Author's note: So sorry for not updating recently. I lied when I said I was going to update all my stories and only updated one! I just wanted a break XD. But, here I am, ready to tackle this again.

Guardian Angel: Chap 5

Oh my God, I thought as I ran, occasionally glancing behind me, seeing nothing. What I had thought was a wall, was nothing of the sort. I didn't even know what it was; only getting the glimpse of dark clothing, mangled and beaten up and glowing red eyes.

I don't know how long I ran, pushing my legs to go faster and faster. As I turned my head to look behind me, I didn't see the branch sticking out, causing me to trip. I looked up, trying to see something despite the darkness and rain.

I could feel the tears pricking at the corner of my eyes, not knowing if my parents were okay or where Edward was. I was never one to be in grave situations or even sticky ones. So, being here and experiencing this, was quite a shock. I wanted to curl up into a ball, close my eyes and just wish it all away. Knowing I couldn't, I got up looking to see which way was better, tensing up the minute I heard another sound. I knew I was no better off than the people I used to criticize in horror movies. I turned towards the sound, opening my mouth to scream when I saw a bloody hand reach out- nothing came out.

"Shh, it's me." I sagged in relief, as I felt Edward wound his arms around me. He took a step back, keeping his arms where they were. He checked me over for any injuries as I tried to convince him that I was okay. He sighed, "Thank God," and picked me up, bridal style. "Where are you taking me?" I asked him, laying my head against his shoulder.

"To your house," Edward looked at me. "Everything is okay for now." I raised an eyebrow in disbelief. I don't know what his concept of okay was, but those demons chasing me were definitely not okay. He chuckled, "Those demons are gone for now. Our side had the advantage. It would have meant certain death for them to get into a fight."

I furrowed my brow, "But, what about your hand?" Gesturing to his bloody hand, I watched as he remained quiet. I sighed; he probably thought I would freak out that he hurt someone- that he was capable. He was that kind of guy. I rolled my eyes at the thought. Suddenly, I felt all the events of the night catching up to me, and I blacked out. Held securely in Edward's arms, the concept Sweet Dreams took on a higher meaning.


I woke up slightly tired the next day, looking around my room. My room, I thought. How in the world did I get here? I leaned forward and felt a weight around my neck. Looking down at my necklace, I remembered Edward placing my half asleep body on my bed before falling asleep. I got up, noticing that the cross that I usually had against the wall still wasn't there. Another thing to add to the stuff I had to buy.

I bounced down the stairs, nothing was different. My jacket was hanging on a chair in the dining room, and breakfast was served on the table. "I thought you could use some food," I clutched my heart as I whirled around to see Edward standing behind me. He smirked and gestured towards the food.

I swallowed, and sat down.

"For being a guardian angel, you sure know how to give me a heart attack." I accused him as he sat down across from me. He smiled, probably thinking it was funny to scare me out of my wits. I narrowed my eyes at him, and took a bite. I moaned at the taste, "What the hell is this?" He raised an eyebrow at my language before telling me it was something he saw in the Food Network Channel. I shook my head, Figures, he had to be perfect in everything.

I went into my own little world after that, smiling, thinking about the fact that my guardian angel was this gorgeous man sitting across from me. I probably looked like a fool with my goofy expression, but he didn't say anything. I finished my breakfast, going to the sink to wash the plate. Edward got up, and came to my side. "Well, since its vacation time, would you mind if I spent it with you?" I grinned at him, nodding. "Good," he said, going towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked him, drying my hands off with a paper towel.

He turned at the sound of my voice, "Just getting some stuff from my car."

"Oh," He continued on his way, as I went around cleaning the house a bit. My parents were a bit messy. I heard the door slam shut, Edward coming in after a minute. He had a bag slung on one arm, looking at me. He gestured towards the bag, "Do you think I could change?" I nodded at him, confused. "I thought maybe you would like a day in, watching something and maybe some explanations..." I understood that he wanted me to be comfortable with the idea of an angel as my friend, and I smiled at him.

"There's a bathroom on this floor, but it isn't that big. You should change in my bathroom, and leave your stuff there." My head was inclined towards the stairs. He nodded once, and went up the stairs.

Well, I thought, this was unexpected. This whole vacation was starting to appeal to me even more. Besides not having teachers around for a whole month, I was going to have Edward around and I liked the idea. Starting this weekend, I was going to do my best to forget about the bad, and focus on the good. This weekend starts the FUN- with Edward.

Hell yes, I grinned.