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The Things I Never Knew

With a few more bright green zaps and bangs the diabolical duo was out of sight.

Ron actually felt a little bit bad for Drakken, as he watched him being chased away by Shego, guns a-blazing. He had been in a similar situation earlier and he knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of a temperamental girls anger. How did that old saying go? Hell hath no fury like a Woman Scorned?

Ain't that the truth, Ron thought to himself.

Still, Ron thought he should count himself lucky to not be in the same boat as Drakken. If Kim hadn't got that Moodulator chip off of her when she did….well let's just say there easily could've been one less person to light the menorah next Hanukah.

He looked over at his best friend who had, for a small amount of time that day, been completely and totally infatuated with him. She was following him to his classes, writing him love notes, even went as far as to stalk him in the ventilation system to make sure she would have the chance to talk to him!

At first, Ron was totally perplexed by Kim's behavior. One minute she was glaring daggers at him for losing the Kimmunicator and the next, she was looking at him like Rufus sometimes looked at chunks of parmesan.

Kim's odd behavior had all been explained however once Dr. Cyrus Bortel, an eccentric (and a little bit unethical) scientist arrived on the scene. He had explained that both Kim and Shego (who had an equally odd crush on Dr. Drakken) were both wearing Moodulator chips, a microchip that was designed to alter your brain waves to force you to feel whatever emotion it displayed, and that's what was causing them to act so strangely. Once the chips were removed, the doctor explained, then both women would turn back to normal and everything would be hunky-dory.

So, Ron wasn't surprised when he saw the young, auburn-haired, teen hero sitting on a bench looking extremely dazed. He went over and took a seat beside her:

"Tough day there, champ?" he asked her, putting on his trademark goofy smile.

"You don't know the half of it." She replied, still holding her head.

"Ron chuckled at her. "Hey it could be worse" he told her "you could have seriously maimed the Ronman during your little tirade there. I mean can you imagine the repercussions that would have on this community?!"

Kim gave an exhausted sounding laugh. "Yeah , we wouldn't want all those kids themed pizza restaurants to go out of business, now would we?"

Another chuckle, "Touche, Ms. Possible."

Kim laughed again, a little more exuberant this time. She turned to look at him:

"Listen Ron, about today…"

He waved his hand before she could finish. "Don't mention it, KP. Trust me, if it's one thing I've learned side-kickin' it up, old-school with you all these years, it's that crazy mad scientist inventions do crazy, mad things to people's heads……..well, that and always bring a spare belt."

She giggled again. Ron had a way of making her do that, even when laughing was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Are you sure, Ron? I mean, no offense, but I really could've hurt you back there….and as far as that whole…crush….thing goes….."

Ron shocked her right then by taking her face, cupping it in his hands, and turning it to face his, so that both of their eyes were in a deadlock.

"Kim….really…it's ok. I understand. You were under the influence of weird technological mayhem, it's all good! I mean, sure, I was a bit confused when you drew my name with all those little hearts around it but…."

Ron continued talking, but Kim barely heard anything he said. She was fascinated by her best friends eyes.

Oh my god, she thought to herself have they always been like that?

Ron Stoppable's eyes were absolutely gorgeous. They stood out at her like the pictures in a pop-up book, every detail about them coming at her once. The lights from the fair seemed to dance across their surface, adding their unique colors to his beautiful, chocolate irises, reminding her a Van Gogh painting she had hanging up in her living room.

Dear God, why hadn't she noticed those eyes before?

"Hello....? Earth to KP, This is the USS Ronster requesting permission to land. Over."

Kim was brought of her trance at these words, and her face turned a deep magenta.

"Hu-huh? Oh! Sorry, Ron I was just looking at the...uh…carnival and the….uh…lights…and..uh…the carnival! …I'm sorry did you say something?"

A puzzled Ron answered her:

"Yeah, I was actually suggesting that we call it a night and head for home. No offense, KP but you look like you could really use a good night's sleep."

