' ' = thoughts

" "= talking face to face or talking out loud

Bold letters = either Kyuubi in fox form, Shinigami using his scary voice (lol) or a summon

Naruto traveled for two weeks until he reached Lightning Country's border at the beginning of November. He decided to travel to Kumogakure no Sato first to try and get their Bingo Book and stock up on supplies then travel along the eastern coast while working on his water manipulation then inward towards the mountains to practice his earth and lightning manipulations.

He arrived at the entrance of the village after three days. "Halt. State your name and purpose for your visit" stated one of the guards.

Naruto had decided to henge into a teenager with a basic build with brown hair and black eyes. "My name is Toshiro. No surname. I am traveling the world and have come here to rest and restock my supplies" Naruto replied. The guard looked at Naruto for a couple seconds before writing down the information and allowed him through.

Naruto found a hotel and rented a room for a couple nights. He took a look around his room and went through his supplies making a list of what he needed before taking a shower and went back out. He could sense a couple of shinobi tailing him. 'Must be for security reasons' he thought. He picked up some medical supplies as he was running low after helping his people in Whirlpool Kingdom and some members of the Fuma clan. 'I'm just glad I started learning medical ninjutsu or I would have run out of supplies a long time ago.' He also picked up more kunai and shuriken.

He was able to sneak in to the place that produces Kumo's Bingo Books and got the latest edition. With that he went back to his hotel and went to sleep.

He decided to relax today before he left tomorrow and after a quick breakfast he decided to explore the village. He found it to be a nice place. A bit quieter than Konoha but it had a peaceful sensation to it. He was walking down a road when his eyes caught sight of a kunoichi heading his way. She was beautiful with blond hair tied in a braid that went to her mid-back and black eyes. Her breasts were easily D-cup with long legs attached to a firm ass. She started eyeing him as well.

When they passed each other time seemed to slow down then she continued on. 'What was that? I could sense something from her' he thought.

'I felt something too Naru-kun and I believe that was the container for the Nibi no Bakeneko' Kyuubi replied.

Naruto's eyes widened and turned around but she was already gone. 'Damn. She was right next to me and I didn't even get to say a simple hello' he thought and sighed.

'Don't worry Naru-kun. I'm sure you two will meet again. Her container is strong' Kyuubi replied and gave Naruto a mental kiss on the lips which had him smile.

'Arigatou koishii' Naruto thought.

'Anytime koi' Kyuubi replied.

Naruto decided to spend a couple hours at one of Kumo's famous onsens before heading back to the hotel. He paid the clerk and entered the room for the males and de-clothed then wrapped a towel around him before heading to the water. He decided to drop his henge for now. When he entered he noticed two other people there.

Both were dark-skinned and had white hair and were obviously shinobi. The younger of the two looked to be about five years older than him. But it was the other guy that had his attention and Kyuubi's. He had a tattoo on his left shoulder that said "iron" and a tattoo on his left cheek that resembled a bull's horn. He also gave Naruto the same feeling Fū and the container for the Nibi gave him.

'Kyuu-hime what are the chances that we meet two other jinchuriki in the same day?' Naruto asked.

'I don't know but he is definitely a jinchuriki. From what I can sense I'd say he contains the Hachibi no Kyogyū' she replied. Naruto gave her a nod and continued into the water.

While Naruto was eyeing the two and talking to Kyuubi the ones he was eyeing were eyeing him. 'Yo yo Hachi do you sense what I'm a sensin' Killer Bee thought to Hachibi.

'Hai I do you buffoon. This child is powerful on his own and he contains the Kyuubi no Yoko as well' Hachibi replied.

'Hm what do you think I should do?' he replied seriously.

'Order Omoi to leave and speak to the boy. If he's in contact with Kyuubi then he already knows about you' Hachibi responded. Killer Bee nodded his head toward Omoi who nodded back and got up and left.

Naruto watched the younger man leave then turned his attention back to the older man who hadn't moved. "Is it safe to talk here?" Naruto asked.

