Time Travel

Part Two: Chapter Three

From the window of the car, Little Round Top could be seen clearing and although she was driving, Star slowed down and looked at it out of the corner of her eyes. Little Round Top was one of her favorite places on the battlefield, along with the High Water Mark. "I'm sure you recognize this piece of ground?" She said, speaking to the others that were in the car with her.

"I am not entirely certain, I'm afraid," Pickett replied from the back, shaking his head as he looked out of the window at the ground.

"This is Little Round Top," Star explained, "You weren't on the field yet when this part of the battle occurred."

Dana nodded. "This is where Hood's Texan boys were. And the Alabamans and Georgians." She paused. "Maybe I had a relative fighting here once…" Some of her family lived in Georgia.

Also staring out the window, Hancock then spoke, realizing where they were on the battlefield. "This is where Sickles was originally placed correct? He had this flank…"

Once again, Dana nodded. "The very same ground."

"Yes," Star said, "Sickles was placed here at first, but then he moved forward, so other troops had to be brought up. Chamberlain, you meet him I believe General Hancock?"

Hancock was surprised at the statement. "I did, on the third… forgive me for asking, but how did you know?"

"Ummm…." Dana looked at her friend in the driver's seat. "Your turn, General."

"I study the Civil War, especially this battle," Star explained, "It's something I've been interested in for a few years, actually. I could tell you a lot that you might be surprised that I know."

Pickett raised an eyebrow. "Indeed?"

"Indeed." Dana nodded affirmatively.

"Go ahead," Star said, "Ask either one of us a question."

"When did I become a Corps commander?" Hancock asked.

"Ummm…" Dana drew a blank and looked at Star. "Your turn again."

Star thought for a moment. "Not long after Chancellorsville. I don't know the exact date, I'm afraid."

Pickett nodded. "What was the outcome of the Battle of Sharpsburg?"

"It was essentially a bloodbath," Dana replied, "Neither side really won."

"Who were the other brigade commanders with me during the charge from our division?" Armistead asked.

Once again, Dana replied. "Garnett and Kemper."

Star glanced back at them for a moment. "There's a lot more I could tell you. Like Win, I know that you have an identical brother named Hil. And I know about the plate incident at the Point."

"The plate incident?" Pickett grinned, and nudged Armistead in the front seat.

"The plate, eh?" Hancock said, smirking at his friend. "I wouldn't have expected you to know about the Point."

"Yup," Dana said, "The Point is a fascinating place, indeed!"

"I don't know as much about the Point," Star said, "But I do know a few facts.

Hancock smirked at Armistead then, another fact coming to mind. "Fireworks, Lo…."

"There no need to go into detail about that…" Armistead said.

Star hide her amusement of the fact as she kept her eyes fixed on the road in front of her. "Oh, don't worry. I know about the fireworks as well. If I recall correctly, someone blew a cannon up."

In the back, Dana cracked up as Pickett grinned sheepishly, so Star continued with a small nod. "Yup. It was you, I believe, General Hancock. Good memories the three of you have."

"Indeed, as do we." Dana half snorted, half giggled in the back.

"So…" Star glanced at Hancock, Pickett and Armistead for a moment. "Have we surprised you yet?"

"I believe…" Hancock looked at the others, "You did that some time ago…" Pickett's face was a study in astonishment. Dana almost burst out laughing again on seeing it.

Dana and Star both grinned. "Well," Star said, "I have looked up to the three of you for a long time. As I have also looked up to John Buford and Joshua Chamberlain. How are they? Do you know?"

"I've not spoken to either." Hancock shook his head. "But shouldn't you know that. Being from our future?"

Dana paused. "They've got you there, Star."

"I know they both survived the war," Star said, "I know the date of their deaths, yes, but I know everything."

"You know more than myself, then," Hancock told her, "I have not heard from either in some time."

Star shrugged. "I was just curious." She paused for a moment. "We're driving past the High Water Mark again. Do you want to visit to the town or the place where General Buford held the high ground?"

