A shower curtain was pulled back with a screeching sound of metal rings against the shower rod, momentarily clearing away lingering water droplets in the air and easing up on the pitch black eyes of Britney as she wrapped a dry towel twice round her skinny body. Even though it was late at night—probably even early morning—the girl was still totally energized since she'd just gotten back from a friends house…

As she turned to the mirror and began running her hands through dark brown locks of hair, the phone beside her cut cross the silence like a mighty claw. Although, upon spitting her gaze to the dimly lit screen, Britney simply found another acid rumor from Vivian about who's dating who and which groups of people from school had more of a favor towards those Proviso bitches. Just the mention of Proviso made Britney frown in anger; rage really, after everything that had happened.

Don't waste your time even thinking about them, she thought to herself, knowing well that frowning only causes wrinkles. Instead, she just pulled on an oversized concert T-shirt and sat in the room quietly, staring into the mirror.

After battling the idea of calling up Vivian to get more than just a 160-character message, Britney eventually flipped open the phone. "Britney," laughed Viv on the other side. "What's up, shexy-ass?"

"Hey, Viv," she whispered into the phone, cantering out the door and beginning to fire off question after question. The towel lay behind her, sopping on the floor, and, as the corner was turned for Britney, she failed to sense a dark mass stepping out onto it from behind the hamper, blinking it's single red eye as it thought long and hard.

Back in her room, Britney plopped down on her bed and continued to silently nod in approval with all being told to her.

"…Anyway, so after Jenny and I were done with that, she and I were sitting by the fountain when just who comes by but that asshole Kimmi, and she was talking to Eleni about how much she was gonna miss Rose now that she's leaving and I couldn't believe it! So I was like—"

"Stop," commanded Britney, almost out of breath from trying to keep up with all of this. "Rose is moving? After all she's done to us, she's moving before we can do anything back?"

"I know! It's terrible."

Britney scratched her chin as she thought, gritting her teeth and tensing. "Whatever," she forced. "We've got other things to worry about. Uh, have you heard about anyone else from Proviso lately?"

"No," answered Vivian, almost sounding disappointed. "They all seem to be pretty quiet after what happened to Abby."

A cruel smile came to Britney's lips, and she laughed a bit lowly. "Oh yeah, she ran out in front of a car or something, right?"

"Yeah, kinda, and no one even found out who it was that hit her." A sneering laugh followed along out of the receiver, and then a sarcastic moan of, "poor little bitchies."

"Stupid Abby, she and her little stories can all go burn in Hell."


There was a short buzz of silence as Britney crossed her legs and blinked, exhaustion setting in. "I'm going now," she muttered after a short while, and, before Vivian could give her some kiss-ass goodbye, the call had ended.

"Ugh!" muttered Britney as she fell into her pillow, pulling in close to herself. "Them stupid Provisos coming in on my territory. I would love the show them a thing or two, and leave their bodies in the gutter when I'm through." The thought was a pleasing one that she figured might be a worthy text to someone who was probably sleeping, but when the skinny girl looked back to her phone, she froze up.

Because there—

Right there in the screen—

A reflection.

An eye. A single glowing red eye surrounded by a dark mass looking down from the shelf above her—

Back into the reflection—

Right back at her—

Oh my fuckin—

And then it spoke.

"It seems, then, that you and I have a common interest, Britney."

It knows my name. Shit, shit, SHIT!

"Don't look so afraid. I'm here to help you; together we can assume a power that no one could bring you down from."

Britney tried to say something, but only squeaked slightly.

There was just the slightest break in the monologue before it continued, the eye still not moving from the reflection; not looking away from her.

"You have been defeated in the past, correct?"

She nodded slowly, a wave of anger at the remembrance.

"As have I," it whispered now. "Together, we may exact our revenge, Britney. We will rule all, and then no one will be able to save our enemies. Will you join me?"