Sleep! That sounded heavenly to Kim. The day's events had her thoroughly exhausted her(and she never wanted to chang out of a knee-high black dress with matching hose more in her entire life!) and she could think of nothing that would please her more than to just fall asleep and leave it all behind her.

"Sounds good to me, Ron" she said, smiling that tired smile of hers again.

"You know normally I would offer you a lift, KP, but my car fund has been a little dry since…well…always."

Kim laughed. "It's ok, Ron. It's a nice night. Walking doesn't sound too bad."

"Badical" he said, smiling that goofy smile of his again. "Lead the way!"

And with that they both began walking home, side-by-side, while behind them the excitement and wonder of Middleton Days continued to press onward.

A few hours later, Kim Possible was laying in bed more confused than she had ever been in her life.

What is wrong with me, tonight? She wondered to herself, as the sounds of the rest of her slumbering family wafted through the halls of her home. It's not like he was doing anything terribly interesting, so why was I looking at him like that?

Oh yes, poor Kim Possible was one confused young lady, all right, and with good reason. You see, during the entire walk home from the Middleton Days festival Kim could not take her eyes off the young, tow-headed, man walking next to her. While he was prattling on and on about Bricks of Fury this and Pro Wrestling that, all the while with Rufus chattering excitedly on his shoulder, Kim was taking in the view….and she was liking it.

It was like all of a sudden, some crazy age magician had turned her goofy, baby faced sidekick, into a bona fide young adult. Sure, he still had his tousled head of blonde hair, frequent patches of freckles, and oversized Will Smith ears, but there was so much more to him now. His face, which was once plump with baby fat, was now much more refined and had a definite shape to it. His chin had become more chiseled and set. Hell, even his eyebrows had attracted her attention. It was almost she was starting to become...attracted… to her best friend.

As quickly as that thought had entered her mind, Kim quickly banished it. The thought was completely ridiculous. Ron was her best friend, not some piece of eye candy.

But man, did you see those eyes? They were the prettiest eyes I've ever….

She shook her head violently to keep the thought from continuing through her brain. What in the world was wrong with her?

You're just tired, Possible she told herself. You've been lead around all day by some whacked-out toy invented by dingbat inventor with a bad Schwarzenegger accent. After a good night's sleep you'll be good as new. Ron will look just the same as he always did and everything will be Chauncey.

Kim smiled to herself. Of course she was tired! That was the obvious explanation! Tomorrow she would go find Ron, apologize for being weird, and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming already in progress. No worries. No worries at all.

And with those words still ringing in her mind, Kim Possible fell fast asleep.

She was hanging over a deep chasm filled with lava, suspended only by a rusty chain and the cliff face it was attached to. Her hands were tied behind her with a old rope, most likely from a shipyard, and was laying on her side on the floor of the cage.

Her captor, a wizard by the looks of it, with blue skin and a scar under his right eye, was standing above her gloating:

"Fare thee well, your majesty!" he said. "With you out of the way I, Lord Drakkenius, will take control of the Kingdom! Soon, the entire world will be mine!" He ended his speech with a hoarse-sounding throaty laugh.

The princess first at her captor and then at the fiery abyss below her, not knowing which was worse. Tears of fright and sadness began to fill her emerald-colored eyes. There was no way she was going to make it out of this sitch-eth alive. She would perish and then the evil Lord Drakkenius would take over the kingdom and rule its citizens with an iron first….and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

The princess hung her head in defeat, a few tears escaping her eyes, and waited for the inevitable.

Then, just when all hope seemed lost, a strange sound caused her to look up in alarm. She looked around to find the source of the strange noise (it was almost like a squeak…or a yelp…actually it might've been an actual word in the English language) and when she found it she recoiled back in shock.

It was a knight in shining armor and his valiant steed standing in a triumphant pose on the other edge of the cliff….or at least it was a vague parody of that.

You see, some of the adjectives in that sentence were a bit of a stretch.

