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My head was spinning, like I was drunk as I sat in the back seat. I hadn't felt this woozy since I had too much to drink after my 21st birthday. I know Victor only took a few sips of my blood, so I wasn't suffering from blood loss. I tried to focus on the soft glow of the automatic lock button, hoping it would stop the dizziness.

Victor had opened the windows in the car, calling me every awful name he could think of after I threw up in his precious car. I didn't even care, I just wanted to get to Eric. The wind blowing across my face gave me chills, and my skin had broken out in a cold sweat.

"I'm going to make you suffer for soiling my car! The smell is going to cling to me for weeks, you little bitch!" Apparently he wasn't over it yet.

I refused to respond to him, afraid he might pull over again and take more from me than he had before. All I wanted was for him to continue on his course to New Orleans, and by my estimate, we would be there in less than a half hour. Less than thirty minutes and I could see Eric. I could survive another thirty minutes, because at the end was my future.


All I could think about was the sweet taste of her blood mixed with her fear. She was delicious, and I knew the minute her blood hit my tongue the reason why Northman was so taken with her. I looked at her in my rear view mirror, barely able to contain the gleeful laugh which was trying to escape. She was mine- finally.

I was going to have her begging at my feet, crawling to me whenever she wanted anything. Before the sun rose, I would have my blood running through her veins, making her unable to ever break free of me. Forcing her into absolute submission was going to be the most delightful task I would have ever have the pleasure of experiencing. The hard-on in my pants grew tighter as I pictured her kneeling before me.

The only thing to break me out of my blood induced haze was the lingering scent of her spew. The odor hung in the air like a thick smog. It clung to my nose, assaulting me with its offending presence. My car would need to be detailed, the leather would need to be replaced, and I would need to punish her for her inconsiderate act.

"I'm going to make you suffer for soiling my car! The smell is going to cling to me for weeks, you little bitch!" I barked at her, watching her body jump at my voice. I took great pleasure in the reaction her body was already having towards me. Breaking her was going to be so much easier than I thought.

The rest of the ride she was silent, and rightly so. I didn't want to hear her beg me to release her. All I wanted to do was concentrate on getting my blood into her body, and overthrowing the king. I had planned the most perfect night of my immortal life, and I couldn't drive fast enough to get there and begin.

Felipe was such a fucking fool, trusting anyone who crossed his path. Killing him would prove easier than orchestrating Northman's disappearance. Playing second fiddle to him for all these years would finally pay off, since I now knew all of his moves and his routines. I was among the trusted, the few in his regime allowed behind closed doors. Tonight, that trust would be my fiercest weapon.

I pulled into the long driveway of Felipe's New Orleans mansion, and my body tingled with anticipation. In a matter of moments, everything would be mine. I snatched the bloodbag out of the back seat, sneering at her as she cried from the pain of my grasp.

"If you say a fucking word, I'll drain you where you stand," I whispered in her ear, allowing my tongue to graze the top. I watched her flesh prickle with goosebumps and her already peaked nipples harden even more. She needed to get used to being exposed, she would certainly be spending a lot more of her time that way.

I dragged her through the entryway, not even bothering to acknowledge the guards which were standing at their posts. They knew me well enough to not concern themselves with my presence. I tightened my grip on her as I could feel her trying to dig her heels into the slick, wood floors.

"Listen, you petulant little brat, I'll knock you unconscious faster than you can cry out for your fucking Viking! I suggest you walk, goddammit!" I growled, allowing my threat to sink in.

She picked up the pace- slightly. As we moved closer to Felipe's office, I could smell Northman. I would have bet money on his arrival, but I hadn't expected him so soon. We rounded the corner and the sight before me was beautiful. Felipe was staring down his nose at the ancient vampire. The fucking Viking was looking as though he was being scolded!

"...traitorous accusations! Not another word from you on this, do you understand me?" The king yelled, and it took all I had not to break out in laughter.

I cleared my throat as I had obviously intruded on their private conversation. The minute Northman spotted me, his eyes grew black and he was flying through the air. I shoved the bitch out of the way and prepared for his attack. However, two of Felipe's guards caught him midair and slammed him up against the wall.

"Well, pleasure seeing you as well, Sheriff," I said, watching as the guards restrained him back and bound him in silver chains.

All he could do was hiss and growl, making this situation even more divine.

"Victor, what brings you here this evening?" Felipe asked me as he eyed the telepath.

"Well, Your Majesty, I have brought a great gift to be added to your retinue." I held my hand out and motioned to the trembling girl.

"You have procured me the telepath? My, a great addition indeed!" Felipe eyed her and licked his lips.

"She is mine!" The Viking hissed as the silver burned into his flesh.

"I beg to differ, Sheriff. She belongs to no one at the moment. She is free for the taking, and it appears Victor has decided to do just that." I watched Felipe dart his eyes between the girl and the Viking, and knew this was going to be easier than I anticipated.

