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The Legend of Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto

October 10th

Screams. That's all that could be heard throughout Konoha, the strongest village in the Elemental Nations. Whether it be from civilians or the shinobi yelling out orders or the screams right before their deaths. The reason for this is because only a few days ago word had reached Konoha that the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the greatest of the Bijuu, was on its way towards Konoha and was now only a few hundred feet from the walls.

Although for the Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato, the leader and strongest ninja Konoha has ever produced was only concentrated on the screams of one person, his wife Namikaze-Uzumaki Kushina. She was currently in labor with their first child, a son. He wasn't even due for another 3 weeks but Minato knew of only one way to stop the Kyuubi and after a lengthy and hazard to his health argument with his wife she agreed to the plans which was why they had to induce the pregnancy.

Finally after what seemed like forever both parents heard the sound of crying and knew that their family was finally finished, for however short it may be. With a nod Minato looked at the nurse after she cleaned him and handed him to Kushina and left the family alone.

"He looks just like you Minato-kun" said Kushina, then added "which means he must get the brains from me" with a laugh from the both of them.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood 3 figures: the oldest of them the previous leader of the village the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen with titles such as The God of Shinobi and The Professor; the next one was the Legendary Sannin Jiraiya the Great Toad Sage a world known pervert and student of the Sandaime and teacher to Konoha's Yellow Flash himself; and the last and youngest one was Hatake Kakashi student of Namikaze Minato.

Sarutobi looked at the happy family for a few seconds with a smile on his face but it soon dropped. "Minato are you sure you want to do this? You know that I can to it." He said.

Minato looked at his predecessor and said with a small sad smile "Yes I must do this. I knew what being Hokage meant and I swore to protect the village with my life."

He looked at his student, then his teacher, next was the old man himself, then finally to his wife and son. "Besides he won't be alone. Naruto will have all of you when I'm gone."

Jiraiya looked at his apprentice, "Naruto huh? Still went with the name I see."

Minato and Kushina smiled at him and said together "It was your best book" which had Sarutobi and Kakashi to chuckle and Jiraiya to pout. As they were going to continue their conversation a load roar echoed throughout Konoha.

Minato sighed and looked at his wife as she held onto their son. He noticed that she was still pale but didn't think much of it. "It's time Kushina. I must leave now before more people die."

He walked over to her and kissed her long and hard and hugged her for what seemed way to short for either of them. He took his son into his arms and kissed his forehead causing Naruto to wake up and grab a lock of his spiky yellow hair dangling in his son's face causing a 'YELP' to come from the strongest ninja alive and laughs from everyone else in the room. With a final kiss and hug to his wife he and the others left to face the Kyuubi and allow Kushina to rest never noticing the growing pile of blood.

On the way to the wall they stopped at the Hokage Tower to pick up the supplies. When they arrived at the wall Minato bit his finger and went through some hand seals and called out Kuchiyose no Jutsu and once the smoke cleared a giant toad appeared.

He looked around him and spotted the group. "What did you call me for Minato?" he asked.

Minato looked up at him and said "I need you Gamabunta to take me and my son to the Kyuubi then hold him as long as you can while I prepare the jutsu."

The newly named Gamabunta looked wide-eyed at that then said "So you're going to use it after all….alright let's get going" and with that said Minato with Naruto in his arms jumped onto Gamabunta and raced off where his ninja were stalling the Kyuubi.

When the trio arrived the ninja cheered for their leader. As Minato looked around at the damage his eyes finally landed on the Kyuubi. "Gamabunta hold it as long as you can while I draw the seals on Naruto."

Gamabunta replied "I'll do my best but I won't last long against that kind of power."

As Gamabunta attacked and dodged the Kyuubi, Minato started the delicate process of drawing the seals on his son's stomach. As he finished he planted a kiss to his son's forehead and started the sequence of seals for the jutsu. "Kyuubi I do not know why you are attacking but I can not let you continue" he yelled at the beast. As he finished the last seal he yelled out "Shiki Fuujin."

There was a bright flash and the other ninja stopped what they were doing to watch. They were shocked at what they saw. "What have you called me for mortal?" a voice asked.

As Minato looked behind him he saw the Shinigami. It had fangs poking out of its mouth with horns on its head and purple skin. It also had a large knife like Gamabunta.

He looked it in its eyes and said low enough so only the Shinigami could here him "Shinigami-sama I have summoned you to seal the Kyuubi into my son to stop its destruction."

Shinigami looked at Kyuubi and said "Very well but as stated I will have your soul as payment."

"Hai, arigatou Shinigama-sama." Minato watched as the Shinigami's arm went through him to the Kyuubi and stuck its hand into the creature. As it pulled back it brought with it the soul of the beast but it was not acting like it was before. It looked around as if it didn't recognize where it was. As the Shinigami placed its soul into his son he finished the process by drawing the remaining seals on his son's stomach before he died. As he finished he saw the same three people arrived next to him but before he could say anything though Sarutobi spoke up.

"Minato I'm sorry but there were complications with Kushina after we left. She was bleeding and the doctors couldn't stop it. She wrote a letter to Naruto before she died roughly 30 minutes ago."

Minato looked on wide-eyed. That was not supposed to happen. She was supposed to raise their son. Here his first words, watch his first step, watch him as he entered his first day at the academy. He let a few tears fall from his face before he looked back up.

"Sarutobi tell the people my last wish is for them to see my son as the hero he is. For now he will take his mother's name until he is strong enough for his full name. I have left further instructions in the safe in the office." With that said the Shinigami pulled out his soul and ate it.

With his anchor gone Gamabunta returned to the world of the summons. Sarutobi picked up Naruto and held him close and rocking him back and forth to quiet his crying at the loss of his father. Jiraiya looked at his student before picking him up as the rest of the shinobi and kunoichi surrounded their fallen leader. After the Sandaime issued orders the two adults, one young teen, and one baby left back to the village.

As Minato opened his eyes he suspected to be in the belly of the Shinigami. He did not expect to be in a throne like room with who he assumed as the Shinigami as he looked different from before looking at him and saying "We have much to discuss."

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