First Kingdom Hearts story!

Okay, this is totally inspired by the yaoi "Kirepapa" which is probably one of the funniest yaoi ever! But note there may not be any smut as I haven't written one before and rather get some practice before attempting one.

Kire means 'beautiful' or 'erupt' as in 'get angry' I believe. So I had to keep the 'Kire' in the title but just added the 'Spiky-haired' part before it! Okay from a girl's point of view, Cloud's frickin HOT but from Leon's POV, most likely he's beautiful to him. Also, because it's in the world of Kingdom Hearts, his name will be Leon instead of Squall.

Slight OOC for (attempted) humor. But hopefully not too much OOC.

A combination of a 'ding!' and a 'ring!' sound came from a black laptop.

"Cloud! Call Cid to hurry back and send me that package!"

A lazy hand slowly typed a reply while the other hand slowly polished a steel blade that lied on his lap.


"…You're not doing it now are you?"


"Then you get it to me!"

"Do I have to?"

"Get off your lazy butt and do it! Anyone can watch a store!"

"I can't just ask anyone to watch it"


"This is my job, and because-"

Cloud stopped typing when the store's front door barged open.

"Hey! Watch it! I got here first!"

"You watch it!"

"Don't shove me! I'm older!"

"So? I'm more mature!"

Cloud sighed and closed his eyes to prepare himself for the worst. He placed the sword down and finished typing,

"Gotta go-I'll tell Cid when he gets back" and logged off, then he fixed his favorite leather outfit when he stood. The chocobo-like-man quickly got to the door and pulled apart two boys at each other's throats.

"Stop it! Both of you!" he ordered.

"Sora shoved me just because I entered the door at the same time as he did!"

"Well if I didn't, we would both be suck in the doorway wouldn't we?" Sora pointed out to his younger twin, Roxas.

Cloud groaned and pulled both boys by their high school white dress shirt uniforms.

"Come on," he ordered, pulling the twins into the back of the store.

"Every day I have to deal with you two fighting over something stupid. Why were you running into the store anyway? Did you decide to race here from Destiny High?"

"Yes." The two replied in unison and Cloud groaned, finally releasing the two.

"Go do your homework in silence until Cid gets back, then we'll go home together," Cloud ordered again, showing some tough love.

"Daaaaaaaad..." they both whined at the same time, same way,

"We're having friends over!" said Sora,

"So we were gonna ask if we can go home by ourselves," Roxas added.

Cloud growled under his breath,

"I just HAD to get Aerith pregnant on accident and she HAD to give birth before dying!"

Don't get him wrong, Cloud loves his sons, but he already hit his 'so-called-mid-life-crises' a few years ago at age 30; and raising 2 boys that are twins and not to mention teenagers that act like five year olds when they fight, well, let's just say that having babies to take care of by himself before hitting 25 wasn't the most pleasant thing in his life. But it wasn't just the fact that his children drive him up the wall sometimes…

"Absolutely not," Cloud answered to their question,

"WHAT? WHY?" the two whined at the top of their lungs.

"Because I said so!"

Cloud was very, very, protective of his sons...

"Dad, please?" Sora tried his best puppy-dog face, knowing he's the cuter of the two, much to Roxas's dismay.

"They're nice people, I promise!" Roxas added.

"No! Not unless I'm in the house too! And you know I can't leave the store if Cid is out so-"

"Yo! Cloud!" Cid stepped back into the store and Cloud cursed him in his mind for coming back NOW of all times!

"Okay, yeah, we'll meet you there!" Sora announced through his cell phone as the single father and his twins boys walked home.

"Have I met these friends before?" Cloud asked,

"You know Riku…" Sora started,

"But you don't know the other one," Roxas finished. Cloud growled again, knowing he has to deal with a new 'friend.'

Cloud rarely lets the two out of his sight except for school, much to the twins' annoyance. And bringing friends over was a hassle for them because Cloud rarely trusts any of them. Riku, Kairi, and Naminé were probably the only ones that got under Cloud's radar of trust but even that took years! Usually Cloud chases away any 'friends' they bring over and they never come back again. Although Sora and Roxas never understood how their friends can hurt them in any way, Cloud never gave his reasons and just continued to keep his sons sheltered. Unfortunately for Cloud he only succeeded to keeping Sora innocent in the mind while Roxas already knew the definition of a prostitute before Junior High School. How Roxas escaped Cloud's little house of protection against the outside world, Cloud will never know. He's just glad nothing bad has actually happened to either of the two.

But Cloud never expected that this new friend of theirs would change his life forever…


"Hey Mr. Strife!" Riku greeted as he passed the kitchen where Cloud's holding a few pills, preparing some 'snacks' for the new 'friend' that would arrive soon.


Cloud jumped upon unexpectedly hearing Roxas's voice,

"Dad! I told you a million times and I'll tell you a million times again!" Roxas picked up the plate of cake and quickly threw it in the trash, "Stop trying to poison our new guests!"

Cloud crossed his arms, unwilling to admit he was caught in the act.

"I'm only trying to protect you from vermin…"

"Dad! You don't even know them yet! And you never will if you keep giving them food poisoning! Or whatever you put in these snacks of yours!"

Cloud only hoped Roxas didn't see those bottles from the medicine cabinet on the kitchen counter behind him…

"And if Sora knew, you know he'd be just as upset as I am!" with that final note, he headed back to their video games room, separate from the twins' rooms. Cloud sighed, upset that he was caught but also upset and annoyed that his own son lectured him.