"Hai it's safe. Omoi will make sure no one will bother us. So I'm guessing you know of what you contain?" Killer Bee asked.

"Hai I've known since my 5th birthday about Kyuu-hime" Naruto replied.

Killer Bee raised an eyebrow at the "hime" before he asked "hime?"

Naruto smirked before saying "Well she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I love her and she me" Naruto replied. He looked at the other jinchuriki's face before saying "I'm guessing Hachibi never mentioned that they can take a human form?"

Killer Bee thought 'Yo Hachi is this true?'

'Yes' was the simple answer.

Killer Bee's left eye twitched before saying 'How come you never told me?'

'You never asked' was his reply while holding in his laughter.

Killer Bee just shook his head at his friend before looking back at the child saying "My name's Kirābī but people just call me Killer Bee."

Naruto nodded "Uzumaki Naruto. By the way earlier today I crossed paths with the Nibi container while exploring the village but she was already gone before I realized who she was. You wouldn't know her name by chance would you?"

Killer Bee nodded "Hai I do. Her name is Nii Yugito, one of our best kunoichi if not the best." Naruto nodded his head in thanks.

After a few minutes of silence Killer Bee spoke up "So what are you doing in Kumo if I may ask?"

Naruto opened one eye looking at him "Stocking up on supplies before I head out to begin training on my lightning manipulation and continue on my others."

Killer Bee's curiosity was picked up when he mentioned his lightning affinity but was shocked when he mentioned "others." "Others? How many do you have? I only have one which happens to be lightning."

Naruto hesitated before replying "7".

Killer Bee was shocked and confused before saying "Seven? There are only 5 main elements and" he was cut off by Hachibi's gasp. 'What's the matter Hachi?'

'This child speaks the truth. There are actually 7 main elements but the last two were only wielded by one other human. The Rikudo Sennin. Those elements were Light and Dark. If he truly does possess those elements then he has the potential to be the greatest shinobi to have ever lived.'

Killer Bee got over his shock before replying "Well damn. How do you have affinities to the other elements anyways?"

"One of my bloodlines" replied Naruto.

"Bloodlines? As in more than one? I don't think I've ever heard of anyone with more than one bloodline."

Naruto looked at Killer Bee and said "I have three. Two from my parents and the third I got after Shinigami altered the seal to prevent me from dying on my 5th birthday."

Now Killer Bee and Hachibi were shocked again. "Shi-shinigami? As in THE Shinigami?"

Naruto nodded his head and told him about his past. How the villagers treated him and the meeting of Kyuubi, his parents and Shinigami. Killer Bee and Hachibi laughed hard when he mentioned he called THE Shinigami "Shini-jiji." He also mentioned his plan for the other jinchuriki. Killer Bee told Naruto that before he left he'd give some instructions to help him with his lightning manipulation. Before he left Naruto asked for a sample of his blood to add to the seal protecting the Royal Palace and said that if he ever needed some place to hide or rest to stay there. Killer Bee gave his thanks and his instructions to Naruto and watched as he left Kumo.

'He's going to change this world for the better' Killer Bee thought then added 'Then I can share my music with the world.' Hachibi just shook his head at his crazy friend of a container.

When he turned around he spotted his three students watching him. The big-breasted blonde student of his spoke "Sensei who was that?"

Killer Bee took a look behind him before looking back at his students "That my students was the jinchuriki for the Kyuubi no Yoko and the one who will become the strongest shinobi who has ever lived and change this world for the better. If you ever fight him run away or surrender as you have no hope against him." With that he walked past the stunned faces of his students thinking of his next song while bugging the crap out of Hachibi.

Naruto spent three months traveling along the coast. He had finally mastered his water manipulation and wind manipulation. 'I can start working on combining them next' he thought excitedly. He also improved his chakra control with him using medical ninjutsu on the people in the villages he came across. By the time he left he had cleared up the coast of bandits and missing-nin and word was already spreading about the "Protector of Lightning Country."

