Chapter 18

Battle lines drawn if you wonder which side speaks the truth

I look closely to which speaks from pride

I love you. I swear it I would never lie

But I fear for our lives and I fear your closed eyes

You wear your religion like a war sweater.

You ask for the truth, but you know you can do so much better,

And you sat on your fences, and you scream no retreat. . .

So what will your legacy be?

What will your legacy be?

So what will your legacy be?

~Wakey Wakey-War Sweater~


What the hell! Are humans crazy? I am taunting Sam trying to get him to question his choice when all of the sudden the door burst open and Dean that girl and Bobby barge in. My first thought is how did they know where we were? But that quickly was changed when I saw that they had guns and they were pointing them at me.

Being a demon though I felt no fear, they would only kill this body I was in and I could get another one. So I just stood there and smiled knowing they wouldn't shoot the human knowing that I would leave the body and she would die.

"What do you think you're doing?" I ask with a smile on my face to let them know I wasn't afraid.

Dean looked at me and I could tell that he wanted to shoot me. He raised the gun and told me to get away from his brother and to get out of the room.

"Oh, come on Dean don't you want to keep chatting?" I asked.

"Why don't you just do what he says?" the girl asked.

"Does Dean need someone to talk for him now?" I asked in a baby voice trying to irritate her.

Of course being the emotional human she was she did just what I wanted her to.

"Why don't you just. . ."

Then her daddy had to step in and stop her. He pulled her back and had a quick word with her and then she ignored me. Well that ticked me off so I tried to think of another way to get to her.

"Do you always do what daddy says?" I asked sarcastically.

But she kept quiet and just stood behind Dean.

"Enough! I told you to get away from my brother and get out of the room. Now why don't you listen and do what I say?" Dean yelled at me.

Well I wasn't about to let him think he scared me so I took step straight in front of Sam and that's when I began to work on my plan.


"Enough! I told you to get away from my brother and get out of the room. Now why don't you listen and do what I say?" I yelled at Ruby.

Ever since we barged in this room nothing has gone the way it was supposed to. Ruby taunting Katie like they were two high school girls getting in a catfight. Then taunting me like she isn't scared of anything. Then she stepped in front of Sam and I have no idea what she is up to now.

"What are you doing?" Bobby asked talking for the first time since we entered the room.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Ruby asked while rolling her eyes.

The whole time we have been in here Sam has been passed out in the corner and now it looks like he may be waking up. I hope that Ruby doesn't look behind her and find out.

"I think that maybe you should leave," Ruby told us taking a step back closer to Sam.

"I think we're the ones with the gun," Katie interrupted her.

"What makes you think that I don't have one?" Ruby asked her.

When I looked behind Ruby, Sam was fully awake and staring at us. I didn't know which side he was one even though he was tied up. This could be a trap that they sat or Sam could actually be in trouble. Right now I didn't know but I was hoping that it was the latter.


This doesn't seem to be going very well. Dean is holding a gun and Ruby is just standing there in front of Sam acting like nothing is wrong. My dad and I are just standing behind Dean and waiting for something to happen. Something is fixing to happen and it's not going to be good.

I looked up at Ruby and could tell that she was planning something but I had no idea what it was. That's when everything got turned upside down.


You know that feeling you get when something's not right and you know something very bad is about to happen. Well that's the feeling I had right before everything went to hell.

We thought we were only facing Ruby, I have no idea where the other demons came from but all of the sudden we were surrounded. It seemed like there was no way out.


This has all gone according to plan. Think of my surprise when I found out who the girl with Dean was. The daughter of Bobby Singer, the one girl who could make this war go the other way. That's when I knew I had to trap her.

Many children were chosen by my father but only two of them were chosen because he planned to use them. All those other children were supposed to be used to build an army and help my father during the war and then there was the last two.

Sam Winchester and Katherine Singer. Sam was chosen to be the vessel, the link between good and evil. Katie well Katie was chosen but it wasn't by just one side. My father wanted chose her to be Sam's how should I put this, well Sam's mate. But it wasn't just my father who was interested in her.

The angels took an interest in her as well. Then when she given up by her father and went to live with her aunt, the plan went into motion. An angel named Alex decided that he would try and turn her their way.

Apparently while she was living with her aunt he found out that she was going out on a hunt and decided that's when he should make his introduction. After that first night we never heard about him again, and I guess neither did Katie.


