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It was happening again.

One of Magnus' ridiculously lavish parties, even if it was just us two.

I sighed heavily as Magnus placed a monstrosity of a cake, complete with rainbow icing and sparkly candles, in front of me with a flourish.

Ignoring my protesting, he half danced around the table to pick up a bright purple camera he had left on the other side and pointed it at me, a small smirk playing on his lips.

"Happy birthday, darling!" I sat there, cringing inwardly as Magnus belted out an enthusiastic rendition of "Happy Birthday" to me, complete with little dance moves. I forced a smile as he skipped around the table and fiddled at a few buttons on the camera.

"Ok, time to blow out your candles!" I glanced up at him for a moment, trying to make my eyes look as pleading as possible, before staring at the cake again in disbelief.

"Please, Magnus, I mean, I really appreciate it and all, but you really didn't have to go to all this glit- I mean, trouble." I dragged my eyes away from the cake's sparkling icing and back to my boyfriend, who had lowered his camera and was raising one perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"I thought you would like glitter. You like me," Magnus said, gesturing at his rainbow pants with a wave of his ring-clad hand.

"Yes, well, as much as this might surprise you Magnus, I don't think that cake is quite up to having the same relationship with me that you and I have. However sparkly it may be." I sighed again as I flicked the edge of the ridiculously over decorated cake on the table.

"You know, Alec, its not easy being me."

What? Where did that come out of?

"I mean," Magnus continued, pacing the floor, the camera still held in his hands, "What with my job, and my parties, and my all round general important-ness, I don't have much spare time on my hands."

Oh. So now he was giving me the guilt trip.

"I mean, I have all the important stuff to do, looking amazing stylish at the same time, and then I go and throw you a little surprise party with just you and me, and you go and show me your thanks by getting all…." He paused for a moment to search for the right word, "bitchy."

"Bitchy? I wasn't being bi-"

"I just thought you would have like it, Alec." He cut me off, looking up at me through mascara-laden lashes. "Do you not like it?"

I gulped. "No, Magnus, I do, it's just…I mean, it nothing special." His cat eyes narrowed and I hastily back-tracked, "No, no, no, what I meant was, it's become, like, normal. All this-" I gestured at the cake and the balloons and the banners and the pile of fancily gift wrapped presents and the huge rainbow cake. "I mean, you do this every time there's a -, well, an opportunity, basically." Magnus picked at his manicured nails thoughtfully.

I waited, holding my breath, hoping I hadn't mortally offended him.

"Well," He looked up, and his expression was amused. I relaxed. "I suppose you're right. Not that parties are necessarily a bad thing, but if it really bothers you maybe I can put the rainbow streamers away for a little while?" Magnus trailed his fingers up my arm as he spoke.

"Yes. Thank you," I replied, grateful the conversation had not ended in a fistfight. Or some horrible scenario involving bitch slapping, which was probably more likely.

"But, first you have to blow out your candles! Make a wish!" Magnus cried, followed by the most girlish squeal I have ever heard made by a man when I obediently obeyed.

After the last sparkler was blown out, Magnus sidled over and nuzzled up to me.

"So, sweetheart, what did you wish for?" He breathed into my ear.

I laughed. "Oh, yeah, I wished that some day I could be a magnificent as you, O Mighty Warlock."

Magnus' grin widened. "Be careful what you wish for, darling."

He raised the camera and pointed it at the both of us.

"…It may come true."


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