Naruto made his way higher into the mountains. He came across the perfect spot for training but noticed a small cabin. He approached it and could sense someone in it. When he knocked he heard someone approaching and opened the door. When he got to see who it was he saw that it was a young beautiful woman.

Tōu was preparing to make dinner when she heard a knock at her door. 'Who the hell could that be' she thought. When she approached the door she could feel the power of the person on the other side of the door. She readied herself and opened the door but was shocked to see a mini-Yondaime Hokage.

"Um can I help you?" she asked

Naruto thought she looked familiar until he saw the loincloth around her hip. That's when he recalled where he saw her. It was in a picture of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. 'But I thought they were all killed except Jiji's son when half of them planned a coup d'etat against the Hokage and the others fought them' he thought. He was brought out of his thoughts by her question.

"Yes I am wondering if you would allow me to stay here in the area to practice my earth and lightning manipulations for a few months. Also if you're trying to hide you should make sure you aren't wearing that loincloth for all to see Twelve Guardian Ninja Tōu. I'm quite surprised to see you since I heard all you died except for Asuma a few years ago" he finished.

Tōu was intrigued by his request and at the affinities he mentioned but was shocked when he said her name. "How do you know all this?" she asked.

"I am quite close to the Third Hokage and I spent a lot of time in his office when I was younger and when he would run out for something I'd go snooping around" he finished with a chuckle.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. King of Whirlpool. Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko. Son of Namikaze Minato, Konoha's Yondaime Hokage, and Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina, Konoha's Red Death and daughter of the former King and Queen of Whirlpool Kingdom" he finished.

Tōu was left speechless as her mind tried to comprehend what was just told. Unfortunately that didn't work out to well as she passed out. Naruto quickly caught her before she hit the floor and chuckled.

"Well I guess I better put you down somewhere to rest" he said.

He found her bedroom and laid her down on her bed and pulled the blankets over her. He walked back out and noticed she was starting dinner. He decided to finish as she rested.

Roughly an hour later Tōu woke up to a smell that had her mouth salivating. She noticed she was tucked in her bed 'He must have put me here after I fainted' she thought with a slight blush. She breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed the only thing missing from her body were her sandals. She put them back on and followed the delicious aroma. When she arrived she saw him cooking dinner. She coughed getting his attention.

Naruto turned around and saw she was up. "Finally up I see. I decided to finish making dinner as I noticed I interrupted you. It'll be done in a couple minutes so take a seat at the table and I'll be with you in a few" with that he turned back around to check on the stew.

Tōu sat down and watched him work. 'Damn he's powerful, a gentlemen and cooks. Plus he's quite a looker already and if he grows up to be a looker like his father he'll be even more handsome' she thought then her eyes widened at what she thought and blushed.

'Wait a minute. What is the son of a Hokage doing way out here anyways and if I remember correctly he said he was the King of Whirlpool. Seems I have some things to talk about during dinner' she was shaken from her thoughts by the bowl of stew placed in front of her. She took a small taste of it before she dug in. Naruto chuckled at her antics before eating his.

She calmed down and took a breath before saying "Those things you told me were they all true?"

Naruto nodded his head and said "Yes. Everything I told you was the truth."

Tōu looked at him again and said "Then what are you doing out here and how can you be King when Whirlpool Kingdom was destroyed during the Third Great Shinobi World War."

Naruto swallowed the stew in his mouth then replied "As I mentioned earlier I am here to continue my earth manipulation and start my lightning manipulation. As for how I am King I visited my Kingdom before coming to this country and let my people know of my existence and my plans to rebuild my Kingdom. I also have the sword of the King with me sealed in this seal on my wrist" he finished by showing her the seal.

Tōu said the first thing that came to her mind "Damn."

Naruto chuckled and said "Yeah I seem to be getting a lot of that recently."

They finished dinner with more questions and she explained how she was saved when the Sandaime Hokage had sent reinforcements and med-ninja to the battle and they were able to save her. She then explained how the Fire Daimyo allowed her to leave his service and she ended up here to further her training. She told him that he could stay here with her and she'd help with his training.

