Title: It's the End of the World As We Know It

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The only characters I own are the ones I create.

This starts at the beginning of the fifth season.

This is written mostly from Dean and Katie's point of views. Although there may be a couple of other people who get to express their opinion but that won't happen very often.

A Little Background Information:

Katherine or Katie as most people call her, used to date Dean. She is Bobby's daughter. On a hunt she got hurt really bad and had to be taken to the hospital. She nearly died and that is when Bobby decided to send her to her aunts to live. He wanted her to have the opportunities that being a hunter wouldn't provide for her. She wouldn't leave because she was in love with Dean and didn't want to leave him and she thought she could handle herself and being a hunter. To make her go Dean pretended to sleep with another girl. She caught him and left she has no idea that he was pretending and thought she walked in on the real thing. Her mother died just like Sam and Dean's and she has demon blood in her but the only person who knows is Bobby. He never told her or the Winchester's they just assumed that the demon hadn't gotten to her. Now Dean needs her help in saving Sam and she agrees telling him she is doing it for Sam and not him. Working together they hope that they can save Sam and maybe even the world.


He sits out in his car looking at the house across the road. He knows he needs her help, that's not the problem. The problem is getting her to help him after what he did to her. Dean Winchester was one who usually never asked for help. He always did things on his own, or his brother Sam was there to back him up. Which after what happened last week, well he could tell you that Sam wouldn't be there anymore. Yeah he had his head too far up that bitch Ruby's ass. So many times he had the chance to kill her and now the thing that bothered him most was that he didn't take the chance. So now here he sits across the road from a house, and inside that house lives a person who he never thought he would see again. Many people thought of Dean Winchester as an arrogant jerk, one who was only after woman for one thing and one thing only. Well he had no reason to dispute their claim so he just kept on letting them believe what they wanted to. Truth was Dean had once been in love himself but he would never tell anyone that. No it wasn't that girl who he had told Sam about on one of their first trips together. She was just one of his many, how did they put it, notches on the bedpost. Yeah he had told her what he did, but now that he thought about it the only reason he told her was because she was like someone else. Who was he kidding she was like the girl he loved, a spitfire who never let anyone get to her. She always stuck up for what she believed in and was a hell of a hunter. Maybe one day he would admit it to himself, that the girl he gave up was the only one he could ever imagine being with for the rest of his life, but that day was a long way off.

Dean looked at the house again and wondered if he had made the right decision. Not only could this girl help with Sam and maybe even save the world. But this girl also had his heart and in his mind that made this a very dangerous situation.

Chapter 1

You said I was your everything,

You said I was the one,

You played me like a radio,

You used to love that I had no shame,

Pour my pain into words,

Hold my hand to the flame,

Tell me you'll love me like a star,

Tell me you'll want me wherever you are,

Tell me you'll breathe me until your last breath

Liar, Liar, Oh, Liar, Liar

~Alexz Johnson-Liar Liar~

Sometimes things get easier when you can move away and clear your head. That's exactly what Katie did eight years ago. She left her father, her friends, and the man she loved behind to start a new life. It wasn't exactly what she wanted to do at the time but after the incident she had began to think of it as a good idea. The first couple of months that she had moved in with her aunt had been hard to readjust, but she had made friends quickly and that had helped some. But nothing could really make everything alright again not after what had happened. For six whole years she had dated for brief, very brief periods of time and hadn't had a real relationship since the one she left behind. It wasn't a lack of trying, well you could say that about the guys, but with her it was probably an excessive amount of not trying. Anyway, she had gotten over that, now she was not dating and would not allow herself to think about dating anyone. She had sworn off guys for the past two years and most of her friends thought she was completely nuts. They couldn't understand how one person, especially a person who got hit on frequently, could just swear off guys without even thinking about it. But to her it was simple, she had been in love before, she had known what it was like to give yourself completely to one person and not care about anyone else. At first it had been the perfect relationship giving and taking in equal shares. Then that had all went up in flames, after she had been hurt. He had become distant and barely acknowledged her presence when she was around him. Finally she had confronted him and he started telling her how she wasn't safe and how she needed to go to live with her aunt like her father wanted. It was their worst fight but after leaving and cooling down she had come back to try and work it out. No matter how bad things got they could always work through their problems. Little did she know of what he had been doing while she was gone? She knocked on his door knowing that if she let herself in he might get mad. He didn't answer the door so she thought he might have gone out to clear his mind too. After only a moment's hesitation she had opened the door thinking that she would wait for him to get back so that they could talk things out. She let out a surprised gasp at what she saw. The man she thought loved her was in the bed, but he wasn't alone. Another woman was with him and they weren't talking about a case, he wasn't comforting her, no they were undoubtedly doing the dirty. She should have confronted him, she should have pulled that bitch's hair out at the ends, but she couldn't move, she couldn't say a thing. Then she couldn't stand it any longer and she turned and ran. She didn't talk to anyone afterwards; the first thing she did was call her aunt and tell her she was coming. Then she ordered a plane ticket and before anyone knew anything she was gone. No sad goodbyes, no what happened, she just left, and even after what he had done without knowing it she had left her heart with him.

