A/N: The start of this chapt is Cloud's part in Barrett's kidnap, but you'll know when we're back to Tifa, cause I'll put little stars (

Cloud walked toward the door cautiously, and spotted a Shinra solder guarding the door. Cloud jumped foreword and thrust his sword into this guy's abdomen. As the guy moaned and fell, Cloud etched a small mark on his stomach.. A small star, he had done the same thing to The Shinra president, and now Reno will know he's not dead, he's alive and fighting the Shinra once more…

As Cloud entered the house, he spotted Barrett being carried down with three or four solders struggling to keep a hold on him. Cloud ran foreword and slayed two of the solders, the other two putting up a good fight. Barrett, now with his arm with his gun on it Shot the other two and stared at Cloud.

'Dude, thanks, let's go get Marlene, they came bustin in her room and grabbed her, she's probably freezin…'

Cloud smiled and nodded. But as he approached the door with Barrett he looked out a window and noticed a Shinra solder sneaking up on someone behind a truck…he exhaled loudly when he saw it was Tifa. But, by the time he realised it was, She was already captured and being shoved into a truck, She wasn't resisting, but Cloud could see she was trying to get herself out of the ropes they tied on her hands. He wasn't the only one who realised it, for the Shinra solder struck a heavy blow to Tifa's head, causing her to fall unconscious, Cloud ran out toward the truck just as it pulled out from the kerb and drove off, with Tifa locked inside. Suddenly he heard a mocking laugh and whirled around to see Reno clutching as knife to Barrett's throat.

'Cloud, my god you look a state, although, you look better now that you're not an embarrassment to Shinra!'

'Let him go, Reno take me.. '

Reno laughed again

'My man, dear friend….worst enemy. I can have both of you'

Suddenly Cloud felt someone take his hands roughly. He shoved them away hard, reaching for his sword, he stepped up to Reno.


'Cloud, let him take me, jus mind Marlene'

'NO Barrett, don't let them..'

But Clouds words were cut short, as suddenly there was the sound of gunshots from the air…

********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********

Tifa smiled as the girl began telling her story of capture. Cloud will rescue me, She thought.

'Well, that's pretty much it'

Suddenly Tifa hear a loud bang, followed by a shrill ringing. She heard a strange sort of laugh and looked up from the corner she was sitting in. A man with greasy hair and glasses was staring in at her.

'You're my new experiment, dear. hehehehehe. You and the other one, the Cetra'

Tifa heard Aeris gasp.

'What are you talking about? Experiment? I'm not an experiment'

The man smiled.

'Sweetie, you are now'

'Hojo, stop bullying her'

Hojo whirled in the direction of Aeris's little room and snarled.

'Shut up, or you'll be gone back into the lifestream'

Tifa was confused. Lifestream, how would Aeris get in the lifestream? And what was the Cetra? (A/N: for those of you who took the time and effort to read my other story, 'Now or never' you know how I feel about Tifa and those of you who didn't read it…I think she is a dumb Fuck)

Aeris sighed heavily, and was about to speak when the lights in the room went black, and all Tifa could see were neon red lights in the opening in the wall where she had thrown her earrings; She could see the laser beams. All of a sudden, these also faded away. She heard Hojo swear heavily, before spotting someone shove him hard, rush into her cell and grab her hand.

'Tifa, come on, someone deactivated the laser beams'

Tifa looked up and into a pair of deep emerald green eyes, before pulling herself up and running out the door with Aeris alongside her..

********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********

Cloud watched in amazement as blood spurted from Reno's left arm, the one he had clutched around Barrett's throat Reno groaned and let go, leaving Barrett to jump away and whirl around, pointing his right arm at Reno.

'Cloud, who in the name of hell shot Reno,?'

Cloud whirled around in the direction of bullets, and spotted someone in a white duster fleeing.

'I have no idea, now lets go get Marlene and Tifa'

********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********

Tifa looked around, gasping for breath. No one knew Aeris and herself had escaped, at least, not yet…

'Are you ok, Tifa?'

