Oh, my Moses. I'm ending a long story. Something you may notice I am super bad at.

Eight months down the line, Angel had asked Buffy to marry him.

He'd had a whole big plan. There'd be a night out, a quiet, romantic dinner. Then, coming home to the works... candles, flowers... Though, that morning came and he didn't even make it out of bed before pulling out the ring from a side table and popping the big question.

Neither regretted it though. Buffy had loved the urgency to it, the more intimate feeling to it this way. And they still had the evening, though more as a celebration amongst themselves.

She couldn't have thought it any more perfect.


From there, it was roughly another eight months of planning for the big event.

Those in the entertainment business loved it, as did anyone else paying any sort of attention. The couple had heard more support for their relationship, despite the long battle of everything facing them, than anything negative. And they were still the golden couple, by far.

It seemed any small detail that leaked out, the world went nuts for. What color the napkins at the reception would be would make headlines.

Buffy did most of the planning herself, a clear idea in her head for what she wanted. With input from Angel as well.


For Angel, he spent a lot of that time with work... without being overwhelmed. He and the boys had been spending a lot of time in the studio to work on a new album, while doing a very small tour in a few select cities across the country.

As far as his demons went, they were still there and he didn't deny they always would be. But the fact was, he defeated them every single day. He couldn't say there hadn't been times where he hadn't thought about doing something, though never anything "bad," Just thinking about a glass of wine to celebrate something, o a beer after a long day. But he never did any of it, not once since this past stint in rehab had he touched a drop of alcohol or anything harder than that.

He was home as much as possible, or having her there with him when he was away, too. That hadn't changed. He hated being away from one another, even if for a night. He figured they'd had enough of that for a lifetime.

It would happen, but both of them avoided it whenever possible.


The wedding itself was held on a beautiful, sunshiny day. It was a decent size crowd with their friends, family, and those closest to them both. Not to mention the insane one held off at the gates.

One of the more surprising guests had been Cordelia.

They'd wanted it held outside but tried to get as much privacy as they could. The two helicopters above them hadn't made that as easy as they hoped. That was a surprise they hadn't counted on.

But it didn't phase them on their day.


The couple stood under a giant four post set up, giant covers in a mix of light and dark purples curtained around them. Not to mention the beautiful array of white candles.

Buffy's dress was everything she wanted it to be. Elegant, not over the top.

The dress was a mix of white and ivory-silverish gray. It was designed to be strapless but Buffy had added on some small lace straps to it, with designs on them. They broadened just a bit over her shoulders but otherwise were thin coming and going from the top of the gown. From her breasts to high thigh, the dress was a beautiful white with beaded detail on it. The skirt part of the dress wrapped around her around the end of the top portion then waved down. It had a small diamond clip in the side. The bottom was an ivory white that bordered on an almost silvery gray color all the same. The train wasn't long and she did not wear a veil.

Her hair was up and curled, small white beads randomly in her hair that matched the detail on her dress. The only jewelry she wore were a pearl bracelet on one hand that had two layers and a pure silver cuff on the other that Angel had given her years before. On it, it had "Always" engraved.

Her flowers were roses, white mostly with a few lavender and plum ones in there too, a few green leaves sticking out for good measure.

Faith and Willow were each dressed in strapless plum colored dresses. Each carrying their own handful of flowers, close to Buffy's, without the white.

The ceremony was beautiful. They each gave speeches for their vows, both getting choked up during them. Spike had read a poem. He jokingly started to sign but then laughed, waving his hand around before returning the mic to its rightful place, and him to his own as well.


The reception was held indoors. It was decorated with white and purple tables, silver balloons, clear bowls on the tables with ornaments inside to go with the color scheme, purple and white candles in glass holders sprinkled about. The floor was covered in white rose petals, the walls had giant to small circular paper lanterns in white handing down.

The five tier cake sat on a table surrounded with a few pictures of the couple in frames. There were two vases of flowers, one on either side. There was confetti sprinkled about the table... words of "Always," "Forever," "I Love You" in cut outs.

The cake cutting part of the reception was one of the highlights of the evening.

One one side of the ballroom, they had the food set up, which included a beautiful candy buffet. They served a giant meal but the cupcakes and candy seemed to get far more attention. On the other side, they had tables full of favors for everyone. These ranged from candle lamps to heart shaped cookie cutters, noisemakers to bubbles to sparklers, small jewelry boxes to soap sets in x's and o's.

Every member of Angelus and Dingos gave them a speech. Spike's again was the most entertaining. Faith and Willow had given their own as well. And Angel madee another one, too.

They laughed, they danced. Angel took to the stage even there, singing Buffy a love song he'd written for the special day.

They hugged, they kissed, they thanked everyone who had come. They opened presents, took photos.

Everything turned out beautifully, magical.

From there, they headed to Italy for their Honeymoon. There they hardly left the bed, let alone the hotel itself.


Married life had been good, now six months in.

And as Buffy impatiently waited, tapping her fingers against the granite bathroom sink, she wondered if it was about to become a whole lot better.

Fifty more times of checking the clock, it was finally time to check.

Buffy straightened her back and took a deep breath then walked over to the large bathtub. She sat down on the ledge, picking up the pregnancy test...


Angel was beginning to worry about his bride. He'd been gone for way longer than he wanted to be to take care of some things in New York. She just sounded off when they would talk on the phone. He thought she seemed eager to tell him something more than anything being wrong, but it was still irking him.

So when they finally touched back down in California, he was racing home to find out what was up.


"Buf, is everything okay?" Angel asked as she led him to sit down on their bed. He could feel his nerves popping. He looked at her face but still couldn't get a hint from it.

"Everything is fine, Angel," she said, smiling. She patted his hand as she took a seat next to him.

She began to go into a spill about how much she loved him, how happy he had made her. All of it was exactly what a man would want to hear, but for whatever reason, Angel felt a bubble of panic. "Buffy," he cut her off. "Whatever I did, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I love you. Please, baby, don't leave me."

Buffy burst out laughing then looked at his face and laughed even harder. She wrapped her arms around him, shaking her head against his neck. "Don't be silly. Where in the world did that come from?"

He sighed. "I don't know. I just kept waiting and feeling like there is a 'but' coming."

She kissed his neck. "That may be because there is one."

Again, panic rising. "Buffy..."

She leaned back, held a finger to his lips and raised an eyebrow as he tried to continue mumbling. "I have loved every second of this marriage, just being you and me, us against the world. But," she tilted her head forward for a second, "I have to tell you, those days are coming to an end."


She smiled. "It seems it won't be just you and me anymore."

It took him a few seconds to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. "What?"

She smiled again, biting her bottom lip gently. "I know I should have told you sooner. And I should have waited until you were back... but..." Buffy leaned far over to the side and grabbed a white envelope off of a table. She carefully opened it then reached inside and handed it to him.

Angel continued his look of confusion at her for a moment before looking down to what she had placed in his hands. His eyes widen at the sight. An ultrasound scanned photo. His heart fluttered and his eyes shot back up to his wife. "You... we..."

She nodded. "About nine weeks along he said. I had a feeling earlier but I didn't want to jinx it. Then I finally took a home test and set up the appointment..."

Angel dropped his head and returned to looking at the photo.

"There's a few more, too. And a video."

Angel swallowed, tears stinging his eyes threatening to spill over. It seemed he was getting yet another second chance. And could not be happier.