Zoo rescue 2

Chapter 1 missing!


Private: What was that?

Private snuck up to the enemy.

Criminal: oh A animal. I can steel that to!


The criminal stuffed Private into the money sack and left.

Private: HELP!

Starting story.

TV: This is breaking news!

The tv said it really loud it made Skipper fall out of his bunk.

Skipper: PRIVATE! Don't push me off the bed like that! So it's my turn.


Skipper looked at the tv.

TV: There's been another zoo break in! And now a animal is missing!

Skipper: Oh that's not good! I wonder who it was?

Kowalski woke up.

Kowalski: What? Is it my turn?

Skipper: No it's morning. OH MY GOSH! Look at the tv!

The tv had a black and white video. It showed the criminal stuffing a black blob into a sack.

Kowalski: Oh no. you don't think?

Skipper: Please tell me that's not our black blob.

Kowalski, Skipper, and Rico burst through the fish bole entrance.

All: Private? Private?

Kowalski: Oh little black blob?

Skipper: We got to look for clues.

So they looked every were!

Kowalski: Skipper! I found something!

Skipper ran to Kowalski.

Skipper: What?!

I found the cash register burst open!

Rico saw a sigh that didn't look so good.

Rico: EH!

Pointing at the sigh.

Skipper read it out loud.

Sorry everybody. But the zoo closes in 4 days.