So with the next eight months Tōu had helped Naruto train. He managed to master his earth manipulation and with her help she put him at low-jounin level for his lightning manipulation. She was shocked when he explained how he had affinities to all 7 main elements and his ability to use sub-elements.

She was further shocked when he summoned a phoenix and a shadow clone. He told her he found the Legendary Phoenix Contract a while back and on his way to Lightning Country managed to become Head of the Fuma clan while in Rice Field Country. Naruto had also told her the truth of Kyuubi's attack and how they came to love each other. Tōu for some reason was happy for them but also extremely sad. She realized she started developing feelings for him but didn't realize how strong they were. But then Naruto's 12th birthday came along and when he was celebrating it with Tōu one of the scrolls he stored in the seal popped out in front of him.

'What the hell? Kyuu-chan did you do that?'

Kyuubi shook her head and replied 'No it wasn't my doing Naru-kun.' Naruto opened the scroll with Tōu next to him to let her read it as well.

To Naruto:

If you are reading this then you are at least 12 years old. Because you are the last of the Uzumaki clan and the last of the Namikaze clan as well there is a law in Konoha that applies to you. It is called the Clan Restoration Act or C.R.A. for short. What this law does is allow the last male or males of a clan with a kekkei genkai to marry at least 20 women for each kekkei genkai to restore the clan. Your mother and I agreed to 3 political marriages for you before you were born. The first one was with Suna; if you were a boy than you were to marry Temari, the Yondaime Kazekage's eldest child, who is two years older than you. If you were a girl than it would have been his eldest son Kankuro who is a year older than you and the other marriages would have been nullified. The second marriage is to the daughter of the Priestess of Demon Country whose name is Shion. She is only a couple months younger than you. The final marriage is to Kazahana Koyuki, daughter of the Daimyo of Snow Country who is three years older than you. Now none of these are permanent so you don't have to go through with them. Marry only those that you love and those that love you back.

Your loving parents,

Namikaze Minato & Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto and Tōu were shocked while Kyuubi knew this was a possibility but wasn't upset. 'From what I've seen so far there are already other women who love him and he has a heart big enough for all of us' she thought.

Naruto looked over at Tōu and noticed she was crying. "Tōu-chan are you o" but didn't get to finish as Tōu tackled him and kissed him with all the passion she could manage. Naruto was shocked at first but returned the kiss. His tongue doing the same magic it did to Kyuubi. After 5 minutes they broke for air.

He looked her in the eyes and saw she was smiling. "I was so afraid that I'd never get to be with you. During these past months I've developed feelings for you. You're everything I could want. But when you said you and Kyuubi were in love it felt like my heart broke. I've never felt like this before and I know I love you" she explained.

Naruto ran his right hand against her cheek and gave her a soft kiss on her lips "I'm sorry you had to go through that. I may be a genius at a lot of things but it seems I'm still pretty dense when it comes to women. To tell you the truth I've also fallen in love with you but I didn't want to hurt Kyuu-chan. But now we can all be together" he finished and leaned up and captured her lips in another passionate kiss. Tōu moaning as their tongues battled.

Kyuubi watched on with a blush. After they broke apart she decided to tell Naruto a certain effect his 3rd bloodline had on his mates. As Tōu looked at Naruto she saw his face get redder and redder. "What's the matter Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at her and said "Kyuu-chan just informed me of a benefit my 3rd bloodline has on women who I choose to mate with. Apparently they gain the same abilities I have with that bloodline. So if they're older than 25 then after I mark them their body reverts back to that of a 25 year old and stay like that like me and gain my extended life as well as my healing abilities. If they're younger than 25 then they stop aging at 25 and gain my extended life as well as the healing abilities" he explained still blushing.

Tōu was amazed at that then asked "How do you mark them?"

Naruto blushed harder and said "I bite them on the shoulder and channel my chakra into them at the end of sex while we both orgasm at the same time." Now Tōu was blushing with a bit of blood dripping from her nose.

