[The Superior Quality: V i n t a g e]


Chapter 12:

"There are two sides of the world that, when born, only one we may see.

The one you can see now is the one that is right.

And the other is only for me."

The Understanding of the Dragon; His new view.


"How.. how did you get here Beatrix?" Draco asked obviously astounded the woman was in the portrait before him. He stepped closer, still gazing at the fair-skinned lady.

"To you a portrait ends at the edge of each canvas, when truly it never ends. I simply wandered around the world of art until I found this one." Beatrix answered truthfully, moving her arms from around her waist to her sides. She heaved a heavy sigh and turned to the backroom where the injured and petrified Hermione sat and sobbed, "What did you do Draco?"

Draco's mind whirled from the wonder of what Beatrix meant to where her gaze was now transfixed, "Oh.." he let out, his eyes drowning with guilt, "I intimidated the other one." he responded softly.

"The other one?" Beatrix turned back to him, her eyes wide and confused, "You mean Hermione, right?"

"Well.. I mean the one who took over the real Hermione; the one that's not in the portrait." Draco corrected sharply, seething anger to whom he meant.

Beatrix frowned, and gave a sharp inhale, "Oh my.. you've got it all wrong Draco." she said low shrilly tone. Her face paled, bringing her hands up to her chest as she gave a sad--pensive look back at the Hermione huddled in the other room in the portrait. She diverted her eyes back to him, pools of tears forming on the corners of her ruby-colored eyes.

Seeing the sudden horrific change with Beatrix, Draco wondered what suddenly upset her, "What? What did I have all wrong, Beatrix?" he asked in a hushed determined whisper.

"Hermione.. the one out there..." Beatrix couldn't control the sudden emotion that came out of nowhere as a tear slid down her face, "The real one is the Hermione who is with you." she finished.

Draco's eyes shot wide, staring at the woman in disbelief, "No.." he pointed to the Hermione in the portrait, "No, she is the real one..."

Beatrix shook her head, "This is the copy that stores Hermione's emotions. She is not real; she is the fake." she clutched her forehead with one hand, "I knew I should have gone earlier to tell you this, but I know she had explained it to you earlier; did you not listen to her?"

Upheaving with more hate to himself than ever, Draco stumbled back to the bed and threw his back against it. Facing the swirling blue ceiling, he groaned and placed his hands over his face and rubbed furiously, "She explained! I ..didn't hear her say she was the real one! She had denied that she was the real Hermione!"

Emotions of immorality to himself washed all around him, choking him of his supply of air. He couldn't believe at how big of a mistake he had done. He had titled her as the fake, when clearly, she was in fact the real one. And he had called her a defect, told her she was not wanted, accused her that it was all her fault.

"... She never told you that the one in the portrait was a copy?" Beatrix sighted.

Draco shook his head, his head still hidden under his hands, "She had said herself that the one in the portrait is the real Hermione." he gave a groan again and sat up, raking his hair with the hands on his face. He faced Beatrix with an obscure face, matching surprisingly her own.

Beatrix began to think..
If the real Hermione thought the real one was in the portrait.....
Her eyes darted wildly, searching for a conclusion in Draco's eyes, "She doesn't know she's the real one." a wild and disgruntled expression marked her face, "Draco, she does not know!"

As if directed to, Draco shot up from his seat and began to run out the door. He ran fast in the corridors, ignoring the surprised and questioning looks the other portraits were giving, and only thinking of how stupid and ashamed he felt. He knew it was suspicious when Hermione's face, faulted at his words earlier that morning. There was no way that was fake, but his mind interjected otherwise and already proclaimed her as the fake. His thoughts stung him inside, knowing that he had hurt her, and she had felt it. It wasn't meant for the real one, and yet that was who it was directed to.

Nearing the end of the long corridor and finally reaching the hall doors, he quickly pulled the wooden doors open and entered in a hurry.

"Hermione!" his voice echoed off, bouncing against the walls and reverting back to the center of the room. The hall was empty. No Death Eaters in sight, no Voldemort, no Lucius, no Narcissa. No Hermione. They had already left for the morning, to prepare their first attack.

His breath quickening in fury, he roared angrily and kicked the nearest long table, pushing over its chairs and cursing out loud to himself. He lunged his back against the stone wall and slid down to the floor. Grabbing the wooden stool beside him, he hurled it forwards, sending it a good 20 feet away and break into large pieces as it landed to the marble floor.

Sitting in the dark, nothing but an infinite supply of self-infliction, he rested his elbow on one lifted knee and held his forehead with a hand, thinking of how else to punish himself for being so narrow-minded and for hurting the person he never wanted to hurt.


The rumbling of wooden wheels clicked as the large black carriages made their way over the rocky roads and towards London's brilliant city. There were about 10 carriages, each holding people dressed in black clothing, who were thoroughly anxious about their business in London.

One black carriage up at front held the woman who had planned their business.

Hermione sat against her seat, her involuntary rocking constantly poking at her already high temper, and sparking shooting pains on her injured shoulder. Despite the heavy air around her, she looked quite calm from the looks of her outside. Her eyes were dull crimson as they trailed the scenic view of the countryside towns along the the side of the road, as well as the expression she held of pure peace.

Sat beside her was the woman who was not fooled by her outside appearance. Narcissa had seen the hurt, the rejecting feeling the girl in front of her had felt when her son had said those words.

Those words, of her being the fake; Narcissa did not believe it true. She hadn't seen what Draco had claimed the real Hermione, but she knew that the one before her held too much care and life that this had to be the true one. And she wondered why Hermione did not fight her existence that she was the true one. Does she not know herself?