Britney gulped, so scared and confused that it seemed she die right there. But she didn't; something was telling her to say yes. This was her chance, she believed this creature's words.

"Who are you?" she whispered finally, and the creature smiled.

"You may call me Woundwort. General Woundwort."

I could hardly breathe as I fell back into the cushions of the couch, my head spinning. "This… this is impossible," I whispered, covering my eyes and shaking my head.

Cathy screamed as Hawkbit ran past her and tried to barrel out the door, but found it to only be closed. Turning around frantically, he ran to the other wall, but there was no escape their either. All the while, Cathy was jumping up and down, tears rolling down her cheeks as she asked over and over again "What is it? What is it?"

And then I stopped moving. I sat totally still and looked at Hawkbit, still trapped, still cowering. All I could say was one word. "… Hawkbit."

I swear, that things pupils went down to even small slits than before as it looked back at me, confused and terrified. "What in the name of Frith is going on?"

And, just like that, Cathy was back in my arms, crying some more and pulling in herself until she sat in that egg position thing. "Nat?" she said quietly. "What's going on?"

I stood back up silently, with Cathy looking at me in surprise. Sure, I'm terrified inside, but I guess that I was keeping up the illusion of control pretty well.

"This can't be real," I finally said to her. "I mean…" my eyes were going all over the place as I said, "This has to be a dream."

"It's not," whispered Cathy, closing up her misty brown eyes and biting her thumbnail. "It's not, I swear."

I turned to her, and then went to look behind the couch, where Fiver was still sitting dumbstruck, his dark brown ears flat on either side of his head. And then I did something that none of us expected: I laughed.

"Cat," I said, shaking my head, tears in my eyes as my laughter sounded more and more forced; more and more terrified. "There are talking rabbits in my house from a show that got canceled ten years ago." And then my voice started to get shrill. "How could this possibly be real?"

And then I heard a voice that, so many times in the past, had made me calm, even though it was just on the TV. It was Fiver's voice.

"We've got no way out of here."

He sounded knowledgeable and sure of himself as he was saying this to Hawkbit, who backed up against the wall, still scared out of his wits.

That was when I broke down, too. I sat on the sofa and buried my head in my hands, my chest sinking as I shook my head. Where had reality gone, and when was it coming back?

Cathy stood up slowly and looked from Hawkbit to Fiver, who crept out from behind the couch. To him, she went and kneeled. "Are you… a rabbit?"

"Yes," it replied softly, and Cathy only stared at it dumbly.

"And you're a man," he said, seeing that Cathy ad nothing else to say.

Cathy nodded, although she seemed a little confused, as no one had ever labeled her a "man" before.

I turned over and looked at him accusingly. "Fiver," I said, not sure whether it was to the rabbit, or to Cathy, or just to myself. "Fiver, the mystic rabbit. Right?"

"Umm…" Obviously I was making him nervous. "I, uh…"

Cathy looked at me. "Nat, you're scaring him."

"Am I?" I asked, still angry. I grit my teeth. "That's good, he should be scared! None of this should be happening right now. I don't want this." Everyone stared at me as if I were some maniac, which is probably the case. However, no one responding made me even angrier.

"And you!" I suddenly shouted, turning to Hawkbit, and, I'm pretty sure that as I soon as I pointed to him, a little bit of him died inside. "What? Don't got nothing to say? Come on, Hawkbit, you're supposed to be the comic relief. Say something pessimistic and we can all move on!"

"I, err, umm…" All he could seem to do was blabber.

I stood up on the couch and sighed. "Lord, take me now."

"Stop it!" Cathy said, grabbing my hand and pulling me down from the couch. "Just stop it now, Nat. Can't you see they're scared enough as it is?"

"Oh, they're scared. Do forgive me."


I sat down on the couch and buried my head once again, choking on my tears.

Cathy looked back at Fiver, who was frightened by my blow up, and he looked down sadly. "I'm sorry," said Cathy to him, but he shook his head.