For starters, the "knight" wasn't wearing armor so much, as he was wearing a pair of pajamas (complete with polka-dots and triangles) and a helmet, and his "steed" wasn't really a steed. Actually, it didn't even look like a horse! It was completely pink and hairless and had a pair of giant buck teeth. As for the "triumphant pose" part….well, come on…when a pajama-clad knight astride a hairless rat comes charging onto the scene the word "triumphant" isn't really the first word that comes to mind, now is it?

Still, even though they looked like rejects from an eight-year-old costume party, the princess's sprits soared once she caught sight of them. She knew that the mysterious knight was there to rescue her. She wasn't sure how or why, but she knew she was safe in his hands.

Lord Drakkenius, however, was not as impressed.

"Oh look" he guffawed at the princess's "champion." "The town buffoon is here to save the day!"

The knight, however, was not at all deterred by the evil wizards attempt at humiliation. He lifted the visor of his helmet to reveal a freckled face underneath.

"Let the princess go, Lord Drakkenium!" he yelled, in a somewhat high-pitched, nasally, kind of voice "and maybe I'll spare you the fate of going back to your mother's cottage with a black eye!"

"Urgh…it's DrakkenIUS, you buffoon! And I'll have you know that mother isn't even in the village today. She's out shopping for dragon scales with some of her girlfriends and….Dah! Never mind!"

He looked around at someone behind him.

"Could you maybe, oh I don't know, do some MINION WORK for me, please! I'm not paying to just stand around and look menacing, you know."

A figure loomed out from behind Lord Drakkenius and got into a battle stance. The figure appeared to be female, and was wearing robes of green and black. Her hands became aglow with green energy as she faced the knight.

"I'm going to go all present day society, on your ass." She said.

The knight smiled at her, however, and raised his right and beckoned to her with his fingers.

"Bring it" He said.

The sorceress charged her glowing green magic and launched a few fireballs at the knight. He dodged the first and second attack with ease, moving out of their path with the grace of ballerina. The third one, however, struck the hem of his pajamas causing them to catch fire.

"Yuuuuuaaarrrrgghhh!" the knight screamed in amusing panic as he tried to put out the fire that was currently enveloping the right leg of his "uniform" but without much success. If anything, all he managed to do was get the other aflame too, reducing to not much more than a screaming, panicking, fireball, with a knights helmet.

Not exactly the picture of ferocity.

Lord Drakkenius and the Sorceress were both howling with laughter at this point. Not only were they going to take over the kingdom but they were going to be treated to a comedic show as well.

The princess was starting to doubt her chances of survival, again.

Just as all hope seemed lost….again…the knight appeared to have another trick up his sleeve.

Or rather his bald companion did (seriously, what is that thing? The princess thought to herself).

The naked beaver thing snatched the knight up by the back of his neck and cocked him back like he was pitching in a baseball game.

"Fire in the hole!" he squeaked and then launched the knight like a fiery projectile right at the two cackling evil doers.

Before she even had time to realize what was happening, the evil green Sorceress was hit, full on contact, by the fiery hero. The pair flew through the air like a cannonball passing different kinds of grasses and shrubbery (occasionally setting a few on fire) until finally landing in a nearby stream.

The princess watched with baited breath. What had happened? Had her champion been defeated? Was all hope lost? She stared frantically at the riverbank where the two had landed but it was impossible to see through all the steam.

For a few moments, all was quiet.

Then, slowly, a shadow began emerging from the steam. First all the princess could make was its head, and then most of its upper body, then, finally, the entire figure emerged from the smoky stage it had entered in from.

The princess squealed with delight. It was her hero! He was ok! He was coming to save her! He was…currently wearing no pants.

It seemed, to the princess, that the fireball flung at him by the sorceress had burned his pants completely off of his body. He stood before them now, in nothing but yellow-and-green boxer shorts and a knight's helmet.

Yet, strangely enough, the knight still wore a heroic smile as he raised his hand and pointed at his foe.

"Game. Set. Match. Drakkenius!" he said, smirking, "How about you just go ahead and surrender now before things really start to get ugly."