What she was afraid of the most was that what if this girl was greatly broken inside by her son. From the looks of how she had reacted to her son's rude and vulgar predicaments, Narcissa had gotten that this Hermione held her son somewhere special in her mind and heart. Seeing that shatter before her eyes as Draco reciprocated her demand with such abusive and hateful words, Narcissa was in more deep worry for Hermione's well-being.

"You are so kind, Narcissa." Hermione's soft and thankful voice broke her train of thought; Narcissa gazed at her dumbfounded.

A meek smile showed itself on her lips, the very first ever since they left the base, as Hermione turned to her companion, "I knew it was a good idea to bring you along with me. You are the only one that could be so understandable."

Narcissa pondered a minute, trying to gain a reason as to what she was referring. It was soon that she had concluded it, and reflected a smile of her own, "You read my thoughts." she replied.

"A habit that comes in and out. It only works when a person is near and is thinking of something that is affecting them greatly." Hermione moved in her seat, trying to get comfortable with all the bumps and skids the carriage was making. Finding at good enough spot, she continued on, "I'm sorry to intrude, but I am not the real Hermione." she spoke out, her tone highly defiant but also ashamed.

"Impossible." Narcissa replied, "You must be, if not, there is no other. I have not seen this other Hermione that Draco is insisting real, but I know enough that it can't be true. You are too solid with life to be considered a copy."

After that, Hermione closed her lips, not wanting to respond to such a nice gesture in which she did not deserve. Instead, she turned back to face the carriage window, brushing the subject off her mind, and began to think about Draco, "Do you think he regrets what he said to me this morning?"

Narcissa noticed the subject changed by her and she didn't like it, but instead she went along, "I'm sure he regrets everything bad he has done to you." she answered softly. She watched the young woman in front of her as she nodded to her words and remained, silently gazing outside the small window. Narcissa shook her head, disturbed to see the girl so downtrodden by her son.

"Don't think so much, Narcissa." Hermoine once again broke her train of thought, "You worry a whole lot for others; I can hear it."

Giving a friendly smile, Narcissa nodded her head, "I apologize, my lady. It is.. sort of a mother's intuition to care for a child."

Hearing the word 'mother' made Hermione turn to Narcissa with wide opened eyes. She felt her stomach churn at the word, and she feverently searched inside her for the reason. Then she thought if the other Hermione was causing all this, and she cursed her form for sharing emotions with such a wreck. She didn't know why, but at that moment her patience narrowed and she prepared to state an unstoppable snidely remark.

"Hmph, except when that mother cares for nothing but money and sex, then where's the care for the child? Filthy people.." she grumbled, her brows lowering, "Society these days is so unbelievably disgusting, especially in the muggle world. I think my preposition is the only way those people with such nasty sin can suffer."

Once again, her subject was lost, and Narcissa found no hope into making the young woman understand her words. Sighing, she nodded in agreement at her statement; her plan for the beginning of all hell was a very good one indeed, although it was purely evil itself. She had wondered how such a girl came up with such a malignant performance for destruction. Hearing her own thoughts play in mind, she threw a quick glance at the girl, seeing if she had heard it in her own. The woman on the other side continued to gaze back to the scenery outside, her face rather disturbed than before, and Narcissa was thankful that she had kept her thoughts down enough that the girl did not notice.

"London is the perfect spot to start. So many people have sinned there." Hermione blurted out quietly, her tone a bit sing-song.

"Yes, my lady." Narcissa followed; those were the only words spoken throughout the rest of the trip.


The carriage following behind the one which held the leader of the small wizarding clan, had inside it another powerful and respected person who had an evil plan of his own. Voldemort grumbled in his seat as the rocks along the roads also disturbed him. He kept quiet most of the time, listening to the bickering of the other man with him, who has been bickering for most of the trip.

Across from him sat the other man, his face in a sneering perplexion as always, and his minds set on what his master was planning through all this.

"Putrid woman," Lucius began, his mind wrestling over his will to kill the girl who ruined everything for him and his lord, "I can only wait for the day I will be able to wring her neck with ease." he seethed.

"Shut up, Lucius." Voldemort finally let out, the heat and annoyance had poked the vein on his forehead too long, "It's only moments until the day will come. If we are lucky, today might be that day."

Lucius groaned in anger, his eyes finding the window, "Tell me, my lord, why is it we have to wait for that day to come?"

"As I told you before, that woman cannot be killed simply because the power she holds is still inside her. We have to wait for the day when she uses that power, and releases it. Then.."

"Then she can be killed." Lucius finished happily, a crooked smile playing on his lips.

Voldemort gave one of his own devious smiles, "Precisely. And it's only moments until she unleashes it. As of right now, we'll have to play along with her. Thanks to your son, our playing will soon end."

Lucius gave a hearty chuckle, "Once a Malfoy, always a Malfoy."


"I should have suspected such a pitiful mistake from a Malfoy." Beatrix nagged, refusing to eye the boy who was now crouched beside the portrait, his back facing her. "I should have known, I mean, it's the same thing he did. And of course, you have to be so narrow-minded and not notice how much that girl felt so.. abused after what you said to her this morning! What were you thinking?! Don't you think that maybe if she was a clone, she wouldn't have acted so? But no, you felt she was only playing with you..."

"Would you please shut the hell up Beatrix?!" Draco yelled, his strangled voice choking on his guilt. It had been at least an hour since he came back from the hall and found no one in sight, and he wondered if coming back to the room was either a very stupid idea, or that he truly deserved this verbal beating. As for now, all Beatrix's words were plaguing and teasing both his emotions and his mind; he couldn't take it.

Beatrix's smoldering eyes jumped up to his figure, "Well maybe if you hadn't made such a stupid mistake, I wouldn't have to be telling it all over your face that you are an absolute ass!" she took a deep breath before continuing, "That girl held a real emotion towards you, Draco. You practically killed her! She would have been willing to kill herself, didn't you know that?! Right now, that girl only depends on you to care for her because, as you've noticed, this is all controlled by what Hermione ideally wanted after she succumbed to her depression. And in cased you didn't notice this either, her world, this world, revolves around you!"