"Your Majesty, I would ask that you perform a formal bonding ceremony. I would like to claim her as my human as soon as possible," I asked him as politely as possible, the words stinging my throat.

"You will do no such thing! She will never accept you!" Again, the Viking bellowed...he was a nuisance.

I walked over to him - his body wrapped tightly in silver - and hit him as hard as possible in the mouth. I had heard enough of his bitching. The girl sniveled in the corner as she watched the situation unfold.

I looked at him, the once mighty Sheriff. Within the hour, he would be nothing more than history. He would be nothing but a pile of ash, ready to be swept away. I smiled at him, knowing how quickly things were about to change.

"As I was saying...I would like to bond with her as soon as possible. I fear she will need extraneous amounts of training and it can't be put off. Her relationship with the Sheriff was obviously out of the ordinary for our kind, and I'm afraid she is in for quite a shock." I looked over to her, disgusted with the amount of fluid leaking from her eyes and her nose.

"Of course, I can see where you would be concerned. I happen to agree with your opinion on her previous relationship. I think Eric did not show her the true meaning of being a vampire's human. But, if this telepath is a gift to my retinue, why are you asking to bond with her? Shouldn't I have the honor?" Felipe glared at Eric, adding further rage to his body.

Was he fucking kidding me? Like I would give up my ace in the hole! I choked back and looked at the king.

"With all due respect, Your Majesty. I successfully claimed the girl, and have proved myself worthy of taking her as my own. Besides, I have no problem sharing her - should the need arise." I smiled, my fangs glistening in the fluorescent light which illuminated the room.

"Hmph. Well, I think that is an acceptable compromise. I shall perform the ceremony for you as soon as you both can get cleaned up. You seem to have an offending odor clinging to you, and it is very bothersome," the King responded, turning his back.

"What? Felipe, you can't mean this! You promised me you would help me! What are you doing?" the girl said and screamed, running towards the king.

A growl escaped my chest and I grabbed her by the neck, forcing her down on to her knees.

"You will not speak to the King with such disrespect!" I yelled and could feel my fingers gauge the flesh of her neck.

She sobbed, making me to want to kick her across the room. Hearing her snivel was going to wear on my patience.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Stackhouse, but you seem to be mistaken. I can assure you, when you are in my company, you will be treated well." Felipe cooed to her, running the tip of his finger over her collar bone.

"Please, please don't do this. Eric, please help me!" she sobbed.

"Sookie...I can't. I have no power to stop them," the Viking whispered to her, his voice almost cracking.

Oh, the pleasure this night was shaping up to be! Felipe had agreed to my compromise, but I knew damn well I'd never have to share the whore with him. The Viking was already restrained in silver, making my disposal of him even easier. The telepath was going to have my blood running through her body soon and hers through mine. Yes, a good night indeed.

"Victor, I suggest you go get cleaned up before the ceremony. I've had all I can tolerate of your stench," Felipe chastised. It would be the last time he ever gave me a fucking order.

"Certainly, Your Majesty. The girl had an incident in the car on the way over. Needless to say, my car will need to be reupholstered and detailed at great length. She will be receiving quite the punishment for her disrespect." I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet, not caring for the yelp she gave.

"Yes, well, obviously she had some sort of trauma on the way over, given the fact her shirt and undergarments are torn from her body and she has a clear bite mark. Perhaps it was a reaction to your handling of her?" Felipe asked and actually raised his fucking eyebrow at me!

"You will soon see, Your Majesty, she is quite delectable. I couldn't resist a sample as we drove over. Her clothing was merely in the way, an obstacle. She will need to get used to nudity as I fully plan on training her to serve me for the first year in just that- nothing." I laughed.

"I see. She will be your human so that is your choice. Now, please retire to the second floor master suite, and I will have the guards escort Ms. Stackhouse to the third floor suite. I would like to be done with this ceremony within the hour. I have other unfinished business to take care of this evening." Felipe waved his hand and dismissed me. It took all I had not to rip his throat out right there.

My mind reeled with the fact that I had just put the highly sought after telepath at Felipe's feet, promised him the joy of feeding and fucking her whenever he so wanted, and proved to him just how easy it was to take down the fucking great Eric Northman! And after all that, he dismisses me? Fuck! I can't wait to drive the stake right through him!

I turned and watched as the guards whisked the whore to the third floor and followed to the second. As soon as I shut the door behind me to my suite, I removed the sharpened stake from my breast pocket and placed it on the desk, knowing it'd be of good use very soon.


I sat there- wrapped in chains- and waited, thinking of everything I wanted to do to Madden. All the different ways I wanted to make him suffer for even thinking about Sookie. Her pain and suffering would be turned on him tenfold.

After what felt like hours, I heard Felipe approaching and speaking to Victor. They walked in the room and Madden smiled at me as he saw I was still chained.

