The Legend of Spyro

Shadow Repentance

Chapter 27


"So that is how this forest came to be."

"Yes, Great Dragon."

"Just so I clearly understand; he tried twice?"

"Yes, twice, it seems—twice."

"Please, describe this with more detail for me."

"Well, Great Dragon, both times had several things in common: the ground shook, the crystals began to glow and the air began to rush—"

"Even the very sea was in uproar—the sea!"

"Yes; all of these things occurred. But the first time, the crystals began shattering. My guess is he strained himself—pushed himself to the limit and lost control."

"An accurate assumption, Tyrragor."

"But the second time—the second!"

"It seems Ufufu is most excited about this one; please, tell me more."

"You would not believe—never—what we saw! The very sky dimmed as he suddenly burst with energy—such energy!"

"I believe what my friend is trying to say, is that the second instance was more…visibly dramatic."

"How so?"

"It is as he describes, Great Dragon, but what I noticed most was the expression on his face. He looked so angry and desperate, as if letting us down was a matter of life or death."

"Yes, I have seen that very expression on his face once before—in fact much of it is very familiar. But it is amazing, even for him, to bring a forest back."

"It is—please, tell us more, more!"

"Yes, Great Dragon, I am very interested in what you make of this."

"Hm…Before I get to that, I must ask: Ufufu…how is she?"

"She sleeps—oh how she sleeps. Thank you Great Dragon, for bringing her back to me—thank you."

"You're quite welcome, my friend. Technically, I am not to intervene in such a way as have, but when I saw her so helplessly trapped I could not bear to let such a young life go so easily."

"Great Dragon, if you know him so well why did you not meet him—either of them?"

"They are not ready to see me. That is the simplest explanation. Now, you wished to hear about the Fury."

"The Fury—what is the Fury?"

"When a creature of this world—any creature, big or small—becomes trapped either physically or mentally, they are left with only two choices—"

"To give in or strike back; such action is seen during the Hunt by the prey quite often."

"Yes, Tyrragor. Most Dragons react in such a way. But some are different, and are able to strike back with magical power, which history has called Fury. Yet, even for the two Dragons you met, such a Fury is different—it is stronger still than any other."

"Indeed, I have seen his strength; the forest bears tribute."

"Let not all credit go to him, Tyrragor. I have no doubt that either of them could have performed a feat such as this; and in a way both of them played equal parts."

"The Fury—is based on emotion yes?"

"Yes Ufufu, it is the result of utter anger, sadness, and desperation."

"So selfish, though—so selfish. When one of us is cornered, the others come to help. No one should be left to fend for themselves."

"Not all creatures are the same, my friend. But Great Dragon, Ufufu does bring a question to my mind; if desperation elicits such a powerful effect…would not the opposite emotions elicit such effects as well?"

"How do you mean?"

"What if the Dragon was in a situation where instead of sadness and anger, there was resolve and courage—more positive emotions?"

"I see…that is a very interesting question Tyrragor. Perhaps I can answer it by posing a question to Ufufu."

"Very well."

"If you will pardon me for this, but may I ask you to pretend you are with your daughter in the forest, afire?"

"…Yes, I will pretend."

"All right. Let us imagine that she is caught in the tree and you are looking up from the ground. What would you do?"

"I would save her."

"But it would cost your life."

"No matter to me—no. I would do whatever to save her—whatever I would do whatever."

"I see. Does that answer your question, Tyrragor?"

"…I believe it does, Great Dragon."

"Very good. Now, if you will excuse me, morning comes. I have a long day ahead and must write down this tale. Your information is most appreciated."

"Wait, Great Dragon—what about the Black Rains, the Dark Pools and the Specters?"

"I am sorry Ufufu, but I do not have the answer to those. Not yet. Perhaps when next we meet I will have an answer for you then. …Tyrragor, may I ask you a question in private?"

"Yes, Great Dragon."

"The young girl you mentioned, Hana I believe her name was."

"Yes, her name is Hana."

"I am afraid she must come with me."

"May I ask why?"

"Take me to her family, and I will explain on the way…"