The boy who once sat in patience, was now standing up radiating with anger. He stood up, his face red and drained, and gazed back at the pestering woman who stood in the portrait, "I know what I did, alright! I screwed it up! I made a fool of myself! I ruined my chance to get her back! Is that enough, Beatrix, or do you want me to beat myself more about it?! Here I go! I am such a fucking moron for being a Malfoy! I am such a insensitive idiot for not noticing who the real Hermione was! I am such an asshole for not realizing who it was I really cared for! Even if I did these things, and all of them were wrong, that doesn't mean I won't get her back to me!

"And yes, I did notice that she had tried so much to try and make me happy here, and I regret the fact that I didn't use that to think straight. I am so sorry over all this that I might as well lock myself in the dungeons right now! Or maybe, even kill myself!" Draco breathed raggedly as he felt himself slip to the floor once more, his eyes hidden under the tufts of silver hair on his face fleeting to the dark corner of the room, "I... I love Hermione... Believe me, all the mean things I did to her during all this, I only did because of my self driven devotion to get her back to me... and I am willing to plea for my forgiveness because I am so afraid that I ruined all my chances already.. actually, I don't think I deserve any more chances."

And the room stood silent as Beatrix gazed at the boy in anguish. She knew he did not deserve what she had said about him, after all he was mislead through all this. Giving out a sigh, Beatrix walked to the wall where Hermione's copy who holds only emotions, sat. She took a good look at the girl from above, her small frame riddled with bruises and spots of blood. She felt so much pity for the girl as she was forbidden to see the world she was placed in with the cloth that covered her eyes. Smiling lightly as the girl fidgeted in her gaze and made room for her to sit beside her, Beatrix welcomed the invitation and sat down.

Turning her eyes outside of the portrait and to the sitting boy who was now eyeing her with wonder as she was able to sit beside the copy without it running off, Beatrix gave a smile, "She knows who I am. I know I told you she isn't the real one and she's only the emotions and feelings, but she has memory also. But the memories are a bit.. fluxed."

Sitting back, his upper body straddled by his elbows, Draco sneered, "Right.. no chance she'll have me in her memories then."

"Actually, you are there, only the definition of 'Draco Malfoy' is the git who picked on her for most of her time at Hogwarts." she mused, trying to ease the tensing air around Draco and herself slowly.

"Hmph, just great." Draco muttered.

The air fell to silence again, now annoying Beatrix more than ever. Giving a deep breath, she began her apology, "I shouldn't have said all that to you, Draco. Please forgive me."

Draco raised a hand and brushed it around the air, "Yeah, yeah. It was all true anyways.."

"I believe she will give you another chance, Draco. As long as you are truthful." Beatrix continued, "I believe that you do love her so.. And I am grateful that at least you hadn't done it to the point of her actually giving up something that could be between you two."

Raising an eyebrow, Draco looked over her questionably. He opened his mouth to speak, only to pause a couple of seconds before actually speaking up, "Is it just me, or do you know that this has happened before?"

Beatrix's face fell, a look that could only be made when a person staggers back from surprise. Furthermore, she kept her self calm; a gentle smile tugging the corners of her lips. She sat still, contemplating whether or not to tell the story, but decided that the boy might as well understand why it is her who will help the two.

"Nearly a century ago, when the wizarding world was a different kind of turmoil and its existence had only begun to appear quite vivid to the muggle world, a young woman and her family had their lives threatened for unexplained and baffling reasons. In the village in which they lived, both the young woman's parents were captured and burned in accusation that they were wicked people who 'danced with the devils'. Luckily the young woman and her younger brother managed to escape the frightening break in of their home, but was only left in tears as they watched their beloved mother and father die in front of their eyes. That night, the two ran off into the woods where they found a possible salvation from a small hut within the trees. The girl took a glimpse inside and noticed the old couple's small hut and shortage of food, and found it difficult that her brother and herself would be lucky enough to get to stay. So instead, she sacrificed herself, and commanded her brother to stay with the old couple. She watched in sorrow as her brother knocked at the door, casually eyeing her back in the shrouds with uncertainty, and was welcomed in by the couple. Happy that her brother was to be safe, she continued forth to find her own salvation.

"For many weeks, she walked in the dark musky nights outside of the country roads, hiding when the day rises, hoping to find a haven safe for her. Then one night, as she walked a steep hilly woods, something, another person, had bumped into her in the dark. At first she panicked, afraid that whoever it was knew who she was, and at the point where she turned around to run, the person grabbed her arms and kept her still. She was afraid of course, as the man held her on the wooded floor with his own weight. But before she made a muffled scream, she had heard heavy footsteps of horses, and thought to herself that maybe this man was not trying to violate her or capture her, but was only trying to keep them from getting the attention of the men on horses.

"And so they stayed still until day break when the two officially introduced each other. The girl had never seen a man her age quite stunning as that stranger. He was about a foot taller, his eyes were a deep shade of lavender, his hair was the color of a spider's silk, and his smile seemed to brighten the world more. Although his physical looks were the only thing good to say about him since he turned out to be such an arrogant brute and lacked so much in respect to others. She had learned that the man's name was Delucard Aloicus Malfoy, and was running from his father."

"Wait... This has happened?" Draco interrupted, his mind storing in all he information he had heard.

Beatrix nodded her head.

".. To a Malfoy nonetheless?" a flabbergasted Draco added.

"Yes, to a Malfoy like yourself." Beatrix replied, her smile widening.

Draco cocked an eyebrow, "So who's the girl? It wasn't a Granger was it?"