Pickett glanced at the field and pressed his lips together. Watching him for a moment, Dana could guess what he was thinking. It would stand to reason for all of their thoughts to go back to the charge and the painful memories that came with it. "Maybe we should skip the battlefield for now, Star…" She suggested.

"Alright," Star agreed, "Let's go into town."

Armistead looked out at the field as well and Dana looked over at him. "Remembering?"

"Yes." Armistead nodded as the car turned onto Hancock Avenue.

Hancock noticed the plaque there. "….Huh…."

Dana grinned upon seeing his reaction. "You're all famous here now!"

"Yup." Star nodded in agreement. "They've named a lot of streets after those who fought here."

She paused. "We're approaching the town now. I'm sure it's changed from the last time you've see it. There's a restaurant named after you, George."

Pickett's eyes widened in surprise. "There is?"

"Indeed." Dana pointed it out as they approached it.

"So there is," Armistead said, looking at it.

Hancock leaned forward as well. "Look at that… it's got a picture of him and everything…"

Star grinned, saying, "I have half a mind to stop there."

Also grinning, Dana clearly liked the idea. "Let's go!"

Pulling into the parking lot of Pickett's Buffet, Star turned off the engine and turned to look at those that were in the back. "Now… Let's hope no one recognizes all of you… Because that would be very hard to explain."

Dana nodded seriously. "Indeed."

Star looked from Hancock, to Pickett and then to Armistead. "If anyone asks, you're reenactors."

Pickett nodded as a kid walked by just then, voice drifting into the car. "Mommy, look, it's soldiers!"

Dana's eyes widened as Hancock looked confused. "Reenactors?"

"Yes," Dana said, "Exactly that."

"Reenactors are people who dress up like they are soldiers from the Civil War," Star explained.

"Like us, you mean?" Pickett pointed to himself.

Dana nodded. "Exactly."

Also nodding, Star opened the door to the car. "Alright, let's go."

Once again, Armistead was left to fiddle with his seat belt as he tried to figure out how to unbuckle it. Dana smothered her giggles once again, causing Armistead to raise an eyebrow. "Something funny?"

"Sorry," Dana said, "I shouldn't laugh."

Hancock was watching Armistead, having figured out the mysteries of the seat belt faster then his friend. "There's a button…"

But Dana had already reached over and helped Armistead to unbuckle to which he thanked her and looked at the seat belt. "I'm never going to figure that thing out."

They all got out of the car then and Star looked at them. "Well… let's go in. What are waiting for?"

Armistead shrugged and both Dana and George grinned as they crossed the parking lot and stepped inside the building.

The waiter's eyes widened upon seeing them, but Star paid no attention, instead turning to look at Hancock. "They've got mashed potatoes, Win! You like them mashed if I remember correctly."

Hancock raised a hesitant brow. "Where does that bit of knowledge come from...?"

"A book I found online," Dana said at the same time as Star said, "I read it in a book about you, Dana showed it to me."

Pickett looked confused at what she'd just said. "'Online'?"

"Technology from this era," Dana explained, "We use it a lot."

Star nodded. "We'll explain it later… not now…"

"Apparently this technology is used to find out how we prefer our food," Hancock said to Pickett as Star turned towards the waiter at last.

"Hello," The waiter said, "How may I help you?"

"We'd like a table for…" Dana paused and counted the heads. "5, please."

Armistead glanced at them. "And what do you know about how I like my food then…?"

Star shrugged and followed the waiter. As she looked around, it felt like a million pairs or eyes rested upon then and she paused. "Why do I feel like people are staring at us…?"

"That would be because they are…" Hancock replied.

The other customers continued to gawk at the group and Star glanced over at them as they reached the table. "There's nothing to be staring at! Eat your food!"