Well this is not how I expected today to turn out. First I'm running from Ruby trying to find my brother. Then I am kidnapped by Ruby and held in a hotel room. Now my brother, Katie, and Bobby are in the hotel room and are surrounded by demons. They weren't here before so I wonder where they came from.

I notice that it seems like no one knows I am awake, and I decide to keep it that way. I look around wondering what is happening or what is fixing to happen. That's when I see Dean looking back at me. Okay so now I know one person knows I'm awake. I wonder if that is a good thing or bad thing. That's when everything starts falling apart.

The demon's start crowding in front of me making it where I can't see anyone except Ruby who is standing right in front of me. They are all going towards Dean, Katie, and Bobby and I wonder who will make it out of this.


This is not good. This is not good. That though keeps repeating over and over in my mind. I know that Sam is awake but how am I supposed to get through all these demons to get to him. I know the demons don't care about the human bodies they are possessing but it is my job to try and make sure they come out alive.

Katie and Bobby are standing behind me and I have to fight the urge to push them out the front door and then slam it shut. The odds are against us and the only way I can see out is the front door which we came in. But that means leaving Sam and I don't know if I am willing to do that.

He is my brother and no matter what he has done to me or to anybody else if he is in danger than I have to help him. I made an oath to my dad to protect him and I have been doing a pretty bang up job so far. But I had no plans of leaving this room without taking Sam with me.


Why is it that we always seem to find where a mob of demons are staying? I swear it's like they are attracted to us. Here we are in a hotel room trying to save Sam and then we are swarmed by demons. This is like a video game where you're the lone action hero and you have to find a way to dispose of all the bad guys and save the damsel in distress.

I chuckled to myself for thinking of Sam as a damsel in distress but right now he fit the part really well. I started to think, trying to come up with a plan to help us. Something that could get us out of here, alive would be my particular choice.

Looking around the room I find nothing that could help us. The demons are coming closer and in a few seconds we will have nowhere to go. But I guess that's the difference in the game you would always be able to find an escape root and then you would be the hero. But this isn't a game this is real life and usually in real life nothing works out how you expect it to.


This is so not how this was supposed to happen. We were supposed to bust in save Sam and then get the hell out of there. Instead we don't even have Sam and now we are being trapped by demons. Today just seems to be getting better and better.

It isn't until we are almost all backed into a corner when one of the demons decides to strike. He dives at Dean, I guess because he has the gun, but as soon as he does it seems as if by magic he is thrown towards the back wall. I have no idea what happened until the demons start backing up and they point at me like I had something to do with what happened.

My arms begin to hurt and in all the panic I forget that I threw them up to try and warn Dean. What a dummy I must have looked like just standing there holding my arms up in the air. But why were the demons backing away, and why were they pointing at me like I had just performed some astounding trick. Well if that's what it takes to get them scared I guess I should raise my arms more often.

Speaking of that when one of the demons tries to take a step closer I decide to try out my new theory, no matter how ridiculous it seems. When he gets right next to Ruby I throw my arms up again and just like the one before him this guy goes flying into the back wall.

Okay now I have no idea what is going on. I do not have powers so who in the hell is making this happen. I look over at Dean and Bobby and they are watching me with confused expressions on their faces. So I guess it isn't them, so I look over at Ruby. She is just smiling at me and that pisses me off so I decide to see if I can make what happened to those guys happen to her.

All of the demons are gone and it is only Ruby, Sam, Bobby, Dean and I left in the room. So I throw my arms up again and nothing happens. So I guess it wasn't me at the least the odds are in our favor again. That's when Ruby pulls out a knife and suddenly everything doesn't look as good as it did a minute ago.


So it's true she does have the power but it looks like she just found out. For a moment I wonder how strong her power will become when she gets the chance to work on controlling it. Then I realize I can't let her get that powerful, I have to find a way to stop her.

Katie and Sam were the two chosen children. They were going to be given everything by my father. He gave them his blood so that they could become powerful and one day rule by his side. But now they both have turned on him so they leave me no choice but to get rid of them.

It's a shame that it has to end this way. That the two children that my father chose to rule the earth have decided not to take his gift and instead are fighting for this disgusting place. I wish things could of turned out differently. But I guess something's can't be changed and that's when you need to decide what course of action you are going to take. The only choice I have now is to kill them both and hope for the best.