At that moment, Beatrix held both her brows up as she gazed at him.

Eyes widening with surprise, Draco's mouth gaped, "You can't be serious?! How could that have happened?! How could it have happened now?!"

Beatrix eyed the boy in displease, "Well if you would let me finish.. perhaps I could inform you just how."

Draco nodded, his eyes still wide, "So who is this Granger? What's her first name?"

"Her name.. was Beatrix." she exclaimed, amused to see the boy's expression bland so suddenly.

"You mean you, right?" Draco asked softly.

Beatrix gave a giggle and momentarily a nod, "Beatrix Marie Granger; that is me. This has happened before, and it was with me that it happened, and are you going to shut up and let me finish?" she let out, her tone a little pestered.

Draco waved a hand to her, signaling her to continue.

"Okay, let's continue. Now that you know I am the girl, I'll tell it in my point of view instead. Well, anyways, after I told him who I was, he asked if I was a witch. I told him honestly that my family was accused of being witches, but I didn't quite understand who a witch really was. It was then I was first introduced to my new name for the moment, a name from him, 'Mudblood'. I didn't understand what he meant, but I knew he didn't like it. He kept calling me that and muggle, and I just wondered if I stepped into some kind of alternated universe or if this guy was completely out of his mind. And as I stood there and listened to every bicker he had with me, and me not fully understanding why he was calling me all these names and spitting it out like it was poison, I began to bicker to him also.

"I think it was a day later that we ended our little verbal fighting and decided to move on. Although we despised one another, we did not want to separate for we felt it was safer. We stuck together, fleeting in the wooded areas at night, hiding when the sun rose from below, and by some miracle, our distaste against one another vanished into the thin air.

"Delucard began to tell me about the wizarding world, what witches were, what muggles where, and why he had ran from home. I on the other hand began to tell him my 'muggle' life, about my village, and the tragedy of my parent's death.

"Friendship began to blossom, and we hinted that love was nearing our relationship also. As quickly as it came, it also ended soon afterwards after we were found by a large group of horsemen whom Delucard warned me was his father's henchmen. Delucard was forced to be brought home, and through the struggle, I was brought along also. That was my first trip to the Malfoy Castle in Amsterdam.

"It was also the first time I met Delucard's father and mother, who were completely different people. For one, his father was a highly respected Count who was not a very nice man, and sent me, 'the filthy mudblood', straight away to the dungeons with the rest of the filth. And his mother, was the most angelic woman I've ever known. The night I was held in the dungeon, she paid me a visit and brought food and clothing.

"But that was all I saw of her after that day, for the next 4 weeks I was alone in the dungeon, drowning in pain and sorrow. And just like Hermione, I gave in to the depression I held locked inside and let out the malignant ambition I hid inside me. That's when I was separated from my most strongest and better emotions as it became a portrait itself."

"So you also split up with your emotions and trapped it in a portrait, just like her?" Draco pointed to the quiet Hermione sitting beside Beatrix.

Beatrix nodded, "It's the same thing, except I knew I was the real Beatrix, and that the one in the portrait was nothing but a copy with my feelings." she gave a deep long sigh, "And it's also different because.. it never got this far."

Draco sat back up, his attention patiently waiting for the next words that would escape from the woman's lips.

Leaning her head back, Beatrix gazed up on the portrait's ceiling, it's disturbing colors and decrepit effect shading her mood lower, "I became a servant of the Malfoy's once my powers released, a worthy accomplice that I accepted to be in order to take revenge to the cruel world. And I took in Delucard to stay on my side forever.. though he despised my new persona for he had already seen the portrait with my other soul. He did the same as you; indicating that I was not the real one and the one in the portrait was....

"And I felt like I lost my world." Beatrix finished the sentence softly, turning her eyes to the girl beside her with a frown, "I became delirious, and gave up my life. I killed myself to prove that I was real to him; an action I regret to do."

"You killed yourself.. when he didn't believe you?" Draco watched as the woman slowly nodded to his question, "What happened then?"

"I became entrapped in a portrait, as you can see, and I will be forevermore. Delucard, however, sought his mistake and also killed himself in his sorrow. When his father found out what had happened, he put a curse on the name 'Granger' that the same dark scene will repeat itself, and threw me in my portrait in the attic of the castle. It was only a century or two ago that Dumbledore requested my portrait after reading about the story of this curse. He knew during his time in Hogwarts, the curse would replay again.

"And he was right." Beatrix finished her story, sighing a bit from all the grief she remembered she went through. Turning her eyes to the pensive boy who was now staring at his feet, possibly feeling guilty, she flashed a caring smile, "I'm glad it was Hermione it happened to; she had the courage I didn't have. Otherwise, the same thing would of happened, and the curse would never be lifted from the Granger's name."

Draco, astonished from hearing such an incredible legacy, remained silent until he thought up of a common question, "Why haven't I heard of this story before? I am a Malfoy, you know."

Standing up from her seat, Beatrix crossed her arms as she walked towards the small picture frames above the fireplace mantle, "Not much of the Malfoy members knew about it. They all kept it quiet after Delucard's father died; I think his mother was the one who kept it a secret."

"Does my father know about it?" Draco continued to question.

"No, but I think Narcissa does. She is much like Delucard's mother." she reflected as she traced the picture of Draco on the mantle; it was faded and looked almost a thousand years old. Her eyes falling into pity, Beatrix spoke softly to him a warning, "Speak truthfully, okay Draco? She knows when you are lying, and she knows what you are deeply thinking inside. You can't win this if you don't believe what your heart is telling you, trust me."

Draco nodded in silence, his eyes wandering to the quiet Hermione in the portrait.

"Delucard never was one to believe his heart... and look what happened to us." Beatrix appended, her eyes moving to the boy outside the portrait, "Don't let that happen again."


