contact you later about the weekend, we may be heading for sunnier climes."

McGonagall's head appears over the twin's shoulders, "Sirius Black, if this is some sort of sick prank I will have your guts for garters!"

The venom in his voice could clearly be heard by everyone, "Minerva, the bastard kidnapped little Danni in the hope the kids wouldn't fight back. Everyone here is ok and they even managed to evacuate the school so no one else was hurt. It's quite clear he had information that put our entire family in danger, if I find out who it was there won't be enough left of them to use for garters!"

Minerva had her hand over her heart, part of her wanted to celebrate. The other, more sensible part felt horrible at what the Potters had to endure. "Give them my best Sirius."

He acknowledged his old head of house before signing off.

The class were stunned, no one made a sound or moved until McGonagall broke the spell, "Well you two, I would suggest there are some people you need to speak to right now. Go!"

The twins shot out their seats toward the door and the cheering had broken out before they left the class. McGonagall decided there and then that classes would be cancelled for the rest of the day, this news would spread like wildfire and the students would be unteachable from excitement.


Emma ensured the five of them phoned home, stating where they were and that they were all unhurt and safe. It would soon be all over the muggle media that a car bomb had exploded at a school, swift action by staff and the emergency services meant that there were no casualties to report. Their cover story for their parents was that Emma had been passing by and picked them all up. Speculation that this was not an act of terrorism, rather a prank played on the headmaster's car that went badly wrong would be the story that would emerge. This soon gained some measure of credibility, especially with the ministry puling some strings behind the scenes.

They were all eating sandwiches and drinking tea as the story of who the Potters actually were unfolded, with Jonathon and Martha filling in the blanks their friends found it impossible to argue against the existence of magic.

Harry couldn't help but apologise, "I'm really sorry about all the lying we've had to do to you guys but it's one of the strictest rules in our community, non magical's are not allowed to know of our existence. You saw the way that auror reacted earlier, that's why you can't tell anyone about today."

Jamie was shaking his head, "Who the hell would believe us? I watched the whole thing and I don't believe it!"

Donna though spotted the potential problem, "What will happen when we leave here though, will those men come and do that thing to make us forget? They seemed pretty anxious to ensure we couldn't remember anything."

Hermione tried to answer, "In certain cases it's not only allowed but necessary for non magical people to know the secret. Neither my mum nor dad were magical but with a daughter who's a witch, they obviously would need to be told about it."

This appeared to make some kind of crazy sense to them so Luna continued, "That man we stopped today was a homicidal maniac who, along with his followers, practiced genocide on hundreds, if not thousands of people. Another thing you need to know is that our husband is somewhat famous in the magical community, Susan's aunt is effectively our prime minister. We have a lot of influence and powerful friends, which helped today in allowing you to keep your memories intact."

Emma tried to help her children, "It really was very hard for them not to tell you everything, especially after they started magical school. They are the first students ever to attend both sets of schools at the same time, you five were a big part of why that decision was made. Hogwarts is normally a residential school with no options to continue any other form of education, they had no intention of leaving their friends."

Jillian had listened to everything but her mind had fixated on one part, "Ok, I think we get all that but married for three years and with two wives? Is that normal in the magical community and are any of the rest of their friends married?"

It was actually Martha who attempted to explain this one, coming from a talking painting just seemed to lend credence to her words. In a world where paintings could hold a conversation with you then anything was possible. "No it most certainly is not normal, but then with these three the word 'normal' is being redefined. They have a bond that goes beyond marriage, their souls are actually mated which occurs once every few centuries and never before with a trio. Their biggest worry is that their friends won't accept them, this is true on both sides of the magical divide. This is a situation they had absolutely no control over, they were brought together by fate."

The five got their last shock of the day when Nym exploded out bright green flames from the fireplace, she instantly pounced on the trio, Are you alright? You were supposed to wait until I was there to cover your backs!"

They were hugging her back as Hermione replied, "Sorry Nym, Voldemort chose the time and place. We sure could have used your help though! What are you doing here?"

"McGonagall cancelled lessons for the day and allowed me to use the floo in her office. There's a massive party building up a head of steam in Hogwarts, if you three thought it was bad before just wait until you see it now. They will probably replace the fountain in the ministry with statues of you three."

Harry shuddered at the thought, "It would have to be for six, without Hedwig, Cas and little Danni we would have been toast."

Luna went and fetched the wizarding photograph of the three of them with the white phoenix to show their friends. "You're not exactly seeing our Hedwig at her brilliant best, this was taken at the summer and was front page news in magical Britain."

They all gazed upon the magnificent bird in the picture with a sense of awe, here was their three friends as they really were. They looked every inch the lord and ladies they claimed to be.