Katie just threw two people against the wall by waving her hands in the air. I knew coming here was a bad idea. Not only have we been attacked, well not really attacked, but swarmed by demons, but now Dean knows that Katie has powers.

This was not how he was supposed to find out. I came here to tell him, to tell them, but then Katie had that vision and everything got screwed up. Now I am standing here wondering how in the world I am going to explain this. Then I look over at Ruby who is standing in front of Sam who is still tied up and she is smiling for some reason. She pulls out a knife and I know that can't be good.


Well my life certainly just got a little weirder. For starters my girlfriend has powers like my brother. This means she was one of the children and she has demon blood inside of her. I know this shouldn't change how I feel about her, but it makes me wonder how she could keep something like this from me. When I look over at Ruby I see that she now has a knife and I can't help but know that she is up to no good.

"Katie try and move the knife," I tell her.

She looks at me like I am crazy and I can't help but wonder if she didn't find out about having powers until today. But that is a question for another day. Right now a crazy demon has a knife that she could use on my brother and getting the knife away from her is my first priority.

"Just concentrate on the knife and then picture yourself moving it," I instruct her.

"Dean I don't know if I can. I have never done this before," she tells me and for the first time in a long time I can tell she is scared.

Before I have a chance to try and reassure her Ruby cuts in and directs our attention to her.

"You think that little miss I didn't know I had powers can move this knife out of my hand? What are you stupid Dean. It takes practice Dean and you know she hasn't had any, so I don't think that she can do it," Ruby taunted Katie.

I looked over at Katie to see how much of what Ruby was saying was affecting her. But when I looked at her I saw a look of pure determination on her face and in that moment I knew that I didn't have to worry.


Could this day become any more weird? Katie has powers like me that is something that I never expected. I wonder if anyone knew. I saw Katie when those demons flew and she looked totally surprised. In fact the only two people who didn't looked surprised were Ruby and Bobby.

I hear Dean telling Katie to try and move the knife away from Ruby and I wonder if she can do it. Then all of the sudden the knife Ruby was holding is pulled from her grasp and is pointed at her chest. I look at Katie and the only thing that she is looking at is the knife. She is thinking about finishing Ruby off and I can't help but wonder if it would be better if she did.


I have never had thoughts like this. Holding this knife against Ruby's chest just because I am thinking about it, and I know if I picture the knife stabbing her it will happen. I don't know if I should do it. I know we would all be better with her gone but then the body she has possessed would be dead and I would have to deal with the fact that I took a human life.

I can't look anywhere else or the knife will drop and we will lose what little leverage we have but I can't help but want to look at Dean right now. He always knows what to do in these types of situations.

It is then while thinking of him that I know I can't do it. No matter how much I hate her or how much pain she has caused she is still using a human body and that person has done nothing wrong. So after a couple of minutes I picture the knife coming to me and then it happens. Now I am standing with the knife in my hands waiting for someone else to make the next move.


Katie didn't kill her although I could tell that she thought about it. Walking towards where Sam is tied up I can't help but wonder if Ruby will try something. But she just steps back and lets me untie my brother. As soon as I am done Sam walks over to Ruby and let's just say I don't think he wants to kiss and make up.


AS soon as we get back to our hotel room I am getting a drink. I don't mean a coke or anything like that I am going to get a good strong drink and maybe then I will be alright with what has happened here.

Katie, my daughter has powers. Dean, her boyfriend and my friend, doesn't seem to care. Sam, Dean's brother, just got untied from a chair. Me, Bobby Singer, hunter and friend, well I am totally confused and right now the only thing I want is a good stiff drink. I have no intentions of trying to make sense of any of this until tomorrow.

It looks like they have everything under control so I am going to head downstairs and see what I can find. Maybe they have a drink that can enable you for days. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this for a long time but hey like I said earlier this is real life and nothing works out the way you want it to. If it did my wife would still be alive, my daughter wouldn't have any powers, and I would be living the perfect life.


So she doesn't need to practice. She is stronger than I thought she was, I guess I will have to come up with another plan to get rid of her. The only thing I can do now is let them go. I have no weapons and if I fight I don't think they would hesitate to kill me. So I take a step back and let Dean free Sam. Tonight defiantly didn't turn out how I thought it would.

Now Sam is walking towards me and I wonder why he just isn't walking out the door and enjoying his freedom. I have no idea what he is up to but I really wish I would have slipped out the back as soon as Katie took the knife from me. I think that would have been the best move I could have made. But of course I didn't do it now I am stuck here waiting to see what Sam is going to do and knowing the way I treated him it's not going to be something nice.