"Augh Ron! Would you just knock it off?!" Harry yelled to his companion who was had been kicking the only exit of the dungeon room over and over in hopes of it to break off. He lazily eyed his flame-haired friend who eyed him with seriousness.

"I don't get it, Harry! How can you sit there, calm and quiet, when we are in a dungeon, in a base, full of Death Eaters?!" Ron questioned wildly, throwing his hands up in the air before huffly sitting back on his corner wall.

Dubious to answer, Harry scratched his nose and brushed the dark strands of hair hovering over his eyes, "I might be calm, Ron, but believe me, I have every intention of leaving this place as you do. But you know our chances of escaping with no help from the outside isn't really big."

Sighing, knowing his friend was right, Ron arched his head back as he stared at the dark, low ceiling above him, "What do you think happened to Hermione?" his question came from nowhere; it surprised even him.

Harry shrugged, "What else do you think happened? She turned evil, and works for Voldemort."

"Don't say his name, dammit!" Ron hissed.

"How would it matter now, Ron?! Voldemort! Voldemort! VOLDEMORT!!" Harry hissed back.

After his words finished echoing around the room, Ron cleared his throat to speak, "Is it just me.. or are we getting more and more delirious?"

"Well we haven't eaten in almost a day.. I guess we might be getting a little bit crazy." Harry answered back, his eyes drifting to the iron doors across from him; its small barred window that shown a sliver of light, teasing his freedom.

"...But really, how do you think Hermione became this way?" Ron continued on his question from before as he began to prod the stone floor with a withered stick.

Giving out an exasparated sigh, Harry grumbled and threw a couple of pebbles at the iron door, "How the hell should I know?"

The air around them held a pause.

"Bet you anything it's that stupid ferret, Draco. I knew it was too good to be true; her friendship with him. He was up to something." clenching the stick in his hand, Ron heaved his back to the wall and threw the stick aside, "Just wait until I get my hands on him..."

A guttural groan coming from Harry's stomach caught the two pairs of eyes in the room.

Face-faulting, Harry groaned, "Food!!" He sluggishly leaned his head to the rough, stone walls.

Following him, Ron shiftlessly eased into a laying position and idly began to drum his stomach with his fingers; creating a thumping sound that filled the void between the two boys.

"Before I start to starve to death, I'm going to eat you first, okay Ron?" Harry let out torpidly, his tone was terribly hard to understand as serious or sarcastic.

Noting his friend's confession, figuring that the delirium were kicking in once more, Ron gave a sad laugh, "Not if I get to you first, my dear friend."


She eyed the cute woman with golden hair, a kind smile playing across her lips. They had arrived on time and had separated to different location as planned. Her location was at a small cafe in the central area of London, along with her was Narcissa and no other. As she watched the blond woman leave with their order, she turned her eyes to gaze at the enormous clock they called 'Big Ben'.

"It's a ten to four, my lady." Narcissa whispered in a hush as she noticed her mistress' suspicion of the time.

Looking back to the small empty plate in front of her, Hermione nodded, "Thank you, Narcissa, but I was quite fine figuring that out myself."

Narcissa nodded and kept quiet as the waitress came back with their orders; a cup of coffee for herself, and a glass of ice cold water for Hermione.

Watching the young woman pick up her glass and start to gulp down her drink, then placing it down in front of her already half empty, she wondered if her mistress was nervous.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am." Hermione smirked at her, answering the question she caught her thinking.

Narcissa, getting caught for thinking too much again, stuttered to apologize, "I-I'm sorry, my lady--"

Hermione held up her hand to silence her. Shaking her head, she gave a sneering smile, "Narcissa, please calm down. It seems like you are more nervous about pleasing my authority than this mission."

Nodding again, Narcissa forced a reassured smile on her lips, "Well, I just want to be careful around you, to make sure that whatever I do isn't anything against your rules. And yes, actually, I am more afraid what I might do to you than this mission."

Softly grazing her fingers on the rim of her glass, Hermione let out a friendly smile, "Why is it you care so much about my well being? You barely know me." She gave a scoff and eyed the older woman in front of her with curiosity, "And.. how can you not be nervous with this mission? It's something that hasn't been done ever, in wizarding history. Well, not this big of course."

"Simple. I know you'll do well with this plan. It's a very brilliant one indeed, very ingenius. Nothing at all that Voldemort could ever think up." at this Narcissa smiled at the sight of Hermione's soft laugh from her words, "And for your first question, it doesn't take me a long time to figure out just how wonderful a person is. The moment I first met you, I knew deep inside that you're soul wasn't crafted for evil; instead you had something else than that."

Shocked by the older woman's words, Hermione felt the stinging lies she took in from her words; words that stood out far too much from what she really was. Fleeting her eyes, which began to rim with fresh-pained tears, to her glass, Hermione kept her mouth in a soft whisper as she commented on Narcissa's speech,

"What was it that you saw that I had?"

Narcissa gave a caring look, a sincere smile across her lips as she spoke, "You had a heart."

With the biggest lie of all to her nagging her mind while the large clock a distance away struck four, Hermione stood up in silence, her eyes diverted to the horizon of the street. Within the second past the new hour, distant screams could be heard through the corners of the city.

Noting the screams, Narcissa stood up also, and carefully eyed her mistress.

"You are wrong, I have no heart." speaking softly to Narcissa, Hermione didn't bother to turn around to face her. Instead, she was fixed on her plan that was had already began to unfold.

-If I had a heart.. then why am I doing this?-

Hermione froze on her spot as the words slipped through her mind; her 'other' was talking to her. Turning to Narcissa, commanding her to go on to asses her role in the plan, Hermione angrily walked far behind her while she communicated with her 'other'.

