Owen's focus was solely on Tosh now, choosing to ignore Jack's enraged shouts.

"Owen, what the hell was that for?! When I'm talking to you, you…" Jack's voice trailed off, obviously noticing the trail of blood across the floor and down the steps, and he ran to the medical bay , shortly joined by Gwen, Ianto and John. The Torchwood members' blood ran cold at the sight of their fallen friend.

"What happened?" Jack demanded.

Owen couldn't help but groan, Jack's tone seemed accusatory. "I don't know." he said helplessly, his gaze locking on to Tosh's as he cradled her to him in his arms. "Hey, you hang in there, d'you hear me." he told her tenderly moving a lock of her hair from her eyes before letting his hand rest on her cheek. "I'm going to fix this, I'll make everything alright, I promise." he said, his voice wavering from his loosening emotional control. "C'mon Tosh don't give up yet. Got things to do, you and me. Still got that date to go on." he murmured softly.

Tosh let out a sharp breath as though she were laughing, though her voice was lost.

"Owen don't just sit there! Do something!" Gwen shouted to him, her voice shrill and her eyes widened in fear.

Tosh looked through blurry eyes. She could make out the voices, but not the faces. She couldn't help herself and she started letting go, not having anymore strength in her. She needed Owen to act fast. She needed to see him at least once more, but she could feel herself slipping into unconsciousness, her eyes closing.

"Damn it Owen do something!!" Gwen shouted again.

Lifting his head slightly when Gwen shouted, Owen flinched, he nodded slowly, and carefully rose to his feet lifting Tosh with him, carefully lying her on the examination table, stripping her of her leather jacket and looked over the wound, unable to avoid the pool of blood that stained her clothes. He gently lifted up the blood stained top over the wound, shuddering at the sight, wincing at the idea of her in pain.

'The longer you stand about like a prat the worse she's gonna feel.' he scolded himself.

Snapping into 'doctor mode' Owen rished around the med bay in a flash, grabbing a few things. "Jack, gimme your shirt." he demanded sharply, earning a questioning look from the Captain. "Just do it!" he snapped and Jack obeyed curiously. Stripping off the shirt and handing it to him.

Owen crumpled the shirt and held it firmly against the bullet wound, hoping it would, for now, keep as a temporary measure to restrict the blood loss. He could only hope. He then snapped on his white gloves and took hold of what looked like a large pair of tweezers.

Checking around, he saw no industrial pain killers around to give her, not even seeing she was already almost unconscious. "Hold still Tosh. This is gonna hurt." he told her, not bothering to sugar coat the truth.

Tosh only just about heard his voice, barely even hearing Gwen anymore, she still tried to hold on, but it was getting harder by the second all the while. She wanted to open her eyes, wanted to see him.

"You might have got there too late." John Hart said, making himself known.

Gwen growled, her eyes glazing over in ander as she saw him, registering his prescence, his voice only made her growl louder, sounding more vicious and animal like as she did so. She didn't stop even when she felt Jack's, or was it Ianto's? hand on her shoulder to stop her launching forward for an attack.

Owen gritted his teeth, frowning in concentration as he tried to extract the bullet, relying on his forced steady hand not to do her more harm.

Eventually he pulled the tweezers out, the small metal casing clasped within them and he quickly discarded it, throwing it on to the nearby metal tray, a metallic 'clink' ringing around the room. Pressing his hands down on to the wound again now, he ordered Jack to fetch him the bandages. Snapping his gaze up toward John, his teeth bared in a sneer, a low sound rolling in his throat, akin to a growl much lower than Gwen's feral one. "Jack, get the bandages, forget about the ponce!" he snapped, his Cockney accent more present in his anger. He had to fight his urge, as Gwen seemed to be struggling with, from swiping out a gun and shooting the git there and then, as he had presumably to Tosh.

"What the fuck do you want?" Owen barked, snatching the white cloth from Jack's hands and started to wrap it tightly around Tosh's abdomen, nodding at his work.

Tosh let herself fall into the waiting arms of the darkness, though not dead. Something was keeping her alive. Something and someone.

The moment Jack left her side, Gwen pulled out her gun, aiming it at John's head. "I REALLY am going to need a good enough reason not to fucking shoot you in the next 5 seconds! Never mind the 20 I gave you earlier!!" she snarled. She'd never been this angry in her life, especially armed with a gun, and it scared her slightly, but her hatred and anger shadowed it.

"Gray did it." John said simply. "How the hell can I do it if I was locked in the cells with you and Eye Candy back there." he smirked.

Choosing to block out the voices behind him, Owen's attention remained solely on Toshiko. Had it been possible, his heart would be trying to break out of his ribcage, beating out in rhythm to the unexplainable guilt that was slowly devouring him. But why? He had no idea. He had nothing to be guilty about. So why did he feel like it was his fault? His responsibility?

He growled in frustration, brow furrowing as he worked against the clock to save her. Surveying his handy work, he seemed satisfied enough. "Should be alright for now." he murmured absently, lifting a hand to brush his knuckles along the side of Tosh's face. "Tosh you still with me?" he questioned, holding his non existent breath for her reply.

She couldn't reply. She was unconscious.

Turning his head to the side partially, he scowled at John, lips curved downward in unmasked distaste. A single muscle in his jaw twitched with restraint, rooting himself to the spot beside her.

"Gwen, come on put the gun down." Jack said gently.

Gwen didn't even acknowledge him.

Owen, of course, hadn't known of his innocence in the matter, of him being locked in the cells as he'd said, and at that moment he didn't care. He could possibly lose the one person in his life he cared for so unconditionally. And it was, to an extent, his own fault she hadn't known how he felt for her. After losing Kate, his heart had grown cold. Losing Tosh too, well that would just destroy him.

In one swift movement however, he'd stepped forward, clenched his fist and swung it at John, colliding easily with his face. The sudden dull throbbing in Owen's hand was nothing in comparison to the all too familiar ache in his chest.

"You could have been in Timbuk-fucking-tu and I'd still blame you for this!" he shouted, brown eyes tainted with ire and causing them to darken to an inky shade. "Id you hadn't come back none of this would have happened! Everythin' that's happened here is your fault Captain!" he continued, his fingers curling and uncurling by his sides.

Jack knew for once he wasn't the target for Owen's rage.

"Owen, can't down. Just stay by Tosh. She's stabalizing, she'll be fine. Ianto! Make sure Gwen doesn't attack anyone else, or let her loose with a gun. And you." Jack glared at John. "Disappear. And never come back. I never want to see you. Again."

John just sulked and stormed out.

Jack went to find Gray, and he'd put him in the freezer.

A few hours later Tosh had woken up, the first thing she saw was Owen's smiling face.

He hugged her tightly.

She hugged back.

"The others have gone home. Told them I'd tell them when you woke up. But it's past midnight, and someone won't like it if we stole Gwen for a bit longer." Jack smirked.

Tosh and Owen laughed, just happy to be together. Happy to have each other.