Harry still cradled his sleeping sister in his arms and showed no sign of putting her down any time soon, he asked the question that they needed to know the answer to, "Well guys, now you know the truth, can we still be friends?"

Donna as usual was first to offer her opinion, "Well it's clear to me you told us as much of the truth as you possibly could. You even introduced us to your magical friends and that couldn't have been easy. To me you're just Harry, Hermione and Luna who happen to have super-powers without the silly costumes and capes. No quick-changes in phone boxes required!"

Jamie took a long comical look at the manor around him before answering, "Next time we go for pizza – you're buying!"

This had them all laughing as the tension started to disappear and they fell into their usual form of banter.

"Hey Potter, if I find out you've been using this magic malarkey to beat me at bowling you know I'm going to kick your arse." Having watched what Harry could do today, they all understood this was Matt's form of humour.

"You are going to be a bit more specific than that Dawson, remember there are three Potters here."

Claire let out a gasp, "No wonder Luna's eyes glaze over every time she thinks about Harry's kisses, she's married to him!"

Jillian was blushing as she thought out loud, "I don't blame her, he looked so hot today during that fight."

Nym burst out laughing, "Just wait until you see him in Quidditch robes, sitting on his broom."

The five blank stares earned a moan from Maia, "Aw Nym, why did you have to bring that subject up? Now we'll all be bored to death as Sirius tells everyone how good he is at the sport!"

The laughter came easy as the last of the tension was banished and the conversations became a lot more open and animated. Sirius though did manage to steer it back to Quidditch on more than one occasion.


Minerva was sitting at the staff table watching her students enjoy themselves, their party was interrupted though by an exceedingly irate Amelia Bones and the four aurors who accompanied her. As they marched toward the staff table the party atmosphere plummeted, it was blindingly obvious something was seriously wrong.

"Good evening minister, may I ask what brings you to Hogwarts?" Minerva asked.

"The death eater accompanying Voldemort is still alive and will stand trial tomorrow, I'm here because he received all his information from this school. Thousands of lives, most of them children were placed under severe risk because of this. The death eater's name was George Goyle and his son got all their information from Ronald Weasley. It is my intention to take both of them to the ministry for questioning, their parents will meet us there."

Ginny and Neville were sitting with their friends at the Hufflepuff table when the little redhead launched herself like a moron seeking missile, directly at her brother. All thoughts of magic fled her brain at the anger she felt, this was probably a good thing for Ron. With arms and legs flailing blows down upon the boy she was screaming loud enough to be mistaken for Molly. "How could you, they were nearly killed and Danni too! Harry will rip your head of and piss down your neck if one hair of her head was harmed. You are no brother of mine!"

It took Neville, the twins and Percy combined to pull the little lion off the prat, who then made the monumental mistake of opening his mouth. "He killed him, didn't he? They should be thanking me for helping…"

While others sat in stunned disbelief, Susan hit him harder than she had ever hit anyone before. Ron went down as Cedric and Hannah battled to constrain her in case she murdered him.

"Auntie Amelia, you better get him out of here before we kill him. Ginny's right though, nothing will be able to protect him from Harry."

Minerva was disgusted with the boy, Gregory was the son of a death eater and as thick as hippogriff shit but there was no excuse for Weasley. "Madam Minister, I feel I must point out a conversation I had with Lord Black. He also swore retribution on whoever endangered his family by supplying that information. These two might require protective custody."

Gregory Goyle had quickly found himself sitting alone at the Slytherin table, these ambitious witches and wizards were not about to go against the combined forces of the minister, Potters and Lord Black. Goyle had played a dangerous game and lost, worst still he had been found out. There would be no support forthcoming from Slytherin house.

The two boys were led away from a much-subdued Hogwarts great hall, they had well and truly burst the party atmosphere that had prevailed earlier.


Molly Weasley was distraught, she and Arthur were at the ministry and had quickly given their approval for Ron to be questioned under truth serum in their presence. She was thankful that her youngest son was unaware of why the information was required but her heart broke at the callous way he didn't care if it had led to the Potters' deaths. That she had raised a son who could disregard the life of a toddler like that had her sobbing. Both parents were at a total loss of what to do with him.

Amelia as usual spoke her mind, "The bruises your son received were delivered by Ginny and my Susan, both were incensed by his actions. While he hasn't broken any laws I feel returning him to Hogwarts would be a grave mistake. You both know this will find its way into the papers and then all hell is going to break loose, it might be better to get him out the country for a while." The minister thought that it might die down in twenty or thirty years, the Goyle boy understood exactly what he was doing and would see his wand snapped and magic bound. If she was honest with herself Amelia would like to see the same happening to this nasty piece of work, she was so proud of the way Susan had stood up for her friends and decked the little bastard.