Dean sat in his car looking across the street at the house and thinking back to the last time he had seen her. Once she had gotten hurt her father and his had decided that it would be better for her to go and live with her aunt. She refused saying she could take care of herself but Dean also knew it was because of him that she wouldn't leave. He didn't want to hurt her but he knew it was the only way to get her to go. Little did he know how much he would have to hurt her to make her leave. He tried ignoring her, which turned out to be harder than he had thought. She was constantly on his mind and he could she how what he was doing was hurting her. He was about to give up when finally she called him on it and they got in a big fight. When she left my heart broke but something kept nagging at me and telling me she would be back. So I did the worst thing a man could do I went to the local club and found a girl. I brought her back to the motel and well you can guess what happened. I was right about ten minutes after the girl and I came in I heard a knock. I knew I had to make this look real so I made it look like we were well you know, and then she walked in. She stood there for a moment and then like a flash she was gone. The other girl looked at me and then said "Is that all you wanted?" I handed her a $100 dollar bill and she got up, got dressed and left. I know it was unthinkably cruel and I shouldn't have done it but I couldn't let Katie get hurt just because of me. The next day I learned that my plan had worked and she was gone. She had left without saying goodbye to anyone and she had taken my heart with her. The next year Sam left to go to college and it was only me, my dad, and Bobby. Not long after that Bobby split from us and it was just me and my dad. Life couldn't get any worse than having to follow my dad around and wondering what Katie and Sam were up to. Most of the time he wished he hadn't been so stupid and he still had Katie with him but when he thought about that he became a little depressed so most of the time he forced her out of his mind. Life had seemed to go on no matter how he felt so finally he decided to just give up and go along with it. It helped most of the time to get her and the past out of his mind, most of the time.

Katie looked out the window and wondered why there was a car across the street. The Jones was out of town and she was taking care of their house so there shouldn't be anyone across the street. She really hadn't wanted to but the Jones's had a son who didn't go with them but he had a job and couldn't keep an eye on the house all by himself so her aunt had suggested that she help. Her aunt was very sweet but she also wasn't very subtle about trying to find a guy for her niece. Although her first instant now was to look away not care about the car there was also a nagging feeling that told her that she knew the car. Finally the nagging feeling won out and she decided to investigate.

"Aunt Millie I'm going across the street to check on the Jones's house," she called as she started towards the door.

Although she had already checked the house only three hours before, her aunt didn't question a thing. She came out of the kitchen smiled at her niece and then replied,

"Alright honey but don't take too long lunch is almost ready."

With that Katie went outside and walked across the street. To say she was surprised at what she found was just a little bit out of context. She had never expected to see that car again and she had really never expected to see the person driving the car ever again. All of the sudden anger that she hadn't felt in years flashed and she couldn't believe he even had the nerve to show up here.

Dean knew he was in trouble as soon as the door to the house opened. He had been preparing a way to approach Katie when he had heard the door squeak. He turned around to make sure it wasn't the one behind him and when he figured out it wasn't he looked forward and his heart stopped. She was as breathtaking as she had always been but there was something different about her that he couldn't place. Katie came across to the house he had almost made the decision get out of the car and run as fast as he could but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Then she had stopped and stared at his car and he knew he was in trouble.

Okay so maybe the best course of action wouldn't be stomping up to his car and demanding why he was there but she was angry and couldn't' think of anything else more gratifying than yelling at him, even if she hadn't seen him in eight years. So that is exactly what she did.

"What in the hell are you doing here!" she yelled walking up to the driver's side car window.

Dean looked at her and could tell that he wasn't going to get out of this without talking to her, so he decided to get straight to the point.

"Katie, I need your help," he replied.

She had a whole rant ready but stopped when she had enough time to process his reply.

"What?" she asked not sure if she had heard him right.

"I need your help," Dean repeated now looking up to see her face.

He was expecting a storm of curses and a never-ending rant but when he saw her face all he saw was confusion.

"What did you say?" she asked backing away from the car.

She had left enough room for him to get out of his car and in doing so he noticed that he had shaken her a little bit.

"I need your help. Sam needs your help," he told her getting out of the car.

That seemed to jar her out of her trance. "Sam, why does Sam need my help?" she asked.

"He has gotten into some bad stuff and I don't know if I can save him on my own," Dean told her.

She just looked at him and then asked, "What about my father?" Katie asked him.

"He's helping me too but I need someone who can travel with me. Someone who can talk to Sam, get him to listen. I need someone who he can trust. I need you," Dean told her.

"Why?" she asked in a hushed tone.

"I just told you," Dean replied walking towards her.

He moved until he was right next to her, almost within an arm's reach. As soon as he was sure she wasn't going to back away he took his hand and touched her face. She closed her eyes and for a moment just enjoyed being touched being by him. It had been so long since she had felt this way and having him so close was wrecking havoc on her senses. She almost leaned into him when she heard her aunt calling her.

"Katie lunch is ready," she called.

At that instant Katie pulled away and started to walk across the street. It took Dean a moment before he could a hold of himself.

"Katie, I need your help," he called after her.

She turned around for just a second and looked at him and then replied, "I'm sorry I can't," and then she opened the door and closed it before he could get another word in.

Dean got into his car and drove to the hotel he was staying at. She had denied him but that didn't mean that she wouldn't come. He had caught her by surprise, heck she had caught him by surprise. He hadn't expected to be able to touch her this soon or hell to even be that close to her. He had just wanted to ask her for her help and deal with the rest later. But that moment had provided him with an epiphany and he knew he couldn't no he wouldn't leave without her. Not only did she still hold his heart but now he wanted her to know the truth about what had happened that night that she left. He didn't know why but after touching her he hadn't wanted to let go and now he knew that he would give anything to get back what they had. So he wasn't going to leave no matter how long it took her to accept his offer.

A/N- The song at the beginning of this chapter is Alexz Johnson-Liar Liar