The evil Lord Drakkenius smiled an evil smile.

"I wouldn't count your chickens before they've hatched, Sir Dingleberry" he said, grasping a nearby lever. "It looks to me like you and your princess are about to have a falling out!"

Lord Drakkenius pulled the lever he was holding, causing the bottom holding the princess to spill outward dropping its contents to the chasm below.

The knight watched in horror as the princess began to plummet to her demise.

He had a choice to make.

He could either save the falling princess and let Drakkenius escape…or he could go after Drakkenius and let the princess fall to her death on the fiery rocks below.

He made his choice in a thirtieth of a second.

He ran to cliffs edge and extended his arms outward over the precipice, positioning himself under the falling royal. The princess landed safely in his arms just as the evil Lord Drakkenius disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The knight gently set the princess to the ground, undoing the cords that bound her wrists together. She turned around to face him.

Shining emerald met rich, chocolate, brown as their eyes locked. No words were spoken as both of them, damsel and savior, moved closer to one another. The knight placed his hands around the princess's waist at the same time as she wrapped her arms around his neck, both pulling each other in so close that their noses were touching. Their gaze never left each other's eyes as their lips met, uniting the two in a sense of bliss and wonder.

Their faces seemed to melt together as the kiss grew more passionate. The two lovers souls merged as one as the mutual love between flowed through their veins. Their heartbeats remained in synch as the two continued their kiss long after the sun had set behind the mountaintops.

And it was the most glorious thing each of them had ever felt.

Kim Possible awoke with a start, sweat running down her face.

She looked at the digital clock on her left, trying to found out the time: 5:47 a.m.

Good she thought to herself because there's no way I'm getting to sleep after that.

The auburn-haired teen put her face in her hands as she remembered the contents of her dream.

She had been the princess…and Ron, her best friend, had been her knight in shining armor. Kind of.

Kim smiled a little bit to herself as she remembered the ridiculous getup Ron was wearing in her dream. He was always so goofy. She realized it wouldn't surprise her at all if Ron did show up to save her in his PJ's.

Kim shook her head, as if trying to get herself to focus on the matter at hand. She had just woken up from the weirdest dream she had ever had. Not the whole Princess/Knight scenario thing. No, Kim had had that one hundreds of times. Only this time it had been cast way differently.

When she had that dream in the past, it had always been Josh Mankey who had been her knight in shining armor. The biggest role Ron had ever had in these dreams was a bumbling peasant who (on one occasion) got a bucket stuck on his head. But not this time….This time Josh didn't even make an appearance in her dream, let alone have the lead role. No, no that honor had gone to aa certain blonde-haired former peasant.

And she had loved it. Despite her total and utter confusion about her dream she could not deny for a second how it had made her feel. Every nerve on her body seemed to scream out in euphoria when their lips had met and they had both shared a kiss on that mountaintop, with the beautiful colors of the sunset in the background….

Dear god, she thought, while feeling her arms I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

She flopped down on her bed in frustration. She had never been so confused. Not twenty-four - hours ago, Ron had been nothing more than her best friend, and that had been solid, irrefutable, fact. Now she was getting heart palpitations every time she thought about him.

And the weirdest thing of all was that that none of this seemed to bother her. To her it seemed perfectly natural to think of Ron in this way.

What is going on? She thought am I losing it? Has all the stress of going on missions and saving the world finally driven me insane?

She lay back in her bed, her head still pounding with all of these questions. She was still racking her brain when her alarm rang a 6:30 signifying the start of a day.

Kim Possible opened her eyes and turned to shut off the incessant ringing the alarm clock was making. She realized then that, for the first time in her life, she was scared to go to school.

What do I do about Ron? Do I tell him about my dream? How on Earth would he react to that?

As the young girl began to shower and dress herself for the day she wasn't sure of the answer to any of these questions.

But of one thing, she was absolutely sure….

Today was NOT going to be a normal day. Not even by Kim Possible standards.

To Be Continued

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