"You shouldn't have to be, this isn't anybody's fault."

Cathy still pulled in her knees and sat there thinking. "Still, I'm sorry if we've scared the two of you." She bit her lip and looked down. "So… so you're name is Fiver?"

"It is. And who are you? Cat?"

"That's just what Natalie calls me. Mostly others call me Cathy, on account'a that's my name."

9-year-old introductions are so cute, I thought through my bitterness.

Fiver nodded, relaxing only slightly. "And this over here is Hawkbit," said Fiver as he went to the silent rabbit sitting a little ways away. "He's hardly ever this quiet. And that is… Natalie? Or Nat?"

"She goes by both."

I sighed like this was exasperating and looked at them both. "Now that this pleasant little conversation is over, let's move on. Why the Hell are you two in my house."

Fiver and Cathy were looking at each other as I asked this, seeming to be sharing a thought.

"Two worlds…" began Cathy.

"…Become one," said Fiver.

This is so weird.

Abby couldn't see anything as she walked through the blindingly bright light that only bounced off of everything around her and back into her eyes. She was still confused about everything that had happened; she still had trouble accepting the fact that she was dead.

"Hello?" she called, her voice sounding ghostly in the deserted place that she walked. It seemed to her that the ground beneath her feet was marshy, but everywhere she looked, all she saw was a bright white. "Is anyone here?"

"Who's there?" asked another voice, high pitched and squeaking in fright. Abby felt a new charge at this voice and began to run to where it came from.

"Hey! Where are you, I can't see any—"

And then she tripped and hit the floor, feeling it kind of shape itself around her like a cushion.

The other voice was very near to her now—almost right next to her—as it said, "Oh!" and backed up a little.

"Hey, wait, come back," said Abby, picking the golden blond curls from out of her face to find herself looking at a rabbit. "Oh… wow. Heaven is a strange place indeed. Was it you that I was talking to?"

The rabbit nodded, now looking at her in curiosity. "I didn't know there'd be men in Frith's afterlife."

Abby shrugged. "Yeah? Well, I didn't know there'd be talking rabbits. What are you doing here?"

Dandelion smiled, finding this conversation to be almost funny. "Something's been going on back in the other world. I was trying to look into this stream because I could see some of my friends in it."

"Stream? What str—" but once again, Addy cut herself off by looking over to see a clear stream that she had not seen before. In it was a scene playing, and, the closer the got, the more she recognized the people in there.

"Hold on a moment… That's Natalie!" Abby looked in closer, and, yes, indeed it was Natalie, sitting on the couch that Abby, herself, had sat on so many times before, with her head buried in her hands.

"I know; I just heard her being introduced to Hawkbit. I wonder why he's in a man home. That doesn't seem like something he'd do."

Abby grinned. "So it's not just me that's talking to rabbits, huh?"

"No," confirmed Dandelion. "I just said that something had happened down there."

Abby shook her head, and sat back up. "I'm Abby, by the way. And you're Dandelion, aren't you?"

Dandelion looked back up, surprised. "How did you know that?"

"Silly!" Abby said this, then flinched upon realizing she had just used the word "silly" in the exact same context that her mother word. Still, she shrugged it off. "We grew up together."


"Yeah," replied Abby. Then she paused. "The only thing was that… you were on a TV show."


Oh… please, I'm begging people not to take this fic seriously. I mean, I don't know what you people were thinking, but I was smiling through Abby and Dandelion's scene, I was trying to convey Heaven as a sort of Wonderland place where things don't have to make sense. The inside of my head is a strange place indeed. ^_^ Well, here's your second chapter of Hawkbit, written by a Hawkbit lover, for Hawkbit lovers, and then some. Please review! I'm very proud of this work! (not really) This is the account that I upload random bullcrap to because I'm afraid of it messing up the "Good Author" reputation on my other account. ("What reputation?" she asks.) Thanks!

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