What the hell do you think you're doing? What are you doing, talking about your sissy feelings in my head?

-Beatrix is here and telling me that this is wrong..-

Hermione's eyes widened in fear and shock,

What?! What the hell is that woman doing there?!

-She... she wants to help me.. Am I in trouble?-

Abrupting her walking, Hermione stood still in fright as she slipped unconsciously into panic.

What is she telling you?! What is she doing?! Hermione demanded, her eyes filling with tears.

-She's telling me that it'll all be okay.. she's really nice you know... she's letting me see again.-

No! Wait!

At the moment, Hermione felt her eyes blur; the world around her looked as if they melted from the radiant sun above.

"No!!! You can't do this to me!" she cried out hysterically, and without a warning she disapparated into thin air, heading back to base, for her existence was at stake..


-minutes before-

"Hi Hermione, how are you?"

Beatrix started slowly to the young woman who was still crouched silently by the west wall of the portrait. After much researching and much careful inspections, both she and Draco had decided to try and get the two Hermione back together. They were trying to get the Hermione with the real soul and emotions to understand, and maybe be willing to come back to normal. Just how they were going to try and do it was to win her trust... and take the blindfold off from her eyes.

Draco watched, not too far from the portrait as he was assigned to stay back, to prevent the girl to run off in fright. Though, he did wish to be as close as he can, and to help, but he knew he couldn't. His heart leapt to his throat as the Hermione in the portrait spoke for the very first time.

"I'm... doing good."

Her voice was fluid and eerie to the point of frightening. Nevertheless, her tone sounded so much like the Hermione he always heard through school, which made him smile.

"Hermione, what are you doing? Why are you here?" Beatrix's calm and careful voice began to question. She crouched down before the girl, placing a hand gently on her forehead, and smiling brightly.

".... I don't know what I'm doing.. but I'm here because I wanted to be happy forever."

Draco, hearing her soft voice answering sweetly and almost too innocent, absent-mindedly took a step forward, in hopes of hearing more of her voice.

"I'm going to tell you the truth, Hermione, but I don't want you to run away okay?" Beatrix took a breath as the young woman nodded in approval, "Hermione, this is wrong, and I want to help you."

There was a momentary pause before Hermione spoke,

"What's wrong?"

Beatrix shook her head, trying to get her to understand with a different approach, "Hermione, what is your other doing now?"

"She's sitting on a seat, in a cafe, in London with Mrs.Malfoy. She's very sad..."

Hearing his last name mentioned, Draco took another cautious step closer, perking his ears to listen closely.

"Why is she sad, and what are they doing in London?"

"They are at London so they could kill Muggles."

Beatrix gasped and cut her short, "What?"

"She thought of this great plan to kill a whole city full of Muggles who she said, sinned a lot. Then afterwards, she said she'd kill the entire Muggle population in England so to scare the Ministry of Magic into giving up before all of Europe's Muggle population dies off."

Draco's stomach churned at how she had explained the plan; she had said it as if it was something nice, or something that was worth to be proud of; like a small child who didn't know what she was talking about.

Pausing to take another deep breath, Beatrix continued on, "And.. why is Hermione sad?"

"Mrs. Malfoy said she had a heart... I... have.... no.... heart..."

Surprised at how slow her last words came, Beatrix urged her to finish, "What is it.. what are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking... I really don't have a heart.. If I had a heart.. then why am I doing this? ... Is this what was wrong?"

Beatrix nodded solemnly, and watched as the girl tighten herself more into her balled position.

Smiling kindly, Beatrix leaned over more and placed her hands to the sides of the young girl's face, "It'll be all right, Hermione. I want to help you." she reassured as the girl flinched at her touch, "Would you like to see again?"

"See? You'd .. you'd help me see?"

"Yes, would you like that?" Beatris slinked her fingers behind her head and reached for the knot of the cloth which hid her vision.

Walking closer so that he was a good three feet away from the portrait, Draco watched with anticipation as the Hermione in the portrait willingly agreed to be literally give up.

"...that would be nice."

As the cloth loosened around the young girl's head, the portrait began to slowly dissolve, indicating that she was 'waking up'. But as the cloth became close to falling loose, a loud shriek from outside halted Beatrix's fingers to a stop as she faced the woman who's eyes were crying blood.


"Don't touch her! Don't you dare touch her!" Hermione yelled to the woman who crouched on her 'other'; the woman's hands untightening the piece of cloth which held her only life in its hands. She couldn't see it clearly, her eyes were blurred and stained red, but she could sense her 'other' running to where she stood and away from Beatrix.

Draco watched as the real Hermione stood with both the other and Beatrix inside the portrait. He ran to the very front of the portrait and watched as the blood, streaked face Hermione began to argue with Beatrix.

"You're trying to fucking kill me! What's wrong with you?! What did I ever do to you?!" Hermione accused wildly, her hands clenching into fists at her sides. She turned to her 'other', "And you! Don't you ever listen to her, you hear me?! She doesn't know what's going on! She's just trying to make you depressed and pitiful like you always were!"

"I'm sorry.. I'm so.. so.. sorry." the other stammered, her face streaking endlessly with tears once more as the cloth around her eyes tightened itself once more.

Feeling a natural high into disgracing her 'other', Hermione turned her full attention to her, ranting on and on, "You are nothing but a stupid Mudblood bitch without me!! You'll never get anywhere because you are too much of a loser and a geek!"

And as the tears flowed down from the 'other', Hermione's eyes also covered itself with tears.

Her eyes fixing into normal, no longer blurred by the draining of her powers but was now being blurred by tears, Hermione kept her sharp tongue flicking at her 'other', "No one likes you!! No one wants to be with you because you're a goddamn bore! You have nothing to give to this world.. NOTHING!!"