She then sat down at the table, Armistead, Pickett and Dana doing the same thing. And then, Dana happened to glance over at the table across from then, blinking in surprise. "Hey… Isn't that…"

Looking over towards the table when she heard Dana speak, Star smiled slightly. For there, sitting with her coworkers just across from them sat General Nurf, one of their other RPers, and close friends. "Yes!" She said, "General Nurf! Over here!"

Nurf looked up from the table where she was eating and her eyes locked on their table. "Oh my God…"

"Hi!" Dana said cheerfully.

Pickett stood up and went over to Nurf. "Bonjour, madame." He bowed over her hand. "A pleasure to see you once again, I must say."

"A pleasure to see you as well, sir," Nurf replied.

"He's more of a Lothario than Lo…" Dana remarked, watching them.

Star nodded. "Indeed. Which makes it strange that he started calling Lo that. He should have given himself a nickname. He gave them to everyone else."

Dana grinned. "True, true…"

"Greetings and salutations to all," Pickett said, looking at all of Nurf's coworkers who were staring at him with wide eyes. All of them happened to work at the visitors' center in the park.

"Oh my God…" Nurf started pushing Pickett back to the table, looking back at her coworkers as she did so. "We're working on some historical footage for those new videos I told you guys about!"

Still watching the whole scene, Dana tried not to crack up as Star placed a hand on her arm. "Let's sit down at our table again, shall we… and have something to eat…?"

"Good idea," Dana replied quickly.

Star noticed a quizzical look on Pickett's face and leaned towards him, whispering in his ear. "You're drawing attention to yourself."

"How so?" Pickett asked, raising an eyebrow curiously.

"Is he serious?" Nurf asked.

"I believe so…" Armistead remarked.

Putting her hand to her face for a moment, Star couldn't believe the man had just said that. "Because…" She started to say, but then just gave up on trying to explain, "Oh, never mind… Just sit down please…"

Pickett sat back down and Star looked up at them again. "So…why don't we eat and then go back to the house…?"

"Go ahead," Nurf said, "I just finished."

She waved towards her coworkers who were still staring at them, but sat down anyway as Star glanced at the three Civil War generals. "There's a few things we have to teach them about. Without drawing any more attention to ourselves."

Then, without saying what she was doing, Star got up and brought a plate of mashing potatoes over to the table, setting it down in front of Hancock.

Hancock stared at the plate for a moment. "…..Thank you… You're not going to tell me how to eat them are you?"

Star shook her head. "Don't worry, I trust your ability to eat your own food."

Nurf smirked as Dana winked at Star. "A lá Jubal?"

Star nodded. "I know you like them mashed. And I am most certainly not a Jubal." She paused. "What would you like, George and Lo? I think it'd be better if I got your plates so the whole restaurant isn't staring."

Nurf nodded. "That's a good idea," she agreed.

Pickett thought for a moment. "Oh, not much. Just some beef, potatoes and a biscuit will suffice."

"Alright," Star agreed, looking at Armistead.

"The same works for me as well," he stated and Star got up to get the plates. A little while later, she returned with two plates of food, which contained beef, potatoes, a biscuit for each, and some cornbread. "Here you go," she said, setting down the plates. She glanced at Hancock. "Would you like something to go with your potatoes?"

Hancock glanced at Armistead's plate. "If you wouldn't mind?"

Star went and got the plate, returning a little while later with beef, a biscuit and cornbread for Hancock, along with a plate for herself which she placed on the table. "There you go Win."

Dana went to go get her own plate and when she returned and sat back down, she went straight to business. "Now then: 21st Century 101."

"Excuse me?" Armistead asked, "But, what..?"

Hancock smirked at him, and at Pickett. "I thought we were finished with schooling."

Armistead nodded. "So did I…"

"You're never too old to learn anything," Dana stated.

Pickett made a wry face. "Booklearnin', hm?"

"What do they know so far?" Nurf asked.

"Well, if you want to pass for someone of this century," Star said, "You've got some learning to do. And for now, you're going to have to try and pass. I know you don't think booklearning is for gentlemen but we have to."

