Authors note: I own nothing, except the idea for the story, by the way, it's Midgar, Cloud has never met Aeris, He isn't a clone, but he was an ex Shinra solider, and he isn't one anymore for a…. strange reason.

'Yo, sweetie, how's about that beer or are you gonna sit there all night?'

Tifa's head snapped up from the ground that she had been staring at, and glanced at the man.

'Oh, yes sorry'

She quickly filled a pitcher of beer and shoved it roughly into his hands.

'Thanks, sweetie, here you go, and keep the change.'

Tifa nodded and grabbed the twenty gil he was holding out. Usually, at any sign of tips, she would smile and play along with the person, acting sweet and giggly, but she couldn't now, not with what had happened recently. Cloud, he was… in love, and it wasn't with her, just some dumb blonde who worked at the materia shop. Blossom was her name. Tifa sighed. Cloud was hers she thought to herself angrily, not Blossom's who probably wanted him for a little toy, the kind you show off to you're little friends and get act all proud of yourself that you got some guy who's willing to do anything for you. Suddenly the bar was silent, and Tifa looked up with interest. Standing at the entrance of the bar, was Rufus Shinra himself. She couldn't help but stare at him as he walked over, smiling at every female in the bar, turning them into giggly, flirtatious little bimbos. Finally, his eyes rested on her, and she could feel her cheeks burn.

'Hi, I was wondering, if I could have one of those beers seventh heaven is famous for'

It was a come one line, and a cheap one at that, but as Tifa looked into his eyes she saw a slight flicker of fear.

'Ah… yeah, sure am.. I'll just…'

She couldn't believe what was happening her, Maybe it was just the way he seemed to be looking at her, so intensely it made her feel uncomfortable. But to her suprisement, he laughed. She studied his face and noticed the way the corners of his eyes crinkled gently when he laughed.

'Excuse me, I don't mean to…interrupt but you sure that's not too full'

Tifa jumped when she looked down at the pitcher and saw the beer overflowing; it was all over her top, which to her embarrassment was going transparent.

'Oh my god, this could not get any worse' She whispered to herself, practically crying.

Rufus, by now had stopped laughing and was beginning to feel sorry for her. He jumped over the bar and started pulling the beers.

'You should go back and maybe… change or something'

Tifa smiled gratefully at him. Why doesn't Cloud see that side of him, Why can't Cloud just be civil, instead of holding onto a grudge that goes back generations?

'Ok, thanks a lot Rufus' Rufus smiled.

'Anytime.. What's you're name'

'Ah, It's Tifa'

'Anytime, Ah it's Tifa.'

She laughed, then hurried behind the bar and up the stairs to her cramped apartment, above the small bar in Midgar, where she lived. She ran into her bedroom and grabbed the nearest top, which was a light blue, and the last time she had worn it, was when Cloud had taken her out to dinner. She smiled to herself at the memories. She threw the top on and scurried out of her room, down the stairs to Rufus.

'Ah, you're back…. You look cute in blue'

Tifa laughed and decided to brighten up, after all, she thought, Cloud will come back to her, and why not have a bit of fun until then.

'Hah, you should become a barman'

Rufus smiled, but Tifa noticed it beginning to fade slowly, until it had become a frown. She glanced over at the Door, which he had been looking at, and spotted Cloud.

'Rufus, what the HELL do you think you're doing?? WHY DON'T YOU GO BACK TO YOURE OWN KIND??? UP AT SHINRA???

Rufus stepped around the bar and walked calmly over to Cloud.

'This is my… own kind, or have you forgotten that, dear friend??'

Cloud recoiled at the sound of the word friend.

'I'm not you're friend'

Rufus put on a smile, but not the same one that had made Tifa smile too. This one was Cold, Icy.