Tifa straightened up and looked at Aeris, who was panting heavily, clutching her stomach. Tifa glanced questioningly at her hand clutching her stomach and Aeris grinned.

'Cramp, It's been a while since I ran that fast.'

Tifa chuckled and glanced around again. They were on the emergency stairwell, and had about thirty-two or three more floors to go before they reached the bottom. They had ran at lightening speed down over forty floors of stairs, and Tifa wouldn't be able to have carried on any faster unless they had stopped. Suddenly Tifa gasped, and thought of Cloud and whether Barrett and Marlene were all right.

'What's wrong, Tifa?'

Tifa glanced quickly at Aeris's expression of concern.

'I'm just wondering if Cloud was all right.

Aeris nodded. Tifa had told her everything she could remember about Cloud, Barrett and Marlene, even a bit about Rufus.

'Well, If he is like what you described, I'm sure he's gonna be fine.'

There was a moment of silence, before Tifa remembered something Hojo had said and decided to ask Aeris about it.

'Aeris, why had Hojo called you a…a..Cetra, and why did he say you were gonna end up in the lifestream?'

Aeris looked at Tifa fearfully and sighed. She walked to the bottom step of the stairway and sat down.

'I'm…I lied to you, Tifa. I wasn't captured for just any other research, like you…they wanted me to become a Turk, they assumed I was an invincible warrior because I am the last known ancient'

Tifa's eyes widened. Aeris was an ancient, she was…it explained a bit more about the mysterious girl, especially her eyes. Tifa didn't get how someone so innocent and pure like Aeris had gotten into the slums, but it made a bit more sense now.

'I..I was capture when I was walking home, See I sell flowers, Reno and his goons leered out at me from an alley and grabbed me. I thought I was being raped or something…but I remember seeing Reno stare into my eyes, telling his friends I was the one..Then he pulled me into a small car he had hidden down the alley. It's a bit my fault they have such high security in there. See, before I arrived it was just. Iron bars with Hojo and his assistant on the entire floor, now three or four Turks patrol, as well as the laser beams. But, anyway when Reno pulled me into his car ...I know how to protect myself, I mean I sell flowers in the roughest sector of Midgar, I obviously seem an easy target…But in My flower basket, under the flowers I keep fire materia..I pulled it out and used it on the driver of the car. He swerved the car and Reno cursed. He had been clutching onto me tightly, He knocked the materia from my hand and pulled me closer to him..I shrieked and slapped his face hard…He smiled at me and told me I shouldn't have done that'

Tifa hadn't noticed the girl was shaking until she took a deep breath. Tifa hurried over and sat down next to her, putting her arm around her. Aeris smiled at her gratefully and continued on.

'He leaned even closer, and he was right next to my face, he was grinning, Suddenly the driver yelled at him that if he laid one finger on m, The president of Shinra would be after him. He sighed, and thumped my head hard, causing me to go unconscious.. Next thing I know, I'm in a cell. I won't tell you about that, but I escaped and Hojo brought the security up. It was Reno who convinced the president of Shinra to make me an experiment…Not a Turk. So then they used me for experiments and that sort of thing, next thing I know, you arrive!!

Tifa smiled.

'Wow! There are ancients still left, I've always wondered. I mean, Since Sephiroth…

Aeris nodded understandingly and jumped off the step so fast Tifa was startled.

'We have to leave, now!!!'

Tifa jumped up and, clutching Aeris's hand, ran down the stairs

********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********

Clouds eyes travelled up the Shinra building and down again. He sighed and looked at Barrett, who nodded.

'Well, we have no idea where to go, do we?'

Barrett looked away guiltily.


'Well, when you were runnin after the dude in the white jacket, I shoved Reno up against a wall, and I got some information squeezed outta him'

'Like what?'

'The lab is on the 50th floor'

Cloud smiled greatfully and nodded, heading toward the back door, which he knew only too well led to the small elevator for important Shinra executives only, and from there he could get to the 50th floor.