Chapter 1- In the Beginning!

When you hear this story you may not believe it. For things in this story some people don't believe exist. Such demons, angels, and the hunters that kill them. Let's start off at the beginning. The two best demon hunters around where Antonio Lopez and John Winchester. They where not always hunters they had their reasons for taking on such a job.

Antonio Lopez was a mechanic from Texas. His wife Marcella, daughters Lorena and Lena where his life. He remembers the day that his life changed very well. He was busy at the shop and didn't leave till 8:00 that night. When he finally got home the girls where already asleep.

Baby Lena in her crib he couldn't believe it was almost her 2nd birthday. Lorena in the next room getting ready to start preschool. After he checked on the girls he went to his room. Marcella had waited up for her.

"Marcella I told you not to wait up for me." "I know Tony. But you know I cant sleep without out you here." The two of them started kissing. Before anything could happen Lena started to cry. "I'll go get her." Tony offered. "Okay I'll go get her a bottle."

Tony walked over to Lena's crib and picked her up. "What's wrong mama's?" It was a couple minutes later before he realized that Marcella should have been up by know with the bottle. So he walked with Lena downstairs and what he saw would forever be burned into his eyes.

His wife laid on the floor over his eldest daughter but that's not all. There was something over them. It looked like it was eating them. He held Lena closer to his chest. Just then the door burst open and a man walked in and killed the thing. The man was John Winchester.

John explained to him what it was and that it killed his wife and daughter before he could get to it. After this John and Tony became good friends. They started hunting together. Dean, Sam and Lena grew up together. They where like siblings. With age their relationships only grew stronger.

The thing that really strengthened Dean and Lena's bond was her 12th birthday. Lena was in a very awkward stage in her life right now. She had very frizzy hair, and was very pimply. Their fathers where out on a job. Dean felt bad that Lena wasn't going to do anything for her birthday so he took her and Sam to a park.

She was walking back from the bathroom when these guys started messing with her. They where throwing trash at her, calling her names, just plain tormenting her. When Dean saw what was going on he flipped out. It was like he lost all self-control. There was three of them but it was like there was five of Dean. He plummeted them. He only stopped because Sam pulled him off of them because the parents of those boys where running towards them.

After that Lena saw Dean as her protector. Someone she would always be able to rely on. Her first love. However after this Lena rarely saw Sam and Dean. She kept in touch with Sam. They where like best friends. She even visited him and Jessica when he was in college.

Eventually Lena gave up on her and Dean ever being together. So she moved on with her life. She started hunting and dating other guys. Not that she would admit it to anyone but she tried to date guys like Dean. And when no one ever lived up to him they would break up.