In a few seconds of silence, the doorbell rang,

"I'll get it!" Sora announced and ran down the stairs so fast that Cloud thought his son would hit the door before he could stop.


Cloud's head fell when he heard Sora hit the door.

"I thought too soon…"

"I'm okay! I just slipped!" Sora announced and opened the door. Cloud sighed to himself again and went to greet this new friend of theirs. Maybe he can give him or her a chance. Just this once…

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Cloud exclaimed in anger, pointing at the door that stood their new friend. Roxas popped his head of out of the video games room when he heard his father scream like a madman.

"Dad, it's okay! He works with Auntie Tifa!" said Sora as if he expected Cloud to freak out, which he did of course.

"You mean at the bar? ARGH! No! This…this is NOT okay!" Cloud continued pointing.

"…Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's rude to point?"

"SHUT UP!" Cloud exclaimed to his brown-haired, tall and dark, apparently also black leather-wearing, but attractive guest, "And DON'T you EVER mention my mother again!"

"Dad!" Sora exclaimed and by this point, Roxas was downstairs with his brother.

"Dad come on, he really does work with Auntie Tifa! That's how we met!" Roxas added.

"So he IS an adult then?"

"I'm 28…"

"WHAT?" Cloud was more pissed off that this guy is not only young-looking he really is YOUNG!

"Remember a month ago when there was a storm and rain was pouring so hard that you wouldn't let us go home by ourselves but you couldn't come get us?" Sora asked,

"Well when you asked Auntie Tifa to get us, she had a sudden urgent business so she sent Leon to get us," Roxas continued the explanation story,

"Then we had a few drinks-"

"You WHAT?" Cloud cut in with a large anime vein on his head,

"It was just kiddy cocktail…" Roxas reassured and Cloud calmed down…a bit.

"And since then, we would occasionally visit Leon with Auntie-Tifa!" Sora finished the tale.

"Well that explains why they love going down to the bar so much lately…" Cloud thought but his eyes went to glare at this…Leon.

"So please? He enjoys some fighting games so can he play with us?" Roxas pleaded.

"…" Cloud looked between Leon and his sons.

"Well if he works with Tifa...and he didn't do anything when he picked them up…"

"Arg! Fine! But if I hear anything and I mean ANYTHING going on up there that shouldn't be going on up there, I'll pull out my sword from my room and you," Cloud pointed at Leon, "Can say goodbye to your petty life, that is, if you can before I kill you!"

"…Ok," Leon replied bluntly and the three headed upstairs leaving Cloud, completely unsatisfied from that response.


Leon looked behind him upon hearing the scream,

"Is your father okay?" Leon asked,

"Oh yeah, he does that all the time!" said Sora with a smile.


"Dad's just stressed," Roxas replied in a more believable answer.

"I see…" Leon kept glancing back and saw Cloud angrily storm into another room.

"How old is he?"

"Um…isn't Dad also 20-something?" Sora asked Roxas before opening the door to join Riku again but Roxas shook his head,

"He lied! He's in his 30s! It was like 35, give or take a year or two…you know he's sensitive about his age!"

Leon's eyes slightly widened,

"You're father is seriously already in his 30s? He looks so young!"

"He does?" Sora asked as he opened the door but Roxas nudged him,

"Dad would kill you if he heard you say that."

"He acts like he's 23 from what I've seen, and has energy to spare," said Leon as the three sat with Riku who was waiting by playing his handheld game. Sora started laughing at that comment,

"That's just like how dad says we act like 5 year-olds sometimes!"

"Ugh," Roxas shook his head, "You're just proving his point…"


"…Mr. Strife…" Leon now wanted to know more about him. He couldn't help it. The blonde was…intriguing…and while completely open about his opinions and how feels about other people, he's still mysterious. That's the one thing he noticed after the whole 'don't mention my mother again' part. Now Leon wanted to know why that's a touchy subject.

Now only that, Cloud seems to be one of the few that showed no signs of fear just by looking at him. Leon's blunt answers and firm face tend to scare people by first glance. Heck, Sora and Roxas thought he was going to kidnap them when they first met. But Cloud, well, if two strangers were there when they met today anyone can say that Cloud was more intimidating and showed no fear at all.

Leon couldn't help but ask Sora and Roxas a bit more about their father.

"Tifa never told me his first name. What is it?"

"Cloud!" the twins replied in perfect unison and harmony if that's possible.

"…You serious?"


-Cloud was supposed to be in his 20s but was forced to at least 36 because of the twins being teens and b/c he met Aerith in FFVII when he was 21[sorry, I'm very picky on accuracy]. Cloud's irritableness was supposed to be due to the fact he was young but since he was forced to be older, I just kinda made it so he just doesn't like the fact he's not as young anymore. I was also mad that he was forced to 36 b/c in "Kirepapa" the father started out at age 35 (at least that's what he says).

-The whole Aerith thing: Well Cloud had to get his twins from somewhere and from someone with brown hair! I mean under normal circumstances, yeah, MPreg with Leon of course, but since that's not the case I had to use Aerith.

-I wanted to keep Leon in his 20s and for sure younger than Cloud so I couldn't add on the years the same way as I did with Cloud or they'll both in the 30s. So I just added 2 years to his KHII age.

-Sora was chosen to be the older twin even though I really wanted to have Roxas as the older one. Sora technically came before Roxas so I just kinda had to keep that part canon.

Okay I personally would love to name my son 'Cloud' IF I ever get a kid at all. But I also admit it's not the most manly name lol!

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