Laugh now, asshole. Your existence on this earth will be snuffed out in a matter of minutes.

I turned my head to the door as I could hear Sookie sniffling in the stairway leading towards the foyer. I could also hear the guards asking her to speed it up as they were obviously impatient with her. When she finally emerged, I was even more thankful that someone gave her new clothing- Felipe no doubt.

It was nothing fancy- just a simple white skirt which came down to just below her knee and a light blue sweater which showed off one of her greatest assets. I noticed her hair was soaked from the shower, but at least she looked a little better. She looked more herself- she was a goddess - my goddess.

"I see that you found the clothes I had placed in your room. I apologize if the fit is off, it was all I could get from the staff with such short notice," Felipe spoke, giving Victor a look which told him not to question his decision.

All Sookie did was nod her head, certain she would be hurt if she spoke.

"Well, shall we get on with it? I'd like to have her naked again within the hour." Victor laughed, causing her to jump.

"Yes, just let me get the knife and a chalice-"

"No, I prefer no chalice. I fear she will be difficult and will refuse to drink from the cup. I would like to cut a wound and know she is drawing the blood from it," Victor said, cutting Felipe off.

"Fine, fine. Let me get the knife." Felipe turned towards his desk and began rummaging through his top drawer. He produced a dagger sheathed in leather.

I knew this was not a ceremonial knife as there were very few in existence, and one of them happened to be in my safe at home. If Victor was looking for only a bonding ceremony, this would be fine, however, if he was looking to create a marriage the same as Sookie and I shared, this was not the knife with which would do it.

Victor grabbed Sookie by the hand and yanked her to his side. While he busied himself with telling her she was going to take his blood even if he had to force it down her throat, I went to work on my restraints. I needed to get free- quickly.

Just as Felipe began speaking to Sookie and Victor about the importance of a blood bond, I felt the last of the chains slip from my wrists, my years of being held against my will finally paying off. Though not impervious to its effects, the time Connor held me bound in silver and tortured me with its results, allowed my body to build somewhat of a tolerance to the metal. I was out of those chains faster than imaginable, and on top of Victor, squeezing his throat and slamming his head against the hardwood floor.

"You will never have her, she is mine!" I screamed as I pounded him.

"Eric, come now, let Victor speak." Felipe spoke in a soothing tone- completely unaffected by my sudden freedom.

I yanked Victor up from the ground, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly.

"What? How...how did you get free?" Victor stared at me, his eyes as wide as saucers and full of fear. He quickly added, "Your Majesty, I demand he be sentenced to death for this unjustified attack!" Victor seethed while trying to get out of my vice grip.

Sookie just stared like a deer caught in car headlights. This was all so overwhelming for her and right now she had no idea what was going on.

"Eric, can you explain why you have just attacked Victor?" Felipe asked in a tone which sounded as though he was asking a preschooler why they had just eaten paste from the Elmer's jar.

"Him! It was all him! Madden planned my entire disappearance, my torture, my final death. But, that's not all, he plans on sending you to your final death as well!" I yelled, unable to keep my rage inside. At this point, I was thankful Sookie and I no longer shared our bond, or I'm sure she would be terrified by what she was feeling right now.

"Nonsense! You can't be serious!" Victor growled.

"Do you deny these allegations? I will remind you the penalty for treason and lying to your king is final death." Felipe's voice took on a very serious, very menacing tone.

"I have done nothing of the sort! He should be sent to his death for even suggesting it! I deny all of his accusations!" Victor shouted, and I couldn't stop the smile which spread across my face. He just sealed his fate, more so than the proof I already had.

Felipe flicked his eyes towards me and nodded, giving me the signal to provide the proof which would send Victor to his true death.

"Victor, you're certain the accusations the Sheriff is making are false?" Felipe was giving him one last chance to confess- as if that would happen.

"He's lying, Victor set it all up! Felipe, he's lying!" Sookie's screaming voice penetrated the room, echoing off the walls.

"Shut your mouth, you fucking whore. You will not speak unless I tell you to speak!" Victor tried to make a move towards her, but I would have none of it.

Just the way he spoke to her caused my blood to turn colder. I punched him as hard as I could, hearing his jaw crack as my fist connected with his chin.

"Is there proof?" Felipe asked, turning towards me.

Victor tried to yell something, but his broken jaw seriously impaired his attempts to speak.

I pulled the contract, signed by Victor himself from my pocket and handed it to Felipe, knowing damn well the King had already taken a look at this previously. He put on a good show of scrutinizing the document.

"Hmm- Victor, it appears your signature is on this contract. This contract clearly lays the groundwork for a fairy named Connor to abduct and send the Sheriff to his final death. This is rather damning evidence." Felipe held the document out in front of Victor so he was able to see.

"Clearly a fake, I would never have business dealings with a fairy. How much did you pay to have this made, Northman?" Victor deflected to me, his jaw now healed.