"I'm sorry Hermione..." her other sobbed, "I'm very sorry. I'll never do it again, I promise."

"Get the fuck out of my sight!" Hermione screamed, and perceived as the her 'other' crawled to the back room in shame.

Turning her eyes to the guest who had caused all this, Hermione wiped the blood mixed with tears from her cheeks, wiping off most of its presence away. She walked up to her casually, her eyes intent and dangerous as ever.

"You're lucky you are in this portrait or else you would have been destroyed by now." she said hotly.

"Don't think I didn't notice what you actually felt when you began to shame her just then." Beatrix replied just as hotly, "You can't hide the fact that you also felt ashamed.. I noticed the tears came out the same time your other's did."

Hermione's face sharpened as she smirked toothly, "If you think you can get with these mind games.. think again. I'm not a goody-goody like 'she' was, and I'm not going to believe some goody-goody like you either." She turned around briskly, walking towards the front of the canvas, preparing to get out of the portrait. As much as she hated to admit, Beatrix's words struck her oddly, and the feeling she did not enjoy.

"Don't act like you're heartless, because that's just a lie. You have a heart, and you know it.. You just don't want to say that you do." Beatrix retorted, trying to keep the girl on the edge; to get her to open up no matter how annoyed she may seemed, this Hermione was all for challenges.

Swirling around to face her again, Hermione slit her eyes, "And who made you the 'all-knowing'? Did you study about this or something?"

Beatrix took a step forward, "As a matter fact, I am the 'all-knowing' because it was me who started it all. This happened before, and the first time it had happened was with me. I was you."

"Another 'mind' story? Pfft.. please, save me from the useless speech." Hermione snickered.

"You think I'm lying?" Beatrix accused snidely.

Hermione cocked her head to the side, "What do you think?"

Feeling rudely denied, Beatrix crossed her arms in front of her, "Alright.. if you think I'm lying, then tell me just how true this is:

"You are definitely not happy, although you'd like to think so. You're so-called paradise has already reached its highest point of happinness up to the point where Draco denied your existence. As much as you'd like to deny it, you are afraid of what will happen in the next day, hour, minute, and second. You are afraid whether or not someone will be there, and you are afraid if anyone would be around to care for you. That's is why you feel the need to command others and be in a higher level than most. And that's why, even if Draco did not respect you, you kept him here still.

"You like to hide your true feelings; feelings you recieve from your other. But when some emotions get strung, you can't help but let it flow out for a couple of minutes before you could swallow it back where it came from. And no matter how hard you try, those emotions you really would like to forget, strike back at you and fall all over your face like a ton of bricks.

"Am I right, or am I wrong?" Beatrix finished, her tone was intimidating and mocking to the girl in front of her.

During the whole speech, Hermione tensed up, perspiration began to show up in small beads across her forehead. She gave deep slow breaths before managing to choke out, "That's not true at all.. For one, I am as happy as can be. Two...."

Beatrix cocked an eye and carefully took another step closer to the girl, "Two...?" she urged.

"I don't need anyone." Hermione answered, her furious eyes never leaving the woman.

"Not even.. Draco?" Beatrix asked slowly, watching as the girl took a quick glance at the boy outside the portrait.

Catching the young man's gray eyes, Hermione blinked in confusion just so that the urge of her eyes fleeting their direction again wouldn't occur, "Not even Draco." she said softly, her voice weakening as she responded.

"Why do you lie?" Beatrix demanded caringly.

Feeling hot, salty tears start to flow down her cheeks, Hermione couldn't help but feel cornered as her mind started to go haywire with indirect feelings, flashbacks of her past life, and faces and words echoing in her ears, "I don't lie!" she fought back.

Draco, seeing the real Hermione start to shake; her eyes dimming and overflowing with tears; struggled to say something. But Beatrix had gestured him to keep quiet. How could he keep quiet when the woman he cared for was in front of him, was ready to collapse with anxiety?

"I don't lie! Stop whatever you're trying to do now!" Hermione screamed out in a pain-inflicted voice. At that same time, her hands shot up from beside her to grasp the sides of her head, as if trying to cover her ears from an earsplitting scream. She fell to her knees with a groan, and immedietly the room began to darken itself more; the walls began to protrude grisly hands and faces that screamed obscenities to her.

Backing away from the more frightening collage, Draco gasped out as the real Hermione began to, what it seemed like, meld into the floor.

"What's happening, Beatrix?" Draco shouted out, and was soon aghast to see the older woman entrapped by the grisly hands in the walls, and held still against the wall. He moved his eyes back to Hermione, to find the floor already engulfed her up to her neckline. "What's happening?!!" Draco repeated.

"I don't know! It looks like she's trying to leave the portrait!" Beatrix replied grimly as she tried to pry herself off from the gray hands coming from the walls.

Draco fumbled his feet about, trying to think of something to do as Hermione's figure was swallowed whole by the floor. He watched in panic as the faces on the walls slipped back in, the hands following suit but the some still held onto Beatrix's body.

As the portrait began to simmer back into its natural look, Beatrix looked around trying to spy the woman that once stood in front of her. She turned her head towards the back room only to find the copy of Hermione leaning against the doorframe with a smile on her face.

"You came too close Beatrix... but Hermione won't let you in ever." the girl said, her tone teased her as she spoke, which Beatrix found quite eerie. For that moment, it seemed like this Hermione was more evil than the other.

"Where is she?" Beatrix asked breathily, her body still pinned to the walls by still hands. She tried to jerk away, to approach the quiet girl, only to find it in vain, "Where is she?" she repeated more demanding.

Just as she repeated her previous question, Beatrix heard Draco from out of the portrait let out a loud groan. As she looked over to him, she found herself shocked to see the real Hermione unconscious in his arms; her arms and legs limp and cascading below her. She looked straight at Draco's eyes in confusion.

