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"Owen...! You... you have to get out of there...." Toshiko said, fighting the darkness that had started to spike the corners of her vision with the amount of blood she was losing.

Owen didn't need telling twice and started for the door as Tosh gasped into the comm. "Tosh are you sure you're alright?" he asked, concerned, still running as the echo's of doors slamming shut ready for lockdown assaulted his ears.

"I'm... fine... there's a huge power surge... whole system's going into lock down... just... get out of there..." Tosh gasped again.

Owen soon found himself in a corridor, crashing through the door seconds before it shut behind him, and now, either end of the corridor, the doors were sealed shut. "Tosh! I'm bloody locked in babe!" he shouted.

"I... I have your location... just... stay calm."

"How can I bloody stay calm Tosh!? I'm about to be killed by radiation! A dead man is gonna fucking die again!" Owen shouted and started to scream, kicking the walls and starting to knock things over.

"Stop it..." she whispered.

"Why?! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't stop screaming!"

"Because you're breaking my heart..." she whispered, her voice breaking with tears she couldn't cry.

Owen stopped in mid kick, her words cut through him like a dagger to the heart. "Sorry..." he whispered back. "How do I get out then?"

"A window..." she said quietly. She was slowly losing her battle to stay alive.

Owen looked up. he unhooked a fire extinguisher from the wall and was about to throw it at the window when he stopped himself. He couldn't break the glass, he'd release the radiation into the city.

He then whacked it down onto the latch of the window, breaking it. He threw the red object to the floor and opened the window, climbing out and slamming it shut again."Right... I'm out... I'll be back as soon as I can." Owen said into the comm.

"Okay..." Tosh whispered.

Owen climbed down and started running through the streets of Cardiff, while with every passing second, Tosh was losing.

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