"Ah, all I had to do was torture it out of the fairy, Madden. As soon as he thought he could save his sweet ass, he sang like a canary. He not only told me where I could find the contract, but told me all about the plans to capture Sookie. You see, Connor was going to double cross you. He wanted Sookie for himself. He wanted to finish the job Naeve and Lochlan had started with her...the same job you kept me from!" I started to shake him as my grip tightened on his shoulders.

"You can't prove anything with that piece of paper, Northman!" he insisted.

"He's right, Eric. Do you have anything else to show as evidence?" With Felipe's words I heard Sookie let out a distraught sob. She really thought it was over. I looked over at her and her face was one of pure defeat.

Without thinking, I released Victor, shoving him to the floor and ran to Sookie. I cradled her in my arms and kissed her, needing her to know we hadn't lost. Just feeling her in my arms was amazing, feeling as though I hadn't held her in years, even though it had only been hours.

"Don't you touch her! She belongs to me!" Victor growled as he began to get to his feet and charged at us. Luckily, Felipe was quicker, and grabbed him before he could reach us.

In vampire speed, Victor was detained by Felipe's guards, and bound in the silver chains which previously restrained me. Victor looked around as though he was lost.

I held Sookie tighter to me, knowing it would calm her. She buried her face in my chest, her warms tears soaking through the material. I whispered in her ear, "It's all right, I have all the proof I need, and Victor will not live to see another night. You will be safe, I promise."

I placed my finger under her chin and gently raised her face to mine. I kissed her softly, allowing her mouth to lead in this practiced dance. She was tentative at first, but as soon as I lightly ghosted my tongue over her lips, she deepened the kiss. The passion she poured into that kiss alone was enough to make me want to end this all now and get her home.

I forced myself to pull away from her and kissed the tip of her nose gently. I turned to face Victor, still fighting against his restraints and walked over to him slowly. I bent my knees so I could get to his eye level and just stared at him, watching the wheels in his head turn with panic.

"So, shall we see what additional proof I have, hmm, Victor?" I teased, enjoying his fidgeting way too much.

I reached into the pocket of my jeans and produced the cell phone which held his crazy, over achieving confession. I pressed the button slowly, drawing out the dramatic effect for the moment. I looked back at Sookie, her eyes were fixed on the small, silver phone.

The room fell silent as we all waited for the recording to start. I could hear the fast, shallow breaths of Sookie as her heart pounded in her chest with anticipation. The moment Victor's voice was projected from the phone I heard her gasp in surprise, her hand covering her mouth

I played the entire message, my eyes flicking between Victor and Felipe. I already knew Felipe had had listened to the recording, but watching the show live was ten times more satisfying. If it was possible for Victor to become paler than his current shade of white, it would have happened. His entire body froze, shocked at hearing his own confession.

"Do you think we need to hear it again, just for accuracy?" I asked, waving the cell phone in front of Victor's nose.

"No, I think I got it all. Victor, you do realize this is the end, correct?" Felipe asked, a grim laugh to his words.

"This is a fake! This could have been manipulated in any way..." Victor shouted, but was quickly cut off.

"Enough! I will not listen to another word out of your lying mouth...Sheriff, do with him what you like." Felipe's words stunned him into silence...briefly.

"So that's how you got free! Both of you conspired against me! You can't do this to me! I acquired that little whore! I am more superior than either of you will ever be!" He kicked and flailed against the chains, further burning his flesh.

Apparently, Felipe heard enough of his ranting and signaled for a guard to retrieve something from his closet of weaponry. The guard retrieved a silver gag, and make quick work of strapping it to Victor's head, effectively silencing him.

I turned around and looked at Sookie, who had sunk to her knees on the floor. The tears fell freely from her eyes, soaking her borrowed sweater.

I walked over to her, stopping in front of her and watching her raise her eyes all the up to meet mine.

"It's over? He can't take me?" she whispered, her eyes darting around the room nervously.

"No, my love, he can't take you from me, ever again," I said softly.

She rushed to her feet, throwing herself at me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I held her to me tightly, basking in the feel of her warmth. She was shaking with joy and with shock. It had been a long night, and I wasn't done yet.

I pulled her away from my body, looking deep into her eyes. I brushed the few stray strands of her golden hair away from her face, loving the way her cheek pressed into my hand.

"Sookie, I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that, can you forgive me?" I asked her, holding an unnecessary breath as I watched her take in my words.

She drew in a sharp, startled breath and blew it out slowly. I waited on her answer as though she was going to tell me the secret to walking in the sun again.

"Yes, Eric. I'm sorry it had to come to that, but it's over now."

She could barely finish her words before I was crashing my mouth down on hers. She had made me the happiest vampire in existence. The only thing which brought us out of our lust filled kiss was the sound of Felipe clearing is throat, although it was not needed.