I shouldn't do this I know but right now the only thought on my mind is getting even. I walk up to Ruby and I am about to hit her when I feel someone grab my hand. I whirl around to see who is behind me stopping me.

"Don't sink down to her level," Katie tells me letting go of my arm.

Dean is still standing by the door and I can tell he is still trying to process everything that went on tonight.

"Let's go," Katie tells me and she starts walking towards Dean.

Bobby is already gone and I wonder where he went. I take one last look at Ruby and then decided to leave her in silence. She expects me to threaten her or to hit her well I won't give her the satisfaction. I'm not going to touch her. Leave her to wonder what I am thinking, maybe she'll lose some of her high and mightiness.

Right now the only thing I want to do is go and take a shower and wash all this gunk off of me. I head out the door without looking back. Dean follows after me and we head down the stairs to his and Katie's hotel room.


Right now I don't know what to think. We are in the safety of our hotel room but I don't know if we are actually safe. Sam is taking a shower and my dad is sitting at the bar drinking, and Dean, well he is still outside.

I wonder if knowing that I have powers has changed what he feels about me. I can't help but remember the way he talked about how Sam's powers changed him. Now that I have them he probably thinks that I am going to change to. So making sure that everything is in order in the room I tell my dad that I am going outside.

He gives me a little wave to let me know that he has heard me. So I go outside to face Dean and see what his reaction is. Hoping that he will give me the benefit of the doubt and praying that he hasn't changed his mind about us.


She has powers just like Sam. I know that she didn't know about them before tonight. I know that but for some reason I can't seem to comprehend that. Now I know the reason that Bobby showed up, he did know. He and I are going to have a long talk but right now I am outside avoiding everyone.

I know that when Sam got his powers he changed. Started becoming evil an needed more demon blood to sustain him and I wonder if that is what is going to happen to Katie. Damnit that yellowed eyed son of a bitch has ruined everything in my life. He killed my mother, turned my brother, and now I find out that he tried to turn my girlfriend. Can my life get any worse?

"Dean?" I look behind me and there is Katie.

She is looking at me and I know she doesn't approve of what I am doing. In my hands is a bottle of vodka which is halfway gone. I can tell she wants to talk but right now that is the only thing that I don't want to do. I look at her and then I look down at my hand. I take a long drink of the vodka and then I look at her again.

"Dean we need to talk," she tells me walking towards me.

"I know," I answer looking at her.

"But not with you like this," she says.

"What do you mean like this?" I ask her with a little laugh.

"Dean you're drunk," she tells me looking at me like a disapproving parent.

"You don't think I don't know that," I answer her although it sounds a little slurred.

"Dean why don't you put the bottle down," she questions me reaching for the vodka.

"No," I tell her pulling the bottle away.

"Dean this is not how you should deal with this," she tries to persuade me.

"Don't you think I know that? I know that this won't help but I have to be numb right now. Cause I don't know how I can deal with it all. You have powers just like Sam. Sam turned evil. EVIL. You tried to kill me. Now you have powers just like him and I can't help but wonder how long you have known about them and not told me about them!!" I yelled at her.

"I didn't know about them till tonight," she tries to explain to me but I am having none of it.

"Right and you expect me to believe that?" I ask her.

"Yes, I expect for you to trust me," she answers me and I can tell that I have hue rt her.

This is too much for me to deal with. Right now I just need to be alone. I look at her again and then I start walking in the other direction.

"Dean where are you going?" she calls after me.

"Somewhere to be alone," I answer her and keep walking.

"Dean!" she calls after me but I'm not listening.

I just keep walking. I don't know where I am going but I have to get away from her for a little bit. I have already said too much and if I stay I could end up saying something that I would regret. How do you deal with something this life changing? Finally I end up at my car and climb in. I think that I will stay the night here and maybe when I am sober tomorrow I will go back and face everyone. Right now I am just going to try and sleep and hope I wake up feeling better tomorrow than I do right now. But considering all the vodka I drank I doubt that will happen. Great now I will not only have to face everyone tomorrow but I will probably also have a hangover. Whoever said life was easy needs to be shot. With that thought I fall asleep hoping that tomorrow is further away than it really is.

A/N- The song at the beginning of the chapter is Wakey Wakey- War Sweater.