Scene One:

Mac is sitting and reading a science book. Bloo comes in.

Bloo: Hey, Mac.

Mac: Hi, Bloo.

Bloo: What's up?

Mac: Nothing. Just studying for the Big Science Test.

Bloo: Studying?! Why study when you should be PLAYING?!

Mac: My mom says that if I don't pass, I can never come back to Foster's ever again! Never!

Bloo: Never come back to Foster's again?! Never?! OK! Let's get studyin'! So… What are we studying? Math?

Mac: Uh… It's the Big SCIENCE Test, Bloo! I already passed the Big Math Test!

Bloo: Oh. (Sarcastically) Right. (Back to normal) What's this book for?

He holds up Mac's textbook.

Mac: It's my science book.

Bloo: Why use a book when you can ACTIVELY study?!

He throws the book away.