"Sookie, my dear, I am sorry you needed to endure such an experience," Felipe said to her, bowing his head slightly.

"Please, I would be bonded to that animal if it wasn't for you both," she whispered, shaking her head.

I held her as tightly to me as possible, not wanting to let her go.


Sweet Jesus, Shepard of Judea! I stood a moment in shock, attempting to let the night's events fully sink in.

I took a deep breath, remembering how Felipe and his guards had chained Victor to that chair faster than I had seen anything before. Before I could even register everything, I was safe in Eric's arms, exactly where I belonged. I cried hard into his chest, knowing I was soaking his shirt with my tears, yet again. I just couldn't help the relief I felt when he held me.

Hearing Eric tell me he had further proof to end this game Victor was playing was the best news I had ever heard. I felt a wave of relief wash over me as I continued to sob into his hard body. When he lifted my face to his, I was afraid to kiss him- scared Victor would come out of his chains and hurt me.

The feeling of Eric's feather light kiss made my stomach flip, and his tongue just brushing my lips suddenly made me want to jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. All I could do was show him how much I wanted him, and pressed myself into the kiss more. I hoped he felt everything I was feeling, because I certainly wanted him to take me right there on the floor. I exhaled and realized I wasn't dreaming. Everything had really happened.

I remembered Eric pulling away from our kiss- I knew he there was still unfinished business to take care of. However, I was surprised when he pulled his cell phone from his pocket. He waved it in front of Victor's face, taunting him with it. I just stared at it, wondering how a phone could possibly hold to proof we needed.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. My mouth dropped open, and I needed to actually cover it up with my hands to cover my embarrassment. Eric had managed to get a recording of Victor confessing to everything, not just his kidnapping. It was a miracle.

I would say Victor actually looked nauseous. His own mouth had sealed his fate, and now he was acting like a pathetic animal. The amused look on Eric's face wasn't helping the situation. And then it happened- Felipe gave Eric the authority to do whatever he wanted with Victor. He gave the okay for Eric to rightfully end Victor's undead life.

As expected, there was more denial's and bellyaching from Victor, so Felipe gagged him...with silver. It was all very surreal...this moment. I had lost everything when Eric was gone. My life was essentially ruined by the man chained before me. Now, he was the master of his own demise. I hadn't realized it, but at some point I fell to my knees, overcome by everything.

I cried for everything I had lost; my bond with Eric, our commitment to one another, our trust and the life we were starting to build together. I cried for the fact I was unsure if Eric would ever be able to want me like that again someday.

I saw him come to stand before me and looked as far up as possible, meeting his blazing blue eyes. If I didn't know any better, I would have called the look love. I launched myself at my Viking, just wanting to feel his strong arms around me.

He begged me for forgiveness, as though he could have prevented Victor from taking me and treating me the way he did. It was long forgotten, as the only thing that mattered was Eric and I. I buried my head in his chest and breathed in the scent which made me feel so at home and safe.

Suddenly, I desperately wished I could feel what Eric was feeling, and it made that sinking feeling inside me open up even more. We had lost our bond because of Victor, a bond I had once resented, but realized after it was too late, how much I loved.

I let go of all my fear and took another deep breath- yes, I was finally caught up to everything around me. I looked up into Eric's clear, sparkling eyes and knew what I needed to ask.

"Eric, would you rebond with me, right now?" I was shocked I had the courage to ask, but given the events of the night, I was entitled to a little forwardness.

I watched his eyes grow wide in surprise, and for a moment, I felt as though I was going to die from the silence. His eyes searched my face, looking for any sign of doubt. All I could do was look back at him, hoping he could see the desire and need which my request held.

After what felt like hours, he finally brought his lips to mine, softly kissing away my doubts.

"Yes, right now," he whispered in my ear, causing me to let out the breath I had been holding for centuries.

Eric turned to Felipe and smiled. He of course had heard our conversation and knew what Eric was going to request of him. Eric didn't even need to ask.

"It would be my honor to bring the two of you back to where you belong." Felipe bowed his head in my direction, and I was so thankful for his offer.

I watched as he retrieved some items from his apparent magic closet, all the while Eric rubbed circles on my back. I was more than ready to have this piece of Eric and I back.

In vampire speed, Felipe stood before us with a very old dagger. Now, I'm no specialist when it comes to the Supernatural world, but I know the knife he was holding wasn't one which was used often in any of the vampire bonding ceremonies I had seen or heard about.

Felipe removed the dagger from its leather sheath, and the cold steel of the blade shined as though he had purchased it just today. It was clearly well cared for, despite its rather modest appearance.

Felipe looked from me to Eric and then to the dagger he held firmly in his grasp.

"Lourdes would be proud," he said while bringing the knife to his lips.

A single tear escaped my eye as his words hit home. He was going to use the knife he had used to bond himself and Lourdes, and the sentiment was beyond emotional for me.