"She fell from the ceiling." he responded, his eyes wandering above him, "Right through the ceiling."

Sighing, Beatrix moved her eyes back to the Hermione with her in the portrait; she could see that she was now crouched down with her head on her knees. Giving one last chance of trying to get out of the grasps of her arms and legs to the wall, Beatrix let out a groan when she found out that maybe she wasn't going to able to be freed until all this was over.

"I'm not sure I like the fact that Hermione is such a curageous person anymore." she let out ironically.

Draco let out a exasperated sigh as he carefully moved towards the bed, and gently placed the girl in his arms, onto her spot.


She opened her eyes slowly, trying to think hard of what had happened. She found herself laying comfortably in sheets, her hands placed orderly beside her, her body wrapped warmly with a blanket. Shaking her head from the feeling of nausea, Hermione tried to sit up, but paused when she found something weighing down half of her body.

She stiffened as a smooth voice with a warm breath tingled the right side of her face.

"Hermione?" it called her, and immedietly her heart began to race its fastest. She knew who it was, who the voice belonged to, and didn't quite like it that he was so close to her. And for that simply odd feeling, she couldn't explain.

Turning her eyes to her right, she came face to face with Draco who had the most anxious and convincingly guilty face. By that time, she could hear her heart pounding right against her ears. She gazed as the boy looked down at her with such sympathy that her breathing stopped immedietly possibly from flattery and shock. And her eyes wandered down his face, over his eyes, through his warm, soft lips, and she couldn't tell what exactly was happening to her. The dimmed lights made it even more considerably hard for her to stop staring and move her mouth to speak.

Draco looked down at her oddly, thinking why the girl had not yet said a word, and why the girl looked at him the way she was. He was frustrated that maybe she was thinking... and he wanted to know what it was. He was nervous to give her his apology, and ask for another chance, because whether or not she was the real one, she still wasn't close as being the same as the Hermione he knew long ago. And still, Draco had too much will-power to know whether or not he could have a chance.

Bringing a hand up, Draco gently smoothed his fingers over her left cheek, and prepared to whisper his apology.

"I'm sorry..." he spoke softly and sadly, literally begging with his tone.

Hermione continued to gaze at the boy in front of her, acting as if the words he spoke passed through her ears. Now she felt something new; she felt anger, confusion, hate, but the only one that seemed to pop out the most in her mind was admiration and sadness. Mentally she asked herself what was happening to her and why her mind was set on those feelings. She thought hard, until coming upon that maybe her other has been tampering her feelings with hers. Checking if her other was right, Hermione continued to stare silently at the boy as his fingers began to graze in a rythym against her cold skin.

Furrowing his eyebrows down at the silent girl, Draco let out a sigh and continued to brush her cheeks gently, as he had started a minute before. He hasn't left her eyes for some time now, and was still determined to keep it there until the girl gave him an answer, or even a single word. He had to admit, her silence was killing him and his mind. By that time, his head was telling his conscience that maybe Hermione didn't forgive him, and that she hated him. His frown seemed to have gone deeper then, and without thinking he bent down to her and softly planted a sweet kiss on her lips.

Hermione froze in her spot, she felt her body go rigid as soon as she felt his warm lips on her cold ones. The kiss was brief, and she watched as he pulled back up; his eyes still fixated on her. After that, she felt her eyes go puffy and blurred, and she felt the tears try to escape. Hermione knew something was wrong with her, for she knew the other was in no way controlling her from feeling these emotions. She hated that something was making her feel lightheaded and strangely embarrassed, but then again, the odd burning deep in her chest was very welcoming.

She fought the tears, and gave deep sigh of relief when they did not fall. Now, so that she wouldn't feel like she needed to cry, Hermione kept her eyes down from his. She was now staring blankly at his lips.

"I'm sorry, Hermione. Please forgive me?" he tried again, only this time he had her hand up to his face and let his cheek up on her palm. It had brought him to beg his hardest when he saw that Hermione had turned away from his eyes. He knew there was no way that the girl would ever return his affections again, but he had to try.

Still not answering him, Draco closed his eyes and held on her hand that was on his face, tighter, "I didn't know, Hermione, that you were in front of me all along. I didn't know it was already you... I didn't know I already found you. Please, please, forgive me?"

Hermione's eyes shot up to his face, and once again her vision was blurred with tears, this time they fell before she could look away again. The moment he had said those words, a wave of anguish had passed her. The anguish came from him. She could hear the silent berrating in his head, and she could see his face twist with so much guilt. She could feel how much he placed it in front of his mind, which only meant how hard it had an affect on his soul.

Feeling the aura of what he felt, Hermione had a deep want to get him to stop thinking of them. Taking a deep breath, and placing her other hand on his face to catch his eyes once more, Hermione gave a slow but foolish smirk.

"I forgave you for being an asshole to me in school. I forgave you for getting me locked up in a tower." she started, seeing his face peering at her and enlightening slowly but surely, "Give me one good reason why I wouldn't now..."

"Because.. I brought you pain." he responded in a low voice, his eyes falling into a depression.

Hermione brushed a hand over the small tufts of hair cascading over the top of his eyes, and sighed, "The 'pain you brought me' can't be as strong and as affective, as what you're giving me now. You never could make up a good reason." she said a little matter-of-factly, and gave a genuine smile, "I forgive you, Draco Malfoy, and I give you your third chance, because as much as I could hate you, the thought of it never entered my mind from the beginning of the day you held me close after my little.. 'Snape' incident."

Draco finally reflected his own pleased and happy smile to her, and without another word, he bent his head down to kiss her again. This time.. it lasted until the two fell asleep in each other's arms, sharing a dream together, both hoping that tomorrow they'll still be together.


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