Naruto chuckled at her before saying "I'm still a bit to young for that but I promise I will mark you when we're both ready" then he kissed her nose making her giggle. Naruto spent the rest of the month with her getting closer before he left at the beginning of November.

They were outside the cabin kissing. They broke apart still holding each other. "Promise I'll see you again" she said.

Naruto gave her a soft kiss and said "I promise you Tōu-chan that we will spend the rest of our lives together. Come to Konoha the week before the Chuunin Exams in Konoha in 3 years. That is when I will reveal to the world who I am and we can be together." With that they kissed again with Naruto squeezing her ass making her moan before he left heading towards the capital of Lightning Country.

As Naruto left traveling down the mountain he spotted a lot of debris and scorch marks from the thunderstorm a week back. He spotted an entrance the lead into the mountain that wasn't there before. 'Hmm…why not. Nothing bad has happened yet venturing into dark places.' Naruto felt like déjà vu when he ventured into the cave containing the Phoenix Contract.

As he traveled further in he couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'Kyuu-hime is this for real?' he thought.

Kyuubi could not believe her koi's luck 'Hai Naru-kun. That does indeed look like a dragon carved into the wall with a scroll in its mouth' she deadpanned.

Naruto looked around and noticed an opening in the top of the cave. He came up with an idea. With a quick Kuchiyose no Jutsu the boss of the Phoenix clan appeared.

Fenikkusu looked down at Naruto saying "What have you summoned me for Naruto?"

Naruto looked at him before pointing behind him saying "That."

Fenikkusu looked behind him and was shocked before chuckling. "Well I'll be. Either you are extremely lucky or higher powers are helping you in your quest."

Naruto looked at him "So is it possible to sign more than one contract?"

"Hai as long as the boss summons agree. If you manage to stumble across the other two Legendary Contracts you need not worry as the Four Great Clans have been allies for centuries. Now if you intend to sign the contract I'll stay as it's been awhile seen I've seen my old friend."

Naruto nodded before retrieving the contract and signed it as he did with the Phoenix contract then yelled out Kuchiyose no Jutsu for the second time in less than an hour.

When the smoke cleared he was again awed by the creature. It was indeed a dragon. It had dark green skin with two large wings that it stretched out almost reaching both sides of the cave before retracting them. It had two horns on its head and had spikes going down its back onto its tail. It looked around before spotting Naruto then Fenikkusu. "Fenikkusu my old friend what are you doing here?"

The Phoenix replied "I came to watch the summoner of our clan see if he passes your test or not."

The dragon looked down at the one who summoned him. "Indeed he is quite remarkable and an Uzumaki as well. I can sense the sword I gifted upon their clan long ago upon him. Very well, as with Fenikkusu's test if you fail you will be killed to keep the secret of the location of the Dragon Contract secret. Do you agree?"

Naruto nodded and said "Hai I agree."

"Then we shall begin. The test to see if you may wield the Dragon Contract is a test of wisdom. Without wisdom power is useless. Let's see if you are worthy" and with that the Dragon breathed out smoke through its nostrils that surrounded Naruto. As with Fenikkusu's test he watched Naruto's life so watched how he came up with solutions to problems in his life. He was happy to finally find a worthy summoner since the beginning of the contract.

As the smoke dissipated Naruto found himself standing before the two Legendary bosses again. "I am pleased to announce you Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto as the first summoner of the Dragon clan. As long as you continue to use the wisdom you hold you shall have the alliance of the Dragon clan. Before I leave let me introduce myself. I am Ryuujin boss of the Dragon clan" Ryuujin looked at Fenikkusu "It seems we have found a worthy summoner after all these years my old friend."

Fenikkusu looked back at the dragon "Indeed it does. I'm sure he will continue to bring honor to the Phoenix and Dragon clans. Congratulations Naruto. Farewell for now" and with that the Phoenix boss was gone.