"Thank you, for everything," I sobbed, unable to control myself any longer.

I turned to Eric, ready to be his again. I looked up into his eyes and nodded, letting him know I was ready. All we really needed to do was share blood, but I wanted this to be special, so I took his hands in mine and let him know everything which was in my heart.

"Eric, when you were gone, my life fell apart. I was a stubborn, pig-headed fool for not realizing sooner how much I loved you. You have always been there for me and protected me, even if the ways you did it were less than ideal at times. The first time we bonded was not under the best of circumstances, but know this, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I may have fought you tooth and nail because of it, but it was because I wasn't willing to see how much I truly needed you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I will love you with all my heart for the rest of my life. I love you, Eric Northman. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love another person, and getting you back is second best thing to ever happen to me," I felt the tears falling from my eyes as I spoke the words. He was my everything, and we had lost too much of our lives together.

Eric rubbed tiny circles over the backs of my hands and looked into my eyes while I poured my heart out. Just feeling his touch gave me the strength to tell him how much I loved him. Even though he had never told me he was in love with me, I was sure I had enough love for the both of us.

I turned to Felipe and held my wrist out to him, watching as Eric did the same. In two quick motions, Felipe placed a wound on each. We brought each other's wrists to our mouths, and drank deeply, never taking our eyes off one another.

"Lover, in all of my existence, I have only been truly scared a few times. Tonight, when I realized Victor had you, and you were gone...I was scared. The idea of losing you became my reality, and I was terrified. The entire time you were gone all I could think about was all of the things I never had a chance to tell you. You are the best part of my world, the light I search for every night. I love you, Sookie. I love you like I have never loved another, and I plan on telling you every night for the rest of your life. You are my everything, and I will never let you go. You are mine." Eric spoke softly as a single red tear slid down his porcelain white skin.

I reached up and brushed it away with my thumb, basking in his words. He loved me. I could feel how much he loved me and it took my breath away. I reached up on my tip toes and kissed him as deeply as I could, without jumping his bones in front of Felipe.

The only way to describe the feeling was... magic. I could feel Eric coming to life from inside of me with each pull I took. The look of desire and lust which came over his face was suddenly rushing through my body. God, I had missed him so badly. Every emotion he was feeling came to life inside of me, taking my breath away.

As his wound closed, he gently licked my wrist, sealing the incision. In a blink, he was crashing his mouth into mine, devouring me. I returned his kiss with equal passion, unable to suppress the need which was taking over my body. But, I quickly remembered Felipe was right in front of us.

I stepped back from him and glanced at Felipe, out of breath and my lips swollen from Eric's powerful kiss. I turned my eyes back to Eric as I felt my cheeks become heated from my blush. I felt Eric's arms tighten around my waist and he pulled me closer to him.

The blood flowed between us, sparking with its magical energy, letting us both know how much we had truly missed.

Once we had completed our bond, I turned to Felipe and hugged him, truly thankful for all he had done for me over the past few months. He had become my confidant, my friend, and my rock. Now that Eric could feel me again, I was pretty sure he was feeling the admiration and thankfulness I held for his King.

"Lover, as bad timing as this may be, I need to take care of a few things before we leave for home," Eric whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver.

Of course, a few things was Victor, who was seated in the corner of the room, fighting against his silver chains and gag. I knew Eric was going to kill him, and hell, he deserved it.

"I know. If it's okay, I'll wander around the library while you take care of everything, and then we can go." I kissed him gently on the nose and he nodded, letting me know this was acceptable.

Eric and Felipe gathered a scorched and pissy Victor from the guards, and I made my way to the library, hoping to find a book to occupy my time.


The second her blood slipped into my mouth I could feel her. I could feel every ounce of life she had, and if I needed to breathe, she would have taken my breath away. I knew the instant her blood reached my throat our bond had never been completely broken by Connor. It was instant when it came back to life with all its magic. I have never felt such pure, unconditional love as I felt in that moment. Every doubt I ever had was washed away, leaving before me the most precious of all things- her.

Her life coursed through my body, causing my limbs to tingle. This is what I had been missing, she is what I had been missing. I watched her drink deeply from my wrist, and the lust I had for her came racing to the surface. All I wanted to do was take her right then and there. And like magic, I could feel her own lust being returned, letting me know she too was feeling everything.

I couldn't take it, I needed her. As soon as I could heal the cut on her wrist, I was attacking her mouth as though I hadn't tasted her in years. Our blood mingling on our lips further fueling my need to have her. She was my everything, and then it hit me, I had never told her just how much she meant to me. I quickly remedied that, telling her just how much I loved her.

I had always been so consumed by doubt; doubt in her acceptance of the bond, doubt in her feelings for me, even doubt in my actual feelings for her, that I never actually spoke the words I knew deep down to be true- I loved her. Suddenly, the overwhelming feeling of need came over me, and I couldn't wait another second to tell her exactly how I felt.

