Chapter 29- What are you? Part 2

A few hours later Bobby called and said he was still waiting with Pamela. So Sam and Dean decided that they were going to just go to sleep. In the middle of the night Dean heard the hotel door close. He got up thinking it was Bobby. Only to discover that Sam had just left. He thought it was weird. So Dean got his shoes on and followed him. Dean was shocked at what he found. Sam with Ruby in a dinner and him exorcise a demon using his physic abilities he told Dean he was no longer using. Dean was furious. He went back to the hotel room and waited. When Sam arrived back things did not go well.

Sam- Dean what are you doing up?

Dean- I could ask you the same thing Sammy.

Sam- I went for a walk.

Dean- Really?

Sam- Yes.

Dean- Just a night time stroll with a demon huh?

Sam- Dean I can explain.

Dean- Don't bother Sam. You told me you were not using your freaky mind tricks anymore. Plus you're hanging out with that demon Ruby again. Really Sammy how stupid are you?

Sam- Dean you don't understand. I'm so much stronger now. I can kill anything.

Dean- I don't care what you can do Sam. This is wrong. You need to stop before it's too late.

Sam- I can't Dean. I am saving people's lives here.

Dean- Yeah at what cost?

Just then Bobby arrived.

Dean- Let's go Bobby. We need to summon this thing and figure out what it is.

Bobby- Are you sure you want to do this?

Dean- Yes Bobby. I need to know.

Bobby- Well alright then. Let's do it.

So Bobby and Dean left to go summon whatever it was that pulled Dean out of hell. They drove a good 10 miles away before summoning it. Dean didn't want whatever it was anywhere near Lena and Johnny.

Bobby- Do you want to talk about it?

Dean- Talk about what Bobby?

Bobby- Fine. I just don't like seeing you and Sam fighting like this.

Dean- Well we wouldn't be if he would stop what he's doing Bobby. He is leaving in the middle of the night and hanging out with demons. I mean what else could he be hiding? And then he's bringing that around Lena and Johnny I can't deal with him right now.

Bobby- I understand what you're saying Dean. Trust me I do. But he's your brother and you only got one of them.

Dean- I know that Bobby but with all the unanswered questions I can't right now. What he's doing is dangerous and I will not have that around my son. Are you ready to summon this thing or what?

Bobby- Alright whenever you're ready son?

So the two of them began performing the spell. At first they didn't think it worked. They must have been waiting for a good 10-15 minutes and nothing. Dean was beginning to get frustrated.

Dean- Are you sure you did it right?

Bobby- Of course I did.

Dean- Let's just go. Whatever it is isn't going to show up.

No sooner had Dean said those words that a powerful wind began to shake the building they were in. Then the lightbulbs began to burst. Bobby and Dean prepared themselves for battle. They were not sure what to expect. Soon the doors burst open and a man in a tan trench coat walked in. Then began shooting without a second thought. However nothing seemed to phase the man. The man approached Dean and looked him square on.

Dean- Who are you?

?- I am who pulled you out from hell?

Dean- Well thanks for that.

Dean than stabbed the thing with a knife. This had no effect what so ever. Dean was shocked. Bobby was about to hit him with a crow bar when he grabbed it. He then placed his fingers on Bobby's forehead causing him to fall to the ground.

Dean- What the hell?

?- Your friend will be fine.

Dean- Who are you?

?- My name is Castiel.

Dean- I meant what are you?

Castiel- I am an Angel of the Lord.

Dean- Do you think I'm stupid? There's no such thing.

Castiel- Dean you have no faith.

Castiel then stepped back and after a thunderous sound a pair of HUGE black wings appeared.

Dean- Fine you're an angel. Why safe me?

Casitel- Because God commanded it. We have work for you.

Dean- I want some questions answered first.

Casitel- I'll answer the best I can.

Dean- Why were you after my son and wife?

Castiel- I was not after them. Like I said Dean we have work for you. Lena and your son have an important roll to play.

Dean- What roll is that?

Castiel- There's no easy way to say this..

Dean- Well spit out.

Castiel- The apocalypus is upon us.

Sorry about the delay in the this next post of the story. I recently got married and just got back from my honeymoon in London. More posts will soon follow. Thanks for reading.