Naruto looked back at the dragon "Good luck child. Also since you have multiple summons when summoning just think of the summon you want before your hand reaches the ground. Also you can place summoning tattoos on your body. Just store chakra in them and swipe some blood across them while thinking of a specific summon of that clan. Each tattoo can hold enough chakra to summon either one of us Legendary bosses 3 times before you need to recharge the seal." With a nod from Naruto the boss of the Dragon clan disappeared.

'Wow…I have two of the four Legendary Summon Contracts' he said dazed. Kyuubi giggled at her lover. 'You are indeed one special person Naru-koi' she thought to herself.

After that Naruto headed north further into the country coming across more bandits and a couple more missing-nin with one even being A-class. He made it to the capital after a week. It was big like the other capitals of the Five Great Shinobi countries he's been in and bustling with activity. He stopped at a restaurant for lunch that had samurai guarding the entrance. After he walked in he saw why they were here and laughed at the irony.

The Daimyo and the others in the restaurant turned their heads when they heard laughter coming from the entrance to see a boy laughing. The Daimyo spoke "Excuse me young man but what do you find so funny?"

Naruto settled himself before looking at him and said "Forgive me but it seems I have quite the luck in meeting powerful individuals. You see I've met and befriended many other Daimyos through my travels and I met the Daimyo of Earth Country at a restaurant as well."

The Daimyo rose an eyebrow at the boy "How many have you met if you don't mind me asking."

Naruto took on a thoughtful look "Well first there was Lord Nobunaga the Fire Lord and his wife Madam Shijimi, then Wind's Daimyo, then the Daimyos of Bird Country, Rain Country, Grass Country and Waterfall Country as I traveled through there, Earth's Daimyo was next then you" Naruto finished.

The Daimyo and everyone else was astonished who the young boy has met so far. "Well that is indeed quite some luck you have there. If I may ask what made you come to my country?"

Naruto nodded and said "I have been traveling the world for a few years now and came to Lightning Country to continue my training. By the way you wouldn't know where I can go to collect the bounties on some missing-nin I ran into on my way here?"

"Hai I do. Why don't you join me for lunch and I'll walk you there after." the Daimyo said.

"Sure that works but I hope you have enough cash on you because I have quite the appetite" Naruto said. The Daimyo just nodded his head not realizing the trouble he just entered. After an hour and jaws on the floor from everybody except the owner who was in the back swimming in his small fortune Naruto, the Daimyo and his guards left.

Like promised he brought him to the office for collecting bounties on missing-nin and he along with everyone else was shocked when one of the nins was A-class. Naruto just ignored their looks before collecting his money and left with the Daimyo following him.

"So child what do you plan on doing now?" Naruto looked up at the man and said "Stay in the capital a week and look around then leave for Water Country."

"You do realize that traveling there is quite dangerous as there has been no contact with that country since the civil war broke out?" the Daimyo asked.

"Hai I do but I'll keep my guard up" Naruto replied then added "You wouldn't know where any good hotels are would you?"

The Daimyo thought for a moment before saying "Hai but why don't you stay at the palace. That way we can talk more in private as you still haven't given me your name."

Naruto agreed and he followed the Daimyo to his home. Naruto spent the week traveling around the capital with the Daimyo. The Daimyo learned that this was the person that the people were calling the "Protector of Lightning Country." Naruto learned about his views and ideals of the world as well. It seemed that the Daimyos didn't have as much hate toward other ninja villages that others had.

After finding him trustworthy Naruto asked to speak to the Daimyo in a private place and after putting up a privacy jutsu he told everything that he told the other two Daimyos of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. He was shocked like all the others he told. Luckily Naruto was told the Sandaime Raikage that ordered the mission to capture the Byakugan had been replaced and executed after the mission ended up in failure and Kumo ended with a trade embargo for 3 years. The new Yondaime Raikage, a man by the name of Ē, was in fact the older brother of Killer Bee.

Naruto left the capital at the end of the week and after a week of searching found a ship departing for Water Country.