I watched her face and felt her emotions as I spoke the words to her, knowing how happy she was. The word doubt would never have a place in our world again. I could feel how much she loved me, and I knew she was feeling the amount of love and pride I had in her. She reached up and kissed me a kiss which was both sweet and predatory, letting me know she needed me as much as I needed her.

I watched her as she gave Felipe a very grateful hug, letting him know how much she appreciated everything he had done for her in the past months. For a brief moment, I allowed myself to feel the guilt over ever doubting her, for allowing myself to believe she and Felipe had become lovers. Having our bond back, I knew how wrong I was.

And then I became angry, angry over my rash behavior and my stubborn ways. It wasn't Sookie's fault I treated her the way I did. It was my fault, brought on by Victor's malice. I turned to look at him, shackled in the silver, his skin burning slowly. I could feel the grim spread across my face as I knew my revenge would be sweet.

"Lover, as bad timing as this may be, I need to take care of a few things before we leave for home." I whispered in Sookie's ear, loving the way her body trembled from my mouth against her skin.

She looked me in the eye and nodded, knowing full well what I was getting at. I felt acceptance and even pride from her, and I knew things were going to be different this time around. She asked Felipe for permission to nose around his library, and with a nod of the King's head, we were escorting Victor to his final death.


I perused the shelves of Felipe's massive library. I have no idea what I was looking for, there were so many books- all original. I couldn't get the feelings of pure bliss and pure evil out of my body. I know it was a perfect combination of what Eric and I were both feeling, and right now, Eric's anger and his vampire nature were coming at me full force.

I knew he was going to kill Victor, and I wanted him to. The monster didn't deserve to live another night, and I'd be damned if I was going to stop Eric from making sure he turned to ash. But, feeling all the hate and darkness coming from Eric was pretty scary itself.

I curled up in a big, leather arm chair next to the fireplace and waited, casually leafing through a copy of The Great Gatsby. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate, but at least it felt like I was doing something.

Suddenly, everything stopped. There were no feelings of darkness, no feeling of happiness or satisfaction- nothing. I panicked and jumped out of the chair, afraid something had happened to Eric. To go from something so strong, to pure emptiness was way too extreme. I ran towards to door of the library and crashed right into a blood stained Eric.

"What happened? Are you all right, are you hurt?" I shouted, breathless with worry.

"Lover, let's go home," he replied, picking me up in his arms.

"But everything stopped...I couldn't feel..." His kiss silenced my question, and all I could do was wrap my arms around his neck in response.

"Let's go home," he whispered again. I nodded softly, seeing the determination in his eyes.

The minute we exited Felipe's house he took to the sky, flying faster than I have ever felt him fly before. I squeezed him as hard as I could, afraid of falling, but knowing Eric would never allow me to fall. The wind whipped past us, whirling in my ears.

Before I knew it, we were touching down on his property. He placed me softly on my feet, kissing me gently as I regained my balance. I looked at my surroundings, overcome by the last few hours. It felt like a lifetime ago, yet it was a mere blink of an eye in my life. I looked at the front door and then to Eric.

"Pam knew the door needed to be replaced, and I'm assuming there will be a new security system in place as well- along with new appliances and some small electronics," Eric stated nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders in the process as he closed the door behind us.

I didn't really have time to notice, as soon as the front door was open, Eric had be in his arms and pressed up against the hallway wall. He ground his rock hard erection into me, letting me know how ready he was to take me. I gasped as I felt him press into me, desperate to feel him inside of me.

I clawed at his shoulders, practically ripping the bloodstained shirt from his body. I needed to feel his skin pressed against mine. I wanted to drag my mouth over his body and hear him hiss my name. As quickly as I had divested him of his shirt, he did the same with mine, only he wasn't as gentle. Given it was a borrowed sweater, I wasn't too concerned. He eyed Victor's still present bite mark on my chest and growled, heightening my arousal. His mouth was then pressed into my breast, sealing the unsightly reminder of the night.

I reached for his jeans, my hands frenzied and shaking as I tried to manage the zipper. Once I had them undone, I pushed them down, allowing Eric to step out of them. His mouth attacked my neck, kissing and licking every exposed area he could get at. I was on fire for him, my essences running down my thighs. I needed him to take me now.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as my skirt slid up, and leaned my back against the wall. He grabbed my hips and slammed himself inside of me, causing me to scream out in pleasure. My eyes locked with his as he slid in and out, bringing me more and more pleasure with each motion. His name fell from my lips with each thrust.

I grabbed a fist full of his blond hair and pulled his face to mine, needing to taste his mouth on mine. We kissed deeply, our tongues matching the rhythm of our bodies. With no warning, my body exploded in ecstasy, not allowing Eric the chance to climax along with me. I gasped and panted as I tried to regain my breath and my strength.

