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­­­­­­­­­ Solar Flare



Edward´s cold mouth was kissing me between the legs, his tongue, ice-cold, stroked fast yet ever soft, exactly where it had to, the pleasure was overwhelming. I was panting and moaning overtly, and when I thought I couldn´t take it anymore, he was inside me, a cold flame. My breath caught in my throat as I heard his groan of blissful gratification when my warm flesh tightened around his, and I felt the pleasure rippled through my entire body, I sighed his name … gasping … I love you, I love you, I love you.

The astonishing feeling was subsiding, but he was not over, and when his lips found my nipples, pulling at them with exquisite insistence, the pleasure mounted again, in perfect synchronization with his hips thrusting against me, my hands never stopping the caresses. My back arched as I felt him shudder towards ecstasy, both breathlessly moaning our names… we relaxed at the same time, and held each other, vainly waiting for the never ending amazement we felt at moments like this fade away.



She said "yes". Simply yes, and my world shifted again. I got to marry Bella. Unbelievable.

It was somehow liberating to be able to proclaim her as mine. Bella says the fact that she belongs to me is so obvious and unchangeable that a legal document could hardly make a difference. I disagree. In truth, she is the one who owns me completely. Young, frail, delicate and soft as she is, Bella has unlimited power over me.

Granted, her being turn into a vampire, just so she can spend the rest of eternity by my side, is a longer term commitment than conventional marriage, but I can't help it, it means so much to me: Bella Cullen, makes me burst with joy.

I have always been protective of her, it's a matter of self preservation, I can´t live without her. Also, I have always sought her happiness, for my happiness is intertwined with hers. I know what a selfish creature I really am, but to say that I love her, is a colossal understatement.

That she decided to marry me through the most unorthodox agreement ever heard of, is something that makes me anxious. My self doubts are not generated by lack of trust in her complete love and devotion to me. I know how much she loves me, trusts and wants me. My insecurities spring out of fear of hurting her.

Bella had insisted on having sex while human – also, her change was now going to be performed by me instead of Carlisle- and finally agreed to marry me under the condition that we at least try to. Among the million things I want to give her, she has chosen sex. And of course I want that too, but seeing that I have no idea whatsoever as to what to expect, I know not my ability to control myself in that arena.

Since my return –my leaving is not a subject I wish to discuss- I discovered my thirst for her had changed, not in the sense that her blood appeals less to me now –it continues to be the most overpowering scent in my life- but that my body instinctively recoils at the thought of harming her. Having gone for an entire day believing she was dead – I tremble to even think of that word related to Bella- was a brutal cure for my darker instinct towards her, but there´s still the fact that because of my inhuman strength, I could too easily kill or seriously injure her, it´d only take a second of distraction. It freezes me with terror.

I talked to Carlisle, Emmet and Jasper about what to expect, I mean, I have even - one too many a time- heard them in such situations, even if I try to block them out, or simply leave the house, but nothing I pick in those uncomfortable occasions has prepared me for what I feel when I´m with Bella, and I know that´s just the preamble. But they were very honest with me and it helped, a little.

I desire her more than I consider sane, if it was hard refusing to give in to her blood, resisting her body is close to impossible, and her beauty, desirability and evident desire for me, do nothing to help my control.

This past month has been a delicious torture. We´ve been practicing as she puts it, I´ve allow my hands to feel her breasts over her shirt and she responds arching her back eagerly after my fingers, I stroke her marveling at the reaction of her nipples to my touch. And the scent of her arousal … ahhh… staggering … every time, our passion becomes irresistible, it makes me ache for her touch, and it´s only through considerable willpower that I pull off just so I don´t rip her clothes and take her completely. Bella drives me positively crazy with this maddening desire and she ´s oblivions, she actually believes I don´t want her that much. Even now that I have caved in and promised to try, she gathers my agreeability is based on my tendency to please her – which is partly true- and that it has no relation to my own needs – which is utterly absurd.

Our engagement has been one excruciating period of anticipation. For I can´t wait for her to be my wife, and even if it terrifies me, I have to confess that I can´t wait to try to make love with Bella either.

I intent this story to be short but thorough. I hope you enjoy my take on Bella´s and Edward´s honeymoon… I´m not too sure if I´ll take this beyond than Isle Esme … I´ll see …