She then turned towards Nurf. "They know about cars… and that's about it…"

Dana nodded. "We've mentioned a few things in passing, but not much detail."

"Uh huh…" Nurf said, "This should be interesting then…"

"If I recall correctly," Pickett said, "You mentioned the power of flight was somehow become available?"

"Yes." Star nodded. "Airplanes."

"They're kind of like long metal birds." A sheepish look crossed Dana's face. "Or however you put it."

Armistead looked slightly confused. "But how do they fly?"

"Um…." Dana said, "I'm not even really sure."

"It's all math that deals with physics and air lift and altitude," Nurf explained, "It's… difficult."

"What about…" Armistead paused, collecting his thoughts. "This word you mentioned earlier… Online?"

Star grinned. "Oh, that's much easier to explain!"

"That is how the three of us." Dana gestured between herself, Star and Nurf, "Met."

"What is it?" Armistead asked.

"It's… a very long process." Nurf smirked. "First you have to know what a computer is."

There was so much to learn, and Armistead was silent for a moment, looking at her before asking the question that everyone there knew was surely coming. "And what's a computer?"

"Well, you obviously know electricity has made some advances since your time," Dana explained to him, "The computer is a result of those advances."

Once again, for a moment silence fell over the group as Armistead took in that new information. "What does it do?"

Nurf paused as she considered how to best explain it to him. "It's like a very advanced telegraph wire…"

"It's like all the books in the world combined!" Dana added.

As a confused look crossed both Pickett and Armistead's faces at the same time, Star could see that the explaining really wasn't going anywhere very quickly. And they still had a lot of ground to cover about their ways of life. "You know what…" She stated, "I've got a better idea!"

Dana blinked, turning her attention to look at her friend. "Yes, General?"

"Let's show them," Star suggested, "Instead of trying to explain it. How about we start by showing them our favorite movie?"

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Dana agreed, jumping at the idea right away before she paused, another thought coming into her mind a few seconds after she'd so quickly agreed. There were some parts of the movie, that she knew wouldn't be easy for their Civil War friends to see. "Wait."

"What?" Both Star and Nurf turned to look at her at the same time, the same word escaping them.

Dana took a deep breath. "Well, this is gonna bring back a lot of memories, most likely. For everyone."

She glanced at Pickett, Armistead and Win as the thought clicked in Star's mind. But she still wanted to show them the movie. "But it's something they can relate to," She said, "More then a lot of the movies out there. They will understand the story…

"Yes, but remember," Dana said, "They actually lived through that. And it was a terrible fight."

Once again she looked at Pickett. It was something they all knew, that the charge had been very hard on him, seeing as he'd lost nearly his entire division.

"It's the only one I can think of to show them…" Star said.

Dana nodded. "We'll just explain thoroughly beforehand, then."

Star also nodded. "Alright, let's go then."

Standing up, and nodding again, all the customers started to applaud them at once, causing Pickett to grin. "Well," Star remarked, "It seems they like our visit, doesn't it?"

"It would appear so…" Armistead replied.

"Indeed!" Dana said.

As they started to leave the table and move towards the door, the waiter stopped them, handing each one of them a coupon. "What's this for?" Star asked, staring at the one that had been handed to her.

"A free meal the next time you visit," The waiter said, "It's not every day we have such distinguished visitors."

"Indeed!" Dana said.

Nurf put her head into one of her hands. "I'm glad you stayed away from the visitor's center…"

"We'd probably be mobbed then," Dana said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, thank you," Star said, still speaking with the waiter, "It was a pleasure to eat here."

Star glanced at the group, getting tired of all the attention that their group was getting. "Well, let's go. It's time we got to the house so that we don't have everyone staring at us all the time."

"Good idea," Dana agreed.

"Yup." Star nodded and moved to the door, pushing it open. Her friends all followed her as they went back to the car. It was time to stop drawing attention to themselves.