Arthur thought it was ironic that they had been discussing their children's friendship with the Potters, those same friendships would be the only thing that would save the Weasley family when the story broke. Ron's insane jealousy and selfishness could have brought the entire family down with him. He would have to contact Charlie and Bill to see if they could take their youngest brother, at least until summer. Amelia was right about one thing, Ron going back to Hogwarts would probably result in him flying off the astronomy tower without a broom. Arthur had raised six boys and was baffled at where he went wrong with his youngest.


Scotland in May is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so thought one Harry Potter as he flew into the packed Quidditch stadium for the Gryffindor replay. McGonagall had rescheduled all the games to provide a summer of Quidditch in celebration of the hard won freedom their community now enjoyed. With the dark lord well and truly banished and a more than competent minister in post, things in magical Britain had never looked brighter.

Harry's gaze drifted to the stand where their family and friends all sat together, a family that was growing as Maia Black was pregnant. Sirius though might not live to see his son born if he didn't stop treating her as if she was made from fragile pieces of porcelain, the poor marauder was totally out of his depth. Narcissa was also sitting there, she'd served her time in Azkaban and this was the family's way of showing her public support.

The other big change was that Matt, Jillian, Jamie Claire and Donna were also sitting in the stand, dressed in Hufflepuff Quidditch jerseys with the name Potter on the back. Jillian's even had the number three on it as a joke, they all took it well since this was actually Hermione's team number. The two groups of friends had lost their distinction as the magical wall had been breeched, Jamie had become quite enamoured with Hannah, a feeling that was being reciprocated by the Hufflepuff.

Combined trips over the Christmas holidays to both magical and muggle shops and events had forged feelings of respect for both ways of life, the three Potters had been ecstatic! Arrival back at Hogwarts in January had been as low key as they could make it. With no Draco to constantly snipe at them and Ron filling sacks with dragon dung in Romania, Hogwarts actually became pleasurable. They were looking forward to starting their OWL's next year, with Ancient Runes and Arithmancy added to their timetable. Minerva had promised to try and group their classes and cause the minimum disruption to their Wyedean schedule as possible, as the rest of the Hogwarts students stayed in the castle it didn't really matter to them.

Cedric flew down to shake hands with the Gryffindor captain, this was now Angelina as McGonagall had demanded Wood be removed as captain. The only reason he was still playing was Gryffindor had no one else for that position. For a Gryffindor to so publicly not rush to their friend's aid was a damming indictment, especially if you considered victory in a school game more important.

Amid much cheering the game got under way with the Potters taking control of the quaffle from the first whistle. They were living their dream today as all their friends and family sat together in the stand to watch the match. Free from the threats that had hung over them for years, they were going to enjoy today.

When you factored in that Oliver's confidence was at an all time low, then it was easy to understand the Hufflepuff supporters screaming themselves hoarse as their team built up a commanding lead. No one in the crowd had ever seen a Quidditch display quite like the one the Hufflepuff chasers put on that day, almost scoring at will as their lead became unassailable. The Gryffindor chasers may be good but the Puffs were inspired and had scouts in the crowd salivating on their notes. A perfect day was only marred by a lighter Ginny on a faster broom beating Cedric to the snitch. As his team were one hundred and ninety points ahead at the time, it didn't dent their captain's enjoyment of the day and he was quite gracious in praise of the young rival seeker.

The fans were on the pitch and Harry soon found himself being hugged and kissed by their female friends, since discovering the trio were indeed married the whole dynamics of the group had settled down.

Jamie and Matt were hugging the Mrs Potters before the droll humour made an appearance. "Hell of a game there Potters, just please never try any of those moves when you've got us on the back of those brooms! I thought I had seen you fly at the manor but that display was something else, basketball will seem so tame after watching that."

The group made their way back to the castle as everyone was invited to the after match celebrations, Harry was walking with a wife on each arm and Danni of course perched on his shoulders. They were surrounded by friends and family while Hedwig circled overhead and sang a wonderfully joyous song. Harry was silently thanking whatever deity was responsible for Hedwig appearing that night of his birthday, he had come a long way since those days spent hungry and alone in the cupboard.


Fate looked down upon the scene with an immense sense of satisfaction, muggles mixing happily with magicals with a phoenix and elf thrown in for good measure. Fate's Gambit had paid off handsomely and the Potters deserved all the happiness that was coming their way. She would still be keeping a rather close eye on the situation though, she intended to ensure they got their 'happily ever after' and woe betide anyone who tried to mess with fate.

The End.

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