My legs were still wrapped around Eric, and I rested my sweaty head on his cool shoulder. I felt Eric press a cool, gentle kiss into my temple- his still present erection filling me, promising more.

"Lover, get your strength back, we have hours until dawn," he whispered, and my body shivered in response to his promise.

I raised my head to look at him, but was only met by his beautiful, deep blue eyes. I was instantly getting another wave of energy and giggled, knowing we had to at least make it to the bedroom.

I looked around at the hallway and our clothes strewn everywhere. Yup, it was good to be home. Eric carried me upstairs, my legs still tightly wrapped around his waist. I don't think I had ever felt as happy as I did in that moment, wrapped around him like a pretzel.

"Thank you, Eric. Thank you for everything...tonight," I was becoming unhinged and I couldn't understand why I was suddenly feeling so emotional. I was right where I belonged, and Eric was with me. It was just as it should be.

"You don't ever need to thank me, Sookie. I will always be there for you, always. I'm sorry for the way things happened the past few days. None of this was your fault, and I took it out on you anyway. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself for the way I treated you, or the things I said to you. Just know I love you more than anything else in this world, or any other world. I will always protect you and love you - always."

I didn't have time to respond to his declaration, as I was on my back instantly while he placed wet, open mouthed kisses down my body. I moaned, loving the way his tongue glided over my hot skin. I involuntarily squirmed under his touches and I could feel his devilish grin as he held me down with one of his giant hands.

The second his cool tongue flicked over my already sensitive nub, I thought I was going to spontaneously combust. My hands fisted in his hair, pulling from both his pleasure and torture. He devoured me like I was going to be his last meal. His mouth was magical and I was in pure heaven. I could feel his fangs grazing against my sensitive skin and I wanted to jump out of my skin from the anticipation.

I could feel the tight coil of my second orgasm building in my belly, and I begged Eric to bring me over the edge. His tongue worked over my nub as he inserted two fingers inside of me, brushing the spot deep inside he knew so well. In a matter of seconds I was screaming his name, praising him to every god I could think of.


She made the most beautiful face when she came, and I wanted to see it many, many more times tonight. While her body was still quivering from her climax, I adjusted myself and slid inside of her, giving her yet another orgasm. I felt her muscles tighten and contract around my cock, massaging me as I watched her beautiful face.

When I knew she was ready, I grabbed her leg and hitched it up over my thigh, allowing me deeper access to her. I kissed her deeply until I knew she needed to breathe, but still not wanting to release her lips.

"Sookie, look at me, watch me while I make love to you. Know I am going to make love to you like this every night for the rest of your life," I promised her as I thrust in and out of her writhing body.

Suddenly, she became frantic. Her movements more intense and forceful. She looked at me with a wicked glint in her eye and nipped my bottom lip, drawing the tiniest amount of blood. I watched as her tongue darted out and licked the droplet from my skin, causing me to want to fuck her even harder.

Before I knew what was happening, I was slamming into her, the sound of our naked flesh slapping, echoing through the room. I was chanting her name, completely lost in the feeling of our newly renewed bond. It was pure magic.

I leaned over her, licking the sweat from her glistening body. I could feel through the bond how happy she was, and combining that with my current state of bliss, I was ready to explode. But, I wanted to taste her sweet blood as I came.

I swiftly bit into my wrist and offered it to her. She smiled and wrapped her lips around the wound. The moment I felt her mouth on my wrist, I bit into her neck. My climax followed a moment after her blood began flowing down my throat. I could feel her body shaking and knew she too had come at the same time, our sharing of blood adding to the pleasure. I finished drinking from her and gently licked her neck, pulling her exhausted body into mine.

"I have never felt more complete than I do right in this very moment," she whispered, her voice trailing off as she started to fall asleep.

"You will never have a reason to feel incomplete again, my love. We have returned home to one another, and we'll never be gone again," I whispered, kissing her head softly.

As soon as I knew she was deeply sleeping, I made my way out of bed and grabbed my cell phone. I dialed the number to Felipe and he picked up almost instantly.

"I will come for him in two nights. I want to spend tomorrow night with Sookie and I don't want distractions. Can you please keep him, 'entertained' for me until I retrieve him, Your Majesty?" I asked, knowing the King would have no issues holding on and torturing Victor for a bit more time.

"Splendid. Thank you again for everything, Your Majesty. I am in your debt," I spoke humbly and hung up the phone.

I watched my Sookie sleeping and thanked my gods for her life. She was everything to me, and Victor Madden almost destroyed every part of that. Well, he was going to pay dearly, and there was no one better to make him suffer than me.

I climbed back in bed with my wife knowing how lucky I was. I had her love, our bond, and the promise of a very fulfilling hobby involving the torture of Victor Madden in my future.

"Is that all you have for me?" Sookie asked in a whisper, her voice catching me by surprise.

"Not even close, my love." I answered, crashing my lips on hers. "I'm just getting started..."