100 Themes Challenge

Theme: Teamwork

It had been three weeks since the beginning of school (and the Tampon Incident) and the gorgeous exchange student was ignoring Hinata, which was just fine by her. Sure, Sasuke was beautiful, but he was also scary.

"Alright, class, I'm assigning lab partners today," Kakashi-sensei announced. "It's going to be alphabetical, so no whining," he told his already whining students. "Aburame and Akimichi…."

Hinata zoned out until she heard "Haruno and Hyuuga." Haruno Sakura—the second year's smartest and most popular girl, not to mention Sasuke's most ardent admirer and Naruto's crush.

Hinata slumped down in her seat. No doubt she would be left to do all the work while Sakura chased Sasuke.

"…And Uchiha and Uzumaki," the teacher concluded. "Now I'll be assigning lab stations. Haruno and Hyuuga, lab station one, Uchiha and Uzumaki, lab station two…."

"Yes!" came the loud cry from the pink-haired Sakura. When Kakashi finished assigning lab stations Sakura raced over to Hinata's desk and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Yes! This is perfect! We've been given a gift from God, Hinata-chan! You love Naruto and I love Sasuke! It was meant to be!" She squashed Hinata's head against her breasts in an awkward hug. "We'll be teammates, Hinata-chan, teammates in love!"

Sakura took Hinata by the shoulders again and looked the blushing girl up and down. "I'll start now. Hinata-chan, you're cute, but your chest is your best feature, so show it off!" She yanked the other girl's shoulders back into the proper posture. "How are you going to get Naruto into your room if you stand all slouched over?"

"M-m-my ro-room?" Hinata screeched in embarrassment.

"Yes, your room," Sakura answered. "God, I want Sasuke in my room…"

Hinata's blush darkened. She didn't want Naruto in her room and she definitely didn't want to show off her chest especially now that he was walking over towards the girls.

Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. Hinata's heart rate doubled as Naruto drew closer.

Sasuke followed behind the blonde, staring not-so-subtly at Hinata's breasts.

"Hey, Hinata-chan are you okay?" Naruto asked. "You don't look so good?"

Ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom. Her heart rate tripled as Naruto leaned over her desk to peer at her more closely, then...

"Hey, Chicken, quit staring at Hinata's boobs already, you pervert!"

Really, it was a tag-team effort of Sakura's suggestions, Sasuke's glare, and Naruto's nearness that caused her to faint.

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