'I'm not you're enemy either, don't forget that'

Tifa gulped, hoping Cloud wouldn't start a fight. But to her suprisement Cloud gave Rufus the coldest glare and stalked out, calling after Blossom, who Tifa saw clattering out, in her heels. Rufus turned around and noticed the entire bar staring at him.

'Ok, to get over that…incident free beers for everyone, on Shinra'

Everyone cheered and jumped up to the bar, where Tifa hurriedly started pulling beers, until she felt a hand on hers, looked up and saw Rufus.

'Let me help, ok?'

Tifa nodded. And began to have fun, talking to Rufus in between beers and getting loads of tips. At about two o clock in the morning, she smiled at the last patron who stumbled outside, and turned to Rufus.

'You gonna help me tidy up or what?'

Rufus looked at the overturned tables, the spilled beer, overflowing ashtrays and empty mugs.

'Is it like this every night??'

Tifa looked around and nodded. She reached under the counter and produced several cleaning products.

But the men's toilet is worse so off you go…'

Rufus laughed and ran into the men's room.

Suddenly, Tifa felt a hand on her back. She whirled around and found herself looking into deep blue eyes, glowing with mako. She knew these eyes too well.

'Cloud, you scared me'

Cloud grimaced and looked around.

'Where's you're new best friend?'

Tifa sighed and turned around. Jealous, he had to be, Well, she thought to herself angrily, what am I supposed to do, sit here and act the innocent, pretending I'm taken? She whirled around to Cloud and jabbed her finger in his chest. Cloud looking surprised took a step back.

'What the hell is this, Cloud? Am I not supposed to have guys, I'm twenty years old Cloud, and you're not my bodyguard, so what If I happen to have a guy helping me out? YOU WERE TOO BUSY WITH, BLOSSOM!!!'

Cloud softened and looked into Tifa's eyes she gulped, knowing what effect his eyes have on her.

'I don't care if you have guys over, Tifa, It's the fact this guy is Rufus'

'He's in the bathroom'

Cloud looked Questioningly at her.

' Rufus, he's cleaning the bathroom'

Cloud laughed mockingly.

'You got this guy cleaning toilets? Wow, he's gotta be desperate'

'Actually, I'm Tifa's knight in shining armour'

Tifa smiled and turned to Rufus, who was standing at the bathroom door, holding the bottles and cleaning cloths.

'Thanks a lot, Rufus, I really appreciate it'

'No problem, Here's the money for the beers'

Rufus casually walked over and handed Tifa a thousand gil. She stared at it, knowing very well herself the beers didn't come to a thousand gil.

'Rufus, they weren't..'

Rufus cut her off.

'Well, it's kinda my fault you ruined you're top'

Tifa smiled and put the money in the register. She glanced at Cloud, who was fuming. Rufus had also seen Cloud's face and leaned over to kiss Tifa on the cheek quickly. Cloud's face went red with anger.

'I'll see you around Tifa, nice bumping into you, Cloud'

Tifa smiled at Rufus and waved goodbye as he walked smoothly out the door. She turned around to Cloud and watched as he started walking around, finally grabbing a chair off one of the tables and slamming it down on the floor with such force Tifa jumped.

'He's just playing games, Tifa, He's using you to piss me off.'

Tifa started fuming.

'So what? Cloud, I'm not..Attractive enough for him? Is there anyway, he could like me for who I am, Cloud, because as far as I'm concerned He's the only one who has.'

Cloud winced and walked over to Tifa.

'Tifa, I'm just looking out for you, you're like a sister to me'

Tifa felt tears prick her eyelids. Sister and brother. Siblings. That's how he saw it.

'Fine, Cloud, whatever. I think you should go'

Clouds eyes widened.

'You're throwing me out, don't you need help?'

Tifa took a deep breath, her tears weren't going to hold much longer.

'Cloud, just go'

Cloud stared at Tifa disbelievingly, before heading out the door like a wounded animal

She couldn't hold it much longer, Tifa sank to the ground behind the bar and started sobbing to herself..